Why Stop Smart Meters?

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Utilities across the country are installing so-called ‘smart’ meters.  As a result, bills are skyrocketing, health effects and safety violations are being reported, and privacy in our homes is being violated. Do we really need wireless smart meters?

Decide for yourself:

Do you want an accurate, reasonably priced utility bill? Utility customers have noticed huge increases in their bill after a ‘smart’ meter is installed–in some cases hundreds of dollars more than usual.  Utilities claim the meters are accurate,but unexplained over-billing has featured in many negative reports, all around the US. Read more.

Do you value your health, and the health of your family and friends? Just as we’re learning that cell phones cause brain tumors, why are we installing the same technology on everyone’s homes, often with no right to opt out?  Thousands of people have complained of tinnitus, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, heart arrhythmia, and other symptoms after a ‘smart’ meter was installed.  Wireless technology is a public health hazard.  Smart meters can violate already high FCC limits on human exposure to microwave radiation, and are being installed even as people are developing “electro-sensitivity”.  There are also reports of ‘smart’ meter interference with pacemakers and other implants. Read more.

Do you value civil liberties and the right to privacy? When a ‘smart’ meter is installed, your utility has access to a treasure trove of information about your electricity usage, compromising your privacy. Depending on the regulatory protections–and enforcement of those rules–in your state, they will be able to sell this information to a series of corporations and the government. Read the interview with the Electronic Frontier Foundation about how ‘smart’ meters violate privacy. The ACLU in Vermont, ACLU in Maine and the ACLU in Hawaii have all condemned the lack of consumer privacy protection.

Do you care about wildlife and cutting carbon emissions? Smart meters do not result in energy savings, according to Reuters.  They may even increase energy consumption.  There is also emerging evidence that wireless, non-ionizing radiation (from cell phones, wifi, and ‘smart’ meters) harms wildlife and damages trees. There have been direct reports of smart meters affecting vital bee populations and disturbing bird habitat.

Are you concerned about job losses in this anemic economy? PG&E claims that they are retaining 80% of their meter readers. What they don’t tell you is that several years back, they transitioned their meter readers from full time to temporary so the job loss would not appear so drastic. Utilities look upon smart meters as an easy way to boost profits by cutting jobs. We cannot afford to lose thousands of jobs in this economy.

Are you in favor of fire regulations that put the safety of residents first? At least hundreds of electrical fires, explosions, and other electrical hazards have been caused by ‘smart’ meters.  Like most other smart meters, PG&E’s meters are not UL certified, as is required by electrical code for all electric appliances within the home.  Smart meters are potential ignition sources and remove utility personnel from neighborhoods.  If meter readers had been present in San Bruno, would the gas leak have been detected in time to prevent the destruction of the neighborhood?  Whistleblowers have reported unsafe installations. Here is another whistleblower’s story in Alabama.

Are you alarmed about the decline of our democracy and informed decision-making? The conversion to smart meters is one of the largest technology rollouts in history, and yet virtually no public consultation with ratepayers or local governments was carried out in advance.  The CA Public Utilities Commission, an appointed (not elected) body who are charged with regulating utility companies, ignored popular local opposition for years–though finally and belatedly producing an opt-out in early 2012 that costs PG&E customers hundreds of dollars just to avoid a recognized possible carcinogen. Around the world utility companies continue to install smart meters, often without public awareness or consent.

Hundreds of thousands of California residents continue to refuse to pay opt out fees. Utilities threaten disconnections, yet no one has yet been switched off to date, solely for refusal to pay (apart from a handful of SoCal Gas customers- 5/17).  These threats appear to be an attempt to bully people into paying an illegal and illegitimate fee.

SPEAK OUT!  Spread the word to friends and neighbors with our brochures, put a SMART METER FREE ZONE (pdf) sign in your front yard, demand the regulators and your local government back a SAFETY RECALL, REFUSE installation, and DEMAND REMOVAL!

More than 57 cities and counties in California have demanded a halt.  Fifteen have even passed laws prohibiting smart meters. 

More ways to take action here.

550 Responses to Why Stop Smart Meters?

  1. Alan Horn says:

    If Wellington/pg&e comes to my home to install, I will not even order them off my property. I will immediately arrest them and hold them until police come to haul them to jail and impound their vehicles. Trespassers with radiation devices beware and be very afraid.

    • Mike says:

      Why don’t u get some real proof and go to a whole street that has smart meters installed and ask the customers if they have gotten any headaches or any of that BS you guys claim u can get off a smart meter, and also ask them if they have noticed any noticeable increase or decrease on their bill, if you think about it some of those meters have been on peoples houses for over 30 years so their probably paying way less then their supposed to because the gears inside those meters are running slower than their supposed too, or in other cases the gears on the old meters are running faster than their supposed too so their people are paying more than their supposed too, and in other cases their meters are working perfectly fine and when they get the smart meters installed their bill is exactly the same. Also another thing to think about is that those smart meters installed in the gas meter have a battery that last 15 years which has a size of about 1 inches wide and about 4 inches in length and 1 inch in height, and how could that LITHIUM Battery possibly last 15 years if supposedly the radiation coming off those smart meters is a lot stronger than a cell phone that barely last ONE DAY! In addition, another thing those smart meters DONT transmit 24 hours a day, they only transmit for TWO SECONDS EVERY HOUR which is a total of 48 SECONDS every day. Which most people spend way more that 48 seconds a day on their phones or by a router or any other wireless device! so please do your research based on people who already have their smart meter installed for longer than 2 months and ask them what their feedback is and DONT just get the negative feedback, but I ask u to PLEASE GET THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK as well and find out if the positive outweighs the negative or not, and ask the people what their honest opinion is on the smart meters without filling their heads with negative ideas without getting their honest opinion first THANK YOU.

      • Corena says:

        The issue here is the right to choose. If you want one, go get one! But I choose not to have one and I shouldn’t be forced to get one. Nor should I have to prove why to anyone regarding my choices and personal beliefs about what is healthy. The people who are claiming discomfort from these devices have nothing to gain. PG&E/Edison….have everything to gain by denying any negative findings = profit. If there is even a shadow of a doubt as to the safety of these devices, they shouldn’t be installed. When we have the right to choose, everyone is happy. (oh, except maybe PG&E…wah wah)

        • Aaron Webster says:

          If you dont want a smart meter… discontinue pg&e service. You get way more EMF from the 60 hz 120VAC wires 5 feet from your body at all times inside your house than from the low power radios used in smart meters. Go take your Fariday hat off and move to the country.

          • Ken says:

            Bad science abounds!
            Any conversation of EMF power radiation has to include discussion of the spectrum where the power is found. Everyone knows that microwaves cook stuff, but radio, or the visible light spectrum, does not. There is no reason to believe radiation given off from 60Hz house wiring is harmful. I’m with Mike on this. A few bursts of communication once an hour is nothing in comparison to your cell phone, especially when you’re actually talking on it with it next to your brain.
            As far as the right to choose.. I agree that there is the potential for information abuse by these utility companies. Therefore the easy solution is legislation that bans them from collecting information that can be gleaned from the data and bans them from passing any data to another entity.

          • Ken says:

            Oh.. I guess i might be wrong about the visible light spectrum not being able to cook things.. Though I thought it was just the ultraviolet portion that had that ability (which by definition is not visible)

          • Paul H says:

            Yes, 60 Hz fields are large and constant. Some may be stronger than others due to improper wiring. Sending jolts to a body via a high magnetic field produces ultimate penetration. this point seems to be overlooked. I guess if you think the cell is simple than you may not understand the rest.

            This activity is dangerous especially at night, when the body is trying to repair itself. Cells communicate with signals and these are disrupted by pulsed magnetic fields. http://www.basic.northwestern.edu/g-buehler/htmltxt.htm
            When someone compares a cell phone with a smart meter attached to energized wiring, it shows their lack of understanding of the dangers these smart meters pose to the unsuspecting public.

          • Scott says:

            do you know haw to make a faraday hat?

          • Jackie says:

            I live in the country and am resisting a smart water reader…I have been threatened with a shut off of my water for refusing.
            Yes, it’s true that each smart meter emits these hz and only for 2 seconds every hour. That Burst as it’s called can travel up to 1.5 miles in distance with each burst. Now, if the majority of homes in my hood, about 30 of them, are all emitting every hour that’s 2 seconds times 30 homes times 24 hours totals 1440 emissions per day just in my neighborhood. That’s alot of radiation daily. Cell phones I can turn on and off. I have no control over these smart meters and legally, should not be forced or intimidated to place one on my home.

          • Howard Murray says:

            More Rubbish.
            The 60 hz supply does not radiate an Electro Magnetic Field.
            It does radiate Magnetic field just like the nagnets on your fridge door. The difference is the 60 hz is changing North/South every 60 seconds.
            The fridge magnet strength utterly swamps the power supply field.
            EMF coming of a smart power meter is miniscule compared with what’s coming in off the sun…Xrays, Particle Radiation, Ultra Violet, Infra Red Microwaves and GOD knows what else.
            As for cosmic radiation, that doesn’t bear thinking about. And you’re worrying about a piddling little Smart meter?
            MIND YOU…still don’t have one…They are just another step to get everybody cataloged and listed.

          • Joe Neher says:

            Inductance off of electrical fields and digital radio waves are too different properties. Read up or just don’t confuse others.

            • Jeffrey Umstead says:

              Radio waves aren’t digital. All radio waves are waves, an analog phenomenon. Digital information is embedded into the analog signal via psk, or some other method.

          • Samantha says:

            Hey asshole. We live in the country. People upgraded our lines, and then two people came to our house and before I could even think to object, they pulled out our old meter and shoved in a new meter. Thankfully, I don’t have any fillings (because likely that resonates off metal). But they gave us a choice. The issue is choice, which you seem not to respect. I didn’t okay this. Mom did, but I didn’t say anything in time.

        • Dan says:

          Did you have a choice when they installed your old “dumb” meter? You could certianly choose not to have one of those as well. The choice you have is; do you want their service or not? Electricity is a service provided by a company just like your phone or cable TV. Electricity is not a right protected by the Bill of Rights.

          • Dan,
            You really do write and talk a load of Rubbish or Bulls Wool to put it politely, please get off your derriere and do some proper research into microwaves and the damage they do to all LIFE, Human, Animals and insects and yes vegetable life such as delicate creepers close to these destructive and deadly Type 2B Carcinogen Meters called Smart Meters. Smart Meters my ARSE ! There is nothing smart about these deadly toys of Satan. I know, here in Victoria Australia they are just like in America and Canada and England and all countries of the World causing untold harm and destruction to the very D.N.A and red blood cells of humans and animals alike and causing massive leaf drop off from threes and turning delicate plant creepers leaves a horrid leathery brown colour as well. Wake up Dan !
            As for the Bill of Right Sleepy Dan you have the right not to have these so-called Smart Meter Installers coming ILLEGLLY onto peoples’ properties and taking and or sneakily stealing the Safe and Passive and far from dumb Electric Meters from now so many outraged Electricity Customers. The same sneaky stealing of the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters is going on here in Victoria Australia as it is world-wide even now. Shame I say Shame on all of your sneaky not-so-smart meter installer men and worst of all Shame on you horrid C.E.O’s of the Electric Power Companies in America and Canada and Victoria, Australia and every country of the WORLD !

            • Felicia says:

              Us people that install them are not being sneaky. we knock or ring door bell and if no one answers with in a timely fashion we change it out. We have a job just like anyone else and have a number the power company wants us to hit each day. The meters are property of the power company and have every right to put the new meters in. You the customer pay for the services but dont own the meter nor the box. The power company sends out a post card to inform you and it is not there fault if you don’t go through and read all of your mail to make sure you don’t over look something important. Power is a service you pay for and if you do not want the smart meter go off grid and get solar power then you don’t have to deal with the power company and their up grades. Us installers have these same meters installed in are own homes as well as we handle them every day up to 10 hours a day and if it was not safe for us to install them the power company that pays us to do so would not have us do so because they do pay are health insurance and would not put out extra money for health insurance if it was making us sick.

              • Richard says:

                Right, you’re just the messenger! Where have I heard that before? Let me tell you that I received no prior notification of any “Smart Meter” installation. They just showed-up and replaced it without either consent or notification. I was working and came home to find my stove/microwave clock flashing and wondered why until I found a replacement notification wedged halfway through my front door. So yes, it was with no regard for personal privacy or consent and I would certainly call that sneaky!

              • JOE says:

                you dont own the box the meter goes in.
                you hav eno right to cut my lock that i placed their to secure my house.

                i stopped you 4 times
                and the manager came down and i stopped him, then he saw the lock.

                i told him its q 20 year prison term for breaking and entering into an occupied house.

                that was 2 years ago.
                no smart meter.

                im an engineer space shuttle super collider, nasa, dod, nuclear work too.

                radiation builds up over time. so they can claim they did nothing wrong.

                its all about your credit score shutting off your electricity at will and making you sick so they can charge you for something as you die.

                you simply dont know more than i do.

          • Chris says:

            Unfortunately, many communities and governments have made it a requirement to have electric and water turned on when you rent or purchase a home. This negatews your “Choice” to have service or not. This is far beyond a personal choice issue anymore, it is simply about industry profits. Too bad consumers cannot stand behind one another and support each other in getting there rights strenghtened, rather, indiviualism rules and this is why govt continues stripping our rights away.

          • BlueCollarCritic says:


            Dan you have no idea what you are talking about. It may be your opinion that electricity is not a right but as far as building codes and government go not to mention 1st world society, electricity and water are both deemed necessities and thus you can not build, and then occupy a structure (for purposes of residing there) without both. You certainly can do this without cable tv or even internet service but water and power are both mandatory because they are necessities. Since the utility has a captured market (because it sells something people must have) it has a responsibility in how it does business and so it cannot simply treat its customers like dogs because it wants to push smart meters to all its users.

            If you are a really person and not some undercover hack working for the utilities or the government then open you r eyes and see whats really going on. The documentary ‘Take Back Your Power’ exposes the big lie about SMART Meters and the SMART Grid, how they are about monitoring and nothing to do with efficiency or a greener/better world. And before you decide to make some kind fo ‘tin-foil’ comment about government spying keep in mind that its already been proven that the US Federal Government illegally spies on US citizens so this is no longer a conspiracy theory.

            • Mao Zedong says:

              Were you born with an intrinsic right to have electricity from the power company? No? Ok then, quit being so entitled. It is like saying that you have a right to internet. The power company, however, has a right to do business with you as they please, unless you negotiated a contact of some sort. It is their product, and taking it without following the terms is theft. And just because they serve your area it doesn’t mean they have any responsibility to the customer. Their ONLY responsibilities are to the shareholders.

              • JOE says:

                electricity more than a privilege and less than a right.

                however the electric company is so regulated that they are only allowed a certain percentage of profit here.

                they are also fined for refusing electricity to anyone.

                you can go pay for a year and they have to take your money and turn on your service.

                yo dont need to meet their credit requirements.

                the meters are also not even needed they estimate your use, and then bill you in a way that levels out your bill.

                i worked for them as a programmer for a while.

                their only responsibility is not to the shareholders, it is also to the energy commission and a dozen other regulatory bodies that they dare not cross.

                a civics class will help you.

          • Chris LeQuoix says:

            You are right, but we are forced to buy from 1 company with no choice. Our “company” cuts deals with state regulators and we the people are paying the price. We are not allowed to throw up 300 tall wind generators in the city limits. We are not allowed to run a propane generator and no working person can afford a decent solar system. So you are right, it is not a “Right” but by God it is my RIGHT to say what info in my house is transmitted to God knows who…. Everyday we hear about hackers hitting all they can. Jeeps, Banks, Computers, etc… Well this is my house. I can’t shut off the electricity because the government will take my kids. I can’t use alternative sources, or alternative companies, so tell me there buddy, how can you tell me I don’t have the RIGHT to say NO to what kind of contraption some corporate hack and Government Nazi tell me I have to use? If you think we are supposed to CONTINUE to take their B.S. at face value and comply blindly, then you obviously missed history class. I don’t know about the different complaints, but I do know they are transferring my life over to a computer. And that is not ANYBODYS business. All they need is the amount used from the 1st day of the cycle to the last day. Not what is drawing, when it is, or when it is not. They can continue to do that in analog. If it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it.

          • DP says:

            You are a smug idiot sir. Do some real research. CA rolled this crap out long ago and the health problems there are huge and proven and have gone public and been on their news. The truth is out ther but you know it all little Justin…LOL

            You are just plain wrong. Are you exposing your kids and pets to this, tough guy? Smug little weasel. And you aren’t funny or cute big man.
            Over educated, ineffectual, intellectual asshat. Enjoy Senor Smug!

          • Samantha says:

            Privacy is. It’s called the 4th Amendment. Someone just came inro your house, took your stuff and replaced it with a UL uncertified knockoff that gives you a headache.

        • beware of the end says:

          I totally agree the analog meters have worked fine for years

          I choose to not have one

          The govt is taking away choices
          Little by little

          Wake up

          • peter says:

            I agree there is 2 sides and i have consented on the condition they place it outside the company declined so currently nz doesnt have compulsory instalment …..yet! then the off grid options will look more appealing

        • Bruce says:

          You do not get to choose on how the service is metered. That is for the utility to decide how best to serve their customers. You have the right to choose whether you want the service. If you can convince your neighbors to choose a utility company that does not use smart meters, than you may be able to have that collective option.

        • Jeffrey Umstead says:

          Utilities are businesses, not part of the government. You can choose to generate yiur own power. You do not, however get to tell a company what equipment they may use, any more than you can demand what products a srore sells.
          Calling not wanting a smart meter some kind of affront to your liberty is some major “Karenesque” thinking. Also, the low power radio isn’t a magic evil new radio. It is a plain old low power radio that transmits for a few seconds on the hour. A radio, is a radio, is a radio.

      • P Vickers says:

        When what happened to us happens to you… you will shut your yap and delve into the truth. We are, so far, out $36,000 worth of electronics and appliances in our home due to a “severly malfunctioning” digital meter (AMI) manufactured by GE and placed by FP&L even thought they knew 1) the meters had not been properly field and laboratory tested (no UL ratings for sure) 2) that the meter design was VERY potentially flawed and that they were being mass produced way beyond quality control’s ability to keep up and 3) that at any time, any one of the meters could fail due to improper contact design within the meter’s construction and blow a surge of various types of energy into your home wiring system and crash any or all of your devices that operate on this electricity… or even worse start a fire at the box which will come through into your home and make you homeless!!
        Get real and do your own homework. There is NO benefit to us consumers, just to GE and the Power Companies. Plus they used OUR own money (a large Government grant of 1/3 of the cost) to infringe upon our safety and comfort.
        Now… what are you thinking? Or are you finally thinking… for the first time?!!
        Also… did you know that our Government has made it legislated that our Power Companies can NOT be held responsible for and damages that their equipment causes to us consumers and our personal property… for ANY reason?! Scary isn’t it?!!!!!!!

        • bill says:

          You should also know that some insurance companies, based on their own research, will no longer cover liabilities related to damage caused by smart meters.

          • Vanessa says:

            So basically, your choices are: no electricity, or no fire coverage on your homeowners’ insurance policy. That’s pretty messed up.

        • Victoria says:

          I guarantee you the opposing views on here are paid for propogandists by the companies that supply and make money off of smart meters. Thank you for stepping up with some good facts on the matter. Great work people!!

          • dr. joel taylor says:

            Thank You Victoria; finally, a wise person who senses truth. the anti-anti smart meter people are often pg&e (any utility in the world( agents. this is how they work, they spy on American citizens, the gov’t is owned by these monopolies, and with spying comes every degenerate action. I am joel.


          • David says:

            That is so paranoid. Instead of arguing against the other side, just accuse them of being paid. Even if that were true, the argument is what matters. If your argument is defeated, it doesn’t matter who said it.

        • Samantha says:

          They did this same thing with COVID vaccines. Mass churned out, not tested, and it turns out they’re dangerous. I’ve fought this stuff since 2020, and now they pull this with our power. I’m exhausted!

      • Gail Jones says:

        I have never heard such a bunch of un-educated drivel. What rock do you live under?Environmentally unsafe “smart meters” are already decimating bee colonies (do you like to eat)?I suspect you work for PG&E, Mike.This goes well beyond the safety hazards to humans. the increase in rates and infringement on our rights and privacy.Dr. Bill Wattenburg(considered the “smartest man in the world”(nuclear physicist)Senior research scientist).says. The CPUC did not do the needed “field”testing ( the suppliers of the metersmeters did).He says CPUC cannot do the job.And seldom report anything that might embarass their source of income!!!He suggests that the legislature must take charge and demand an independant study be done. He says these meters are very dangerous.Our constitution demands this!

        • Needa Revolt says:

          You need to look at the exact % for % correlation of a recent “unexplainable” phenomenon of bee colony die offs with the installation and locations of installations of these meters. The Effect on navigation of both insects and birds that is a dot for dot correlation with the use of, install dates and locations of the meters and such signal devices. Looks like one line but is 2 of them so close together you cant discern them.

          • Richard says:

            Please cite a reference that supports your claim.

          • Paul H says:

            Richard, this is easy stuff to find. What happened to your search skills? Why wouldn’t bees use magnetic fields to find their way back to a hive?

          • Richard says:

            Shock science, Paul. It hasn’t even been researched yet, and you’ve taken the bait. From your linked ref: “The crucial question to be addressed in the near future is whether the compass abilities of the honeybee could suffer from radio frequency (RF) smog accompanying modern civilization and whether the fitness of this dominant pollinator might be affected by RF fields.” Needa Revolt makes specific claims that should be referenced.

          • Paul H says:

            Richard, your still around? Still trying to prove a fallacy? Have you removed your smart meter yet?

            Still taking the bait or watching in real time? This poor woman and so many others out there have relied on your disregard for a precautionary approach. Especially when so many now are waking up to the danger. Like all lies they are exposed, it’s just a matter of time.

            Doctors are scratching their heads all over town wondering why they can’t cure the symptoms spread by smart meters. They’ve been programmed to listen to people like you. They can’t use their common sense anymore.

            You would tell us it’s coincidence that once people remove their death meter they miraculously get well.

            The lie is too big to cover up. Bad news travels quickly. I’m glad too see the snowball effect is rolling well as people become informed.

          • Richard says:

            “Richard, your still around?”… Yeah, but pretty bored with this stuff (although always amused by your grammatical mistakes 🙂 … Nothing new or interesting here… Just the same old stories… and still just stories. Yawn…

            • Peter says:

              Anyone that tries to win their argument by pointing out grammatical mistakes has already lost (unless it’s a spelling bee). Stop trying to shut down a very viable possibility just because you work for the company that makes these meters. You got roasted by truth and resorted to grammatical errors as your backup evidence to prove your point. Your unwillingness to even stay on the subject gives me the feeling that you have no idea what you are talking about, but at least you took an English class or too, ha ha ha. Richard, all you seem to have is a great desire to discount Paul’s research and points and your best evidence is talking about grammar. This feels very shill-like to me and I’m glad you’re amused but I’m not…

              Thank you for your respectful debate and useful information Paul. Cheers.

        • Dear Gail,
          The time for any further studies on these dopey and deadly Electric Microwave Type 2B Carcinogen so-called Smart Meters is a waste of time. The now world-wide evidence from the World Health Organisation and other august bodies of Medical and Electromagnetic Research people who are not ” In the Pockets” of these truly now proving to be Corrupt and Money Grubbing and Money Worshiping Microwave Industries and their Sales people is now irrefutable.

          How long will it be until all of these deadly dangerous and dopey so-called Microwave Electric so-called Smart Meters are ripped out of homes and small business properties, and the Safe and Passive Electric Analog Meters are reinstalled at the Electric Power Companies’ expense, that is the Burning Question that needs an immediate answer ?

          • Peter says:

            Post the evidence, not your opinion. Your claims, accompanied by patronizing and antagonizing rhetoric (and zero evidence to back them) are insulting and a waste of time and are obviously just meant to throw a wrench in actual discourse. It’s pretty sad; I hope they are paying you well and money actually makes you happy LOL.

      • david says:

        I agree. The battery in a Smartmeter is not big enough to create the kinds of radiation discussed here. Maybe we, as a society have run out of problems. Maybe the act of worrying about the new meters is more toxic than the meters themselves. Also, not one permanent PG&E meter reader will be displaced as a result of this program. The Permanent employees will be offered other jobs in the company, 100% of them. The other employees, are temps. They were hired as temps, and knew going in that they were hired for a period of 1 year or less.

        • admin says:

          @David. There is NO battery in an electric ‘smart’ meter. This is documented in statements made by Silver Spring Networks and PGE executives at the “Opt-Out workshop” which took place at the CPUC. Video: http://eon3emfblog.net/?p=3520

          Electric ‘smart’ meters work off grid electricity only. For “last gasp” transmission at point of outage they use a capacitor.

          Also at the workshop we managed to get them to admit that the power of the 1-watt transmitter is increased to a rule-breaking 2.5 watts due to the 4db antenna inside. Transmitters in the FCC-unlicensed band of 902-928MHz are not allowed to transmit with more than 1 watt. Corruption in the CPUC and the FCC has allowed this already-too-lenient rule to be broken.

          We have technicians measuring these meters, and their measurements suggest that the Instantaneous Peak Power (IPP) of these transmitters is VERY HIGH, much higher than PGE or the CPUC will admit.

          THEY KNOW there is a problem. But the same people who brought you (NO) biologically-based safety testing on your cell phone have made it possible for your utility to install these rule-busting RF transmitters on very nearly each and every house in CA, and all across the US.

          Please do a bit of research before you comment.

          • Redi Kilowatt says:

            I took a close look at a SmartMeter installed about a year ago, it was a Landis+Gyr, it said right on it that the power must be turned off to replace the battery inside.
            Also, I read in a recent article that PG&E is indeed going to start upgrading the power grid in about a year. The project is expected to cost around $300 million, and that has nothing to do with the $2.2 billion meter project.
            What they are going to do is install sensors at intervals on the circuits coming out of the sub-stations to monitor for power outages and monitor total loads used by all the customers on that circuit . That is how PG&E will know directly how much power is being used instead of relying on the billing radio network.
            In that article, they did mention that some of the SmartMeters do have batteries to report outages, but that using sensors is much more reliable and effective.
            At this point, I don’t know what to believe about the SmartMeters, they change their sales pitches all the time. I think that the outage detection function of the SmartMeters was just another sales pitch to sell the project to the public, but has no real value or effectiveness. And of course, nothing will ever prevent outages, they will always happen no matter what kinds of sensors used.
            I know my local PG&E lineman foreman, and I know what is done in outages, they have to identify the problem, fix it and inspect the whole circuit visually first before re-energizing the circuit to make sure that there are no other faults down line. Sensors do nothing to help them, and they are not going to re-energize a circuit before checking the whole thing, otherwise all their work could be in vein.
            I saw near my house that a little twig blew across the primary conductors in a storm, it caused the 5000 volt cutout fuses to blow, and our power was out for 3 days because PG&E was overwhelmed during that storm. The crew that finally came up and found that twig was from another region.

          • john says:

            That’s funny. Instantaneous Peak Power? The power output is Root Mean Square, not IPP. of course a 1W signal can have an IPP of 2.5W, or 5W, or 500W (an impulse wave has an instantaneous peak and drop; theoretically, it has an IPP of infinite and a RMS power level of 0).

            Higher frequency signals will have higher peak power for the same transmission power: if you put 1W on a 60Hz circuit, you get 1WRMS and about 1.3W IPP; 1W on 1MHz has a higher IPP, but it’s still 1W of power and it still exposes you to 1W/s of energy every 1 second. This value, the RMS, is the actual power of the waveform; it is what determines how effectively the signal can penetrate interference, how it is absorbed and scattered by objects and atmosphere, and thus how far the signal reaches usefully.

            High-gain antennae don’t increase power output. They increase focus: signal strength is diminished in some direction, and increased in some other. You have to energize the transmitter circuit with more power to get more power out; the antenna doesn’t matter, aside from being an effective antenna, and not melting from that much power passing through.

            In any case, these transmitters aren’t the cause of much of any interference; they only transmit sparsely. They’re essentially harmless.

