Berkeley Cell Phone Warning Green-Lighted by Federal Judge

No time to mince words: this is what the warning should say

No time to mince words: this is what the warning should say

Green_light_in_MadridVictory!! Federal Judge Approves Berkeley, CA RF radiation warning.

On Monday, Berkeley’s cell phone radiation warning ordinance was approved by Federal District Court Judge Edward Chen, despite the CTIA’s ridiculous and groundless objections of their 1st Amendment rights (to hide already-existing warnings from customers) being violated. Berkeley has retained Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law Professor and candidate for President of the United States, to defend the ordinance against industry vultures.

According to, the blog of Joel Moskowitz, School of Public Health at UC Berkeley, who has been covering this issue in depth for some time from a scientific and legal perspective:

On September 21, Federal District Court Judge Edward Chen gave the City of Berkeley a green light to implement the City’s landmark cell phone “right to know” law after deleting one sentence from the safety notification. Cell phone vendors in the City will soon be required to provide customers with a safety warning either by giving the customer a handout or or by posting the following notice in the store:

“The City of Berkeley requires that you be provided the following notice:

To assure safety, the Federal Government requires that cell phones meet radio frequency (RF) exposure guidelines. If you carry or use your phone in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked into a bra when the phone is ON and connected to a wireless network, you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure to RF radiation. Refer to the instructions in your phone or user manual for information about how to use your phone safely.”

Judge Chen denied the CTIA’s request for a preliminary injunction that would have completely blocked enforcement of the ordinance until the case was fully resolved.

Of course there is no need to wait — label the phones at your local Verizon store today!

More Local Coverage of the Judge’s Decision

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Missouri Woman Describes Horrific Smart Grid Health Damage

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Silicon Valley Event Brings Experts Together to Speak About the Hazards of Wireless Technology

Dr. Joel Moskowitz

Joel Moskowitz of UC Berkeley

Google and other Silicon Valley based tech companies are about to get a double dose of reality right in their backyard.  Presented by the Santa Clara County Medical Association Alliance Foundation, experts in the field of wireless health impacts will gather on October 10th at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts for Health and Environmental Hazards in a Wireless World.  Speakers include Toril Jelter, Victoria Dunckley, Martin Pall and Katie Singer, and even the former CPUC President Loretta Lynch. Experts will present their findings and discuss what measures can be taken to protect public health from the increasing levels of carcinogenic “electrosmog.”

If you are in Northern California, or plan to be here, this is a do-not-miss event. To find out more information, see here and to buy tickets in advance, click here.

The event’s website states:

Are wireless devices making us ill? Join Dr. Joel Moskowitz and other scientists to discover the science and personal stories behind the recent international scientists’ call for safer wireless radiation standards. Links to autism, cancer and infertility, effects on wildlife, cell phone safety and wi-fi precautions will be discussed. Refreshments served.

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Michigan Utility “Consumers Energy” Disconnects Woman with Extreme Electrosensitivity for Smart Meter Refusal

Jaime Chimner of Cheboygan, MI was injured in a chemical accident, increasing her electrosensitivity

Jaime Chimner of Cheboygan, MI was injured in a chemical accident, leaving her severely electrosensitive and even more vulnerable to smart meter radiation

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.16.59 PM“I won’t put a death sentence on myself,
 so we have said no to the digital meter.” 
–Jaime Chimner–

CHEBOYGAN, MICHIGAN– A woman with severe electrosensitivity who requires a breathing machine has been disconnected from the electric grid after swapping out the unsanctioned smart digital meter on her home and having a safer electro-mechanical analog meter installed, per her physician’s recommendations.

Jaime and Joe Chimner are currently living without electricity though they have paid their bill in full.  The utility, “Consumers Energy,” is taking the position that every customer must have a new digital smart meter, with our without the consent of the resident.

