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Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 6.07.44 PMThese sample letters- available for download by clicking the following links- are provided thanks to

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Utility Company Letter Template

Notice of Default



Notice to Police and Sheriff

1.  First, open the file named “Instructions.” These are your instructions.

2. “Utility Company Letter Template” is the template for you to edit and mail to your power company CEO.

3. We recommend, after you send your demand notice, if your power company fails to replace your meter in a timely manner, edit and send the “Notice of Default” to strengthen your legal position.

4. The “Posted Notice” file is for printing, laminating and attaching to your analog meter and your perimeter gate. We strongly recommend posting this notice. Office supply stores can usually provide the lamination.

5. The “Notice to Police and Sheriff” protects you from criminal trespass by law enforcement who may attempt to enforce your power company’s corporate policies. That is illegal, but sometimes the police forget the limits of their jurisdiction. It is very wise to remind them. If police ever come to your property to enforce power company policy (civil contract) IMMEDIATELY demand to see their court order (they will not have one) and then order them off your property. If they don’t leave call 911 and report criminal trespass. If they have a court order (extremely unlikely) read it carefully and make sure the terms are being observed by the police.

6. Please consider a donation to for providing these documents and advice on their use (and please also donate to Stop Smart Meters! to support our ongoing organizing work on these issues).

Contact Jerry Day at info[at] with any questions.

9 Responses to Sample Letters to Utility

  1. Bobbie Mueller says:

    Thanks you for providing the tools for combating installation of smart meters. I think it’s a travesty that utility companies, namely City Public Service in San Antonio, is stomping on our rights as free Americans.

    • Gabriel says:

      I’m also in San Antonio. Just recently they came by and installed a smart gas meter. My analog meter is still there and locked up. Has CPS attempted to install one to your home. If so, how did it work out?

  2. Joan of Arc says:

    PECO in PA is trying to bully everyone into changing to a smart meter, all the the public Ultility Commision madate it no until 2023. Virtually nothing they say about it when you call cutomer service is in writing , except when they threaten to terminate service because no not allowing access to their equipment! WTH!

  3. Joan of Arc says:

    PECO in PA is trying to bully everyone into changing to a smart meter by the end of 2014. All the the Public Utility Commision mandates is that all PA residences need to have one but not until 2023. For me that is ok because it’s enough time to get a new law to reverse the 2008 mandate installation for every residence in PA and time for more research detailing the health consequences of RF radiation. Virtually nothing PECO says about the meter when you call cutomer service is in writing. They only thing you get in writing is a threat to terminate service because of not allowing access to their equipment! I need to get off this GRID, stat!

  4. Mike Wagenblast says:

    I have a Landis & GYR / Itron Meter on my residence.
    I was informed (by a PUD engineer) that this is a T.W.A.C.S. model by Aclara.
    Please help me in finding out weather or not this meter is safe by any means.
    I recently watched the video Take Back Your Power and I am looking for information on the meter on my home.
    Thank you.
    Best Regards,

  5. JohnnyBob says:

    This is just starting to happen in our rural community Mt Vernon IL 62864. The power company (Ameren) gave us no prior warning except a vanilla postcard which mentioned no details nor hints. They were trying to sneak it past us. Dumb farmers are easy, I guess they thought. They’re in for a surprise… 🙂

  6. James R. Carter, Sr. says:

    Wood County Electric Cooperative is forcing SmartMeters on us here in Far East Texas. I’m electromagnetic sensitive. I complained. Got a Nasty letter telling me that I had to pay them $250.00 before 29 September 2017 to pay for 2 Analog meters for my rural home. 1 for my residence and 1 for the water well. Plus they are going to charge me $25.00 per month to read the meter.
    I don’t even have WiFi, Cable TV or satellite internet because of my sensitivity to all things electromagnetic!
    My wife and I are living on “fixed income” and they’ve blindsided us by Demanding this $250 before the 29th! I’m disabled, 67. Wife’s 77. We are furious.
    Neither of us trust the corporation that calls itself a “Cooperative.”!

    • Randy Walters says:

      how areyou making out with the meter situation? They put one on my home and I want it off now, This is so sickening, please let me know if you have any advice, im calling the electric company to have them remove this, if i cant get analog thrn i dont want any, i had locked my box but received threats of them shutting off my power, we left 3 hours one day, i unlocked it n put a sign stating if it comes to losing my power put the meter on , i wish i would not have done that, i think they knew i wasn’t home, maybe im jumping the gun there though, just seemed a little suspicious, i feel awful lately , having skin problems ringing in my ears, my wifes and step son also and our dog seems to be acting very strange since then, i too am on a fixed income and have enough health issues, i feel i not protecting my family, have you ever heard of “agenda 21” ? if so i suggest You look into it because it is happening now, I apologize for making this so long,, just stressed out and very concerned,, Take care and good luck with these evil people,,

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