        • Bob Fairlane says:

          The smart meters here run off the house electricity, unless the corresponding bill-pay card is not “recharged” (paid) up, and the account falls to zero balance. Then the electricity is shut off, and a 9v common household battery is needed, along with a debit card issued by the company, and charged at participating locations (stores, gas stations, the utility office), to turn back on the electricity.

          • they put a digital metter in houses across the street there elect bill whent up 80 to 95% and there elect bills have increased 10to20% about every mounth 90% of theses people can’t afford to by food after they have to pay for there electrica bill that keeps comeing up5to10 to20% every mounth

            • Yvonne Lofton says:

              Yes, our bill immediately increased by $200 monthly since the meter was installed. Also, our all electric heat pump air conditioner side runs 24/7 to keep our house just bearably cool. Prior to the smart meter, we never had any issues with our AC unit. Now the repair guys are scratching their heads trying to diagnose the problem. By the way, the unit sits right next to the new smart meter.

          • Stone the Crows Bob,
            The old fashioned system of keeping ones Safe and Passive Electric Meter which I have safely padlocked up with an Industrial Padlock securing my Electric Meter box and getting a Meter Reader man to check it once every ninety (90) days is simply the best system of all.

        • David,
          You are talking a load of rubbish. Do some proper research and learn the facts before opening your Cake-Hole son !

        • JT says:

          Really? Do you think a battery supplies power for the smart meter. The battery is only for the memory of the microprocessor. I guarantee you it has a transformer which is hooked across the power line and then rectified through a dc power supply. There is unlimited power available at all times and the customer pays for it.

          The average person is unaware of electronics I suppose. I’ve been an electrician for 25 years and specialize in control circuits.
          Don’t be fooled by trolls!

      • George says:

        I must start by saying that I admire your approach of maintaining your composure against blatant ignorance. A smart meter insures that my neighbor and I are being charged fairly for the electricity consumed. Did you get the right to chose when your original meter was installed? This equipment is the property of the electric company. If you chose you don’t want it on your house, you are denying service. No one is going to force their way to the side of your house to install a new meter.

        • Paul H. says:

          A class 2b carcinogen pulsing microwave frequencies throughout your home is ok with you? Did you know that your brain operates at 8HZ? Do you understand that your cells function with electricity? Your body is a resistor because it doesn’t operate at the same frequency as all wireless devices. I can choose not to have wireless saturating my home. Unfortunately there are millions who are being sickened by the smart meter and they don’t have a clue why they are waking up in the middle of the night for hours at a time.
          My point is that if the water company put large amounts of acid in your water and you were being harmed by it, then it would be ok? Just because they have a captive audience doesn’t mean that they have a right to harm. Your type thinking would be right at home in Nazi Germany.

          • T says:

            I would caution your comparison to the water company. In fact water companies across the nation dump hazardous waste (fluoride) and toxic chemicals (chlorine and cleaning agents) into our water every single day. There are just as many studies showing the health hazard of these chemicals as there are to electromagnetic fields. These can be considered even more toxic and dangerous to society, especially for lower income families that have no choice but to drink and bathe in tap water.

          • Bob Fairlane says:

            Actually, many water suppliers do just that, and it’s called “flouride”.

          • john says:

            Microwave is not carcinogenic. For one, it’s not a chemical; but, putting semantics aside, microwaves don’t damage DNA. If your microwave oven malfunctioned and the door opened while the magnetron was on, you would experience burns–that is to say, you would experience exactly the same type of injury as if your propane grill flared up in your face. Exactly. Your cells would cook to death; the water in them will buffer the microwave energy entirely, which means they’ll heat up.

            Interestingly, this is the principle a microwave oven works on. This is why microwaves can’t heat fat, but they can heat fatty products containing water.

            If your eyes aren’t noticeably damaged within an hour or two of exposure, you’re not being exposed to dangerous levels of microwaves.

          • Paul H says:

            John, Are you saying that microwave frequency has no effect on the cell? Microwave frequency with ELF modulation 6 Hz-600 Hz, otherwise known as data, disrupts inter cellular communication.

            I would never compare a chemical to a cell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVqJdAqTD4Q

            The 2013 Nobel Prize Winners……” Through their discoveries, Rothman, Schekman and Südhof have revealed the exquisitely precise control system for the transport and delivery of cellular cargo. Disturbances in this system have deleterious effects and contribute to conditions such as neurological diseases, diabetes, and immunological disorders.”


            It’s just science…

          • Yvonne Lofton says:

            Myself and my neighbors are waking around 3:00am, as are our dogs and other animals. Also, my husband retires about 9:00pm, but I remain up, so I use wireless headphones to listen to TV or music, and I have not been able to get any of my wireless headphones to work with my TV since the new smart meter. My electric co-op wants $44 monthly to re-install an analog meter.

        • nancy lefevers says:

          sorry George wrong.i saw on the news they arrested a women because she refuse to let them put it on her house. adgenda 21 coming to your town.

          • Dear Nancy Lefever,
            Agenda 21 is there in America and here in Victoria Australia as well, in fact it’s now world-wide.

            Padlock your Electric Meter Boxes folks and only then put up your Legal Commonwealth Anti-Trespass Signs in that order. Just the signage will not stop these Smart Meter Installer people stealing the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters from you. I don’t give a Tinker’s Cuss if the cruel and Money Grubbing Electric Power Companies do own the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters, I refuse to accept a Deadly M/Wave and dopey Incendiary Electric and far from Smart Meters, so you STUPID C.E.O’s of the various Electric Power Companies…..” Stick that in your tobacco pipes and smoke that !”

        • George,
          You are being wilfully ignorant of the damage that these dopey Electric Microwave so-called smart meters can and do to many homes and small businesses in America and Canada and overseas. Many here in Victoria Australia are being proven to be Incendiary Electric Meters. I have documented many fires caused by these dopey so-called smart meters after they have been put onto homes and flats and small businesses here in Victoria, Australia. Yes I noted another three house fires in Victoria over the last week and every one on them started after the so-called Smart Meters had been very recently installed.

          • john says:

            Electricity does that in general. People who claim electricity is safer than some other power source are ludicrous.

            Australia has a campaign warning about dangerous injury from hot water bottles, 200 painful injuries per year; but short circuits in electric blankets cause 5000 house fire fatalities in Australia every year. An electric light socket can eventually develop a fault which causes overheating and fire. A mouse can chew on your electric wiring, damaging the insulation and creating a narrow spot in the conductor, causing multi-hundred-degree temperatures inside your walls, igniting your house. Faulty batteries and batteries exposed to a faulty circuit catch fire.

            Some smart meters were defective. In the same way, some wifi routers could be defective; some televisions could be defective; some cell phones have even exploded due to faulty power control circuitry causing the battery to internally short and catch fire. A wiring fault in your keyboard–a bad solder joint causing a narrow bridge across the primary power and ground circuits–could heat up and melt the plastic, and eventually ignite it. CFL light bulbs have caught fire due to failed ballasts (seriously, gas lighting was better).

            Electricity is basically fire. It’s physically completely different; but functionally it’s a huge amount of energy moving around, and it can put off bitchloads of heat if let out fast enough.

        • They Bullied us! says:

          December 2013:
          Yes our power company in Idaho did try to force their way onto our property. The man yelled at us- “You can’t stop me! I’m gonna do it anyway. I’ll call the Sheriff on you!” Long after dark on a Friday night and after business hours. We had no way to verify their legitimacy with the power company. They did not show ID or any written notice at the door. This was to “re-install a smart-meter head.” They admitted it was not an emergency repair. The main office 35 miles away was not receiving the signal, they claimed.

          We informed them that nobody was going to enter our property without advance notification and verification. Please leave and come back Monday with written notification when we can verify your job order with the power company. They did not leave, and after they threatened to invade our property we were so scared we called the police department to protect our rights. In this case, finally, after an hour with the police; we were able to make it official enough that everybody expected a lawsuit and the “power company” people left. Come Monday we did not receive any notice from the power company of work to be performed. By Tuesday we shut off and locked our own gas meter and demanded they come and remove the meter during daylight hours. Now we no longer fear a gas leak in our basement- Mission Accomplished!

      • Cuban8 says:

        There’s a vast difference between “their” and
        “they’re” (they are) and that’s only one of many errors. You should brush up on your English and writing skills if you want to write more coherently.

        • Sorina says:

          Cuban 8. Sometimes correct spelling and punctuation, may not be an issue. . Not everyone is good at English. the issue is, the person tried to relay a message .Apparently that person succeeded. If we were all to try a little harder we may be success full at issues that need desperate attention rather than spending time at commenting on someones flaws.

          • Keith F. says:

            But precision in language is directly related to precision in thought.

            I would like to address the “employment” issue above. If an electric utility can provide the service with few employees and then frees up those employees to use their time in other areas, wouldn’t this be a positive thing?

            Suppose it takes 1000 people to service all the analog meters. 40,000 man-hours consumed per week just to read these meters. If the smart meters reduce that need to 100 people (4000 man-hours) then wouldn’t we have 36,000 man-hours per week to devote to other projects. Such as developing a replacement for smart-meters that don’t emit such radiation? Or planting a community garden to reduce the CO2 footprint associated with transporting food to the community?


        • danny says:

          Thank you.
          I was preparing to write a response but “you’re’s” (LOL) was much kinder and more eloquent.

          I’m only making an issue of this because I think that comment was written by a plant/shill from the power companies.

        • Cuban 8,
          Do stop being so damned picky. I suppose you’ve never made a spelling mistake in your life, old son or is that old girl ? I’ll bet that you can’t even speak another language as can I. My German is or ist wunderschön, yes, as it is my First Language and not English or American English. In fact I teach both German and English. For you proud peacock, or is that peahen, I can arrange English and German lessons. I can arrange them for you for a fee !

          • john says:

            If you never get corrected, you never learn. That’s how you make people stupid: don’t tell them when they’re wrong, and they can continue to be wrong.

      • Spookie says:

        take your network searcher on your laptop or a signal meter and you will see all your reasoning is bs, there is always a stronger than the usual wifi signal coming off those meters , and its on all the time

      • Paul H. says:

        I did take a survey of my neighborhood. People ARE having problems waking between 2 and 3am. They can’t get back to sleep! Frequent headaches, ears ringing, heart palpitations, nightmares and dizziness are some of the other side affects. People need to talk to their neighbors and educate them about what’s going on. WARNING!!!!!! The smart meters are slow KILL devices!!!! Barry Trower will tell you all about it!

      • TJ says:

        Sorry Mike but you are misinformed about how many times these meters pulse. In our community it has been discovered through testing that the meters pulse every 14 seconds all day long, every day. Does that change your attitude about how safe they are? I doubt it would but it is something to be aware of. We were told the same story but we took testing equipment and found out for ourselves that the company lied to us. Trust your water company at your own peril. Verify for yourself before you post something you accept as fact without scientific proof.

      • TJ says:

        Mike–No one from the water company or our city council ever mentioned that they were going to install these meters. They just did it without home-owners being informed. Then we found out and we are now demanding they be removed. They want us to pay a ridiculous opt-out fee for something we never were informed of and never made a decision to opt-in in the first place. That is an intrusion on my personal property and my personal rights. Whether you think they are safe or not, we deserve the right to choose. You do too, unless your community is a member of Agenda 21 and ICLEI. Why don’t you tell people about what that is? A UN sustainability scam that allows them to over-rule any members rights to refuse installation of these products…Look that up while you’re at it.

      • Michelle says:

        I pay $10. more with these “Smart Meters”.
        I see online on my invoice that they know exactly when I started my air conditioner and for how long. “Big Brother” knows what I do, when, how often and for how long. Do you shave your beard, or blow dry your hair? They know precisely.
        No thanks. I want “Smart Meters” taken off and legally forbidden for health sake.

        • Redi Kilowatt says:

          You don’t really expect anyone to believe you, do you ?

          • bobbg says:

            you do not have that RIGHT Anymore.
            You cannot be off grid in a city. Utility companies have a no compete clause. You can not provide your own power alone and must be hooked up to the Grid.
            The power you do make they can measure over the grid.
            Utility companies should not have a right to meter my power on my property without my concent of how it’s done.
            We got a New smart water meter a few years ago, I watched my bill more than Dbl 3/4 of the bill is taxes and fees and sewage that’s not even measured. You Tax me putting it in and tax me sending it out, I’m being taxed at both ends.
            What are all the Fees? I’m payin for the meter over and over.
            After this water meters went in my cell phone reception inside my house went from good to almost not working at all.
            After the house next door got an Electrical meter My 2.5 ghz wireless keyboard started to stop working without problems of skipping letters and adding too many.
            I’m home 24/7 my house so far has a analog meter, I will not let them change it out. Do I have
            A choice, perhaps not should I Hell yes its my house I own it I have a Right to say what can and can’t be done to it. installing a meter on the side of the house in a box I own that can monitor my every move damage my appliances, and be shut off remotely and subjects me to RADAR RF Radiation the same stuff used in a microwave oven, I’m not talking about power moving in the wires on the house, I’m talking about the cell phone tower on the side of your house inside the meter, that relays signals to a main computer in your area and sends that to next collection station and onto the Main collecting office where all the information about you your power usage and when your home is stored indefinitely.
            These meters coupling method are so sensitive you can determine keystrokes on a keyboard by its electrical signature. This is a straight up violation of the second amendment of the US constitution. I don’t see a court order for wiretapping. By the way this is how wire tapping is done. Energy moving up a set of wires make a magnetic field this in turns makes an electrical signal that can be read, or play a speaker or whatever. Its called induction and a lot of devices use it today to work. I might not have a DGr in electrical engineering but it’s been a focus of mine for the past 44+ years, and I have worked in the field.
            People that do not understand how these work or what it means should read and learn.

            The point is to pass Laws Protecting our right to Privacy and health and safety from Fire and A True Fair Bill for services rendered.
            Don’t forget if it can read with induction it can also force and change the meter’s readings remotely. How can we Prove our bills right if the meter can change its reddings? So if the power company wants a rate increase all they have to do is run a program, who’s to know the difference? how can you prove it?
            Even if it’s 1 KWH a year that’s billions of dollars a year in profits and we can’t prove.
            It violates True Weights and measures laws.
            And gives the power company the keys to the piggy bank.
            So either Fight Smart meters or be a victim of your own blind eye, don’t bitch at me when your power bill went from 135.00 a month to a 365.00 a month in the winter months, and you just installed all LED Light bulbs.
            Or you come home to find 1/2 your house burned down because of the NEW SMART METER and its unable to protect your home from Spike power feeds that happen all the time.
            Maybe it wasn’t the house but your smart dishwasher burnt up, or your clock radio burst into flames because the capacitor couldn’t handle the peak in power. Or that brand new Favorite toy you just got the 7.1 AV receiver burst into flames and the manufacturer won’t cover it under warranty, and it cost less then your homeowners deductible. But its ok you won’t be able to use it anyway because you’re getting a 2nd or third job to pay to replace it a fourth time.

          • bobbg says:

            I DO, Its Fact.

      • Joe Holtzman says:

        I differ with you comments on the in testing
        Of old analog meters. I have personally run comparisons and they are every bit as good as new one. Suggest you do your homework ,

        Lithium batteries have a history of catastrophic failure and fires. Want proof I will send you pictures a plane of mine destroyed by Lithium batteries. Fire and gas are not a pleasant thought.

      • Bill says:

        Mike, two weeks after smart meters were installed throughout my street here in Australia I have developed headache that’s been with me to this day and doesn’t go away. It’s been one month already. And I have never suffered from headaches in my entire long life. And my house didn’t even get a smart meter because I sent the installers away.

      • LW says:

        I am one of those people who would ordinarily be immediately skeptical of someone claiming to have adverse reactions to Smart Meters. However, right after SCE installed Smart Meters on our house and our neighbors’ houses I started to experience serious cardiac arrhythmia. I am an avid runner and have run numerous 1/2 marathons and a marathon in April-2012. I’m in excellent health and have never before had heart issues. The persistent arrhythmia stops once I leave my house and returns when I come home. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

        In addition to cardiac arrhythmia, I’ve had a sudden onset of asthma which has required me to use a steroid and a rescue inhaler.

        We have opted out and SCE will be changing our meter back to an analog meter in a few weeks. But we have to pay $75 for the change and an additional $10 monthly fee – forever – which seems extremely unfair considering the installation of Smart Meters was not our idea. And unfortunately this won’t completely solve my issues as our neighbor’s Smart Meter is locate about 4 feet from my kitchen and about 20 feet from my bed. There is nothing I can do about that unless I offer to pay for my neighbor to remove their meter and pay them $10 per month indefinitely. I doubt they would even agree to such an arrangement. The whole thing is just wrong.

        • bobbg says:

          They know you Tell them what’s changed in your life after the meters they might also opt out for the health issue.
          Never know until you talk to someone about it.

      • John Puccetti says:

        Everyone is effected by Smart meter radion, only some people feel it right away.

      • Paul H says:

        I love these old posts……Are you asking them if they are waking up at 3 or 4 am? Right when the meter is transmitting the days data at 4 watts for 90 seconds? I ask people all day and find that they have smart meter symptoms! They look at you as if you are a mind reader or something. Just rap off the side affects and most have them. It’s a full blown epidemic!

          • Paul H says:

            Ya Richard, you tool! It’s just a freaking coincidence right? Why do the symptoms vanish once the smart meter emissions are removed. ( latest scam…..remove smart meter and replace with automated meter) Wow, people are looking quite pale and unhealthy nowadays. You can’t wiki that one. Maybe because their glands are suffering from chronic exposure of pulsed microwave exposure?

            Wait, don’t tell me. You are still waiting for an answer to come flashing across the tv or computer screen! A wireless funded study has now explained that all our major illnesses were caused by them! Ya right!

            Remember when doctors smoked and said it didn’t harm us? Just because wireless dangers aren’t taught in American universities doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

            Whatever you do Richard keep your smart meter and all of your wireless on.

          • Richard says:

            First of all, Paul, I don’t call YOU names…

            Next, I provided the wiki reference only “FWIW” and not to end this dialogue, but instead to provide some basis for evaluating your longstanding claim.

            And finally, I am NOT waiting for the media to provide me with an answer…but I *continue* to wait for those (such as yourself) to provide more than hearsay to support your claims/beliefs/fears of harm due low-power (that’s key here!) EMF/wireless technologies.

            I have no doubt that such wireless technology affects us at some level … and yes, I understand that life is fundamentally electro-chemical, so let’s not go down that road again … but do these technologies affect us to the point of physical discomfort or biological harm? That’s what I question.

            I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…If it’s real, then it should be testable 🙂

          • Paul H says:

            Are you telling us that you are a not a proponent of the smart meter? “Tool” would be my definition of your position here.

            I believe you may be missing the evidence or study. It’s right under your nose. This is either largest experiment or the largest purposeful harm ever conducted in history. We as unwilling test subjects are complaining, documenting, and suffering across the country everyday. You continue to deny our claims, which is somewhat irritating. When people stop looking for a cause and rely on a drug to mask their ailment then programming has done its job. Your health issue is most likely the result of chronic exposure to wireless radiation. Find it, be aware of it, and protect yourself…what’s the big deal?

            I have found my studies at this website http://www.magdahavas.com/smart-meter-kills-plant/
            I have been able to reproduce evey one of her findings.

            My brother-in-law is a doctor and he too has a father with diabetes. He suggested that his dad take more medication, I found that a cordless phone was the cause. The doctor had a hard time grasping the idea that such a, FCC approved, harmless device could cause such havoc. My dad has no smart meter or wireless devices zapping him when he sleeps. His dad does and a blood sugar level that is high. My dad has normal levels on just 1/4 of his medication after 29 years of uncontrollable diabetes.

            I heard a doctor tell an audience that a lung issue was the reason why everyone woke up at the same time….what a bunch of b.s..

            If wireless is left out of the equation then the doctors will never find the right answer.

          • Paul H says:

            A person that wad a test subject speaks out in the documentary Resonance Beings of Frequency http://vimeo.com/m/54189727

          • Richard, it is quite easy to test oneself for electrosensitivity by wearing a heartrate monitor and introducing an RF field periodically. Dr. Magda Havas has also shown that blood tests also can provide an indication of EMF exposure. As far as “physical discomfort”, there is strong evidence that supports the theory that many people actually prefer high RF environments precisely for its numbing capabilities. Your expectation that a test should exist that provides uniform results for the entire population is unrealistic.

            It’s unclear whether this fence-riding absolutism is your personal defense mechanism or just a way to get people riled up.

          • Richard says:

            @Paul – “You continue to deny our claims, which is somewhat irritating.” Oh my! So… Am I just supposed to blindly accept and somehow further substantiate your claims?

            @SMs – “Your expectation that a test should exist that provides uniform results for the entire population is unrealistic”.

            Absolutely true! That’s why scientists isolate variables and test only samples (robust samples) of the entire population. And test, and test, and test! Then report any significant findings. So, let’s see it done on more than n=1 or 2.

            Fence-riding absolutism? What?! – I question what I read here (based on sound science and statistics); I pose reasonable questions that go either unanswered or ignored; I express my own uncertainties about low-power EMFs; I have some doubts, but I don’t call people names; and because of this I am labeled with “fence-riding absolutism”?

            You’re tempting me toward name-calling 🙂

          • Richard says:

            @SMs – Your “absolutism” label has really got me stumped… You and your like-minded souls are the ones carrying and waving the flag of absolutism… Stating in no uncertain terms that you are hurting; that low-power wireless (telecomm) radiation is the cause; and expecting that we simply accept your claims as truth. There’s *your* absolutism!

            My only absolute is that this anti-SmartMeter movement will continue to lose momentum unless some dedicated souls organize/contract/conduct and present a robust scientific evaluation of low-power EMF on the human body… Until then, you are free to wander around on your side of the fence, mumbling that such an evaluation is unrealistic.

          • Paul H says:

            Richard, I never had any doubt about which side of the fence you are on. You subscribe to the “thermal effect” caveman theory and dismiss evidence that there is disruption of intracellular communication from levels way below FCC guidelines.

            I have an experiment for you and others reading this. You will need help from another person.

            First, call a number on a cell phone and place it to your chest. Second, with the other hand being held out at waist level have the other person try to push down that hand. You will notice that your hand will go down without much resistance.

            Next try the same experiment but without the cell phone on and in the other room turned off. You may hold something else like a glass if you think that its just a sidetrack. You will notice a huge difference in resistance.

            I would like to hear from anyone that did not have the same results.

          • Paul H says:

            Correction “cell phone off” in the second experiment.

          • Richard says:

            Well, folks, I have to admit that Paul’s experiment has some merit, but not in the way suggested. Instead, then merit goes toward the idea that a person’s physiologic reaction may be driven by a person’s psychological awareness.

            Another simple experiment: http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_ideas/HumBio_p019.shtml#procedure

            Just in the same way that someone’s dislike of a cell phone (or a SmartMeter, or anything) may be supplanted by feeling relief in the absence of a cell phone (or a SmartMeter, or anything).

            Wouldn’t you agree, Paul? 🙂

          • Richard,

            Four questions:

            1. Do you think that people who do not want a smart meter should be able to choose a non-transmitting analog meter without additional cost?

            2. Of ALL the information you’ve read/viewed/heard, what has been the most compelling specific piece that has made you consider that there is nothing wrong with a precautionary approach to man-made EMF (LF/RF)?

            3. What is the field strength or power density of the space where you spend most of your time posting on SSM!

            4. Are you actually Phil Carson?

          • Richard says:

            @SMs –

            1. Absolutely, but I can’t understand why they would want or need an analog, and so I can’t advocate for that.

            2. Ummm…I’ll have to think about this one.

            3. Extremely low, but I can check if you really need to know.

            4. I don’t know who that is — but I know myself, so I guess the answer is no (?) 🙂

          • Paul H says:

            Richard, nice try! It’s actually called disruption of intracellular communication. It happens because your body is on a different frequency. You are absorbing this high frequency because microwaves are absorbed by water. It actually confuses the central nervous system and communication between the cells.

            You did call me a troll by the way and gave a link to what a troll looks like. I found it interesting that Craigslist disinformation agents use the same link when running across someone with good info.
            I don’t care who you are but i do thank you for the debate. The truth always wins and I know I’m on the right side of it .I have not made up one thing I have posted.

          • Richard says:

            @SMs –

            WRT#2: Would I say “there is nothing wrong with a precautionary approach to man-made EMF”? Yeah, I’d agree with that. But I can’t put my finger on any single source of compelling influence. I just think that greed drives society to extremes; in the case of the wireless industry: more, better, faster. And I don’t agree with that philosophy. But many people are addicted to it, and the wireless companies feed that addiction.

            As far as SmartMeters are concerned, why NOT do the measurement remotely…Frankly, it’s about time! If it helps the power company better understand how its product [essential, as it is] is being consumed on an hourly basis, so they can optimize production and distribution to the millions of people that share and depend on the resource, then I’m all for it. 🙂

            But back to the precautionary approach with EM fields,… I guess for me it’s more about the scale of the precaution…When I read the Bioinitiative Report of 2007, it piqued my curiosity, and I kept the 0.1 uW/cm^2 (PL) in the back of my mind, but I found that those levels were fleeting in my day-to-day activities and in my suburban work environment. And now (2013 report), to cut that PL down by another 1/100+ seems to me unreasonable.

            To be honest, I don’t know what level is okay to be around, but I’ve climbed a lot of mountains and eaten a lot of lunches near the megawatt telecomm arrays that are all around. And I’ve never run into anyone that feels like they are suffering when they are near the towers…And I haven’t read any compelling studies of disease in the vicinity of telecomm towers…or from cell phone use…or from anything related to low-power wireless communication…

            So, I question what I read here when people claim suffering from these low-power SmartMeters.

            But I’m still curious, and that’s why I’m here 🙂

          • Richard says:

            Oh…Okay, Paul…That clears things up about as much as your other posts.

            BTW, I did once label you a troll because you had done exactly what internet trolls do…You had (in no uncertain terms) expressed your pleasure in provoking me; and that, my friend, makes you a troll 🙂

          • Paul H says:

            Would you agree that every smart meter emission is different? Did you know that microwaves from the meter are absorbed by metal, then released at different frequencies, and amplified by up to 20db? There is also energized wiring all around us in our homes. Are you aware that the emissions ride on that wiring? Why do the smart meters emit 4 watts of microwave radiation for 90 seconds around 3 or 4am?

            I am probably wrong but your writing is recognized as that of Phil Collins with Intelligent Utility. So if you have the inside scoop check it out. Open your eyes and look results of this massive catastrophe. Notice the times where the smart meter peaks (3-4am) and consumer use. There is activity for at least an hour immediately after that major reading. You may be in denial and call it coincidence but there is a correlation.

          • Richard says:

            @SMs –

            WRT#3: maximum value of 0.5 uW/m^2 [= 0.00005 uW/cm^2] in our family/home office, about 25 feet from the nearest SmartMeter 🙂

          • Richard says:

            @Paul – Where is the reference that supports your claim of increased transmission at ~3 AM?… Where, Paul? Just answer that question.

            You say you don’t care who I am — https://stopsmartmeters.org/why-stop-smart-meters/#comment-256765 — but then you make the incorrect assumption that I am “Phil Collins” (whoever that is)…Whatever, Paul… My name is Richard, and your claims are unsubstantiated. Period.

            Please, Paul…Enrich my life (and the lives of SSM! readers) by sharing some real data that support your claims.

          • Richard says:

            Oh, okay… Now I get SMs’ reference to Phil Carson, and Paul’s mistaken reference to Phil Collins, writer for Intelligent Utility… And now that another one of Paul’s misrepresentations has been cleared up… I can state for the record that I am neither a Phil, nor an industry shill… Though I might be a poet, and just didn’t know it 🙂

          • Paul H says:


            If you are TRULY so curious about the non thermal effects and here to learn, then park a WiFi router and cordless base station in your bedroom.

            Quit instigating us like a “troll”…Do your own experiment and stop relying on others for good info.

          • Richard,

            That’s great that your levels are so low. What are you measuring with? What are the maximum levels inside against the wall closest to the meter (over a span of 5 minutes)?

