Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity: Key Presentation from Australia

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 2.18.38 PMSteve Weller, Vice President of Stop Smart Meters Australia, has recently put together an incredibly comprehensive presentation regarding the increasingly widespread problem of RF/ EMF pollution causing (and exacerbating) Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity. On May 20th, he presented it to industry and government representatives at the Australian Electromagnetic Energy Reference Group (EMERG) committee meeting.

Weller’s presentation is a great source of information about the “great divide” on the question of EMF health impacts, with the industry/government complex on one side and scientists and the general public on the other.

With today’s unprecedented exposures to EMF’s, trouble is coming down the track unless we can understand the risks- and act

There is no doubt that health damage and sensitivity caused by smart meters’ powerful Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) have raised an international alarm, and have woken many people up to this silent and invisible menace.

The time for doubt and debate is over and the time for action is now.

After examining the problem from a political, scientific, medical, and personal perspective, Weller concludes:

“Regulation of EMF’s appears to follow a “Dead body policy” which requires definitive proof of sufficient harm before changes will be considered”

“It is time to act with moral and ethical decency – No more buck passing – Public health needs to be protected and ownership of this problem needs to be resolved urgently”

Download the 4mb pdf file here and feel free to share and post this important document elsewhere.

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New Stop Smart Meters! Global Database Published

Screen-Shot-2015-03-18-at-1.49.56-PMStopSmartMeters.org has now published the most comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate international guide to Stop Smart Meters groups and our allies anywhere on the web. It is now easier than ever to find groups working to stop smart meters where you live.

Our movement is growing daily. As the disastrous smart meter deployment spreads around the globe, so does the resistance.  There are now 183 total groups in 13 countries around the world, with organizers now active in 39 US states and 7 Canadian provinces. And those are just the ones we are aware of!

If you know of a group that should be listed, or have updates to the info provided, please let us know. Note that we do not list consulting firms, or other for-profit companies. Grassroots organizations and organizers are the sole focus of this database.

Thanks so much to our great volunteers for their help with the data entry!

StopSmartMeters.org works on an international level to organize against local deployments, spread awareness, and seed new groups in places where they are needed. If you would like advice on organizing locally, drop us a line.  We’d be happy to help.

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100 More Smart Meters Explode–in Capitola, CA This Time


The result of someone taking a baseball bat to their smart meters? Nope- another electrical surge causing a new kind of smart meter safety risk.

CAPITOLA, CA– Yesterday afternoon we received yet another report of exploding smart meters- this time in Capitola, CA:

“On 5.12, the Smart Meters blew off my house and about 100 neighbors, just like in Stockton.  I didn’t see any mention of the Smart Meters blowing up in Capitola on 5.12 on your website and feel like PG&E just brushed it under the rug.  My washing machine broke in the process and PG&E is not helpful at all.”

This follows a similar incident in Stockton, CA in March where meters blew off houses and many appliances were damaged after an electrical surge.

Utilities kindly correct us if we are mistaken, but this is not a phenomenon affecting glass and steel electromechanical analog meters.  It’s too bad that we have such corrupt “oversight” that has not only allowed utilities to deploy this untested, hazardous technology on nearly every building- in violation of numerous laws- but then destroy millions of safe meters making it harder for policymakers to order a recall (which of course must be done).

Sounds like a stitch-up and believe us- it is.

Capitola was one of 15 local governments in California to pass an ordinance banning the meters back in 2010 when we had just started our campaign.  If PG&E and the corrupt California Public Utilities Commission had respected local law in 2010/11, smart meters may not be exploding on people’s homes today.

If the Santa Cruz County Sheriff had protected public safety and enforced the law rather than protecting and escorting those who violated it. If the Sheriff had not arrested us for civilly disobeying and rightfully blocking what we knew then was an unsafe deployment, the exploding meters and chronic RF sickness that have become part of the California landscape in 2015 might have been avoided.

How many millions of unsafe meters are sitting on people’s homes right now, waiting for a surge that can instantly transform them into incendiary bombs or flying projectiles?

This morning, we called PG&E for comment (they always love to hear from us), and asked what the cause of the problem was, and asked for evidence of any similar incidents with analog meters. They said they would call us back. (they haven’t yet)

We also contacted the Capitola City Council as well as state legislators for the area, State Senator Bill Monning and Assemblymember Mark Stone and have demanded an independent statewide investigation into these incidents.

We will report here what their responses are, and any updates or more information that comes in.  If you were personally affected by this incident or know someone who was, we would like to hear from you.


If you are living in the area, please contact your elected officials and ask them to step in and protect the public’s safety.

State Senator Bill Monning (831) 425-0401

State Assemblymember Mark Stone (831) 425-1503

Capitola City Council (831) 475 7300

Capitola City Council Meets at 7pm Thursday May 28th at 420 Capitola Ave.  Speak up and encourage action!

Hundreds of thousands of smart meters have been recalled in Saskatchewan, Oregon, Florida, and Pennsylvania because of fire risk. People have died and homes have been destroyed.

One thing is for sure- the only thing the California Public Utilities Commission is protecting is corporate utility profits.

Update May 22nd 10am:  We have not heard back from either PG&E or state legislators. Nothing to see here folks.  Just 21st century utility dysfunction.  The cost of “progress” perhaps?

Update May 27th 9amStill no word from either PG&E or state legislators.  Since the facts are damning, they’d obviously prefer  to sweep their incompetence under the rug. Pathetic.

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City of Berkeley, CA Unanimously Approves Mobile Phone “Right to Know” Warning Legislation

On Tuesday evening, the Berkeley, California City Council unanimously passed legislation requiring warnings be posted at cell phone retailers in the city, simply informing people of what is already in the manual regarding the health risks of cell phone radiation.

This comes the day after 190 scientists and medical researchers from 39 nations called upon the WHO, UN, and member states to begin taking health and environmental impacts from Electro-Magnetic Fields seriously.

Thanks to the Berkeley City Council for their leadership and to Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig who has agreed to represent the city pro bono. More details can be found at the Safer EMR site.

You may remember that Stop Smart Meters! and the CA Brain Tumor Association were tired of waiting years for legislation while people got sick and died, so we labeled phones ourselves in this direct action at the Verizon store in San Francisco last January. Even the Verizon employees thought the warning labels were a good idea and installed one on their phone.

Now Available in the Stop Smart Meters! Online Store: Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy & the “Wireless Revolution

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.44.38 AMTo celebrate these advances made by the EMF Safety movement, we’ve just added Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy & the “Wireless Revolution” to our online store which also features Mobilize: A Film About Cell Phone Radiation as well as other DVD’s and resources to support your local campaign.

Get it now for $19.95 incl. shipping within the U.S.

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LA School Accommodates Electro Hyper Sensitive Teacher

Anura Lawson is a teacher at Johnie Cochran Middle School in Los Angeles. In 2013, Stop Smart Meters! helped her family get the analog meter replaced on their home. Anura is now speaking to the news media about her family’s nightmarish experience with wireless and how only safe wired technology should be used in our schools, neighborhoods and homes. Kudos to the Lawsons for speaking out!

The original post and video can be accessed here.  (Note that lotteries are a scam and do not really help schools – see here.)

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