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ComEd Enters Schools, Lures Kids to “Smart” Meters

Now that you have vomited, rinsed your mouth out, brushed your teeth, and taken a shower, we check in with who takes stock of these bizarre and disturbing scenes, and reports: “More recently it has become apparent that ComEd … Continue reading

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Com Ed’s “Smart” Ice Cream Flavors Revealed

California’s largest utility and smart meter cheerleader PG&E was indicted last week on federal felony charges in the 2010 San Bruno gas explosion, related to their fabrication of pipeline maintenance records, and systematic lying to investigating authorities.  We are told … Continue reading

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Chicago’s Com Ed Gives Out Free Ice Cream to Soften Resistance to “Smart” Meters

Perhaps in an effort to “sweeten the deal” and neutralize opposition to their “smart” meter program, Com Ed is giving away free ice cream using vans this July in several Chicago neighborhoods. Unfortunately when the sugar high has faded, Chicago … Continue reading

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Naperville IL Resident Uses Freedom of Information Request to Discover Extent of Smart Meter Privacy Violations

Most people’s lives are so intertwined with their electricity usage that inferring private, intimate details of our home lives from electrical usage data is a snap for the utilities and 3rd parties with access to this information.  For example, one … Continue reading

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Protests Against City of Naperville Actions Planned for Feb. 5

This just in from Naperville Smart Meter Awareness: Stand in Solidarity with Naperville Stand for Responsible Government Stand for Personal Property Rights Stand for Freedom of Choice   Stand on February 5 w/ Naperville, 7pm (6:45 arrival), Council Chambers, 400 … Continue reading

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