            Can you clarify your response to my first question about opting out without a fee? “Absolutely… but … I can’t advocate for that” is confusing, to say the least.

          • Richard says:

            Measurement with an isotropic (3-axis) meter…I’ve posted (here, somewhere) on the measurements in the *area* behind the meter, but I can’t find the post…Anyhow, power density conversions don’t work within 3 wavelengths (~1 m) of the source, so to report those near field values (“against the wall”) would not make any sense.

            As for the opt out…It’s not confusing…I think that anyone who doesn’t want a SmartMeter should be able to keep their analog. Simple. However, I can’t advocate for (i.e., support) that position because I don’t know of any rational explanation for why someone would want to keep their analog. If people want to opt out, then fine, let ’em. I’m not going to get involved with peoples’ preference for technology or not. If they have issues, then great; keep your analog, live long, and prosper 🙂 Should there be a fee?… I don’t care… My base rate is about $0.13230 per kWh, and last year it was $0.12845… I wonder how much that 1/3 of a cent will net the utility?… And I wonder how much that is when multiplied by all their customers… Point being that with their deep pockets they could easily pay for a few regional meter readers to satisfy the opt-out crowd…

            The question is still: WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO OPT OUT? WHY? WHY? WHY?

          • Why would anyone want to opt out?

            To enjoy normal levels of RF, like you do 25 feet from your meter, THROUGHOUT their home.

            What is the max reading (over 5 minutes) 1 meter from your meter, inside your home?

          • Richard says:

            @SMs – FWIW… the maximum power density, at a distance of about 1 m behind our SmartMeter, during a 5-minute period, is about 0.6 uW/cm^2

          • Paul H says:

            @Richard. Have you measured at 3 or 4am when they are turned up to 4 watts for 90 seconds? Especially since that’s when many are waking up.

            Are you still dismissing the fact that the pineal gland recognizes electromagnetic radiation as light and stops producing melatonin when the smart meter bombards the neighborhoods at this time of day?

          • Richard says:

            @Paul – https://stopsmartmeters.org/why-stop-smart-meters/#comment-257181

            How can you have such specific claim without ANY data to back it up? Why should I lose any sleep over your unsubstantiated claims? So, no… I have not bothered to do your dirty work, but I would encourage you to borrow a spectrum analyzer and collect a day’s worth of Smart Meter transmissions… I would love to see the data. Seriously 🙂

          • Richard says:


            Here’s an interesting video documenting the observed RF spectrum (including that of SmartMeters) — Maybe if you dig deep enough you can find that “sparqi” works for PG&E or has some other nefarious tie to the wireless industry, but I doubt it. Good work “sparqi” 🙂

          • Paul H says:


            Would you agree that electromagnetic waves are almost identical to light waves?

            Are you aware of the function of the pineal gland and what stimulates it?

            Think for a moment of a flashing light all around you. Just because you can’t see man made electromagnetic radiation doesn’t mean that your glands don’t recognize it.

            You seem to be hung up on thermal affects which is caveman science and a ridiculous talking point meant for a conversation back in the 50’s. The Russians knew what it would do to us. Why do you think they were so eager to lease AT&T the sattelites to advance our cell network?


          • Richard says:

            @Paul – Yes, Paul 🙂 …In fact I can state for the record with the utmost certainty that light waves ARE electromagnetic waves. (duh!)

            Am I “aware of the function of the pineal gland and what stimulates it?” – Why are you hung up on the pineal gland? Yeah, Paul, I get it; I am not denying your knowledge, but I *am* questioning your claim in light of (no pun intended) your lack of evidence… AGAIN… https://stopsmartmeters.org/why-stop-smart-meters/#comment-257181 Yet, you continue to deflect (umm, actually, ignore) any questions regarding your claims.

            If you want to link sleep disturbances to SmartMeter activity, then you’re gonna have to do more to support your assertions. And anyone that jumps on your bandwagon of unsubstantiated claims is a fool.

          • Richard says:

            @Paul – And regarding your link from magdahavas.com: Read (really read) page 23 of the doc and you will see their conservative limits of 0.01 mW/cm^2 … Converting this to the commonly cited unit of microwatts, instead of milliwatts, yields 10 uW/cm^2 … Now what’s the maximum reading in front a SmartMeter? Well, at about 1 meter front of mine the max is between 5 and 10 uW/cm^2, and that is a fleeting pulse every couple minutes or so, with less intense pulses occurring within that time. Make of that what you will.

          • Paul H says:

            Here is a longer video of a presentation given to scientists by microwave weapons expert Barrie Trower

          • Paul H says:

            Have you placed a baby monitor or cordless base station next to your bed connected to a timer that someone else set for a 2 or 3am wakeup yet?

            Have you realized that smart meter emissions are identical to light waves?

            Do you understand these bursts of information are identical to a flash of light and that your eye recognizes it?
            Did you know that the pineal gland receives that message from the eye and stops producing melatonin?
            This is all just plain simple science.

            Do you really mean that anyone believing this is a fool?
            Do you understand how ridiculous your argument looks right now?

        • Kersti Hemming says:

          I have been waking up around 3 am, 3:15 am for no apparent reason for at least a year, maybe longer, and have no idea why, I have also been having sharp pains in my heart, and the incessant ringing sound is making me almost want to kill myself. I need to find somewhere to live to get away from smartmeters (I don’t have one but my neighbor does) and it’s too bad because my son and I love our home and friends and town. I’m not crazy or weird. I’m totally normal, suffering extreme effects from Smartmeters. Just because you don’t doesn’t give you the right to judge others. You probably have lots of health problems and have no idea why.

          • Richard says:

            @Kersti – Sorry you are suffering. I can understand that you would seek an explanation.

            I’m just curious why you associate the suffering with SmartMeters?

            Maybe you are sensitive to EMFs, and my mind is open to that possibility. But I have yet to see [actually, there has yet to be] any robust study of “electrosensitivity” (or EHS) that stands up to scientific scrutiny.


            1. Where is your neighbor’s SmartMeter in relation to your home? And how close?

            2. Do you (or your son) use *any* other wireless devices in your home? (phones, routers, televisions, audio systems, games, etc.)

            Again, I’m just curious why you associate the suffering with SmartMeters?

          • Paul H says:

            You are not alone. Talk to your friends about this and you will find you all have the same symptoms. Thank you for posting.

        • Paul H says:

          Why would anyone comment and visit a site when they thought people posting there were fools? Especially ones that post smiley faces often.

          I ran across someone who Richard considers to be a fool.

          • Chris says:

            You seem to be so sure that so many people have these ‘symptoms’, yet nobody in my family, or any of my visitors, have had any ‘symptoms’ since the smart meter was put on our house nearly two years ago. We also have a solar meter transmitting back to verango or however you spell it, again, with no issues.

            I do believe some people may be more sensitive to EMFs, call it an allergy if you will, but I find it very hard to believe that nearly 1% of the American population (you did say millions!) is, considering only smart meters have brought up this debate.
            4 whole watts! I sleep with a WiFi router, and a radio transmitter, nearly 15 feet away from me, with no issues. But I simply do not understand the studies here, and will admit this. Good luck with everything however, and I suggest staying away from vehicles!

      • mary ann lester says:

        The Smart Meter was installed at our house in July of 2009. Shortly after I developed tinnitus, the buzzing and ringing in the ears is very unpleasant! I’m older and my insomnia is not unexpected, so I didn’t think too much about that. I recently read in the Wall Street Journal that these symptoms could be caused by this new meter. My problems began a little more than 3 years ago, so the timing is quite the coincidence. Since the first of the year I’ve had vertigo. To have the meter removed is $75 and a monthly charge by SDGE of $10.

      • susan says:

        It is far too simplistic to fit everyone into a cookie cutter world. Some people and animals are sensitive to EMF’s and some less so. We had allowed a smart meter to be installed one year ago and did not expect any bad result. We have several pets and myself who spend alot of time in our home where as my husband spends much less time here. We are healthy and take very good care of ourselves ie. we eat whole organic foods, including our pets, and take precautions with water quality etc. Anyway, during this past year we developed sleep disturbances unexpected weight loss (wasting, not the good kind of weight loss) but most disturbing was that for no reason the Drs. and Vets. could explain 5 of our pets who had been extremely healthy and myself developed skin rashes and itching that required immune suppressing drugs to try to clear up but to no availe. This is something we can not afford for more reasons than monetary ones. We just had our “smart”meter removed today and I will be more than a little interested in how our health will be affected. Mike, you are lucky if you are not sensitive to EMF’s but please try to refrain from placing all animals and people in a neat little box. The world is not like that.

        • Paul H says:

          Please post your results and don’t forget to tell your friends! Were you waking at or around 3am also?

        • Sorina says:

          It’s quite simple Susan. The so called “Smart meter,” is not an electrical meter at all, but
          a transmitter. The reason, that there are so many problems. Overheating, pulsating
          24/7, which creates the sleeplessness, headaches etc..Burning of appliances and a host of
          other problems, is simply the smart meter is not compatible with the analogue meter.
          It has now been proven, by Doctors, Electrical Engineers, Scientists and even Politicians,
          that they are of a high risk. I do like to think, that we still live in a ‘”DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY”, WHERE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE VOICES AND NOT CORPORATIONS

        • Len Miskulin says:

          I really does not matter if you are more or less sensitive, everyone is affected. It might take lot longer for some to show symptoms but even those that try to dispute claims bu people who are suffering are being affected. By the time they realise that RFR/microwave has had an effect on them the damage might be irreversible. Remember, radiation damage is cumulative.
          And, as prime example, it took almost 40 years after Hiroshima for sudden increase in brain tumors/cancers to show.
          Anyway, one for industry trolls to explain how non-ionising radiation non thermally effects ALL Living creatures, human, animal and vegetable through VGCC (voltage gated calcium channels) watch this:
          Prof. Martin Pall – How WiFi & other EMFs Cause Biological Harm – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjt0iJThPU0

      • Renee Marks says:

        If you do your own research, people have already uploaded their horror storys on YouTube. Some have been admitted into emergency’s because they have pacemakers! One went into emergency 4 times during the time his smart meter was going. As soon as he got it removed, he had no more episodes.
        People with pacemakers cannot even go into a restaurant with a microwave running.
        I am sensitive and did not even know they put in a smart meter at my home. I was hearing a strange humming sound now and then & having dizzy spells and could not figure out why. Feeling anxiety. I am still suffering from them and yesterday, I found out why. Its the smart meter. I know this because every time I leave home I feel better.
        I was not given a choice at my own home and its just not right to force this on anyone.

        • joseph ezekiel says:

          dear renee i have a defibralator and am wuite concerned by your comments on dangers to people with pacemakers could you please send me the particulars on such incidents—-with of course if desirable pseudonyms for the victims here there is already a pilot project leading up to mass installation of smart meters thank you joseph ezekiel

      • Ryan Nolan says:

        Their, there, they’re. Learn how to use them.

        • What a waste of energy. This business of they’re, etc. etc., and so forth . Let’s get to
          the bottom of the real issue here, there and every where. We are the people, who,
          corporations, politicians, bankers etc. rely on. So why even discuss the “smart meter”,?
          We are the power. The previously mentioned, are only about 1 to 2 % percent of the population. So can you imagine, that without us, they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. So take that what’s right fully yours. The power to protect your self. It’s called “FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY, LEST WE FORGET”
          Stick together, power is in numbers, the other 98 %. “WE, US TOGETHER”

      • julie says:

        i have many symptoms and it was after the smart meter was installed . i thought i was dyeing !!!!!!!!!!!!! so why don’t you mind your business if it doesn’t pertain to you. You are probably paid by the company to come against !!

      • Veronica says:

        Actually a nuclear policy expert (Danial Hirsch) has indicated that the smartmeters expose up to 50-160 times more elcetromagnetic radiation than a phone. If you correct for the duty cycle and the whole body exposure vs. just head exposure–the smart meter has way more exposure. Plus, cell phones are voulntary. People who have sensitivity to them just don’t use them. Why would you feel the need tell peopel who are suffering that either ‘no your not’ or ‘too bad for you’? A small segment of the population experiences an adverse reaction to pulsed electromagnetic radiation. Why is that so hard to believe?? I had all kinds of gadgets in my home but after moving and being exposed to the smartmeters, I have had to discontinue all of them. I never had a problem before with this. Now I do. I can’t explain it but it is true-it really exists and really destroys peoples lives. Why denigrate them? We ar already suffering untold pain. Why not try to help them/us instead of making a difficult situation evern harder? Why all the meanness??

      • Are Marr says:

        Fine, you can be correct, but we are still talking about the right to choose here and not what you spoke of so verbosely. Just because organic leafy greens are proven safe and healthy doesn’t mean that I should be able to decide to force you to eat them daily. Does this help you get what we are debating in this thread? How about you get to install a smart meter at my house but you have to start taking the bus to work. Isn’t it frustrating to be told what to do in your own life? Are you a troll?

      • shawn says:

        Looks like you are part of power company Public affairs. Same as tobacco companies have their teams.
        just one question for you and power companies, if smart meter is same as analog meter in principle then why power companies do not like to install analog meter, even brand new analog meter. I am talking in case where consumers will pay for meter reader visit. in my case pge said no, no option for commercial. question is what you guys are hiding. why no if i am picking the tab?

      • Tim Kelly says:

        Take a little time to look at the deep microscopy studies of blood of subjects places within one foot of a smart meter. The two males used suffered changes in blood cell structure, one of which corrugated on it’s edges, the female used in the study had to move away after 45 seconds for feeling faint. Her blood was worst affected, becoming chaotic in structure. This is science, this is proof. Look at Barrie Trower testimoney, he is military wi-fi specialist and he states that dangers have been known since the 70’s and that the radiation can cause permanent genetic damage to the female mitochondria, which may not be remedied, rendering all the bloodline after genetically damaged. Do you not think that the precautionary principle is better than gung-ho mass installation ? If not, then you are as irresponsible as the industry and the criminal government instigating liars…

      • Kaye says:

        ALSO>>>>> there is proof that the smart meters send out a PURGE OF POWER ….EVERY 6 seconds, not what YOU said. Its NOT just TWICE every 24 hours…NOPE NOPE NOPE…sorry to tell you but you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong. I have research this extensively …. very very extensively! BAD BAD STUFF these smart meters. BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kaye says:

        LET ME re do a couple of boo boo’s here…
        ‘In reply to your POSITIVE promotion on smart meters, I myself will tell you I HAVE A SMART METER on MY HOME, and I Have been having TERRIBLE THINGS happen to ME after the smart meter was put on my house. And when I am away from the house and go camping or to our place in the woods where there is NO SMART METER… then there are NO MORE HEAD PRESSURES and Headaches …. that I constantly experience in my bedroom when I am at HOME… where the smart meter THERE is near one of my beds near my pillow where I place my head to rest and sleep! I feel like my head is going to EXPLODE with PRESSURE when I am in that bedroom. I have to sleep now in another one of my rooms in the house. MY DOG TOO, has been having seizures that HE NEVER HAD BEFORE. And he is NOT VERY OLD, matter of fact he is just a bit over a year old now. He has had like 12 or 13 in a row at a time all in ONE DAY! I am trying my best to now keep him as far away as I can, when I can, from the SMART METER to keep him away from radiation from that ABSURD RADIATION POISONING METER…. it is a REAL problem and those that don’t believe it better OPEN UP THERE EYE balls and really look at what is going on with folks. MY NEIGHBORS>>>>>ARE HAVING TROUBLES….BIG health problems, cancer even, prostate problems, etc… people are getting sick Sick SICK I tell you …very very REAL. ONE OF MY DOCTOR FRIENDS is having much much trouble herself! YES and she is a doctor, having big time dizziness, headaches, much fatigue, tiredness, low low energy, listlessness, stomach aches that never really go away. Her husband is very extremely stressed and full of ANXIOUS FEELINGS and bad anxieties. My doctor friend got so extremely dizzy with much overwhelming dizziness and actually fell down a full flight of stairs. THIS stuff has happen AFTER smart meters were installed. People with no problems at ALL are having HORRIBLE problems after smart meters are and have been installed on their homes.
        I myself, have experienced, TERRIBLE head pressures, headaches, stomach problems, acid reflux, heartburn… LIKE CRAZY HEART BURN, weakness, fatigue, listlessness, super tiredness, anxiety, panicky feelings, some kind of WILD FEELINGS also that is hard to describe, and my right EYE aches and has been giving me weird feelings, (same side as where the smart meter tends to hit me from the radiation side), and I have been having very very VERY bad indigestion, and bowel troubles. My husband has had MUCH anxiety problems since they put the smart meters on, and insomnia, prostate problems, …AND JUST went into cardiac arrest two months ago… he HAD A HEART ATTACK and had to have TWO STENTS PUT IN. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is lucky and blessed to be still alive!!!!!!! My OWN heart has been really giving me a fit as well. WE HAVE GOT to realize what these things are doing to us… I mean REALLY!
        HOW can you NOT UNDERSTAND and SEE what is REALLY happening here. HELLO! Anybody OUT THERE?

      • Christine says:

        This person obviously has a vested interest in the outcome of the debate regarding the safety or ‘un’safety of SmartMeters!

      • Lois Dennison says:

        Hey Mike, I have 2 AMI SMART METERS, electric and gas, I DON’T feel anything smart about them, what I do feel is constant pain since INSTALLATION in my house. Get the muddy waters off your brain so you can think and see clearly exactly what AMI METERS ARE DOING. THEY ARE VERY DANGEROUS, TO YOU ,EVERY FLESH AND BLOOD CREATURE, AND GOD’S BEAUTIFUL WORLD.

      • Clay says:

        Even though someone provides a somewhat good argument, I really find it hard to take them seriously when they are unable to utilize the correct usage of the words (there, their and they’re) or the difference between (than and then).

        …..just sayin’

      • Starshine says:

        Mike. … I have a SMART METER on my house and they are all over MY neighborhood. And I started getting ill shortly after they put one on my house. My neighbors wife for so sick that she was being taken to the Doctor over and over and OVER again and so sick. But they could never find out what was wrong with her EVER. Each time she was so sick and ill but they could never find what was causing her problems and illnesses and all her multitude of symptoms. Then one day, her husband came home to find her DEAD. She never EVER had bad headaches in her life before the smart meter was placed on their home. ..And add to that all the many numerous mysterious symptoms she was experiencing that no doctor could ever explain or find WHY she was having tremendous problems with her health.
        I myself have had so so many problems with my health as well. All since the smart meters have been placed on my home and all over our neighborhood. I have headaches, super sharp pains shoot through my head when I’m in the room near where a smart meter is in close proximity to my bed and bath. I get very achy, much much head preasure, with my head feeling like it’s being squeezed or compressed, sometimes feeling like my head is being blown up with tremendous air pressure to the extent of feeling like my head is going to explode. At other times I’ve felt like I’m about to have a stroke. I’ve had much dizziness, anxiety, problems with pain shooting through my eyes and eye blurriness, worsing of vision.. like big time, and over all feeling sick, sometimes with nauseousness, lots and lots of achiness and those TREMENDOUS HEAD PAINS. …Lord have MERCY!

      • Darlene Engebretsen says:

        We HAVE gotten the proof 1000 times over, as well as the medical documentation. You are in error on several points. I suggest that YOU do your research, and learn to spell and type too!

      • ShillKilla says:

        Shill – obvi.

      • Austin Wittman says:

        The reason a smart phone battery dies so quickly is not becouse of the signal call time but becouse of the large color bright screens and numerous apps running and downloading information. Take your cell phone and turn every single alert and app off and change your screen to black and white with your brightness compleetly down and watch your phone battery last for a week from full charge to dead. And dont forget the internal battery in the phone for law enforcement gps locator that can never turned off or removed that some how last for ever. And reguardless your bill will go up at least for the power companys cost for the meter.

      • Jasper says:

        Do you work for the company?

      • Dufus Dingle says:

        Many of the smart meters have been found to be transmitting almost continuously. 48 seconds a day is power company fabrication. And how about the $500 million of YOUR TAXPAID MONEY being given to your power company to convert everything to smart meters?

      • Mavis says:

        Who do you work for???!!

      • shillkill says:

        @MIKE: “2 seconds per hour.” The smart meter does not send a 2 second signal and then stop. “2 seconds” is the added total hundreds of 2-5 ms pulses. A ms is 1000th of a second. This means, even if we go with your lowball total of 2 seconds ph, the smart meter is sending out 400-1000 high level pulses per hour. Each pulse too short in duration for most EMF measurement devices to accurately detect and represent. What does register is the diminished amplitude after the transient attack, IF the duration of pulse is long enough for the measurement receiver to detect at all. A 2 ms burst is too fast for all but the best professional level measurement devices to detect. A prosumer grade EMF meter may catch the end of a 5-7 ms pulse. However the actual amplitude of each pulse is what exists at the initiation of each pulse. 400-1000 pulses per hour is a different thing than 2” of on/off. It’s the pulsed nature of high amplitude EMF that makes an already detrimental form of wave energy exponentially more dangerous.

    • Dan says:

      Have you lost it? These meters will save the electric company millions. Do you want to keep meter readers working when there is an electrical device that can do their job better? You figure it is not your money you are wasting. Oh yes it is. Its not up to you anyhow so forget it.

      • susan says:

        I’m glad your health is so good that you feel it is worth saving a few bucks to risk it. Some day you may realize that without good health you have nothing. In the mean time the rest of us will keep up the vigil for freedom to choose what works for us.

      • Renee Marks says:

        We have a choice and I plan to have mine removed if I have to jerk it off the poll myself! I have a good sized generator I will use.

      • Are Marr says:

        No. And yes. Also, the meters do not save money. If something has come out that shows that they will have that capability soon, please share what you have. The meters are expensive and therefore the opposite of what your guess was. The multi-million dollar ad campaigns being funded not just by private funds but also, if legislation passes, with your tax dollars are another separate new financial liability that would have to be offset by these “magic savings” that you think is happening in that circuit. Analog meters are accurate. If you really think that 100 million meters were possibly not fully-billing for the last 50 plus years, you are gullible and likely just parroting the socialist-corporate line that opens a tax-dollar stream into the private sector while ALSO removing yet another entire workforce. …Post that link to the journal(s) that published your data if you have anything that supports your claims as to increased efficiency through solid-state metering.
        stay seated,

      • Kaye says:

        MOST PEOPLE >…….. are HAVING TO SPEND MORE… MORE MORE MORE MONEY since the smart meters were put on… its a JOKE… …. are YOU KIDDING!

      • Christine says:

        Millions??? due to cut wages???

    • Doris Early says:

      honey ….they r the police

    • Swami G says:

      I woke up to a note on my door saying they installed a smart meter. I had no say in the matter.

    • Robert says:

      So you arrest meter readers and postman who have wireless scanners too?

  2. RobertWilliams says:


    And Insurance companies don’t sacrifice insurance premiums ($$$) for nothing.

    TV NEWS VIDEO – Insurance Companies Won’t Insure Wireless Device Health Risks (3 minutes, 13 seconds)

    2. WIRELESS SMART METERS TRANSMIT RADIATION APPROXIMATELY 25,000 TIMES PER DAY, 24/7, not 45 seconds per day as claimed by PG&E Corporate.

    VIDEO – Radiation Measured From Smart Meter Mounted On A Home (6 minutes, 21 seconds)


    Senator Florez in a hearing with both PG&E customers whose bills have gone up and PG&E Corporate representatives.

    TV NEWS VIDEO – Skyrocketing Utility Bills after WIRELESS smart meter installation (3 minutes, 19 seconds)

    • ReasonablePerson says:

      Morons. “Radiation” from wireless devices is not the same as radiation from x-rays or nuclear waste. It does nothing to DNA and cannot cause cancer or other health problems. Anyone claiming that it does is a quack or a hypochondriac.

      Instead of complaining about imaginary problems online, try going outside and getting some exercise. That WILL help you avoid health problems!

      • Peer-Reviewed Scientific Evidence of DNA Damage from levels of EMF WAY lower than the “smart” meter: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/bem.2250160309/abstract

        World Health Organization announcement linking wireless radiation to cancer: http://www.iarc.fr/en/media-centre/pr/2011/pdfs/pr208_E.pdf (pdf)

        At least you’re right about the exercise!!

        • YongQing says:

          From that PDF u posted:

          The evidence was reviewed critically, and overall evaluated as being limited 2 among users of
          wireless telephones for glioma and acoustic neuroma, and inadequate 3 to draw conclusions for
          other types of cancers. The evidence from the occupational and environmental exposures
          mentioned above was similarly judged inadequate. The Working Group did not quantitate the
          risk; however, one study of past cell phone use (up to the year 2004), showed a 40% increased
          risk for gliomas in the highest category of heavy users (reported average: 30 minutes per day
          over a 10‐year period).

          TL;DR: Results INCONCLUSIVE

      • leerainey says:

        Yes Reasonable Person, I wish you could tell that to my sister, who died last year at age 60 from a cancer they said was caused by radiation. The radiation she was exposed to over the last 20 years was her cell phone, microwave, x-rays, and whatever else is out there, we don’t need to add smart meters to the list.

        • dadave says:

          I just moved into a house with a new PG&e smartmeter and have unexplained acne, headaches, and sleep disturbances. Maybe it’s the smartmeter or not I can’t be sure I don’t have proof except pointing at that thing and blaming my problems on it. It does make me feel better that if a 9.0 earthquake hits the San Andreas. Fault that the smartmeter will shutoff the gas to the home and it might save me from being burned to death but people dont mention that kind of positive that much in this debate.

          • HI Dadave,

            The gas meters have no ability to remotely shut off gas supply. They are simply microwave transmitters that transmit your usage. Because they have a battery in them, they are a potential ignition source. Not too bright putting an ignition source next to a gas line, is it? That’s the utility industry for you!

            If you are having symptoms you believe are related to the smart meter, go to an area with little wireless and see if the symptoms persist. Lodge a complaint against your utility at smartmeterhelp.com



          • Redi Kilowatt says:

            If you have a gas meter that has been fitted with a AMI transmitter to automate reading, that transmitter that was fitted on to your existing gas meter is nothing at all like an electric SmartMeter.
            The transmitter is battery powered, and transmits in the 450 MHz band, it is not microwave, and it only really needs to transmit a cumulative reading once a month, but PG&E claims it transmits 6 times a day. Why ?, I don’t know, and how are we to know if what PG&E says is true about anything.
            The gas meters bill at a flat rate, there is no way to do time differential pricing, the gas meters do not have any remote disconnect and cannot sense leaks or customers diverting gas before the meter (but neither can any electric meter sense a diversion either).
            Most gas meters are very old, it is only the module that was installed with the transmitter that is new.
            But, for the last 10 years or so, PG&E has been installing automatic earthquake shut off valves before the meter. I had a customer who bumped one of those valves and it cut off his gas service.
            So, your new gas SmartMeter module does not protect you from earthquakes, it is the existing shock activated valve that shuts off your gas, the sole purpose of the SmartMeter program is to eliminate meter reading jobs.

          • sorina says:

            Dadave. there is surmounting evidence collected over the past months, that these devices are endangering our health. A friend of mine, soon after the installation of a smart meter, found her heart rate going up to 190 and further to 220.
            She had to leave her premises. This was a
            very healthy individual. It is required from all of us to help put and end on these contraptions.

          • Dufus Dingle says:

            Smart meters have ignited fires in homes. Your “burned to death” is definitely an option.

        • Shannon says:

          You all realize that if you looked through WHO to see what can be qualified as a carcinogen, it would be at least 75% of all the things you own?

        • YongQing says:

          Hey, did you know that light is a form of radiation? And ultraviolet rays?

          Oh yeah, she could have been killed by light! The green light is my prime suspect.

          In all seriousness, not all radiation is harmful.

      • Josh says:

        my goodness, you just got owned ReasonablePerson. I have 8 pdf peer reviewed studies and a report from Nasa coming out of the 70’s about the harm to the human body, from everything from internal organs, brain function and blood supply, sperm production, and actual dna changing.. you sir, must be an agent of disinformation. You have to be.. the public is becoming aware of your trickery…

        • Jim says:

          owned? your trickery?