Following removal of the digital meter from the home, Jaime’s doctors considered her improvement “amazing.” They have documented the changes in her health, and have written letters stating that the digital meter is the only cause they can find for the symptoms she experienced. One doctor wrote a prescription for an analog meter.

Last Thursday evening, Jaime and her husband met with Dennis McKee, Consumers Energy’s slick spokesman. He told her that he was going to have her power shut off, despite the terrible health effects suffered, and despite the fact that once the meter was removed, the  health effects disappeared. When Jaime asked to speak to someone higher up, McKee said “I have personally made the decision that you will be shut off if you do not accept the digital meter. There is nowhere else to go.”

Jaime says, “I won’t put a death sentence on myself, so we have said no to the digital meter.”

As readers of this site know, this position is untenable and unlawful, and those living in Michigan and around the world are being asked to refuse cooperation or consent to the smart grid, a system of utility exploitation, particularly serious for those injured or disabled by EMF radiation.  Michigan’s Smart Meter Education Network (SMEN) is just one of the many groups working with the media to try and shed light on these violations, and to organize local resistance to defend those harmed by utility equipment, or unfairly deprived of essential public services.

SMEN says:

“Jaime requires a breathing machine! Her health has been devastated by the meter. This is inhumanity at its worst! How someone, in this case Dennis McKee, could sit across from someone, look them in the eye, and tell her he does not care about her life is beyond comprehension.These utility companies and their agents are focused on one thing only—power and money. They are like the Nazis who considered the disabled of no account, and sent them to the gas chambers. Jaime has been living in hell, and it was slowly killing her. Rather than do the right thing, the utility company decides to assert its power and its will.”

It is critical that these abuses are not tolerated by other Consumers Energy customers, Michiganders, or any sane and moral human being.  Those in Michigan are being asked to  organize and support legislation that would outlaw such utility abuse.  More information on SMEN’s legislative advocacy program here. Or you can e-mail direct for information: smartmetereducationnetwork[at]

We will shortly be posting a way for people to help support the Chimners through these horrific abuses. Stay tuned.

Cheboygan Daily Tribune’s report on the story

5837477a-6a5b-4334-8661-a5d4e189dfaaUpdate 9/18: We’ve been hearing of many more disconnects in Michigan, including at the home of a 92 year old blind woman. More details to come. Now is the time to speak out and act.  Do not be silent. Remember, we the public are the 99% and the utility bosses making these decisions are the 1%.  Who really has the power? If they so easily cut off paying customers, maybe they don’t want our business after all?


Update 9/21: Thanks to an anonymous whistleblower, we know that DTE is aware of exploding meters, and actively investigating the issue, according to the document below. Somehow they still see fit to disconnect a blind 92 year old woman, even though the new meters are implicated in serious safety problems.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 2.30.14 PM


Update 9/25: A bill (House Bill 4916) has been introduced by Rep. Glenn of the Michigan Legislature that would ensure that Michigan residents have a choice of analog meter, and prohibit most “opt out” fees.  More info on Michigan.

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SMUD Struggles to Remain in Denial

At their last meeting on August 20, the Directors of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) struggled to stamp out and suppress any mention of smart meter injuries.  And ironically, in attempting to do so,  the meeting ended up being dominated by the subject. Local campaigners, by exercising their right to speak without fail at every meeting, and (for the most part) staying on topic,  have managed to continually shed light on a subject that SMUD would prefer to sweep under the rug.

Obviously some members of the board, particularly the Chair, are starting to crack, and in a remarkable display of incompetence and arrogance, attempting to violate the law to prevent details about smart meter effects being spoken about. It’s no wonder they are a little touchy on the subject, after senior citizens like Rosa Peric described her radiation injuries at a SMUD meeting, showing the nightgown that had been ruined by her repeated bloody noses.

What do you think of this performance? At the least it must be a candidate for the worst run public meeting ever. Whatever you think, you can tell SMUD yourself at their next meeting, which is actually tonight at 6pm.

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