          Tin-foil hat wearers like you are scary.

          • h says:

            Now that you’ve gotten your admission of not having any argument at all out of the way with your ad hominem attack, do you have an argument? No? I didn’t think so.

        • Sorina says:

          I found it to be very sad to get comment from those, that are the least informed. Everything is out there to update yourself on the risks and dangers of the Smart Meter. So please make use of it. it is there for you and future generations. Then when you are through, then and only then are you qualified to give comments. So agent of disinformation, get informed while you still can.

        • Renee Marks says:

          Thank you. I know this is true.

      • John Puccetti says:

        Electrosmog effects everyone. But like allergies some more severly this has been proven.

      • Dan says:

        How dare you tell us Democrats what to do? This is as stupid as any other Democrat battle cry.

      • phill c says:

        wow. after reading over a lot of these posts, its sad to see so much deliberate misinformation. you people know who you are. hope you burn in hell for it.

      • Renee Marks says:

        Wrong! I am an Acutonic’s practitioner and studied this. Any vibrational frequency that is negative will cause the molecules in the body (because its made of water) to distort. I saw the factual documentary film on this and watched it literally happen using powerful microscopes. When the vibrational frequencies are positive the molecules literally look like beautiful snow flakes. They are in balance.
        Plus, ask the people with pace makers who have gone into emergency as a result of these smart meters installed.

      • Len Miskulin says:

        First word of your comment shows that your intelligence is the same as your shoe size. There are over 6000 scientific studies that speak against you going back to 1950s.
        Crawl back under your stone and let adults talk.

      • Robert says:

        And wear a foil hat.

    • Anonymous says:

      In response to 2. you do understand that the meter being used was a RF analyzer right? That means it is checking the RF signal from the WIRELESS smart meter. DUH!! it better give a reading, or it is not on! This is not a radiation meter, it is the radio frequency, and it was in micro-watts. A HAM radio puts off more power than this thing, your wireless network at your house puts off more power, your cell phone puts off more power.

      If you are going to site something, you should probably verify its credibility…

      • Renee Marks says:

        I already watched a film with a radiation meter detecting higher than acceptable radiation levels from the smart meter. Even the US Military tested these and found them harmful to some and unsafe for long term. This is a FACT. But But they are to questionable. Plus, Radioactive waves are not safe either. You can get these readings high also by putting that radioactive meter close to a plug outlet.
        Bottom line, its about choice. There are people who have pacemakers that cannot tolerate any extra radio active waves no matter what the source.
        Do your research from non-biased sources. Do you really think people WANT these things to be harmful? They WANT them to be safe!!! I wish I could believe they are! I researched hoping to ease my mind and read everything out there promoting them. But the source is only from those to gain from them. They have offered NO proof and not shown their evidence of safety. I want to see that documentation and where they got it!

  3. Derp says:

    Huuurrrr Duuurrrr I no like new things.

  4. Here’s a new article titled : “Unknown-Safety of SmartMeters’ New Disconnect Switch” detailing why smart meters could be causing fires.


    • Renee Marks says:

      Wow…thank you. Good to find these things out. I’m nearly ready to charge up my own generator.

    • Robert says:

      David. A smart meter as stated is simply a strap over device that has miniature current transformers and circuit to convert AC to D.C. To power the electronics. Communication with its host are short burst. The host sends a request blanket to all SM’s in range and the SM transmits data back. Paying higher electric bills will eliminate SM’s if the masses do deem. If a SM’s fails your home is unmetered until it fails to report. SM’s are also effective against tampering. But to say they are a cause of illness. That has yet to be proven and only a theory. Einstein’s theory has yet to be proven but many SyFy shows prove otherwise. Trump says there is too much fake news out there. On this subject I will agree.

  5. Skeptic says:

    You know, I’m not a smart meter expert, but my problem is I don’t think these people are either. Using exagerated inflammatory rhetoric just undermines their cause.

    “customers have noticed huge increases” Really? How much? Maybe they have been undercharged for a long time due to manual meter reading?
    “your utility has access to a treasure trove of information about you” Hmm. How exactly? Sounds like maybe they can read the spikes in power use, I am guessing? So they are inferring your habits? And you justify the Nazi graphic based on that?
    “do not result in energy savings,” Well, they save gas, since meter readers don’t physically drive to your house every month.
    ” emerging evidence that wireless, non-ionizing radiation (from cell phones, wifi, and ‘smart’ meters)” There are a few more cell phones than smart meters. Giving up cell phones, too?
    “transitioned their meter readers from full time to temporary” Well, the times they are a-changin’. There are a lot of old jobs that no longer exist.
    “Thousands of people have complained of tinnitus, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, heart arrhythmia, and other symptoms after a ‘smart’ meter was installed” Documentation please? Also, can you say, ‘mass hysteria’?
    “A number of electrical fires have been caused by ‘smart’ meters.” What number? Any proof at all?
    “conversion to ‘smart’ meters is one of the largest technology rollouts in history, and yet virtually no public consultation with ratepayers or local governments” Oh jeez.

    • Renee Marks says:

      I am like you. I did my own research. I want facts and documentation. There are links to this from US Military. There is allot of testings going on and if you just research, you will find allot of factual documentation of Unsafeness. The only people who have not offered documentations of proven safety is the Power Corps and smart grids corps.

  6. Pingback: Smartmeter Articles on HOPE’s Blog | HOPE: News and Community

  7. Candra says:

    I did NOT know about all of this information many many months ago when my SM was installed. How the hell do I get it taken out??? Anyone know???

    Blessings and thank you!

    • Anthony Hernandez says:

      I was told you have to pay for them to do it.

    • Renee Marks says:

      Same thing with me. I just found out yesterday it was installed a few weeks ago. That was when I started having some dizzy spells and hearing an odd hum now and then. A horrible droning negative vibrational frequency that is driving me up the wall.
      I am angry I was not given a choice. My guess is, there will be some heavy health related law suits coming up in the future. In the mean time, I’m going to charge up my own personal generator.
      We really do not need those huge energy corporations.

    • Tim Kelly says:

      Hi, you could wrap it in lead….that will stop all transmissions to the company and all radiation into your house, you will have to go fully around it with lead or another insulator..good luck….

  8. Anthony Hernandez says:

    I sent this to info@stopsmartmeters.org for advise on my situation with Florida Power and Light. Any feedback would be appreciated.
    I was hoping to get some advise on a situation that happed today. I came home to find Florida Power and Light installing a Smartbox on my front yard. The reason they said was due to the fact we have a power box on the outer end of our front yard and they were going to use it for powering the meter. They also said we were centralized to recieve the signals from the surrounding area. I immediately turned on my computer and found the website you all have posted the important information. After reading your website I went outside and told them to stop and to refill the hole and they did. I forbidded them from putting it on my yard and they left. I called FPL and let them know and there representative could not give me much information. She tried to contact several people but none could give her any answers. One thing she said was that we would have to pay the cost of moving it and I told her there was nothing to move, I had stopped them and that I would not allow them to install it on my property…ever. I have an elderly woman and a sister that are very ill and use electronic equiptment for there health problems. I gave the representative my cell number and told her to have her superiors call me when ever.

    My question is what right do I have? This box would be put up against the metal power box that is already on our front yard. It would stick out an extra 2 feet and remove our yard space. It would be sitting on our property. Since I stopped them before they installed it what can I do? What will that do next? What right do they have?

    They never informed us of this in advance in anyway. Did they need a legal authorization from us since it would take up space on our property? I can send you pictures if you like.

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Thank you

    Anthony Hernandez

  9. Harry says:

    US District Court has described a “corona discharge” by which a smart meter “could potentially cause a fire”.

    Interesting Electric meter video.

    Interesting Gas meter video.

    • Dave says:

      Viewing both the suggested videos does nothing to debunk smart meters.The electric meter,I would suggest,is more likely to be a part of a grow-op in that house.There certainly didn’t seem to be any sense of urgency on the part of the person taking the video.The gas meter was probably due to a leak that ignited somehow and has nothing to do with it being a smart meter or not.Having worked with both electric and gas meters,I would opine that neither of these videos prove anything nefarious on the part of new technology.

      • phill c says:

        a grow op? really? and how would you know that? it figures that as soon as someone posts videos that may or may not have merit regarding the smart meter, that you immediately skew the facts to support your own view. you sound just like the people in office right now.

    • Robert says:

      In my 35 plus years working for the eighth largest electric only utility in the nation. The cause of most electrical meterbase fires is lack of maintenance retightening the wiring lugs inside the meterbase. One can request the utility to inspect your meterbase for signs of weakened lugs that the meter plugs into. Common causes are the use of aluminum conductor wires attached from the weather head to the upper terminals in the meterbase. If the connection are not properly sealed with a special dielectric grease oxidation will start to form around the conductor. This oxidation is the same thing spark plugs are made off. Aluminum Oxide. Smart meters have nothing to do with this problem for this problem existed many years before to SM came to being used. If I had a dollar for every meter that was salvaged for scrap from this common failure I’d be a rich man.



  11. Jason says:

    I need some help with a situation regarding installation of smart meter by FPL at our home in Fort Lauderdale.

    My mom was home and she let the FPL guy in to install the device. Shortly after the FPL guy installed the smart meter and left, our power completely went out. There was no electricity in the house at all. My mom managed to call FPL and they said a representative will be dispatched between 5 and 7:30 pm. 7:30 passes by, then 8pm passes by and there was no sign of FPL coming back to look at the problem. Finally, when my brother arrives home from work at 9:30pm, my mom was still sitting in the dark at home.

    My brother calls FPL to find out why there is no sign of anyone to fix the installation. The FPL representative gives him the run around to try and fix the problem himself on the phone. So now my brother and mom are both working themselves to turn off, and turn on the breaker and going back and forth outside the house and coming inside the house to get electricity back.

    After about an hour or two of talking with the FPL representative on the phone, FPL tells my brother that it wasn’t FPL’s problem and it had nothing to do with installing the smart meter. We have to pay ourselves to get an electrician to fix this problem which obviously occurred after installation of smart meter.

    Could anyone offer me any suggestions or who can I speak to about incorrect installation of smart meter where a loss of electricity had occurred in their homes???
    I want to stick FPL with the $400 or so charge for getting an electrician to fix a problem with faulty installation of smart meter.

    • Renee says:

      Call the Public service comission, they regulate utilities such asphone, water, and electric companies. You can look the number up oline since I dn’t have it available.

  12. Chad G says:

    FPL plans to roll these out in Palm Beach County Florida this month, in Boynton Beach residents are refusing installation and FPL is not advising customers of their rights regarding these potantially deadly meters and the major health risks attached to them. They are potentially a source of cancer causing radiation and people have a right to make informed decisions about such devices being forced upon them as well as the violation of privacy these meters represent. Big brother is invading our lifes and want to monitor everything we do. If you think you personal private usage information is safe from prying eyes think again! Say no to smart meters, refuse installation and seek legal advice if necessary do not let them install these meters on your homes!

  13. Scott says:

    Ahh!!! Electromagnetic fields!!!

    Just don’t turn on a light or go outside and you’ll be fine… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visible_spectrum

    Tin foil hats anyone?

    • ReasonablePerson says:

      Lol, no kidding. I love when TV reporters throw around the word “radiation” to scare people, all the while failing to mention that the TV broadcast itself and the lights coming out of the set are all types of radiation.

    • An average joe says:

      And what about those solar flares!?!? We should boycott the sun for hurling x-rays, microwaves, ultraviolet rays, GAMMA RAYS, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, violet, and IR at us. I probably missed a couple, but you get my point right? Then again its all natural radiation, not radiation made with additives and corn syrup. <- that was a joke by the way. Man made Electromagnetic Waves = Naturally occurring Electromagnetic waves.

      Also maybe you should get your houses haunted, i heard from someone that said stuff intelligently (Ghost Hunter) that ghosts draw energy from the air, maybe they eat EM radiation.

      • admin says:

        EMF in the microwave range has never, up until just a few decades ago, been a part of this planet’s fields. We now contend daily with microwave RF fields several billion times the natural level on earth. Biological effects are documented, over and over, at levels far below FCC standards.

        Have a look at an excellent, well-substantiated paper assessing this issue:

      • jim says:

        You know that microwave oven in your kitchen? It does not have any heating elements!! Go in and bypass the safety switch and stick your head inside, then turn it on! That is NOTHING RADIOACTIVE it is just a RADIO TRANSMITTER!! You have already told us that a radio transmitter cannot hurt us!! You obviously are an expert on frequencies and how different em frequencies are all the same, so you know that there is no difference between a 60Hz line frequency and a 2.45 GHz microwave frequency.
        If you live through it, come back and let us know.

        • sassy says:

          really? there actually IS a difference between RADIO waves, and MICROWAVES are VERY different, radio waves are lower frequency than visible light, you don’t think you could cook yourself with a blue lightbulb (or any other color for that matter) do you?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think it’d be helpful if your organization had a better description of the financial impact of Smart Meters.

    The little blurb above just isn’t enough information.

    I just googled your site after reading the SFGate’s story about Pine/Oakland’s refusal to install the Smart Meter, and wanted more information about the how it affects my bill.

    The rest of the problems you list are fine, but the most important in my eyes, and in the eyes of most people who will look for information is how it affects the bill.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      The bottom line is, the CPUC approved charging the PG&E ratepayers $2.2 billion to implement the new automated billing meters. That is a direct cost to the ratepayers of $220 million per year for 10 years.
      The main purpose of the automated meters is to eliminate the meter readers, saving the corporation around $62 million per year for labor (meter readers) and a few more million for trucks and fuel.
      In a report that I read in Electrical Contractor Magazine, it said that a utility with 10 million meters could save (profit) about $80 million per year by implementing the automated reading system and by increasing rates “at will” on hot days or when Enron needs some extra cash.
      And some of that increase will be paid to advertizing agencies and television networks to air stupid actors touting the false benefits of the new automated meters.
      PG&E claims that they have been authorized to use $20 million of our ratepayers money for advertizing, but I don’t by that crap, they are running multiple ads on multiple networks multiple times per day. They must be spending $5 million per day on their false advertizing propaganda campaign to brainwash the public into thinking that there is some benefit to them.

  15. S says:

    FYI–direct from the ranch

    We had three bee hives that were healthy and had no other reason to leave–when bees are uncomfortable, threatened, or lack food sources, they leave. Now, a colony will leave individually, yet these hives, all on completely different areas of the property left with in three days of the installation of a PGE smart meter. We also called PGE and asked them not to install, and they did when we were off the property.

    I have read reports on the smart meters and was not enrolled that they were/are safe and now have evidence that they effected our personal livelihood and lost three hives which equates to $250/hive loss, pollination loss to fruit tress (bees pollinate 80% of all fruits and vegetables) $5k+/-, and honey as a source of medicine and food $4k.

    The math does not equate, the loss of pollination does not equate, and the rapid push of PGE to do this just because they may be at a financial loss–does not equate when it DOES in FACT harmfully effect our community, livelihoods, and food stuffs.

    I have experienced this personally and documented it. Call and email if you need further documentation.

    Thank you for listening and doing the right thing.

    • Thank you for sharing that detailed and articulate experience. Good for you for keeping documentation–in this fight against these meters, one can never have too much audio, photographs, and video of everything related to these meters.

      We would be interested in your documentation. If you go to http://www.bansmartmeters.com, our email address is on the upper right portion of the page. Thank you!

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      Now, that really bothers me about you losing honey bee hives. I am a honey addict, I use it every day in my coffee, about a pound of the sweet stuff per week.
      I have been doing so for 40 years. I don’t remember ever buying a box or bag of sugar. It’s honey and pure maple syrup for me.
      Sorry to change the subject, but I saw on KTVU channel 2 news this morning that the City of Capitola has lifted the ban on PG&E’s new automated billing meter program. Tori also said that PG&E has allowed customers who do not want the new transmitting meters can opt out ? This is big news to me, I thought the CPUC was going to make a determination in September of this year, I didn’t know any decision was made yet.
      Also, she announced that PG&E is “working on” a new type of meter that is non-transmitting. Again, I have not heard of that yet. Anyone who has heard something about that new meter that is not manufactured or installed yet that does not transmit please let everyone know. This is HUGE news, and the details and questions about these new meters need to be brought out in the public forum.
      Some questions that I have are:
      Does this mean that customers (like myself) who still have their analog meters will not have to pay for all the other new meters that are being deployed, in other words, a rebate of the portion of the $2.2 billion rate increase to pay for the new AMI radio meters ?
      If PG&E somehow gets permission to change out my perfectly good analog meter with a new digital non transmitting meter that will still be read monthly by a meter reader, then will they try and charge me $270 for disabling other customers meters that do transmit ?
      Will PG&E try and charge me a new extra fee for reading my meter , even though it has been built into my rates since the beginning ?
      I smell a rat, I think that PG&E gave KTVU a line of BS, I will believe it when I see it. More PG&E propaganda released to the media, but I could be wrong, maybe they really are working on a new meter that does not transmit anything, no billing data, no commands for air conditioning compressor remote control, and no ZigBee wireless or HomePlug powerline carrier being broadcast into peoples homes (Home Area Networks)
      The electric vehicle meters (E9) are completely separate and very expensive to each customer that orders them, so those meters will have some external control functions, but any who can afford an electric vehicle, the service upgrades, the chargers and the new E9 meters is loaded with dough anyway, so they won’t mind big bro checking on them to make sure that they are not running their 30 amp clothes dryer between the hours of midnight and 7:00am to get the low E9 rate of .06 per KWh.

      • Foxtrot Moss says:

        I got a call from PG&E yesterday that gave us a phone number to call to “opt-out” of SmartMeter installation. (We live in Capitola, CA). The number is 866-743-0263. I called it and PG&E told me that they would delay installing a SM on our property until after the PUC decision in Sept. At that time, PUC willing, we would be able to have a new meter installed with the “radio frequency” turned off for which we would pay an “up front” fee. We would also have to pay a monthly charge to pay for the “meter reader.” At least it puts off installation for a few months, but I am completely against this intrusion into our homes, yards, atmosphere and cells, so PG&E can pile on more profits.

    • Sorina says:

      Interesting about the bees. I just finished an article about the bees, who seem to disappear suddenly, Various professionals have taken the time to find out why it is that the bees simply disappear. Inside their tiny bodies various chemicals were found. But could not come to the conclusion that this was the cause. Whole droves or clusters of bees simply went in to thin air. Our food supply depends on the pollination of bees. I believe 1/3 if not more.
      In a meanwhile ” Electromagnet pulses ” are rampant around the globe. Is it just possible, that that is the cause, since bees have very sharp hearing. And why has this not been mentioned. If bees drop death next to smart meters, then it is quite possible, that the pulses are the source…

  16. Theresa Niel says:

    Smart meters are monitoring devices that tell everything that you do at all times to whoever agency would later wish to get the information from power companies and under homeland security nothing is private; especially when stored in huge data bases. More on this other site, http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/no-more-privacy-smart-meters-are-surveillance-devices-that-monitor-the-behavior-in-your-home-every-single-minute-of-every-single-day

    • Tom says:

      Do you honestly believe that Big Brother isn’t watching everyone already? You probably are being recorded.

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        It’s true that there is a lot of surveillance going on today, but the SmartMeters are nothing to worry about.
        All this hype about SmartMeters is being way overblown by some people. It is because these people do not understand what the SmartMeters do and do not.
        A SmartMeter is a revenue collection meter only. it sends total usage data to the utility of each meter once every 4 hours. The utility servers compile this information days, weeks and sometimes months later. That is how the utility collects revenue, they compile this information to make up a monthly bill, and in 2014, they are set to start time differential pricing programs where the utility will add up how much electricity customers use between the hours of 2:00pm and 7:00 pm and charge them a higher rate for those hours.
        The outage detection feature is a gimmic and a joke, and it is useless. The meters transmit data on a radio network that they call a “smart grid”. That data is just code sent in packets that are compressed bursts that last a few seconds once every four hours for each meter. That data does not contain the customers address, name, account number, phone number or any other personal information, just a meter number and a cumulative reading starting when the meter was first turned on. The SmartMeter does not send real time data to the utility or the customer. The only way a customer can view real time data is to go out and put their face in front of the meter and read the digital display on the meter.
        The utility will never be able to monitor ANY individual appliance or device, and the utility and the SmartMeters will NEVER be able to discern what any of the billable electricity, gas or water is being used for, only total cumulative readings to to compile the monthly bills.
        The Home Area Networks and the few “chipped” appliances are not automation systems, they are for personal customer “in home” monitoring only. These HAN’s (which turned out to be a dud) have absolutely nothing at all to do with the SmartMeters, the electrical power grid or the Silver Springs Networks radio network that they call their “smart grid”.
        And, big brother isn’t watching everyone, only the people that are letting them do it, but there are many ways to duck the surveillance. Some good ways are, don’t buy a smart phone, stay away from crowds and urban areas, avoid public transportation, don’t use wireless systems for computers and peripherals, don’t use credit or debit cards, don’t join social networking programs or private “healthcare” insurance programs which plug you into the electronic medical records database and most importantly, be aware of what is going on.
        Don’t think that using computers and phones cannot be compromised. Be careful what you say on ANY phone and what you write on any computer, especially when using Facebook and Google accounts.
        And last and least, if you don’t want PG&E to know how much total electricity you use in each hour, don’t opt into the SmartMeter program or any other “smart pricing schemes”.

  17. Kammie DuBois says:

    There are a LOT of people in this area (Capitola, Santa Cruz, CA) that are against Smart Meters. My family has THREE on our property up in the Gold Country with no adverse effects. (I am down here for school.) Nobody has grown an extra head, or a third nut, or anything negative. Mom has even noticed our bill actually has gone down. I bet a lot of the people down here that are protesting the meters are the type who drink alcohol, smoke, or text while driving. (Especially you idiots on Portola Ave. who DO NOT stop for people in crosswalks!) There are a LOT more dangerous things than a little gadget on your house. Get over it! Thank you for your time. No refunds on time spent reading this.

    • Anna Logg says:

      Kammie, your mother’s bill has likely gone down because the daylight hours are longer and the weather is warmer. I can assure you that our rates have increased to pay for this program and will continue to increase to pay shareholders and executive$’ salaries, as PG&E has rate hikes pending at the CPUC. Tell me about your mom’s bill in a year or so.
      “Smart” meters are not energy saving devices, they are energy measuring devices, that’s it. Only we can choose to save energy on our own. However, as you will see when the new pricing tiers come in to play once the “smart” grid is established, those that choose to conserve energy will pay more per unit than those that use the most energy. Just like a cell phone plan–the more you use the less you pay per unit. But this is neither green nor fair when we apply it to energy usage, as energy use almost always results in depletion of resources, destabilization of the climate, and pollution, as we do not yet have viable alternatives to coal, natural gas, or nuclear. If anything, the energy hogs should be penalized, while those conserving should be rewarded with a lower rate, but this does not equal big profits for the corporate machine, who always put profits before health, safety, and environmentalism.
      Wouldn’t it have been great if the $2.2 billion had been used to create *real* solutions to our energy and climate crises, instead of being used to create a system that only benefits the utility, and not future generations or the consumer? PG&E has publicly stated that not one unit of energy has been saved since installing “smart” meters, and there is even an Oxford University study that found that these meters will actually *increase* our energy usage! Wouldn’t you rather your taxpayer (via federal stimulus money) and ratepayer dollars had been used for truly green improvements to the grid, instead of greenwashing advertising campaigns?
      For the record, I do not drink or smoke. I stopped using a cell phone 5 years ago once I learned about the associated health problems, and I have chosen not to own a car because of the environmental impacts. I do not use wi-fi in my home and I avoid all businesses and homes that do. As this is still a free country, I am entitled to my lifestyle choices (which do not hurt anybody) and should be entitled to thrive in my community (and home!) free from environmental and electrosmog pollution. I will fight all such things (especially when forced) in my community as necessary in order to protect our health and defend our civil liberties and inalienable rights.
      As you have pointed out, there are “a LOT” of people in this area who are against “smart” meters, and for good reason. They are not safe, not “smart,” and are an utter violation of our most basic rights and their forced roll-out is completely anti-democratic. You mentioned that you are a student and I implore you to study this topic further before making up your mind. There are so many reasons to oppose “smart” meters, I’m sure you will be able to find one that you can relate to.
      Thank you for your time and good luck with your studies here in Santa Cruz, my home town.

      • R says:

        Um, then why are you on a computer?

        • Renata says:

          The problems with these “Smart meters” is: They are transmitter, and pulsate 24/7
          You can turn off your T.V. But have you tried to turn off the smart meter?
          World wide these contraptions have now been proven to be unsafe. I would like to see
          all Electrical engineers, doctors and scientists, who are against these meters to debate
          with the electrical Co’s in court. It’s obvious, having their own expertise, that they only
          protect their own interests. JUST FOLLOW THE DOLLARS. WHERE IS THE GOVERNMENT IN ALL OF THIS??? Or are they controlled by the CORPORATIONS?

      • An average joe says:

        You basically allowed there to be many reasons to oppose a smart meter, but the person you responded to has had a good experience with one. Your first paragraph immediately assumed -you- knew more about their life . Which is simply rude and arrogant.
        What if there are actually benefits to having this technology? Also what about the places that sell Data and electricity? Eventually their meters are going to be connected (via fiber probably) and will monitor your power consumption in real time, then probably have a nifty website so you can see your power use in real time. The world progresses towards managing data more efficiently. Smart meters are not an end all. Its an attempt to have better control over a power system. Customer housing is not the only one receiving them i bet. Substations are too. All power networks are old, rusting, and becoming more and more inefficient. As a person that uses electricity i’m happy that power providers are making an effort to advance somewhere.

  18. Sad_Observer says:

    You all miss the holy grail of Smart Meters…

    It’s not about helping YOU manage your electrical usage. It’s not about laying off all the meter readers to save money. It’s not about a high-level manager at PG&E getting a handsome kickback from the manufacture. It’s not about the health effects (PG&E and your government don’t care if you live or die, but actually prefer you were dead).

    It’s about control, control over YOU. It’s about all the new Smart Meter Enabled laws that are already written and waiting for you. It’s about requiring Smart Meter Enabled appliances be in place in your home. It’s about some appointed jerk deciding what appliances he/she will order turned off at any time they feel the electric grid needs a break (thus THEIR statement of using Smart Meters to “Better Manage the Grid”). It’s about no new power plants (they’ll just trim everyone’s usage to make them unnecessary) . It’s about YOU on a hot day and some jerk turning off your air conditioner because there is not sufficient generation available to power the grid (due to no new power plants). It’s about YOU are the commodity and YOU will be “MANAGED.”

    Smart Meters have TWO receivers and TWO transmitters in them. One for the surveillance and billing, the other to CONTROL *YOUR* usage. Your new Smart Meter Enabled appliances will be automatically field-programmed to communicate with your Smart Meter, and not your neighbors. It will serialize itself using a “Powerline Carrier” (signal superimposed on the 60Hz AC) that the Smart Meter will, from then-on, identify as being your toaster or waffle iron that is on or off. You will adhere to a usage “schedule” or face fines. You will be put in the dark if that is what the controllers of this system want. You may end up with a monthly usage limit much like some internet companies impose on their customers for data, where once you have used up all your KWH, you get cut off until the next billing cycle or pay a super-premium rate to continue.

    It’s about YOU are nothing more than a SLAVE to the Government, the banks, the utilities, and the food suppliers. YOU will work like a slave and get what THEY decide is proper for YOU to live with. Slaves have no rights, and are NOT allowed to complain.

    Still think you are free? Try complaining about your Smart Meter!

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      You are sadly misinformed about the new meters. You are wrong on everything except the fact that the utility company will be able to control the relay for the compressor motors on air conditioning units some day.
      Don’t fall for those slick brochures or stupid ads on TV put out by the utility companies, they are all false advertising.

    • Oklahoma says:

      Very well said! I hope that people actually stop and take the time to SEE the truth of the state of our nation and ultimately our world. I also find it interesting that during this “recession” all the improvements are now needed, as well as people “losing” their homes. People need to brush up on their history and remember WHY the “AMERICAN DREAM” was the “AMERICAN DREAM”. Because America had LAND, and LOTS OF IT. Europe, on the other hand had very limited parcels of LAND. Homeownership, which is now in danger, equates to LAND! History, states that ONLY THOSE THAT WERE LANDOWNERS had RIGHTS, or ANY SAY. ALL those that DID not own land were SERVANTS, SERFS, subordinate to the LANDOWNER. Do not be misled by the media and all that is new, if you had to choose between a new car or a home, the wise choice would be a home=LAND. History is telling! When the Energy companies drive rates so HIGH, sometimes, even FALSELY inflated as in ENRON, people are being FORCED TO CHOOSE, fuel, food, housing….It is up to the PEOPLE to stand up and say ENOUGH!

    • Justshutupandcomply says:

      Dear Sad,
      You hit the nail on the head. I know nothing of the smart meter, am trying to educate myself now; aside from that, I once listened to a wise man comment in the 70’s about the Brave New World he foresaw coming. He gave me pause when he asked, “Who will control the controllers?”. This is our plight. I do not despair however, knowing that God is sovereign, almighty and just. Nor do I fear. None of us makes it out alive and even my times are in his hands.

    • Sarah says:

      Hello Sad Observer! I so agree with you. this i something far more than an
      improvement in your electrical uses. Appliances will be outfitted with chips
      For what purpose are these chips used? We are now getting close to the end of the year 2012. There is so much more info out there that we can no longer remain ignorant. 10 Vans were entering the “Salt Spring ” Islands , Sounds to me like the war on electronics is well on the way. We must refuse these contraptions and that can only be accomplished by the masses. Us. How can we
      allow these vans to enter our property? This is definitely trespassing and breaking the law. These “Corix” people should have been arrested without delay. Strange how our Governments remain silent on these issues. Is it
      possible that they are holding hands with the Corporations? At who’s cost?
      Yours mine our future generations. If we don’t fight this now, we will be last
      and our children and grandchildrten will be no more than slaves to the system. All we need then, is a number, and I guess we already have that too.

  19. Scared of Everything and dying, second-by-second says:

    I’m not a slave to PGE, I have a solar electric system. That said, I welcome smart meters, and have one on my gas meter. They are not able to put them on solar electric systems for technical reasons. I sure hope that the 4000+ kilowatts of energy being produced on my roof every day doesn’t kill all my favorite neighbors. So far, so good.
    However, I’m not afraid of my smart meter for the following reasons:
    1. It is outdoors on the side of my house and I rarely stand with my head next to it. How much time do you spend with your head next to your meter?
    2. Electrical magnetic energy is everywhere. Almost every house is
    full of electrical wires, wi-fi, cell phones, radio waves, T.V.s, microwaves and such items. There are so many things in our personal environments that emit electromagnetic energy much closer to us than a meter.
    3. I hope the protesters and those who are against these meters do not go to coffee shops, they are all rigged with wi-fi. I hope they do not own a GPS, a microwave, a radar detector, or go into supermarkets, which are full of electromagnetic energy. I assume no one who would dislike these meters owns a cell phone. One phone call probably gives you a greater dose of energy than ten years of a smart meter on the back of your house. Yes, cell phones are suspected of being deadly, but there has never been a single case where a person has be PROVEN to have died from using one. But, we should outlaw them anyway, as the danger of being killed by someone driving with one is thousands of times greater than the chance of getting cancer from one.
    4. The number of people killed while bicycling, riding motorcycles, driving, joining the armed forces, drinking alcohol, having weird animal grunt-sex, running marathons, taking the wrong medicine, joining a gang, doing drugs, patching the roof, and many other activities far exceeds the potential death from smart meters. Let’s stop all of these things first. We need a new movement called, “Everything is fatal”. I will never get in an ambulance, as the high rate of death from people who do, scares me. I will never let a fire engine near my house, as so many houses seem to be burning down when those things come around.
    5. Do not get a job as an electrician, they are dropping dead everywhere from overexposure. Don’t work for PGE, your life will be over in a week. Don’t go near electric guitars, or rock singers with wireless mics. Don’t go outdoors, there are thousands of satellites broadcasting on every possible bandwidth. Don’t go near an ATM, a garage door opener, a T.V. or even worse, an airliner.

    I don’t own a T.V., cell phone, or microwave. Why? Not because I am afraid of them. I just think they are inelegant junk. But, I am not giving up my stereo, I would rather die. Now, it is time to go breath the noxious chemical off-gassing vapors I absorb from my epoxy surfboard. Wish me well!

    • riceowlex says:

      If your not a slave to PG&E WHY ARE YOU STILL USING THEIR SERVICES ? They popped you and said you didn’t have a choice so you acquiesced to their command perhaps, that’s your choice. “Smart Meters” are about health concerns and control. You owning the right to say yes or no to something YOUR PAYING FOR. If you want it by all means use it and best of luck, if you do not then by all means don’t use it. Unfortunately these meters are being thrown up by people who act like thieves in the night. This is not acceptable, again this is a choice, if you don’t mind being forced to buy something / anything then great, I’m falling into line with those who find this completely unacceptable and thus the meter came off.

      • An average joe says:

        If you don’t want electricity, then don’t use it. All your electrical devices depend on your power provider, so sure, they have control. But in essence electricity is still a product, like gas. You buy gas to drive a car. You pay for electricity cause you like gizmos in your home. You can live without electricity if you want. Its not some free commodity like air or water, it costs money to produce it, manage it, and fix the outages that might happen. Oh, and managing it means knowing more about what customers need, and better metering means better knowing. If you think this is an obstruction of privacy, then i hope you are complaining about your isp, cable and phone providers because like electricity, they keep track of things for management purposes.

        • admin says:

          @Average Joe. Electricity is not a consumer product, it is a utility, necessary for life.

          The rise of investor-owned utilities–is the company you work for one?–has obscured this basic notion. Criminal extortion is the only way to describe tactics of companies that hold basic necessities hostage, until the “customer” complies with policies driven not by providing a needed public service, but by massive profits.

          • Admin is a scam says:

            Are you kidding me, electricity is necessary for life? If that is even part of the motivation of this site, you are peddling poor information. People lived long before electricity was invented.

          • soapbox jill says:

            @admin is a scam:
            You say “people lived long before electricity was invented.” SO are you saying people who need analog meters should not be able to have utilities??? Nasty.

            Utilities are protected by government. It is not an open market. Otherwise, we could simply choose a provider that gave us WHAT WE WANTED. As it is, utilities are run like communistic systems where individual needs do not matter.

          • Admin is a scam says:

            @soapbox. You missed my point by the same distance from Earth to Alpha Centauri.

    • soapbox jill says:

      Since the explosion of wireless devices and emissions I have developed sensitivity. It is a “total load” situation. Smart meter emissions add a up-close-and-personal 24/7 level to my exposure.
      I noticed symptoms from cell phone use, which I rarely did, depending on side of head. I already had gas and electric smart meters in neighborhood when transmitting water meters were added. Immediately I got very sick in own home and neighborhood, better away.
      My point is that each individual may tolerate various emissions from rf devices but when they reach their individual threshhold sensitivity erupts, and soon it is too late to go back to how you were.
      Yes, all those things you list add to the total load. You and others might not yet have a perceived biological reaction. But many processes of body cells and systems cause no symptoms right away. Just wait.

  20. Scared of Everything and dying, second-by-second says:

    Excuse me, I mean 4000+ watts, not kilowatts, sorry. (That’s 4 kilowatts). I’m so stoopid.

  21. Shawn Lee says:

    To Sacred: if you believe you must stick your head next to the meter, why has my outside temperature reader quit working after the instalation of a SMART Meter?
    People are ignorant and can’t accept what they don’t see. These “intermittent bursts of transmissions” very well could interfere with wildlife that navigate by sonar / radar. I attended a presentation about Bats. No one knew why the swarms from Mexico never made it to our farmlands. When we FINALLY obtained technology to see what was happening everyone was shocked, Bats were intercepting them. Again due to our ignorance we ASSUMED bats were ot useful to humans. IF an animal has no use, than who cares………well I hope we don’t wait too long to accept the fact that all these SMART Meters very well are harming us and or the environment.

    • An average joe says:

      It would be better to more deeply explain “quit working”. The way ‘radiation’ is harmful is because of the molecular structures it resonates with. Microwaves resonate with water (Hence why sticking dry ice (CO2) in a microwave for a few minutes does nothing to it, just an example) . You don’t get a suntan while driving your car in the day because glass resonates with UV radiation. Gamma radiation resonates with living tissue. Its highly doubtful a 1 Watt RF wave could destroy electrical equipment. In fact a 10 Watt RF wave probably couldn’t destroy electrical equipment. So are you sure nothing else was wrong with it? New batteries? Its brand new? Ants aren’t building a nest in it?

      Also there is an exponential decrease in power of EM radiation the farther you get from it, so if your external thermometer is right next to your meter there is a slim chance I’ll believe you.

      Also sonar is sound. Radio is an Electromagnetic wave (yes light). They do not work the same way. Wildlife are more effected by solar activity (Big flares are very dangerous to people in direct sunlight when solar energy hits. People in planes can have their health damaged.) Then any household device sold commercially.

      • admin says:

        @Average Joe, You sound knowledgeable, as you might, given you work for a midwest utility.

        Reports of RF interference are numerous, the denials of utilities notwithstanding. The peak pulse of the RF from a smart meter can be very high, which is hidden by the time-averaging shenanigans of those who’d rather not have this known.

  22. valeri says:

    Josh- is there a place on your website with no smart meter signs to download?
    i went through it- perhaps i missed it- i will post a link to your website on our new flier-

  23. smell a rat says:

    I had a smart meter installed after I specifically instructed the Wellington Truck worker to not install it. I did not know that it was installed next to my head on the wall behind our bed until the next morning. This is what happened-I could not sleep, had a buzzing in my head probably from my fillings, and severe anxiety. I awoke in the night and could not go back to sleep. In a daze the next morning I realized that the smart meter was placed behind my head on the next wall. I can absolutely say that these meters are full of potential hazards for our health. Also, my friend informed me that it is commonplace for mountain dwellers to chase PGE off their land with shotguns. One person had reported that they placed a smart meter on his land with little else than a pole for a RV hook up their bill went from $5. month to $200.
    Another friend got out of her smart meter because her Dad is on a pace maker. They immediately said that they would not put one on her property. Look CLOSER people and take charge of your health or you will certainly pay later.

    • Sasha says:

      Having read some of the comments above. It is no surprise, that people are confused. It appears to be, that not much study has been done on the subject, while so much information is out there.
      We cannot possible form opinions if we are not informed. The smart meter is now a world wide problem. This is backed -up by scientists, electrical engineers and medical doctors. Go globally and pick the link”www.citizensforsafetechnology.com Corporations are ruling the politicians,
      That’s why no definite decisions are made. The moment that our elected politicians take a stand for the safety of the people who elected them and take control over corporations rather than the corporations telling them what to do, then and only then will you see change. In a meanwhile do not forget there is always an election around the corner. So it is up to us to elect properly and if the newly elected politicians do not follow up on their promises after a six month trial period, elect new politicians. When we are hired for new positions, there is always a three month trial period. If it does not work out, out you go. So what is the matter with politicians? Are they not our servants? Are they Gods gift to the human race? If so, they would behave differently don’t you think?????

  24. John says:

    As an electrician I can tell you these meters are no different than the meters what have always been used other than a small transmitter, no different than a cell phone, to report power usage. I don’t understand what all the hype is about, its simply a better faster cheaper way of reading meters.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      John, I agree that the new radio meters are very simple and are only to report monthly usage via radio to the revenue collection department.
      If you don’t understand the hype that has been put out by the corporately controlled government I will try and explain it too you.
      The corporations say that the new radio meters will somehow save energy when the customer buys new appliances fitted with a chip that transmits consumption data (the same data that is on all appliance rating plates) to a new computer system bought by the customer that shows the usage data on a “in home display monitor” That is the hype, saying that a customer must spend thousands of dollars to buy a Home Area Networks system that also consumes large amounts of energy-to see how much energy that they are using.
      All the customers individual appliance usage data stays inside the customers building, it is not transmitted on the radio networks outside to the utility company, and some people don’t know that and start going off about spy meters and surveillance and evesdropping.
      It is the same with all corporations, they say that there is a scarcity of everything, and that the corporations have to throttle down (ration) things like water, electricity, medical care, education, housing, food and wages so they will have enough of these things to continue business as usual, and keep on over developing and extending cheap credit to control the masses. Basically make 99 percent of the people slaves to the corporations.
      They want to build tar sands oil pipelines because there is an oil shortage, build expensive desalination plants because there is a water shortage, build expensive old diesel commuter trains up in Sonoma county because there is a transportation shortage, cut out funding for education because there is a job shortage (they shipped all the jobs out of the country), and do away with medical care because the insurance companies are having a profit shortage by actually paying out claims for needed medical care.
      Now, the electricity corporations want to ration electricity to residential customers who live in hot areas where air conditioning is mandatory, which uses 40 percent of the residential load on the power grid on hot days.
      The government has allowed developers to run rampant building thinwall high density housing out in the desert, and the utility corporations can’t keep up with the power demands to cool these uninsulated buildings built in Texas, Arizona and many other uncomfortably hot areas. Now, they say that we need to build more power plants to power all these 10’s of millions of new radio meters, the radio network infrastructure, server farms and Home Area Networks monitoring systems.
      Now do you understand what all the hype is about ?

    • Soapbox Jill says:

      @John, I can’t use a cell phone or get a headache. I tested this, and it starts on the side of the head where the phone is. Other people have this sensitivity, at least 3 percent of the population is estimated to be electromagnetically sensitive. Any additional source of rf can be the tipping point. People should not be forced to have utility meters that often pulse every 4 seconds (despite the utility only reading them by driving by once every quarter). It has been shown that It Is The Pulsed Radiofrequency that causes biological abnormal cellular function resulting in a host of physical problems. It is the OFF AND ON of the signals that makes these emission biologically active and harmful even at levels far, far below heating, and current FCC standards.

      We are now at the stage of denial similar to the decades of defense of cigarettes. People should be able to control their own living spaces and refuse to have utility transmitters installed. Period.

      • Ellen says:

        I cannot put my cell phone to my ear(s) or within 6″ because it produces pain like an earache. I put a couple of those stick-on buttons on the back of the phone to mitigate the assault and I think it helps but I only use the speakerphone function now. I used to use an air tube head piece but the phone I have now does weird things when I plug into the jack so it cannot be used.

        Withe the exception of the cell phone, I do not use anything wireless. Smart meters are wireless. Our choice to use or not use needs to be respected. However, the bad thing is that even if I am “allowed” to make that choice I still receive the emissions from my neighbors’ installations. This is criminal.

        The “smart meters” are a stupid idea for the sheeple. Just one more way to control, overpower, and destroy us.

  25. Marie says:

    This issue really isn’t if Smart Meters are a violation of privacy or safety, but that consumers should have a right to decide for themselves what is safe or suitable for their household. We should be given Opt-Out ability since we do not have the option to change utility companies.

    Currently consumers do have the right to choose to smoke, use cell phones, use microwave ovens and many more controversial health-damaging activities. However, the utility companies do not give consumers the right to decide if they would like the smart meter or not installed in their homes. Personally I prefer to err on the side of caution. I have a serious inherited autoimmune disease. I don’t drink, smoke, use cell phones and I eat organic and gluten-free because I have to do so for my condition.

    I don’t believe anyone has the right to come on my property and install controversial technology without my consent. The utility companies back you into a corner because they are a monopoly mandated by the government. They know that you have little choice but to comply if you want to continue to enjoy electricity. This is consumer blackmail and it has to be stopped now.

  26. Monty Worth says:

    You guys are nuts. Yes, they will fire their meter readers. That’s what happens with technology. Do you want to ban ATM so that banks can rehire all the tellers? Do you want to ban robots so more people will work on assembly lines (and cars will cost more and have more malfunctions). If you are freaked about emissions, do you use cell phones? If you are worried about privacy, why do you want to have a meter reader having a key to your garage or back door?
    I have no links to or love for PG&E, but it seems that smart meters are an improvement and will allow people to be more thoughtful in their use of electricity. They probably could have done a better job explaining why they are doing this, but you guys are really paranoid and irrational.

    • Cindy says:

      I just love that everyone who minimizes the dangers keep statings things like, “well you use a cell phone, don’t you?”, or “smart meters are no more dangerous than cell phones.” Two points: 1) A person can choose to own a cell phone, and how much to use it. I own a cell phone, but only use it for urgent reasons. Basically, I make choices throughout the day to minimize my RF radiation exposure. where I can. As for smart meters, the utility co. will decide this for me. I feel strongly that this is an infringement on my ability to minimize exposure, and protect my health. No government agency or corporation should be allowed to attach a RF radiation device directly to my home. PERIOD. 2) “Smart meters are no worse than cell phones”, except cell phones are dangerous. People don’t want to acknowledge that. Recent research now states that using a cell phone to your ear 30 min per day, every day, for 10 years will produce a 40% increase in Gliomas, a serious brain tumor. Radiation is accumulative. The World Health Organization felt compelled to change their position in May 2011, classifying RF radiation as a possible 2B carcinogen, and that was without even completing their research. We are being bombarded from every direction with increasing electrosmog. When is enough, ENOUGH?? I believe the answer in NOW, before future generations pay the price!

      • Bob Lamonica says:

        Please define a “2B carcinogen”. After that, include coffee in your full page advertising list along with “lead, benzine and DDT”. Maybe then you won’t be so deceptive.

      • Sally says:

        Do you have tv’s, a microwave, cell phone, wi -fi, game systems, etc….. It’s to late. This is all around us now. Some new meters on the OUTSIDE of your house is not going to have an impact.

        • admin says:

          @Sally Gosh darn, but I thought that too, until I bought an expensive analyzer for RF Microwave frequencies, and began to measure in my environment.

          And LO! I found out that smart meter pulses are way higher at peak than even my friends’ cell phones! And higher than the cell tower in my neighborhood!

          Maybe you want to look into this a little more… Here is a whole list of videos showing that smart meter radiation is NOT just another little transmitter in your life.


          And then there are all those folks, from CA and all over the U.S., who write us because they have been made sick by their smart meter. Read some other smart meter experiences here: http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?page_id=2292

        • Sasha says:

          With all due respect, you may be missing the point. The pulsation of the smart meter, enters your home 24/7, which has now been proven to be accurate. Josh has a very good explanation for that. If this was only a nation wide problem, we would have reason to question the accuracy. But now, this is a world wide problem, confirmed by many scientists, Electrical Engineers and Doctors. This information is readily available. For your own benefit, and that of many others, please get informed and involved. It’s for you and the next generations.

      • Shannon says:

        It will take a 1000 years to equate the amount of radiation you’d get from your phone in a month. Do your homework.

        • Tina says:

          I get really angry at the people who think that they know best, because their responses to some of the comments are down right stupid. Only proofs that home works has not been done. Go globally and find out what the real problem is with these meters. Two homes in B.C. have ben burned to the ground and only one day previously the smart mete was installed. Co-incidental? May be, but there is overwhelming evidence that many fires have caused by the smart meters, also illustrated.
          While you are at it, phone your Ins. Co.nd find out if they cover you as the result of the smart meter.
          also make not of the time of day you called, the person you spoke with, and what date. So that you have back up. I like to think, that all the professionals who have research this meter with the utmost of care, are right

  27. Momcilo Trajkovic says:

    My grandouther is paralise from the vaccine . We spend 1 milion +++ for halth . Finaly we have halp from doktor in Mexico .She start inpruve and now smart meter stop hear inpruve. She have bliding and we in home are all sick from smart meter .I asck FPL after many many cole i have discusion and i reseive documents smart meter is ok. we care for chldren i care from me my wife and we no we ar all sick from smart meter. Please halp how we cane stop FPL to kiling my family and all people in florida . Wath police duing this is kiling mashine FPL kiling all .Halpppppppppppppppp

  28. Concerned Consumer says:

    I smell a troll on here. Sounds like the same person making up fake screennames and bashing anyone who would dare dispute that these Smart Meters are in our best interest or if we should actually have a choice in the matter. I have kids; if there is any possibility at all that this may endanger their health or my own, I just don’t want to take the chance. What is so hard to understand about that? You’re not going to convince people that you are right and they are wrong, and besides, why take it so personally unless you have a personal interest in the matter?

    I’m no conspiracy theorist, but this technology seems way too new to force a mandatory change to a system that works perfectly fine today. Remember, at one point, people thought asbestos and smoking were not harmful to your health. I’d prefer to not be a guinea pig, just so the electric companies can save a few bucks on meter readers. Low benefit + arguably some risk (unless you can see the future) = no thank you.

  29. nully says:

    RFs are everywhere; even in the local library. However, the risk of fire is solid if the meters are not UL approved. I noted the USD case and will ask the power co to remove any smart meter that is not UL approved. As someone else mentioned, nothing else in the the home is acceptable unless UL approved – the power companies are no different. Reminds me of Ford’s Pinto & how for years they denied knowledge of a problem w/ the car. Quite a few charred people & the courts decided otherwise.

    • AnElectricalEngineer says:

      Ummm, yes, the power companies ARE different.

      Meter Sockets are UL listed and marked as such.

      Meters are exempted from requiring UL listing by the National Electrical Code
      NEC 2008 Article 90.2(B)(5)
      90.5 B 5 a & c Specifically exempts the electric meter from requiring UL listing.
      I won’t post the text here (its pretty dry reading and its copyrighted).
      You can look it up for yourself.
      This is not my opinion, it’s the law.

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        Actually, the utilities are exempt from many NEC codes.
        One example is the service drop to residential buildings using overhead feeds.
        The service conductors bundled together call “triplex” for a 225 amp and under service are #2 aluminum run in free air with no overcurrent protection from the transformer. But once it reaches the customers weatherhead, (the point of demarcation) the customer must run at least 2/o copper in the riser to the meter for a 200 amp service, and 3/o copper for any branch circuits that are 200 amps.
        The utility companies are exempt from all NEC codes, and a private citizen or contractor has to strictly adhere to these codes.
        But what about sub-contractors working for the utilities installing their watt hour billing meters on private residential properties ?
        It is very important to know that all electrical equipment on any building is provided for by the building owner, that includes the weatherhead, riser, meter enclosure/main disconnect, and of course the main load center and all other sub-panels , the distribution network and any and all devices or appliances being fed by the meter on the building. Only the meter is owned by the utility, so shouldn’t citizens in possession of the property have a right to decide what they want to allow to be installed on their property ? I think that everyone has a right to decide for themselves ?. I decided that I don’t want a new SmartMeter installed on my privately owned equipment and refused the installation a year ago. So far so good, they sent a couple of stupid letters stating that the meters are required if I want to continue to have electrical service. What a joke !. I ignored the letters and I still have electrical service.
        I think the utilities are just trying to be the big bad bully on the block, but if some people challenge them in a court of law about private property rights, maybe some new revelations will come out in favor of private citizens. WE SHALL FIGHT AND PREVAIL !!

        • soapbox jill says:

          still struggling in Wisconsin – forced to have 2 smart meters, one gas and electric. It is up to me to try to rally the state towards legislation to allow opt out. I am tired, sick and cannot believe this is American anymore.

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  31. dave says:

    Theres alot here about PG&E, but how come the San Francisco Water department rolled out their smart meters, and nay a word…what about that?

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  34. xAnonymousx says:

    This is way bigger than any of you think, they want you to fight it out district by district and they have got you beat at most arguments,and have been planning to do so for years,please look up NARUC this is a group of the largest and most powerful people in the world today, and they are just farmers, they want to farm your data, it’s IBM and Intel, it’s ATT and Verizon it’s Aclara and GE,anyone who is a Policy advisor or executive of anyone in the power supply field or tellecommunications field ,thats Coal,natural gas Nuclear, Hydro.Turbine etc. their deployment of this grid is to buy low sell high on a global scale,and capture data from you and sell it as a side line….look for yourselves research the members it includes about 1200 people from all the Regulatory Commisions around the country,and secretly but not actually supported by the FERC and DOE…look it up………..NARUC

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      So, anonX,
      What do you mean when you say “this grid” ?
      Are you referring to the revenue collection radio “smart grid” or the electrical power grid ?
      Just curious if you even know the difference.

  35. Cindy CommonSense says:

    I have a friend who is freaking out about these new meters. BUT she does not hesitate to talk for an hour with her cell phone to her head! Go figure.
    My bet is the people trying to turn this into a big deal are the FPL meter readers who are going to be out of a job.

  36. sandy masters says:

    I just called pge, my son has 17 smart meters outside his window. They have a help line, and they would not answer any of my question pertaining to my particular situation. Any suggestions for what I can do next. I cannot figure out how much exposure my son is getting. They would not help me with that either. Everything they (he) told me was figures based on one meter at 1 or 10 feet away. The nine electrical meters are 1-2 ft away, I haven’t checked with a measuring tape yet. The 7 gas meters are a bit further. I need to know the amount he is being exposed to, and what I can do about it besides move. They say I can opt out, well it’s expensive and what about all the other ones….can someone offer me some advice for next steps. Or how to protect my son….

    • Tina says:

      May I suggest that you take your son to a doctor, and let the doctor find out what is going on. P.G. E is not interested in health issues , only to regain their investments at all costs. The Electromagnetic pulses are proven to be 24/7, which is all day, and not compatible with your Analogue meter..It is a crime that the Electric Co. with their Smart Meter soldiers are still running the show
      In many areas now moratoriums are demanded 51 in all in B.C., that is more than 2 million citizens. And governments dig their heads in the sands. Well remember we are on your side and that power is with the people. Make some moves and get involved globally. http://www.citizensforsafetechnology, is a good way to start. Another concerned citizen

  37. Paul H says:

    Put up a couple of layers of aluminum foil on the entire wall facing them. You really do need to move.

  38. Courtney says:

    My smartmeter was installed a little over a month ago. I can’t say for sure what is going on in our home is from it, or something else. But the clear facts are that we haven’t had any problems until after it was installed. Smoke detectors going off for no apperant reason, only for like two seconds. Batteries are new, and we have even installed new ones, seven to be exact. The appliances are malfunctioning, and these are newer appliances as well, but we now need to buy new ones? The cable box’s are spazzing out, sounding like they are frying. Called Dish Network to come take a look just today. Headaches, migraines that just will not go away, massive nosebleeds galore! It’s humid and rainy here in Houston, so it isn’t from the cold. Lights flickering all the time. It does concern me, as nothing has ever happened all at once as this has since it was just installed. Waiting on the next bill to see if we actually saved some bucks. I would also like to think what we are experiencing isn’t from the smartmeter, but it just seems too coincidental.

  39. dumbo says:

    I don’t know anything about the smart meters. What I have learned so far from the comments is that the jury is still out on if and how the devise could harm our health. They are installed mainly to to control costs and add to the profit margin of the utility companies.

    If we still value lives (human and animal) over money, why can’t we gather more data before arriving at a conclusion? It may turn out that after all, the devise is safe for the majority, give or take some unpleasant symptoms caused by the emissions. Or we may find out that we should have never used any of them, because people, animals, bees and bats are made gravely ill by these meters.

    What is the great rush to install a questionable and potentially lethal instrument across the entire nation? The analogy here is: approving a new drug before testing/trials on human/or animal subjects. Would you pop a pill not knowing if it will heal or kill?

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  42. Concerned person says:

    I have read a few of your posts and stories concerning smart meters. Most of the stories I’ve read concerning health related problems are about people with pacemakers or cancer, but has anyone ever discussed miscarriages?
    FPL placed a smart meter on my home in October 2011. We had received a postcard prior to this telling us that one was being installed as part of their attempt at increasing energy efficiency, but nothing mentioning our right to opt out or anything about the possible detrimental effects it may or may not have.
    My husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first child in December 2011, right before Christmas. We went to our first well baby visit to find that our baby’s heart beat was dangerously lower than normal, about 30 bpm rather than 150. Our Dr. said it was likely a problem with cardiac development and that we would likely miscarry. My husband and I were devastated to say the least. A week later, our baby’s heartbeat stopped. I tried taking medication to speed along the expulsion process, but it did not work, and I ultimately had to undergo surgery.
    During this whole process, a friend of ours brought up the topic of smart meters and some of the issues he had read about. We immediately began looking at some of the research, and decided exercise our right to opt out as per Florida law. FPL agreed to remove our smart meter and install a regular digital meter instead.
    I know that radiation can affect fetal development, which is why healthcare professionals ask if a woman is pregnant prior to taking X-rays. I am curious if the amount of radiation these smart meters supposedly put out could have had an affect on my baby’s development, thereby leading to my eventual miscarriage. I have not found any concrete information concerning this topic, but I am sure that I am not the first person to bring it up. Additionally, for those who post to this comment, please be kind as this is a touchy subject, and it has taken me over a month to even begin to speak about outside my family and close friends.

    • Paul H. says:

      I feel anguish for your loss. According to Barrie Trower, microwave weapons expert, the emissions from all wireless devices are dangerous. There are a number of sources of microwave radiation that most are unaware of. The only way to find the source of your problem would be to test your home for rf radiation. I would suggest buying a Gigahertz Solutions meter. It has an audible and digital readout for easier detection. I prefer the 38B because it has a peak hold function and it is directional. You will notice the pulses from wifi, cell phones, baby monitors, and chordless phone base stations are quite strong.
      There is plenty of “concrete” proof that this type of radiation harms us on a biological level.
      Go to http://www.magdahavas.com for scanned documents.
      Here is a video from Barrie Trower discussing the effects on the Fetus.

    • Sorina says:

      The problem is that the Smart Meter is wire-less and therefore not compatible with your analogue meter. It has been proven, that the electromagnetic pulses
      are not as stated by the Electrical Co.only a few seconds per whatever they say, but the pulses entering your home is 24/7. This means all day. Your body will be exposed to carcinogens, that are harm full to any one whether old, young pregnant women, even plants ,bees and a host of other problems have been recorded.It’s obvious, that the Electrical Co. protects their interest, and will be denied by their researchers. Doctors, Scientists and electrical Engineers mean business when they are in agreement that these meters should not be used.

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  44. Ryan says:

    I am interested in the safety of these meters, but have just one question, do you have any factual information related to the levels that are put out by these meters? I have been looking through your site and have yet to find one mention of factual information about the transmission levels.

    Have there been any independent studies done on this or is this all based on opinion? I would be willing to contribute to a fund established for this research.

  45. Stop Minnesota Meters says:

    Here is a link to a video of a smart water meter in Saint Paul, Minnesota to provide you with some factual information. You can see the readings and hear when the pulses are. I have seen quite a few of these types of videos on various websites. I’m sure that there are some others on this website. Water meters, I believe, are not as bad as electrical meters, but still have pretty strong pulses. I was the person with the video camera, and Damon Coyne, a Building Biologist and EMF expert in Minnesota, is the one in the video with the meter.

  46. Nick says:

    Interesting discussion on this site…
    I’m from the UK, I dont know how different our smart meters are, but it sounds like they do a similar thing. I’m all up for my energy company knowing all about my consumption habits – that will help predict electricity generation and help reduce wasted power consumption.
    – When you turn on a light, that doesnt instantly fire up a coal, nuclear or gas fired power station into generating more power – that power must be there ready for you to use. To make that possible that there is typically a 10% over production of electricity – if energy producers can use my consumption data to reduce that to 1% or 2% thats quite a significant energy saving.
    As for wanting to opt out – I’m sure you could get the electricity disconnected and not have to worry. 😉

    • admin says:

      @Nick Well, all you folks in the UK have got your FREE opt-out, so look into it further before you go whole hog: stopsmartmeters.org.uk is the UK-specific site about smart meters.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      Supposedly from what I have read, the meters in the UK are different from what we use here in the U.S.
      You meters differ because they do not use a mesh network that communicates to the utility. Each of your meters has their own transmitter and frequency that transmits directly to the utility, meaning that the radio gear is much more powerful in each meter.
      But the way that the power plants operate is the same, no matter what fuel is used.
      The power plants generate AC power, and they have to keep the plants operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
      At night, there is less demand on the grid, and grid operators can reduce output a bit at night, but yes it is true, even in the UK, they have to keep those plants running 24 hours a day.
      The reason being is, it is far to costly to shut down a generation facility and then fire it back up in a day. So your theory about the smart meters being able to save energy, anywhere in the world is not reality. Perhaps you have been brainwashed by the UK “thought police”.
      The problem is, the choice to use AC current was kind of a mistake as far as storing electricity. Alternating current cannot be stored, so whatever AC current that is generated at night and not used is wasted. There is no way around that. But, if that unused AC power could be rectified to Direct Current (DC), it could be stored in expensive batteries at night, then inverted back to AC for use the next day. All the components like inverters, batteries and rectifiers are very expensive and lossy, meaning that they are only about 80 percent efficient combined. That is why nobody is doing it.
      And there is new technology that is being tested, like the Bonnieville Power Authority in Oregon is using bricks and water heaters to store heat energy in residential applications. The ratepayers are subsidizing experiments that cost around $1000 for controls and large water heaters being installed in 300 houses to test the effectiveness of storing energy as heat. Again, very expensive.
      So Nick, I’m sorry to inform you that you have been fooled about the smart meters. The sole purpose of the smart meter program is to automate meter reading and eliminate good jobs, and later, gouge ratepayers even more when the start the time differential pricing schemes. Here where I live (northern California) our private utility provider (PG&E) is boasting to their employees that starting in 2014, they will raise the rates up to $1 per kilowatt/hour between the hours of 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. It’s all about gouging the ratepayers, not about saving energy at all.
      That is the main reason that many people (myself included) would never opt in to such a program. If you are smart, you will just say no to SmartMeter !

  47. blerg says:

    They installed these things in Canada and everybody is getting a 100-200% increase in rates overnight. One guy was on vacation for an entire month with his house empty/no lights and gas heat, yet his bill still tripled. WTF. Total scam

  48. Renee says:

    Looking back at all the comments, 99% are against this meter. health effects, privacy and high billing and more comments coming in world wide. Why is it so hard to convince Hydro that these meters are bad news. Well could it be for some other purpose with a name tag ‘ULTIMATE CONTROL’? How about N.W.O. Just think about it., the plan for these meters is world wide. Cozy every one under the same umbrella of the smart meter, plus its three different chips .Two we know about, but how about the third????
    We then become no more than slaves to corporations. Sounds a lot what Hitler had in mind, except he did not succeed. He self destruct. We must fight for freedom and it starts with the “Smart Meter”. or settle for ultimate control. My dad always pointed out to his children, that power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately.

    • Coreen says:

      I think that we are missing the whole point. We are controlled by corporations who hold all of the world riches. “Rothchilds ” is one of them, who owns some 80 % of the worlds wealth. They could feed all the hungry and homeless in the world and still have money left. Why is there such a desire to control the masses and decide for their destinies? Over population has been mentioned many times, but is the world really over populated? No I don’t think so. You can be flying over Canada, Australia and many other parts in the world and not see any live at all. With some effort from the rich, no one needs to go to bed hungry, we just need the support to spread out more. The 1% of elite sooner or later will sink, and the other 99% will have the victory. As for the “Smart Meter”? It is just another way of control over the masses, just think of it. world wide?
      To what purpose? To feed their ignorance and fear to lose what they got. . Freedom and Democracy is worth fighting for. Having lived in very under developed countries for a while and see the poor living in holes in the streets, I can only say, this will not go on forever as long we allow it. My teachings in life from my parents was: Power corrupts, and ultimate power corrupts ultimately Hitler had ideas but did not succeed, he took his own live, and I’m sure if we could hear his last words, would it not have been. I should have done this differently? Too many people suffered on my hands>

    • Shannon says:

      99% are against it because they are on a site against it.

    • Disturbed says:

      We are led to believe, that these meters the ” Analogue” that is , belong to the Electric co., but I beg to differ. For years we have paid through the nose for these meters over and over again. don’t tell me that they belong to Hydro, is there any sign which states their ownership? I don’t think so. Therefore they may supply the energy, but let’s not forget they use B.C.water. Not only that, Hydro is a public utility. So we should be charging them for use of our waters.
      Not realistic, but some food for thought. ” THEY REMOVE THE METER, THEY ARE TRESPASSING” THEY ENTERED WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. Let them in writing from outside sources confirm the safety of these “Smart Meters”.

  49. Marianna says:

    Hello everyone,
    I just found the flyer regarding the STOPSMARTMETERS. I reside in the City of Burbank (CA) and 4 months ago we were advised that a Burbank Water and Power technician would have come to install the smart meters.
    Until now, our bill has been fine, none of us got any physical problem. I wanted to say something regarding the environmental issue. Bees, like you were saying are mostly dying not because of smart meters but because of CELLPHONE use.
    If you all are worried then throw your phones away. Not to mention the fact that the majority of pollution comes from INSIDE our home. The materials that are used to built furniture and homes themselves are not that great for our health!
    There are so many things that are “bad” for us in our daily environment that we do not even think about…if these smart meters are “bad” for us then let’s publish some studies, some data…we need to change the way we think about the world…the corporations only reflect the thought of the collective consciousness… it seems easier to blame others but the real problem comes from inside our way to think.
    Please any of you…publish concrete studies!
    Thank you

  50. Elizabeth Thode says:

    To Concerned Florida Person,
    Please accept my deep condolences on your loss. I was pregnant and lost my daughter at nearly 32 weeks. Having read the research, I now believe that micro wave radiation played a role. If you would like more information on what else I discovered- feel free to email me at:


    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      If you are worried about microwave radiation in your home, please get rid of your microwave oven.
      SmartMeters, mobile phones and conventional Wi-Fi do not use microwave.
      There is a new Wi-Fi system that supposedly does use low powered “scattered” microwave transmissions in the 5 gigahertz range. It is very low powered and only transmits a signal about 9 feet.
      The scattered microwave used for the new Wi-Fi must be above 5 GHz and very low powered, otherwise it could possibly interfere with other wireless devices like SmartMeters , mobile phones, automation systems etc. etc. if it was used in the lower frequencies. The FCC makes the rules, but it is not to protect the public, it is to protect the corporations who manufacture and sell electronic products from interference that could squelch $ales.

  51. Marianna,

    Thanks for taking the time to look into what all the fuss is about.

    Bee colony collapse disorder did begin in places before Smart Meters were installed, so no one is claiming Smart Meters have killed all the bees. The “official” word is that pesticides are killing the bees. Cell towers are likely contributors, but throwing away your phone will not make a difference.

    You seem to understand that we are indeed living in a toxic world, even in our own homes. We can choose to purchase toxic cleaning products, pressed formaldahyde furniture, compact fluorescent lightbulbs, processed additive-filled “food” or lawn/garden products that poison our yards. Or we can choose the safer alternatives. The same goes for electric meters. Keeping your Smart Meter is a choice you are free to make. Researching the KNOWN health effects of radio frequency radiation is also a choice you can make. Measuring the RF in and around your home is also up to you.

    I know a number people like yourself who are waiting for “peer reviewed science” to spell things out nice and neatly. That waiting game is going to get boring, trust me. We’ve looked at the existing research, we’ve measured the actual Smart Meter pulses, and we trust people when they say they are suffering after SMs have been installed.

    These choices are yours to make.

  52. Joe says:

    And people wonder why America keeps going deeper into the sewer. Look in the mirror and you’ll see why America is going in the crapper. Get some facts people, there are bigger more troubling issues than a Smart Meter. Funny how people used to think AM/FM radios was a hazard to their health.

    Smart meters were installed in my neighborhood 6 months ago, energy costs are lower, no one is the neighborhood is experiencing ill effects, headaches, plenty of bees.

    • soapbox jill says:

      is this a scientific survey of yr neighborhood?
      what about people getting ill who don’t know it yet?
      what about people getting ill who don’t know the reason?
      nothing is bigger than a smart meter problem if that is the factor that put you over the threshhold to electro-sensitivity and yr utility refuse to accomodate you. Nothing.

    • Paul H says:

      How many households did you speak with? What questions did you ask? What was your motivation to speak with people in your neighborhood about a subject not found in normal day to day conversations?

      Did you ask if they were waking up instantly, around 2 0r 3am, like they drank a pot of coffee and couldn’t get back to sleep for a couple of hours? Are they sleeping 8 hours or 4 at a time? How about waking up dizzy? Or severe tinnitus? Frequent migranes located on the top of their heads? Dimentia or memory loss?

      It took me a week to survey 39 homes. I found 32 of them experienced problems within the time period of smart meter installations. The other 5 have always had problems so I didn’t count them . The remaining 2 said they didn’t experience any problems at all.

      I not only have first hand experience with the death meter, but also have access to over 5,000 studies showing the ill affects.

      Do a simple survey and just ask your loved ones if they experience any of the above.

      • Joe says:

        100 homes surveyed, zero health issues.

        • Paul H says:

          Ya right! It’s easy pickings. Unless you are asking “Does your smart meter give you health problems? Err duh?”
          I gave up due to so many having problems. Most think they are just getting old. Waking up at 3 or 4 am and can’t get back to sleep?

          “100 homes surveyed, no health issues” This is an incredible statement, because every one of my 39 homes had insomnia. I couldn’t count 7 of these surveyed due to them having a problem outside of the smart meter installation timeline.

          • Joe says:

            Shame you can’t open your mind to the idea that smart meters are not affecting people. We are over 500 homes surveyed, got a few friends involved who thought smart meters are harmful. Our list of questions is very comprehensive, we drop the survey off and it is returned via mail, at our expense. A truly unique event where the community has come together to get the facts. It has opened a lot of eyes and is making people think twice about an issue before taking a mob mentality.

        • Paul H says:

          I can just see you now going door to door for such a nonissue, in your mind at least. 100 homes….Laugh

  53. XYZ says:

    If a electric smart meter will save me money why don’t they make smart gas pump meters.

  54. Bette Marley says:

    I just recieved my first bill from Florida Light & Power (FPL) for my manufactured 1000 Sq Ft home in Indian County Florida. We left for the West Coast Apr 17 and turned off all power to the home except for the a/c which has a built in de-humidifier. We left it on 80 and humidity control on 65. Our bill went from $154 to $457. FPL installed a smart meter on Apr 3. Last time we had a smart meter installed was PG&E in Calif and our bill went down a bit. Now it has gone from appox 20kwh per day (while wer were home)to 127 while we are gone! Haven’t been able to contact them yet at FPL and will be very interested in what they have to say……

  55. Shannon says:

    It would take 1000 years to get the same amount of radiation from the smart meter that you’d get from using your cell phone in a typical month. Do your calculations first before you spout off a bunch of BS. And everyone who is on here listening to them you should be ashamed for not calculating yourselves. Stop depending on others to make your decisions. You should be more worried going through the airport.

    • What many of us have come to understand about the biological effects caused by RF is there are no calculations that can effectively compare the potential harm from different sources of RFR, or predict how quickly a certain device will generate ill effects in the living things nearby. The impulsivity and digital nature of the transmissions renders any antiquated safety “guidelines” completely useless.

      Once you or someone you love have been wounded by pulsed RF (or any EMR for that matter), there is no going back to sleep on this issue. No calculations or “fact sheet” will get your old life back.

      We evolved within an electromagnetic environment determined by the earth’s magnetic field, the radiation from the sun, and that which comes from outer space. These sources are relatively constant, and include the entire range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Now we’re getting blasted by a few specific frequencies that we know can be harmful.


      Even if you make your own calculations, you aren’t immune to getting microwaved.

      • Shannon says:

        FUD- Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. This is why this site even exists. I’m just saying don’t believe everything you read.

        Pulsed radio-frequency that comes from smart meters is the same thing that is currently emerging in the medical field as a treatment for tumors and cardiac arrhythmias. Are you going to refuse medical treatment too?

        • Paul H says:

          Would you agree that too much of anything, with a biological effect, is not healthy. Spinach is good for you, right? If you consumed it night and day you would get sick. The same goes for electromagnetic fields. The problem is that we can’t see, smell, taste, or hear it. We had a choice not to be exposed to it before the smart meter, but now most everyone is blanketed 24/7 with this type of pulsed radiation. Lead paint is in the same class 2b category, so why should we be exposed to it 24/7?

          Here is a favorite video of mine from the late Dr. Ted Litovitz, EMR research scientist explaining his findings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lAFbQqyVio

        • soapbox jill says:

          focused controlled beneficial treatment show rf HAS BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS. It can even kill cancer cells. So, apply logic please. What are the effects then in a totally uncontrolled haphazard explosion of RF from smart meters and other sources? Biological effects exist even at very low, controlled, beneficial levels. It is illogical to say there are only effects in controlled situations.

  56. Richard says:

    Better get a helmet, Shannon… it’s like banging your head against a wall 🙂

    There are very few posters (but there *are* a few!) that are willing to listen. But misuse/misunderstanding of math and the units related to exposure has been a problem; and less so with time, I believe.

    The knowledge to be gained from this site and the studies cited is interesting to me; and the reports of electrohypersensitivity (EHS) are intriguing; but the misuse of the information is, well, either amusing or scary.

    • Paul H says:

      The bad news is spreading. People waking up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep is a big problem here. It all starts after a smart meter is installed. The not so funny thing is that people don’t know they have a smart meter. The news won’t tell them of this problem but it seems that most everyone has it lately. Just look up “smart meter sleep problems”.

      Are you familiar with brainwaves and the frequency of sleep? If not check this site out.

      If microwaves are absorbed by water and the brain is 77-78% water, would it make sense that an electromagnetic pulsed wave oscillating at 900 million times per second (900 MHz) disturb the brains sleep wave of .1-4 times per second(.1-4Hz)?

      Did you know that the body is electric?

      Richard, you can say all you want to defend your point or try to make us look silly, but the truth will always prevail. We aren’t making this stuff up. I would have stopped spreading the word a long time ago if this was a lie. If you work for the power companies you might want to conduct your own surveys. There is going to be a lot of upset people once they find that the smart meter is the cause of their problems.

      • Shannon says:

        I probably have a lot more knowledge about brain waves than that website could teach you.

        • Paul H says:

          Then my comment makes sense to you? You now understand or did you already have it figured out, but didn’t share.

      • Richard says:

        >> “Did you know that the body is electric?”

        No, I didn’t know that… Now, where did I put those batteries?

        And did you know that you get your energy from the chemical potential stored in the food you eat. Yes, Paul, I’m aware.

        >> “… say all you want to defend your point or try to make us look silly…”

        Make you look silly, Paul? How?…By disagreeing? I make no jokes about tin foil hats or paranoia. So, just how, Paul?

        >> “…the truth will always prevail.”

        Yes, it will 🙂

        • Paul H says:

          Burrying my comment? Your loved ones will be effected. It isn’t personal, just the truth. I know it’s your job to spread misinformation, but sometimes you have to let the right thing happen. My information is for our country as I see that so many people are being effected. It’s now difficult to find anyone that doesn’t wake up wide awake in the middle of the night and then can’t get back to sleep after having a smart meter installed.

          I almost forgot to follow up with a link since my internet has been shut down three times while trying to respond.

          • Richard says:

            >> “Burrying my comment?”

            Huh? What does this mean?

            “…will be effected”
            “…are being effected”

            …it’s affected, not effected. Just FYI 🙂

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        Besides high powered focused communications, radar and microwave ovens, I just saw a commercial on TV that was advertising using microwaves to kill termites in houses.
        Microwaves are powerful, they cook and kill things in their path, it’s a good thing that mobile phones and SmartMeters do not use microwave, otherwise, we would really be in a world of hurt.

        • Paul H says:

          Wifi and microwave ovens both share the same frequency oscillating at 2.4 billion times per second (2.4GHz) and a wavelength of 12 cm (4.85 inches), the only difference is power. For you at home that own a wifi and microwave oven, place them together and turn both on. Next try and use your computer. Are you getting a poor if any signal? Yes, you will.
          The data packet riding on the wifi is recognized by the cell as a threat. I can explain more if you don’t get it.

        • Paul H says:

          Dr George Carlo, scientist that was paid $28.5 million by the cell phone companies to do the research. Explains the disruption of cellular communication when in contact with cell phone frequencies. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6197753408372505873

    • Shannon says:

      I’m not banging my head… I’m not trying to convert, just trying to inform. I know that the views on this site won’t really change. I’m just a college student with a calculator and peer-reviewed data. Many people, including a lot of you reading this, will not go search out this information and make calculations yourself. You’d rather believe what people tell you. We’re taught to question authority, and if this were a political site it would be [insert flame war here], or [insert snide Obama joke], but when someone says “hey I think that blah blah blah because a;lskdjfakjghlKSDFNA” we are expected to believe it right away? Question everything, people, including what the masses say. The masses aren’t always right. Come on.

      • Richard says:

        >> “I’m not trying to convert, just trying to inform.”

        Yeah, that’s how it starts…But I’m telling you: Get a helmet 🙂

        >> “Question everything, people, including what the masses say. The masses aren’t always right.”

        I think they are doing just that. They have pushed the local utility (PG&E) on the wattage and transmission specs of the SmartMeters. To what end, I’m not sure, but they have been questioning “the masses” (i.e., the utilities).

        Don’t get me wrong, Shannon…I share your skepticism, but I hold open the possibility that a small segment of the population may, in fact, be EHS. I just want to see the hypothesis tested, but they stonewall that proposal because it would be too difficult to isolate the cause of any measurable effect – see comments here – https://stopsmartmeters.org/2012/05/29/meters-removed-in-prescott-az-after-mayor-intervenes/ – and so it goes…

        • Shannon says:

          A small portion of the population being sensitive would be similar to having a disability; you would need to make accommodations for that. Not rip out the whole system.

          • Richard says:

            Agreed, but the utility’s accommodation comes in the form of a (punative) fee-based “opt out” … Is that fair?

          • What if the system were making people disabled? That might be justification for ripping the whole thing out…

          • Paul H says:

            What if it’s not a “small portion”. Autism just jumped from 1 in 105 to 1 in 88 kids now have it.
            Here is a study on the central nervous system.

            Would it make sense if women were getting breast cancer from microwaves being amplified by 20db when it hits the wire in their bra? They are in the shape of a satellite dish focusing into the breast.
            Everyone seems to be looking for a cure and nobody is looking for the cause.

            Ask your friends if they wake up in the middle of the night wide awake and can’t get back to sleep for an hour or two. Then ask if they have a smart meterIt will surprise you.

          • soapbox jill says:

            those sensitized are canaries in the mine for all. and how would a wireless-lover such as yourself make any accomodations? it is not like tobacco smoke, it goes thru walls.

      • Paul H says:

        Masses with evidence aren’t always right? The sky isn’t blue? Those of us that have experienced the torment of the smart meter are growing. This isn’t just affecting a couple of people. Once the meter is removed all symptoms vanish.
        I’ll post the question again…
        If microwaves are absorbed by water and the brain is 77-78% water, would it make sense that an electromagnetic pulsed wave oscillating at 900 million times per second (900 MHz) disturb the brains sleep wave of .1-4 times per second(.1-4Hz)?

        • Shannon says:

          Has it been proven by hundreds of thousands of experiments? Okay then.

        • Joe says:

          Its called dielectric heating. The microwaves agitate the water molecules, which causes them to collide and heat the water. There is no absorption.

          Science is an amazing thing to learn about, but those with only half the story often make an incorrect solution.

          • Joe says:

            I should have said.

            “those with only half the story often make an incorrect conclusion.”

          • Redi Kilowatt says:

            And what do microwaves have to do with SmartMeters Joe ?
            Microwave communication is used in the “backhaul” or trunking of some mobile devices in remote locations in place of fiber optic and broadband cable, but not used in the individual wireless devices themselves.

          • Paul H. says:

            Ok, people I need help.
            Joe’s statement claims that a microwave(300MHz-300GHz) in the microwatt range aimed at a wall of water will pass through because it is not absorbed or deflected.

            I guess my patent pending won’t work.

          • Paul H says:

            Hey Joe,
            Here is the definition of absorption via wikipedia.

            “In physics, absorption of electromagnetic radiation is the way in which the energy of a photon is taken up by matter, typically the electrons of an atom. Thus, the electromagnetic energy is transformed to other forms of energy for example, to heat.”


            Ok Joe?

  57. Oklahoma says:

    I have experienced chronic insomnia since the “smart meter” was installed. This along with Dramatic price increase. I have experimented with not turning any air conditioning on this year (despite the heat), and ironically I received the SAME AMOUNT BILLED as this time LAST YEAR, when I used no ac this year, but DID use AC last year. Price increase, faulty equipment, ZERO benefit to the CONSUMER. Yet the Consumer is ultimately PAYING for the CORPORATIONS GREED. Corporations need to go back to conducting ETHICAL business. As for those that smugly shrug off any physical/ electro experience by people, consider that some people may be more SENSITIVE to ENERGY sources/fields. I happen to be a person that experiences things such as lights flickering, street lights going off, laptop batteries failing, watch batteries failing, all long before they should. Which has been scientifically proven that some are more SENSITIVE TO ELECTRO fields. Also for those of you in Cali, do any of you recall that it was PG&E that tried to sell to the residents that the “Chromium” that was disposed of into their water supplies as “GOOD FOR THEM”, that it would not harm them? Do any of you recall that each of the people affected suffered VARIED AILMENTS. Please all should remember and not FORGET.

  58. we need to stop this now! now they are effecting our animals! its so sad what is happening! please help us fight! http://www.w4ar.com is the website with all kinds of info! our animals are suffering also! its so sad to see some of the horrific pictures and stories of the poor and innocence of our best friends that we all love! pauline holeton shelby twp mich! please join us in the fight for all of our freedoms!

    • soapbox jill says:

      people who know their animals see it’s effects. such as our dog that developed mysterious sodium potassium and adrenal imbalance after 3rd sent of smart meters went into neighborhood. I mentioned rf exposure to vet, who poohpoohed it. but he had no idea WHY the pet was ill, and ultimately had to be put down. Other pets have unexplained loose stools, clumsiness, nervous habits. Chronic pulsed RF should be considered as a factor (not the only one). But to IGNORE it is not wise.

  59. TJ says:

    Last time I checked, the local water department is not listed on my mortgage. 1. No one will set foot in my home to install one of these. 2. If they somehow found a way to sneak it in, I would disable it. My existing water meter works just fine as is.

    Safe or not–my point is that I’m exercising my right to safeguard my home against unwarranted intrusion on my property and I encourage all home-owners to do the same. What are they going to do? Cut off everyone’s water supply? Throw everyone in jail for refusing installation or paying an opt-out for something we never opted in for?

    People need to understand that our power to protect our rights is simply in our numbers. Stand together and we will keep our rights. It is quite simple in that regard. Sometimes a little civil disobedience is called for. Otherwise, we will continue to see our personal rights chipped away more and more until we are fully owned by corporations. And I’m not a conspiracy nut–just an observer who has enough sense to see what is happening.

  60. Tn says:

    To all the people here against smart meters. Smart meters emit RF radiation at a low power for a very short period only a few times per day. RF power attenuates exponentially the further it is away from the source. They are safe… especially compared to your cell phone which YOU HOLD AGAINST YOUR FACE.

    Plus, smart meters allow real-time data to be collected so we can understand our usage patterns better and adjust to save energy. Also, think of all the gasoline and man-hours saved from not needing someone to drive around all over the place and check the meters at each house. People should be doing better jobs than this. It is a technology that will save energy, help the economy, and improve our lives.

    Maybe you should focus on the real problems to our health, like pollution from fossil fuel emissions, instead of this ridiculous fantasy idea that smart grid meters will kill you.

    • Paul H says:

      1.”Fossil fuel”? Fossils don’t produce oil.
      2.The smart grid emmisions are wreaking havoc on sleep.
      3.We don’t sleep with a cell phone held near to our head.
      4. Get over thermal affects, it’s caveman science.
      5. The smart meter emits more than just a few times a day.
      6. The smart grid killing us is not a “fantasy idea”.
      7. Pollution from “fossil fuels” are not pouring into your bedroom while you sleep. The smart grid does.
      8. The smart meter uses more energy than an analog meter.
      9. Unlike the rest of the appliances on the market, the smart meter is not UL certified so how do we know it’s safe.

      • Richard says:

        Paul – I’m gonna suggest that you quit while you’re ahead (assuming that’s what you think), because your beginning to sound like a profoundly uneducated…um…caveman.

        • Paul H says:

          Let me guess… You take issue with the remark regarding fossil fuels. I am not educated with lies from a 16th century German mineralogist telling us that oil is made from millions of years of plant life. No, I don’t believe my ancestors were once pond scum. No, I don’t believe in the global warming scam. I believe that the sun warms the earth. I do believe that “climate change” is four seasons.
          I have had my fill of political correctness. I have found that most of the ailments we face today are from man made electromagnetic radiation. I have watched a relative become healthy again, after 30 years of illness, due to removal of low level wireless radiation. The doctors are taught to treat a certain way. Their hands are bound with restrictions of what they can do and say. Everyone is looking for a cure but no one seems to look for a cause. It’s just another money scam with the directors making millions from charities all in the name of “finding a cure”. It’s all a bunch of B.S..
          I’m sure yourself and others like you would like to ban my beliefs along with our evidence.

        • Paul H says:

          If you are “educated” to believe lies, what level of value is there to “education”?
          So far I’ve heard the “educated” say:
          “There is no affect if it’s not thermal”.
          “We are running out of oil”
          “Co2 causes the earth to become warm”
          “My ancestors were monkeys”
          All lies!

    • By going over all the comments, I think that most of you are missing the point.
      First of all, it has been proven, that the “Smart Meter”, pulsates 24/7 carcinogens, that
      are entering your homes. The reason for that, it is wire- less. Actually the meter is not a meter at all, but a “Transmitter “It reports everything that goes on inside your homes.
      Scientists, Doctors and Electrical Engineers, including some Politicians ,feel that these contraptions are of a high risk to the public. Causing illnesses and fires not to forget your privacy is invaded. Break down of appliances is a common occurrence. So if you like to know more, log in to http://www.citizensforsafetechnology.com , and you will be well on your way. Good Luck!

  61. Randy says:

    I purchased a home and moved to Davenport, Florida from Ohio in February of 2012. Since moving into my new home I have been unable to sleep, I am generally more ill than I have been in my entire life. I have had an intense ringing in my ears and am generally depressed and have headaches. In addition, though I was not taking blood pressure medication for over a year I had managed to change my diet and found that it was no longer necessary to take it. Once I moved into my house my blood pressure started to rise uncontrollably. I am now taking nearly twice the amount of medication that I took before I moved here.

    I am aware of the effects of Electromagnetic fields and RF radiation. I knew there had to be some kind of an RF or Electromagnetic disturbance because my internet is constantly interrupted and I am unable to stream Net Flicks on my television even though I have the best WiFi system available. About a month after I started having problems I noticed that I had a junction box in my back yard that provides power to approximately four houses including my own. I thought this might have been the problem and considered shielding. Then, while listening to a radio show yesterday, I listened to a woman vehemently describe many of the health problems that I started having the moment I moved into my house and then stated that we must stop the installation of Smart Meters as they are causing tremendous health problems. I thought that my house, being 30 years old, would most likely not have a smart meter as there would be no need to change it and the neighborhood is quite old. I went to the side of my house and sure enough, there was a smart meter installed.

    I can only attribute the significant changes in my health and the steady decline to the smart meters that are installed in my neighborhood! I am only 49 years old and I walk five miles a day and also lift weights to stay in shape but I find it increasingly difficult to even motivate myself to do these activities. I am also suffering with what can only be described as a brain fog and a total lack of energy.

    I hold the equivalent of a PhD and am quite fond of research. It took very little effort to research the articles written about the SIGNIFICANT dangers of the smart meter. Including:

    *Sleep problems (insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, night waking, nightmares)
    *Stress, agitation, anxiety, irritability
    *Headaches, sharp pain or pressure in the head
    *Ringing in the ears, ear pain, high pitched ringing
    *Concentration, memory or learning problems
    *Fatigue, muscle or physical weakness
    *Disorientation, dizziness, or balance problems
    Eye problems, including eye pain, pressure in the eyes,
    *Cardiac symptoms, heart palpitations, heart arrhythmias, chest pain
    *Leg cramps, or neuropathy
    Arthritis, body pain, sharp, stabbing pains
    *Nausea, flu-like symptoms
    Sinus problems, nose bleeds
    *Respiratory problems, cough, asthma
    *Skin rashes, facial flushing
    *Urinary problems
    ?Endocrine disorders, thyroid problems, diabetes
    * High blood pressure
    Changes in menstrual cycle
    Hyperactivity or changes in children’s behavior
    Recurrence of cancer

    I have placed an asterisk beside the problems that I have encountered on a continual basis since I moved here.

    • Stop Minnesota Meters says:

      I hope you turned off your wifi and quit using your cell phone and went back to land lines from cordless phones. These are part of the problem if you are EHS as well.

    • Joe says:

      Funny how people who say they have a PhD, don’t tell you what type of PhD they earned. Kills their “I’m smarter than you because I have a PhD” credibility.

      Science, learn it, get the whole story.

      • Paul H says:

        “Its called dielectric heating. The microwaves agitate the water molecules, which causes them to collide and heat the water. There is no absorption.

        Science is an amazing thing to learn about, but those with only half the story often make an incorrect solution.”

        Joe, from reading your comments, the word “science” seems to be your interpretation of how you view it. Which is fine, but standing on the side of “no affect or inconclusive” is like rewarding the homicide detective for not determining the cause of death. Especially when he is shown video of what happened.

        • Joe says:

          Well Paul that’s your “unique” interpretation, not mine.

          We’ve gone out to the real world to observe and question, then continue to draw logical conclusions using known facts applied to our ever increasing data set. That is science, and our data clearly points to smart meters are much to do about nothing. If we gather data that disagrees with our conclusion, we will reevaluate.

          I’m sorry if you disagree with our methods and conclusions.

          • Paul H says:

            I used your quote for an example. My comment explained how microwaves are absorbed by water and you told us that it wasn’t. You said that it was called dielectric heating and that I didn’t understand my science. Anyway, I have completed a scientific survey and found that there is a problem. I wouldn’t be here if I was just “armchair quarterbacking”.

            Your loved ones will be impacted by something you stand behind. I hope you look back at these times and see how wrong you were. This technology is deadly. I have witnessed damage family and friends. If you get a chance look up Barrie Trower and Curtiss Bennett. They gave declarations to the Oregon District Court.


          • Joe says:

            Dig a bit deeper Paul, those two guys aren’t who they say they are.

            Neither have published peer review journal articles, or freely state what university they received degrees.

          • Paul H says:

            The picture of Colby looks like that of an Occupy protester. His Googling skill of secret agencies that existed 60 years ago is not impressive to say the least. I guess he’s the one you’re standing behind? Talk about digging a hole….

            I’ll stand behind Barry and Curtiss, you can be with Colby’s one little shoddy article. Maybe you can smoke a joint together?
            Here’s Barrie in 2010 addressing the King of Botswana. Barrie is doing all this for free. Colby gets paid to Google.

          • Paul H says:

            Hey Joe, I don’t see Colby giving declarations under penalty of perjury like Curtiss Bennett. “They aren’t who they say they are”???? Say what you want Joe. You have no credibility here.


          • Paul H says:

            Another point I would like to make about Barrie and Curtiss. They are EXPERTS and not scientists. Here is another electrical engineer expert. Lloyd Morgan and his 38 years giving a declaration to the Oregon State District Court.


          • Joe says:

            Sorry Paul, the one lacking credibility here is your “expert” witnesses. We’ve done our own research on these two. Your assumption that I’m with the Occupy movement or willing to do drugs is sad. Kills your credibility and shows you have nothing but straws to grasp at and will believe anything without facts. sad sad sad.

            Trower was nothing more, no PhD, a than a self made fringe scientist with no peer reviewed publications or connections to scientific credibility. Someone who knows just enough about science to be dangerous, and who seems credible enough for those with little science background to believe.


            Paul we’re done here.

          • Joe says:

            And Paul, we’re still laughing at you. Costco is having a sale on foil, if you need a new hat.

          • Paul H says:

            32 out of 39 homes surveyed had noticed a noticable difference in their sleep within the time period of the smart meter installation. I have also had conversations with people visiting the area coming from homes that didn’t have a smart meter. 100% of the visitors were finding themselves having insomnia while in town. Here is more info on the biological impacts.

            I was able to help an individual that talked about death and would shake from experiencing cold flashes. They need warm blankets placed on them and family members were wondering when death would soon come. I surveyed the area for wireless radiation and bingo there was a wifi enabled router located within 10 feet of where this individual would spend lots of time. It was turned off and the cold flashes never came back, health was immediately restored. I have seen the problems with my own eyes. You may have a loved one that is ill from a wireless device propagating it’s death on them as you read this. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post links to important information, not intended for you.


          • Paul H says:

            32 out of 39 homes surveyed had noticed a noticable difference in their sleep within the time period of the smart meter installation. I have also had conversations with people visiting the area coming from homes that didn’t have a smart meter. 100% of the visitors were finding themselves having insomnia while in town. Here is more info on the biological impacts.

            I was able to help an individual that talked about death and would shake from experiencing cold flashes. They need warm blankets placed on them and family members were wondering when death would soon come. I surveyed the area for wireless radiation and bingo there was a wifi enabled router located within 10 feet of where this individual would spend lots of time. It was turned off and the cold flashes never came back, health was immediately restored. I have seen the problems with my own eyes. You may have a loved one that is ill from a wireless device propagating it’s death on them as you read this. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post links to important information, not intended for you.

  62. Tom says:

    These meters are the tool of the devil! My house gets 40 rods to the hogshead and that’s the way I likes it!

  63. Randy says:

    Even though their is much talk on this site about RF. I feel a much bigger problem is fire. Type in fires caused by Smart Meters to check out in your search engine. People have lost their homes plus a lot of people have had a lot of their in home electrical devices ruined after installation of a smart meter. Also some people have had their home owners insurance policy invalidated after a fire and the insurance company found out a non UL device was put on the house by the power company.
    A lot of UL testing would probably involve 10,000 amp testing. This could happen if the main power transformer shorted out or maybe caught fire. I believe if you tried to run 10,000 amps thru this meter with it’s little circuit board it would go down in flames. After all it does that without the help of 10,000 amps. These things need to be stopped.
    REFUSESMARTMETERS.COM has some nice labels and stickers about this to put by your meter to not install smart meter.

    • It's all about the money says:

      So the POWER COMPANY fits a device which when the POWER COMPANY tests the line it catches on fire? Err No.

      Also 10,000 Amps through to your house as a test? Are you joking, your house probably uses 15-20 Amps fuses/circuit breakers Maximum.

  64. st says:

    Something will always lower you life span and its not gonna the smart meter its gonna be the food you eat the fluid you drink and the air you breath fix those problems first.

  65. I will immediately arrest them and hold them until police come to haul them to jail and impound their vehicles. Trespassers with radiation devices beware and be very afraid.

  66. TRUTH says:

    The fact is your all arguing based on opinions there is no study done.

    Free Energy is possible, Gravity and Magnetism are equal but only in there inverse square law.

    They are so incredibly mismatched the you can derive power from the fact that they are not a product of matter but they are seperate forces.

    Just as we derive power from the difference in the strong and weak force of the atom this could just as easily be done with the other two forces.


    • Paul H says:

      Turn off Fox news? What if we don’t watch television? Is it ok if we immerse ourselves in this subject because we are affected by it? Does that bother you? Canadian electrical engineer Curtiss Bennett describes in detail what’s happening.


      You are deeply mistaken if you think this is a political site. We all happen to be part of the “study”. We ARE the experiment! This is very similar to what Hitler exposed anyone that stood against him went through. At least Hitler didn’t put his loyal followers through the living hell of a smart meter. Now should we all just keep quiet like they did in Nazi Germany?

  67. C says:

    I want that smart meter removed now, my light bill has tripled and they do cause fires, do we have any rights? It’s my house last time I checked.

  68. Linda Ipp says:

    Aside from all the “horrific” things these Smart Meters do to us, I would like to know where these were made. I’m guessing China !!!. Let’s keep them working USA and kill off us citizens.

  69. Ronny Rat says:

    Yeah PAUL … just like you said “ignorance is ‘bliss’ ” & it’s all over this thread. How dumb & blind can others be? Bless you brother, you’re a ‘champion’! Stay the course cuz they’re
    going to learn the hard way you were /are RIGHT! Kudos to your ‘patience’ here.

  70. xyz says:

    smart company or v profit me ja sakta hai but kuch kuch chije hai jiske karan sayad kuch kam profit hota hai smart company ko jaise ek tower hai smart ka jo village- chittardih, p.s- jamua, district- giridih, state jharkhand me hai or usme har month jarurat se kafi jada diesel ka paisa milta hai jis se landlord ko atleast 30 hazar ka profit hai sirf diesel chori kar ke bech ke or yahan pe koi jaruri nai hai itna diesel ka, yahan sirf kuch ache batteries laga ke tower ko ache se chalaya ja sakta hai becoz yahan pe 14 ghanta daily light rahta hai din or rat ko mila ke

  71. Stop Minnesota Meters says:

    Ok so we are checking into our electrical meters here, because it appears that in the Twin Cities area they have replaced all of the meters already on businesses with digital meters. Xcel Energy tells me that they are NOT smart meters, but of course I don’t trust them at all. They say that the meters are Cellnet meters, that just talk once per day to a satellite. He told me that my electrical meter at home is already a Cellnet meter, talking to the satellite once per day, so I already have the same technology. Soon they will be replacing the non-digital meters with digital ones, but he stressed that it would still be the same technology. What do you all think of this?

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      WOW !
      Cellnet meters ? That is a new one on me.
      These days the utility corporations call any meter a SmartMeter, even if it doesn’t transmit billing data on a radio SmartGrid or use a powerline carrier (PLC) that actually does use the electrical power grid to transmit the revenue collection data.
      I have not yet done an internet search of “Cellnet satellite electric meters”, but I think Xcel Energy may have fed you a line of bull dung.
      First off, for an electric meter to send data directly to a satellite, it would have to have a dish antenna, the same if SmartMeters used microwave, only the antenna would be larger and more like a feed horn (rectangular).
      And , if a Cellnet meter had a dish mounted on your property, you would see it, just like you would see a microwave antenna on your property if the meters actually did use microwave (and they don’t).
      And keep in mind that satellite and microwave communications are line of sight, trees, buildings and hills block the signals.
      I have set up up many satellite dishes for TV receivers, it’s a real pain in the ass unless you have a receiver that identifies the actual satellites by name, and you still need an accurate compass because each satellite has a different location in the sky.
      All of the SmartMeters that I have read about in technical and trade magazines report the total cumulative data of a meter once every four hours, that is the industry standard.
      Then, that data is sent to the central servers, and the computer extrapolates the four hour reading and breaks it down into hourly usage, they don’t really know exactly how much a meter used in any given hour, they just divide the once in four hour reading by four for TOU peak pricing purposes. It is not real time data that is sent to the utility, and it is not based on individual persons, just the collective cumulative reading once every fours of each meter.
      Why don’t you print out my post and send it to Xcel and see what they have to say about it. Maybe they can educate us both, because I am always curious and like to learn new things.

  72. Redi Kilowatt says:

    I looked up Cellnet meters.
    What I found was only marketing for a new system for commercial and industrial (C&I) meters. These are advanced meters like MV-90’s, for large commercial and industrial users, there was no mention at all of any Cellnet residential uses being marketed.
    They said that the system uses the CommStar MDX satellite, so that would explain the large satellite dishes seen on commercial and industrial buildings that have been in use for decades. Even supermarkets like Slaveway have used these dishes for years, not only for electric consumption but I was told that every dollar rung up on every cash register is transmitted to the corporate office. This is nothing new at all for C&I users, just a new brand name.

    • Stop Minnesota Meters says:
      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        Thank you for that short marketing link.
        I have read many marketing campaigns in the last few years about SmartMeters, and I have learned to pay close attention to the text. Nine times out of ten, the information is very misleading at best, but carefully written so as not to bring on lawsuits about false advertising.
        Look at the wording in that ad , there are couple of things that could be misconstrued.
        Like: ” The company is currently engaged in large scale commercial deployment using their wireless data network.”
        No mention of residential uses or satellite use CURRENTLY.
        And “Cellnet said it has the relationships today to offer services for all meter types, C&I and residential electric gas and water meters”.
        Relationships in place are the key words, because they are not doing it now, but have relationships with other corporations that MIGHT make it happen for Cellnet in the future.
        I very seriously doubt that any residential electric, gas or water meters are using a satellite system for the individual meters, C&I yes, residential NO.
        When Cellnet writes about their wireless network, they are most likely referring to a UHF radio system that they call a “mesh network or SmartGrid”.
        For residential users all across the country, the meters use either a PLC or a UHF wireless network, but they use broadband cable or fiber optics to transmit the billing data from the the data collectors to the main central servers. They sometimes do use microwave and satellite systems for the “backhaul” of data between the towers in remote areas.
        Take a look at any corporate commercial chain store building, even small operations like gas stations and 7-11 convenience stores, they all have at least one satellite antenna, more often two.
        These are the systems that report cash register sales and total electrical consumption in REAL TIME, so the corporate headquarters knows in real time how much money that is taken in and how much energy they are paying for to make the money.
        Many people get confused when they read misleading marketing claims by by sellers, and often think that advanced meters that have been in use for decades by C&I customers are the same meters that are used in residential automated meter reading.
        In residential, it is the utilities job to record cumulative billing data, and whatever the customer uses it for, it is the customers job to handle that. The utilities don’t know or care what the customer uses the energy for, that is the customers job to figure out (if they really want too).

  73. Ron Lentjes says:

    Holly Crap. Not more radiation. Let’s see. We now have all kinds. Cell phone microwaves, Nuclear testing radiation (was about evenly spread since when started), but now more from Japan (did you take your iodine pills? I hope you ignored the evil advice not to. You got so dam well roasted up North. Don’t eat tuna now), lets see then there is the small radiation from all fire alarms, all the cell phone towers and other communication towers, oh yes, wi-fi (that’s right, don’t connect your computer directly anymore with shielded cables – let all that radiation free – be free radiation to do you harm!), what else, Now the CFL with 40,000 Hz (to make it less flicker??) but now it RADIATES 40,000 Hz 100 or so VAC. Don’t forget your nervous system is electro-chemical as well. Try this, put about 20 or so rounds of wire around a CFL base and put a christmas tree light at the end. Now turn on the CFL. The christmas tree lights! Look no wires! What else… Leaking microwave ovens. Oh and HAARP! Other wise known as ionospheric heaters. Any odd storms coming by. (Hint, they sure seem to know in advance – and look at you meteorologic online sites – you can see HAARP in action. Hint: 2.5 Hz. Hint: Earthquake frequency. Hint: Human frequency. What else… Repeaters used in buildings. One building had 1000 times what I was taught in school many yonks ago as safe limit. And 3 repeaters in same building. Mmm so that’s 3000 times. Oh well. As a friend of mine suggested: Just keep rotating in your office chair. That way you get evenly baked on all sides. Shake’n Bake. Now if only they stop bom’n places so that we can lesson the alpha particle bullets to our DNA. Cheers, Ron Lentjes.

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  75. Di says:

    There you go.. poor me ringing for help.. calling apansa and even not knowing who they were..and writing in my book “panza” and then freaking out at the no help to any of my questions..and one gets answered which freaked me out even more..when I asked how the smart meters were tested..you do not want to know the answer. just watch this,

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  77. Jim says:

    After several months sitting in front of a Smart Meter located on the outside of my house but directly in front of where I was sitting in my studio about 3 feet away I suddenly noticed one day what looked like a burn on the right side of my neck. Shortly after that I began having trouble swallowing. To make a long story short after seeing a doctor I found out that I have a mass growing at the base of my tongue on the right side that is cancerous. I do not smoke and do not drink and x rays showed my lungs are clear. I now have to go through weeks of chemo and radiation to treat it. Not to mention having to pay a 250 dollar fine to Edison for tampering with their meter when I tried to replace it with a safe analog meter which I purchased on my own.

    Has anybody else experienced any health problems similar to mine?

  78. Murphy says:

    The most important point made is the effect on the Bee colonies by S. No Bees=Famine period. Bee colonies are vital to our food chain and have already been terribly disrupted.
    (No conspiracy, this is a verifiable fact from sources worldwide.) Effects on human health will be disputed and downplayed but straight forward documentation from bee keepers as to colony behavior after a deployment should be used to decide future deployment. I am not an environmentalist, just a realist. Ask any honest knowledgeable scientist and they will tell you bees are vital for our survival. Perhaps, there are alternate frequencies that may be used that will not adversely effect humans or bees? I don’t know the answer to this but it seemed like a question worth asking.

  79. Angelique says:

    I think we should have a choice either way, until the facts are clear as to the danger of these meters. My own experience is it seems my electric bill has gone up substantially since the installation of the new ‘smart meter’. I’m not sure why, could it be the old one was not calculating correctly? OR could it be that THIS one is malfunctioning?

    Before I heard of the ‘tinnitus’ issue, I was noticing ringing in my ears, rather loud ringing, something which I had never had an issue with before. Then I started noticing this irritating ‘ring’ that would not stop, and THEN I learned that these meters may cause tinnitus. Coincidence? I don’t know, but the sequence of events (no ringing, smart meter installation, then ringing in the ears began shortly thereafter) indicates to me that the smart meter may be the cause. BUT if everyone around me has the smart meter, even if I don’t, would that still cause this ringing? How far away do you have to be from them? We live in an area where homes are pretty close together.

  80. jane says:

    until a study by independent scientists is done, for the health, safety and welfare of all citizens of the U.S. it is imperative that:
    our elected officials demand that all “smart meters” be removed from homes, businesses etc. in every state
    a class action lawsuit whichever comes first

    it must be PROVEN beyond a shadow of a doubt that “smart” meters are not harmful to the human populace, animal, insect, bird, bee and vegetation species.
    they aren’t a public hazard.
    they are not illegal devices
    that they do not cause any electrical fires (not having UL certification)
    that people are not being affected adversely by the “smart” meters or by anyone else’s or by the web of radiation that is formed to collect detailed info on all citizens who use electricity
    that they do not overcharge anyone when that is installed
    that they do not broadcast personal habits and other private matters in order to get paid for your private information on your energy use habits.
    that the amount of emp’s have no effects on the human electrical system at all.
    that their is no health problems to humans
    that they dont violate the FCC limits on human exposure
    that the WHO organization warning is baseless
    that their invasion of your property, even though it is a public “utility”, is warranted, is crucial to the health, safety and welfare of citizes, and that without it life would be severely restricted….
    that it does not violate civil liberties in any way
    that there are no job losses
    that there is no carcinogens involved in the pulses 24/7/365
    that this installation is not all about controlling the “masses”.
    that it is not criminal extortion, or fraud as to why they were installed without citizens knowledge…
    that a company called naruc is the partner who will sell the info sort of like a laundering facility so their hands (the electric companies) appear to be clean
    that they have to prove that they are not willing participants in pushing the new world order along….and that it is all about control, control, control.

  81. worried person says:

    I would think that every house is checked for weather proofing…etc… before putting something like this on a house. Just slapping something up so quickly doesn’t sound right. To dictate my energy use regardless if I’m an elderly and need it to be very warm in the winter or someone that needs to have clean air throughout the house or, in the summer time, b/c I buy a very expensive central air system and a privilege to me that I can afford it and then have someone control my usage doesn’t even sound like america. What are the electric companies up too? Where are they moving around their electric? They certainly did not care about the Super Bowl.

  82. Jill says:

    Has anyone had power outage issues after your ”smart” meter was installed? I live in an older house and immediately following the smart meter installation our breakers continuously trip. After paying for an electrician and FPL to come out we were told our meter block was broken during the installation. FPL said its not their fault. Really? not sure who we should call now. Dont think 1-800-ask-anybody can help. If anyone else has had these issues and has advice please let me know. Thanks.

  83. Did you notice that extra “half-time” during the Super Bowl?

    from http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/2012/story/_/id/8916015/cause-super-bowl-power-outage-remains-unclear

    Entergy New Orleans, the company that supplies the stadium with power, and the structure’s engineering staff “had concerns regarding the reliability of the Dome service from Entergy’s connection point to the Dome,” the memo says. Those concerns were due in part to “circumstances that have previously occurred with the electrical service regarding transient spikes and loads.”

    Guess what smart meters do? create transient spikes and loads.

    • Paul H says:

      They also wake us up at 3am!

      • …which may have as much to do with the transients (frequencies besides 60Hz) on wiring than the radio waves in the air. Sam Milham has covered this issue (dirty electricity) extensively.

        Make no mistake, the entire power grid is getting noisier and noisier due to all the cheap, SMPS being added in the form of smart meters, without any surge protection. CFLS and dimmer switches are to blame as well.

        Even areas without smart meters are experiencing recent decreases in power quality leading to appliance malfunction or failure and less obviously, health effects.

        You don’t need to live in the boonies to get off the grid. Figure out and label which switches in your breaker box are necessary for essential utilities and flip the rest, when possible.

        A smarter grid is a smaller grid.

  84. Paul H says:

    The boonies doesn’t have neighbors with 5GHz WiFi routers and cell phone towers close by. I have tried turning off the power to the entire house but that doesn’t seem to stop G3-PLC( <500KHz from up to 70 miles away crossing transformers). They are harming every living thing their fields come in contact with. Our appliances are incompatible with anything other than 60Hz. All in the name of "New technology"

  85. Smith Anlow says:

    I have developed a new system for deflect the microwaves that these meters use! Not only does it deflect but you can actually BOUNCE the microwaves right into the heads of the utility company people!

    All you need to start with is some foil, this is good for deflecting the microwaves. Then cut a kid’s ball in half, just the thin ones with air in them. Then you need to cover the inside of half of the ball in the foil. This makes a neat foil boil, any microwaves hitting the bowl will bounce around the sides and then fairly quickly concentrate the waves back out of the bowl again. The trick is to standing in front the smart meter hub and work out what direction the microwaves are travelling in, I haven’t figured out a way of showing up the waves, I tried throwing talc in the air but that didn’t work so I’ve been practising on my neighbor’s cats, they are always doing their business in my garden so I figured it wouldn’t matter. After a while you can get pretty good at aim the microwaves in the right direction.

    • Richard says:

      “The trick is to … work out what direction the microwaves are travelling in, I haven’t figured out a way of showing up the waves, I tried throwing talc in the air but that didn’t work so…”

      You have GOT to make a video of this…I haven’t laughed this hard all day!!! 🙂

  86. Smith Anlow says:

    I am sorry my English not so good sometime!


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  89. Linda rogells says:

    When they stopped teaching History so as to “decieve the young. Did they also stop teaching science. I wasn’t aware!

  90. Yeah!i will surely agree with this. .its are responsibility to take care of are health. .

  91. ray neary says:

    smart meters are good!!

    the words we should concentrate on are “wireless” and “utility company”

    in france there is a village where they supply their own electricity independant of utility companies, and they use smart meters (but not wireless) to manage the distribution, there isn’t a real problem for privacy if it is just you and your neighbours who have access to the info and the smart meters can save about 10% of consumation which isn’t nothing

  92. Mack K says:

    “Mike” who posted here, at top of comments is clearly a utility company employee or paid shill because his post is replete with utility company talking points about smart meters (most of it untrue).

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  95. Matt says:

    This page lacks evidence. Please find conclusive and repeatable evidence that smart meters cause actual harm, or you could get the smart meters that you can plug into a double ping plug and it detects your electricity through that.

    I laughed when I read this page.

    You do have me on one point however, the fact that you should not be FORCED to get a smart meter. A smart meter is meant to be a useful utility for checking how much electricity you are using throughout your house to increase your awareness. It is not meant to give you cancer nor screw up the economy or start fires.

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  97. The_Rooster says:

    What a bunch of hogwash.

    How about some disclosure on how much money this website is bringing in for the creator by creating hysteria out of nothing. Most of your data is false and numerous studies have proven as such.

    Specifically you have not looked into UL listing, as there was a report done a few years back that showed how the companies just paid for the UL certification with no actual testing. I can buy low quality lighting that has the UL stamp.

    You obviously have talent to raise awareness on issues, so why not pick a REAL issue and do something about it.

  98. Steve says:

    We the people are to dictate what we want – and many do not want Smart Meters.

  99. Bev says:

    my friend Kemal Burkay in Turkey is designing a generator that produces free energy much like the scientists of yesteryear that were deterred from doing so because of big corporations. Watch the movie about free energy @Thrive Movement .com he still has a website if you wish to contact him qdsciences. com

  100. Power Co. Guy says:

    Okay, I work for an electric power company. I don’t know any more about smart meter technology than most of you. But I do know this: the electric company — mine, anyway, and it’s a big one — is NOT part of a vast conspiracy to spy on you, gouge you, or otherwise harm you in any. They’re there to provide you with electricity — enough to meet your every demand every second of every day — and that is no small task.

    Here are a couple of observations from the power company’s point of view (rather, MY point of view as a 23-year employee in the business).

    1. Regarding rates and the allegation that the smart meters are all about profits: Power companies are constantly looking for ways to operate more efficiently. This is just one more way to cut costs. And cutting costs is a good thing, no matter what business you’re in. Sometimes people lose jobs when their jobs are no longer necessary. It’s not the power company’s responsibility to operate inefficiently just to keep people employed. It’s their job to keep costs down so that they can, in turn, keep rates at a reasonable level.

    2. When the power company cuts costs, that does not necessarily result in more profits. Here’s how it works: The applicable regulatory agency allows the power company to earn UP TO a certain level of profit. Usually it’s around 11 percent. And usually the company doesn’t hit that mark. If they earn under that consistently for a few years, they go to the commission and present a case for raising rates. These cases are extremely detailed and arduous, and every expense is scrutinized. In the end, the commission may or may not grant the increase. In other words, how much money the power company makes is very highly regulated. That’s the trade-off for having a monopoly on the customer base.

    The power company is regulated by the government (by the regulatory commission). And you should be glad of that. The power company is NOT controlled by the government. There’s a huge difference.

    3. The power company doesn’t care when or how much you use your toaster. Why would they?? For that matter, why would anyone?

    4. There is a a device that one can purchase that will analyze which of one’s appliances are using how much power. This is very useful information if you’re trying to conserve energy. It could be that it’s time to replace that 35-year-old refrigerator. But this device has nothing to do with the “smart meter.” The smart meter measures total usage, period. It’s not connected to a chip in your toaster.

    5. People who work for the power company are regular folks. They’re not agents of conspiracy or a new world order. They’re ordinary people with families and responsibilities, just trying to get along in the world like you. They mean you no harm. Quite the opposite. One of the best things about being a lineman is getting to restore power after a natural disaster has decimated the grid. They’re not out to get you. They’re out to help you, and they’ll work 16-hour days until your lights are back on.

    6. Yes, with a smart meter the company can shut off power for non-pay remotely. Shutting people off for non-pay is an unpleasant, but necessary part of the business. Then when they pay their bill, with a smart meter, service can be restored remotely and instantly without the expense of rolling a truck. This is a good thing.

    7. If electric bills, on average, go up or down after a smart meter is installed, it’s probably because the old meter was not as accurate as the new one. New things tend to work better than old ones. Rates are what they are. What makes your bill go up or down is the amount of energy you use, as measured by the meter. If you think your meter is measuring inaccurately, tell the company so. They deal with this question all the time, and sometimes the meter is, in fact, malfunctioning.

    7. That’s all. Thanks for listening.

    • Paul H says:

      I absolutely adore the people at my power company. You are absolutely correct they are just trying to make a living. I am however concerned for those that find the truth and then ignore it.

      Here’s why I call it a death machine and if you don’t believe me try this experiment at home. You will be partly simulating emissions from a smart meter.

      1. Before going to bed turn off all wireless in your home.

      2. Place a known wireless device next to your bed. Example; baby monitor, wifi, cordless phone base station.

      3. Install a timer so that the device will power on at a previously set time. It should be set for something around the 2 or 3 am hour. Have someone else set it for you and record the time.

      You will wake up due to the magnetic sensor in the eye called the chryptochrome sending a signal, to the pineal gland, that light or an electromagnetic field is present. Hence light waves and wireless emissions are identical and in turn the pineal gland will stop producing melatonin when exposed to either. Here is a link discussing the affects.

      “Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. It helps regulate other hormones and maintains the body’s circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is an internal 24-hour clock that plays a critical role in when we fall asleep and when we wake up. When it is dark, your body produces more melatonin; when it is light, the production of melatonin drops. Being exposed to bright lights in the evening or too little light during the day can disrupt the body’ s normal melatonin cycles. For example, jet lag, shift work, and poor vision can disrupt melatonin cycles.

      Melatonin also helps control the timing and release of female reproductive hormones. It helps determine when a woman starts to menstruate, the frequency and duration of menstrual cycles, and when a woman stops menstruating (menopause).

      Some researchers also believe that melatonin levels may be related to aging. For example, young children have the highest levels of nighttime melatonin. Researchers believe these levels drop as we age. Some people think lower levels of melatonin may explain why some older adults have sleep problems and tend to go to bed and wake up earlier than when they were younger. However, newer research calls this theory into question.

      Melatonin has strong antioxidant effects. Preliminary evidence suggests that it may help strengthen the immune system.

      If you are considering using melatonin supplements, talk to your doctor first.



      Studies suggest that melatonin supplements may help people with disrupted circadian rhythms (such as people with jet lag or those who work the night shift) and those with low melatonin levels (such as some seniors and people with schizophrenia) to sleep better. A review of clinical studies suggests that melatonin supplements may help prevent jet lag, particularly in people who cross five or more time zones.

      A few clinical studies suggest that when taken for short periods of time (days to weeks) melatonin is more effective than a placebo in reducing the time it takes to fall asleep, increasing the number of sleeping hours, and boosting daytime alertness. It’ s not clear how well melatonin works, however some studies suggest that it only reduces the amount of time to fall asleep by a few minutes.

      Several human studies have measured the effects of melatonin supplements on sleep in healthy people. A wide range of doses has been used, often taken by mouth 30 – 60 minutes prior to sleep time. Results have been mixed. Some evidence suggests that melatonin may work best for people over 55 who have insomnia. One study of 334 people aged 55 and older found that sustained-release melatonin seemed to help people fall asleep faster, sleep better, be more alert in the morning, and improve quality of life in people with primary insomnia.


      Melatonin supplements may help with sleep problems associated with menopause. However, it does not appear to relieve other symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes. Peri- or postmenopausal women who use melatonin supplements should do so only for a short period of time since long-term effects are not known.

      Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

      Some clinical research has found that melatonin may help elderly people with insomnia who are tapering off or stopping benzodiazepines such as diazepam (Valium), alprazolam (Xanax), or lorazepam (Ativan). Taking controlled-release melatonin improved sleep quality in those stopping benzodiazepine use. More study is needed, and you should never combine melatonin with sedative medications unless you are under the strict supervision of a health care provider.

      Breast Cancer

      Several studies suggest that low melatonin levels may be associated with breast cancer risk. For example, women with breast cancer tend to have lower levels of melatonin than those without the disease. Laboratory experiments have found that low levels of melatonin stimulate the growth of certain types of breast cancer cells, while adding melatonin to these cells slows their growth. Preliminary evidence also suggests that melatonin may strengthen the effects of some chemotherapy drugs used to treat breast cancer. In a study that included a small number of women with breast cancer, melatonin (given 7 days before beginning chemotherapy) prevented the lowering of platelets in the blood. This is a common complication of chemotherapy that can lead to bleeding.

      In another small study of women who were taking tamoxifen for breast cancer but seeing no improvement, adding melatonin caused tumors to modestly shrink in more than 28% of the women. Women with breast cancer should ask their doctors before taking melatonin.

      Prostate Cancer

      Studies show that men with prostate cancer have lower melatonin levels than men without the disease. In test tube studies, melatonin blocks the growth of prostate cancer cells. In one small-scale study, melatonin — combined with conventional medical treatment — improved survival rates in 9 out of 14 men with metastatic prostate cancer. Interestingly, since meditation may cause melatonin levels to rise it appears to be a valuable addition to the treatment of prostate cancer. More research is needed before doctors can make recommendations in this area. Men with prostate cancer should talk to their doctor before taking medication.

      Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism

      Some evidence suggests that melatonin may help promote sleep in children with ADHD or autism, although it does not seem to improve the behavioral symptoms of ADHD or autistm.


      A randomized, placebo-controlled study found that people with fibromyalgia experienced a significant reduction in their symptoms when they took a melatonin supplement either alone or in conjunction with fluoxetine (Prozac).

      Other Uses

      Sunburn — A few small clinical studies suggest that gels, lotions, or ointments containing melatonin may protect against sunburn and other skin damage. Studies examined using melatonin alone or combined with topical vitamin E prior to UV light exposure from the sun.
      Irritable Bowel Syndrome — Some preliminary studies suggest that people with IBS who take melatonin reduce some symptoms of IBS, such as abdominal pain. But results are mixed as to whether melatonin may help improve other symptoms, such as bloating and frequency of bowel movements.
      Epilepsy — Some studies suggest melatonin may reduce the frequency and duration of seizures in children with epilepsy. ”

      Source: Melatonin http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/melatonin-000315.htm#ixzz2WUcEMJU5
      University of Maryland Medical Center

  101. Renee Marks says:

    These are valid documented health complaints. These people are not liars. Why on earth would they not want to think the smart meter is safe? We all WANT to believe they are! There is no motive to lie on this issue.

  102. Janice Zern says:

    I have a pacemaker. We do not have a smart meter, but our bedroom is about 50 from a transformer. I have a monitor near the head of the bed, about 2 feet from my head. I have had very strange and hurtful and frightening episodes during the night. I have the sensation of a strong charge of electricity going through my body often in my chest. Several nights ago I experienced what felt like being hit in my stomach. Later that night I experienced another episode and felt almost as if my back had been burned and the sensation lingered. I considered the idea that these attacks might be caused by sleepapnea, but I do not wake up gasping for breath at all; my heart continues to beat normally. I have wondered if these attacks could be caused by powersurges especially at certain times of the month. Can anyone shed light on this problem? I have not yet asked my neighbors if they have smart meters, but I plan to do this. I hesitate to turn off the bedside monitor until I find out if its operation is involved. I would appreciate hearing from anyone else who might have experienced something like this or can give me an explanation. These are frightening experiences . They do no happen all the time. I am going the start a record of them. I am even thinking of getting the opinion of a neurologist. Thank you.

  103. MJN says:

    why do we need machines to monitor our electric usage? THey can fail on many levels of this process. Why cant humans continue to monitor the electricity use
    in person? I remember when we used to read our own meters every month and mail it in to receive the bill. THat was free meter reading for the utility company.
    When was the last time a utility company gave us something for free? Who owns the utility company?

  104. wesley says:

    In California you can opt out of the programs. Yes if you are not home an installer will attach the device with out your consent but you can call the company and tell them you don’t want it and it will be removed. This will take a few days. And you will be charged. This is because the meter readers- who make around 12- 20 per hour depending on the utility company are no longer there to read the meters so a technician whom is making 30-40 per hour now has to come read your meter. You are paying for them to miss important work such as repairing power lines or fixing gas leaks to come read your meter because you want to complain about a device that transmits a radio frequency for under ten minutes a year yet you have a cell phone glued to your face constantly. Some are also going to complain about the bad economy and cutting out jobs but some companies have given part time meter readers full time jobs with benefits instead of hiring outside contractors. and as to harming the environment the smart meter projects are removing thousands of vehicles off the road by decreasing meter readers driving around every day cutting down on pollution. The point I guess I’m trying to make is quit bitching you have a choice pay the fee and don’t have a smart meter or have a smart meter which is less dangerous than a cell phone and don’t pay.

    • Paul H says:

      Example: I am a dealership and sold you a new car. I point out that the car will help save the planet due to it’s new wireless computer technology. The car looks great!

      You take the car home and you notice it starts to run horribly after driving past wireless sensors on the highway. You return the car and explain that the car glitches when it gets near these transmitters. I ignore your complaint because I have never heard of something so ridiculous. I send it to a muffler specialist and they write up a report stating it passed a smog test and everything is well within EPA standards. I then send it to the tire shop and they say that the car looks great. No holes in the tires. No problem found.

      You keep telling me of this problem and then finally you take it to computer specialist. That independent master mechanic explains that you were correct and if you don’t get the computer out of the car you could possibly blow the engine.

      You then give me their tests stating that the computer is faulty.

      I ignore your findings and send the car to a radiator specialist. This mechanic states there is not a heating issue and in no way could the car be having a problem.

      After two years of this I finally listen to your complaints. The computer is switched out, but to make matters worse I tell you that you must pay $70 down and $30 a month to switch out to an older cheap one.

      Then someone from the coolaid stand yells out “stop bitching!!!!!!!!”

  105. wesley says:

    Oh and why would people lie about these ‘symptoms” caused by smart meters its obvious they want to make money off of the companies. And there are no laws against suing a company for damages due to smart meters. If you have actual proof sue away but there is no proof to these claims just a bunch of lazy people trying to make a quick buck

    • Paul H says:

      No proof? Make a quick buck? What is this you are spewing? This has cost me quite a bit of money to escape the smart meter. Moving away from the city incurs higher fuel bills. I don’t get to see family or have dinners with my parents anymore. Now the power company wants to charge me extra for not having one. Thousands of dollars spent on equipment to measure this stuff. Lots of money wasted on blocking materials. All of this so I can sleep at night and be healthy. I haven’t been sick since I got rid of the meter and moved.

      Should I have just seen a doctor “practicing medicine” for some pills so I couldn’t feel the affects?

      Get your blood tested for MMP9, TGF-beta1, and copper levels (inflammatory markers) and if you live with a smart meter they will be high.

      My money is down the drain, Wesley! Ignorant people like you are a danger to society. Since you don’t believe it then it must not exist. I’ve given you plenty of info, now do some research instead of sitting on the computer trying to control everyone.

  106. If you have or had smart meter health or safety problems
    CALL: (800) 638-2772 M-F 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. ET or EMAIL: https://www.saferproducts.gov/CPSRMSPublic/Incidents/ReportIncident.aspx

    Mach·i·a·vel·li·an [mak-ee-uh-vel-ee-uhn]
    1. of, like, or befitting Machiavelli.
    2. being or acting in accordance with the principles of government analyzed in Machiavelli’s The Prince, in which political expediency is placed above morality and the use of craft and deceit to maintain the authority and carry out the policies of a ruler is described.
    3. characterized by subtle or unscrupulous cunning, deception, expediency, or dishonesty: He resorted to Machiavellian tactics in order to get ahead.
    4. a follower of the principles analyzed or described in The Prince, especially with reference to techniques of political manipulation.

    (I generally try to stay away from personal references in ‘comments’ but I am wondering if any posters recognize themselves in this dictionary.reference.com definition. The question is: how has electric metering become a political argument?)

  107. Mike G says:

    I’m saving $30-40 per month with my Time of Use metering thanks to my smart meter. At a Commercial building I manage, the time of use and demand based billing saves us abotu $10k per year. Nothing magical about this equipment.

    Some of thsi claims on this site are rediculous. Do you think meter readers are a productive job that helps the economy? Are you kidding. Any job that can be repalced by automation makes our country stronger. Do you know that 90% of jobs in the US used to be related to agriculture? Now it’s 0.1%. I wonder which results in a high GDP. Someome needs to take a basic economics class.

    • Poncho Wood says:

      Someone needs to take a spelling and grammar course, it is hard to read a comment intended to enlighten people, when it is not coming from someone smarter than you.

  108. Hello everyone,
    Are you fed up with bailouts, corporate subsidies and tax evasion, elitism, foreclosures, fracking and environmental poisoning, hidden fees, overbilling and overcharging, rate hikes?
    Well now is the time to take action. The corporate elites
    have robbed us long enough. It is time for them to pay us back.
    When we put gas in our tank, they rob us.
    When we turn up the heat at night, they rob us.
    When we use our debit and credit cards, they rob us.
    When we pay our mortgage, they rob us.
    When we fly in a plane, they rob us.
    They are government subsidized criminals with governmental protection.
    What all of these elites have in common is energy investments.
    These elites are invested in energy via Wall Street. OIL.
    Congressional governmental backing has emburdened the taxpayers by bailing out these elites while at the same time they rob us.
    Well now we have a way to break them. They will now bail us out.
    Here is the solution. Take the meters off. Yes, take the meters off.

    The energy corporate elites are the utility companies.
    The taxpayer’s house and everything on the land above and below ground inside the property line belongs solely to the residential owner, including all pipes, wires, anything connected to the house.
    The meters are owned by the utility companies.
    Tell the utility companies to remove the meters and to take the meters off the private property. Otherwise have an expert take the meters off. The remaining pipes and wires above and below ground inside the property line belong solely to the residential owner.
    No, the utility companies do not own the above ground or underground pipes or wires inside the property line.
    The utility companies or the police cannot step on the property
    to search for tampering of pipes or wires not connected to the meters.
    No meter means no outside owner. That undergrond gas pipe can now
    be connected directly to the house’s gas pipe withot any meter.
    Those electrical box wires can now be connected directly to the
    house’s electrical grid without any meter. That underground water pipe can now be connected directly to the house’s water pipe without any meter.
    All these connections can be done legally and safely.

    Here’s How
    The American Dream is not fulfilled by one person alone.
    The American Dream is fulfilled by Americans working together.
    The American people outnumber the corporate elites by 99 percent.
    It is impossible for the 1 percent corporate elite energy companies to impede or withhold resources from the almighty 99 percent taxpayers. Everyone, take the meters off.
    Stop paying. Tell the utility companies to take the meters off.
    When all the meters are gone, everyone will then safely connect these utilities to the houses without meters. This is the only solution.
    Smart Meters are designed and programmed to cheat the customer.
    Analog meters are inacurate and misread. Take the meters off.
    The energy corporate elite utility companies use congress, judges
    and fraud to bilk the taxpayers out of billions of dollars.
    Remember, all government agents also pay for utilities. They too
    are being bilked out of money by their employer. All government agents work for the corporate elites. The corporate elites eat their own.
    The American people hold the power to economically take down the
    energy corporate elites, by not paying the utility companies.
    The corporate elites took the taxpayers money as bailouts enriching themselves while robbing the same taxpayers. By taking the meters off, the taxpayers will in return collect the money back that the corporate elites are constantly stealing from the taxpayers.
    The corporate elites owe the taxpayers billions of dollars right now.
    The energy corporate elite’s utility companies cannot turn off all the American people’s utilities and the police cannot arrest all the American people. Everyone in mass nationwide take the meters off.
    The energy corporate elites will panic after going broke overnight.
    The utility companies will be out of business and wrecked the same way they wrecked the taxpayers.
    American taxpayers will be acting in self defense, defense of others and defending family and property.
    The energy corporate elites will come to the taxpayers for forgiveness and be ignored the same way they ignore the taxpayers everyday.
    Everyone take action now. Take the meters off. All together now.

    Working Together
    Eveyone with technical skills join together now and take the meters off.
    Safely connect all utilites to the houses without meters. METERS OFF.
    Everyone stand your ground and defend your family, property and your neighbor. The government has no ability or authority to intervene.
    The American people are in control now telling the government what to do.
    Every American man, woman and child are now free from the stranglehold of the corporate elites. From this day on,
    people talk and money walks.
    Peaceful revolution in mass at home. Take the meters off.

    Let’s Act Now
    Another day another bailout, corporate subsidies and tax evasion, elitism, foreclosures, fracking and environmental poisoning, hidden fees, overbilling and overcharging, rate hikes.
    Let’s work together in mass at home to change the situation by turning the tables on the corporate elites and their associates.
    Take the meters off in mass at home by the 99 percent American taxpayers.
    Defending each other and recouping the billions of dollars that the corporate elites stole from the American taxpayers.
    Ending the class warfare imposed on the American taxpayers by the
    corporate elites. The American taxpayers will now end the financial burden imposed on them by the corporate elites.
    Take the meters off.

    What We Will Contribute
    The American taxpayer will now be able to buy the products and services of American manufacturers and providers. The profits and taxes will end the recession causing the economy to soar to new heights. The middle class will experience an economic boom like never before. Savings will be secure.
    The American Dream will once again be shared by the taxpayers.
    Americans working together to freely control their lives and their money.
    Americans paying for honest goods and services.
    Americans unmetered.
    Americans, take the meters off.

    “Meters Off” at Facebook

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  110. Wes Adams says:

    I have a challenge for any electrosensitive person. I will give you a $1,000 if you can tell without assistance of any device whether or not the wireless is on or off. Simple as that. There is no such thing as electrosensitive. wesofbath@yahoo.com

    • Paul H says:

      These tests are easy and you can do it for yourself. It would be best if you were in the forest for the first one.

      1. Place a cell phone next to your chest with the power, wifi, location services, bluetooth on. Make sure to dial a number to make sure that the phone is transmitting.

      2. Have someone else push down on your arm. You won’t be able to keep it up. The arm will drop.

      3. Do the same experiment without the phone on. You will bend at the waist before you bend at the elbow.

      I have tried this with bodybuilders and they are amazed.

      Experiment #2

      1. Turn off all wireless in the home including most of the breakers.

      2. Place an older cordless phone base station, cheap baby monitor, or wifi router next to your bed connected to a timer.

      3. Have someone else set the time for an odd hour in the middle of the night.

      The result will be a rude awakening.

  111. Susan says:

    I have been having many lapses in memory and can’t figure out why. When I studied about emf’s a few years ago, that was one of the symptoms. I don’t have a microwave and refused wireless computer service in the house because I am sensitive to the radiation – even got rid of the portable phone and don’t use a cell phone. On late night radio the other night, I heard the author of “Dirty Electricity” describe smart meters, and sure enough, one was installed in 2011. I don’t remember it. It may be having an effect. I am going to ask FPL (Florida) to remove it. Even if it pulses only once an hour, it must be doing something.

  112. Jenny Pennington says:

    I’ve been doing my own research for 8 months now, and have definitely concluded that Smart Meters are causing this horrible humming noise in my home. It is ruining my life and is violating my rights as a human being. I noticed it in the rental house I was living in for 7 months. I went to my parent’s house to see if I heard it there and sure enough I did. I finally moved to the country in Sonoma County and it’s horrible here too. Each place has Smart Meters. It’s not like a normal sound from a refrigerator, etc. It’s a low frequency humming sound that actually hurts my ears. I can’t get to sleep and have had to run a fan or some noise to try to drown it out. But, since it vibrates in my ear, that is hard to do. I’ve gone online and millions are complaining of this humming noise. This is INSANE! If you do the research, you will find out how harmful these meters are. What are they going to do to our children, who are sleeping in the rooms where they are connected? PGE lied to us, sneaked into our homes to put these in, have not done proper testing, and are causing health problems to millions. Some counties in CA have banned them and I really hope it continues. I will have to ask my landlord if he is willing to opt out, and I will pay whatever to get peace again. This is torture. And yes, there are electrosensitive people out there for the person who said there aren’t. Ignorance! Cell phones even hurt my ears. They have even linked heavy cell phone usage to brain tumors. Wake up everyone! It’s time to stand up to this bullshit.

  113. Poncho Wood says:

    Although I do not have, other than what I read here, all the information surrounding smart meters, I can confirm, that as a single person living in the country, having not changed my usage over the years, except for buying new appliances that are supposed to be more energy efficient, have seen my bills go from 54.00 a month before the smart meter, to averaging 300.00 a month with the smart meter. Now, I know there has to be something in what people are saying, and when I talked to Ontario Hydro about the increase, I was told it is to pay down their debt, pay their retirees, the higher cost of delivering the same electricity to me, the cost of repairs and updates, and that reverting back to my old meter, was not an option.

    • Stancilmor says:

      While expensive, I would do a test. Unplug everything for a month and take a vacation, travel, visit family and friends. Go do the things you have always wanted. When you return, when your power bill is still ~$300, I would hire a lawyer, but I’m betting that it will drop to the minimum monthly fee ( the amount you pay even if you don’t use any electricity.

  114. Star says:

    I WOULD LIKE TO SAY: that for anyone who DOES NOT believe that these smart meters can hurt them or make them sick…….. THAT I HAVE become very very sick & ill since these smart meters have been put on my home and the homes in the neighborhood. HEADACHES sooooooooooooooooooooo bad that you can not imagine! And FEELING LIKE I am also about to have a STROKE with the crazy feelings, pain, and experiences that come WITH THESE tremendous headaches.

    I also starting getting very VERY NAUSEOUS. Started getting these about three or four weeks ago or longer, and the nausea is getting more prominent and abundant each and everyday. Get HORRIBLE pains shooting through my head, especially in the night… when I am trying to sleep. Have gotten dizzy , weak, extremely fatigued, JUST FEEL YUCK!!!!!!!! No ENERGY much of any kind! So tired, and fatigued… like UNUSUALLY SO! All kinds of weird feelings , hard to sleep from all the weird experiences that happens in my head, man………..just Horrible.

  115. Brad says:

    You people are all idiots. The RF that these meters use to communicate is no more harmful than in-home wifi. And people that say it causes health issues are full of it.

    I work for an RF communications company that has been in business for 40+ years. We have many employees who have been with the company from the start. Never have we had anyone experience negative effects from RF signals. If you have health issues then see a doctor. If you truly believe this BS then you need to get a life!

    • Paul H says:

      Do you have a smart meter? Reading your post shows evidence that you may be suffering from anxiety. It’s just a common “microwave syndrome” symptom Maybe you need to see a doctor? Have him/her order a blood test for copper, TGFb1, and MMP9 levels as they will be elevated.

      Blood doesn’t lie.

  116. creosote says:

    I’m a network engineer and work a good bit with wireless technologies. I found that FPL had installed a smart meter (Landis+Gyr) on my home several months back. I live in a rural area where closest house is over half mile away so not much RF from other homes. I called FPL and asked about the smart meter and removing it. They gave the typical sales pitch on all the benefits of the SM and I specifically asked them how OFTEN does the SM emit RF signals or send data wirelessly? They said once every 4 hours (starting at Midnight) and they only transmit for a couple seconds. I have used my RF Meter (Cornet Electrosmog) to try and measure the RF coming out of the SM, but I don’t see anything. FPL stated that even though the SM was installed they weren’t active yet in my city. He said they would still be transmitting every 4 hours though.

    Has anyone else been told these SM’s only transmit every 4 hours? Everything else I read states these transmit every 30 sec or so. Is it possible that my SM is not transmitting now, but will be turned on at a later time? Any other info on this would be helpful..


    p.s. I completely agree with the others who state people are completely ignorant about their home WIFI and Cell phones emitting the same RF’s. I don’t use WIFI in my house and we don’t use cell phones unless we have to (only with wired headset). If you are glued to your cell phone then the Smart Meters are the least of your problems.

    • Marilynne Martin says:


      Please note that FP&L has an official delay list and currently does not have the authority to charge an opt out fee (although they do have a tariff under review to do so in the near future). Therefore you should have it removed and replaced with an analogue meter if you have not done so already.

      It does take several months for them to turn on the system so it is possible that it is not yet transmitting. We measured here in Venice FL and they are transmitting more than once every 4 hours.

      It is important to be careful with language. They are taking readings every fours hours but as California found out, there may be only 6 transmissions for meter readings but there are over 10K on average transmissions per day. This is not a meter. It is Network Management and Communication Equipment.

      If you want info on Florida you can go to http://microwavechasm.org/

      • creosote says:

        Thank you Marilynne for the information. Do you know best way to have FPL remove the Smart Meter and have it replaced with an Analog? If they do replace it with an analog meter does that allow them to start charging me extra each month? Where you successful in getting your SM removed?

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  118. Stancilmor says:

    Take your cell phone place it in a zip lock bag, then wrap aluminum foil all around it so that there are no gaps. Finally, have a friend call your cell phone. If your phone rings…yikes!!! The signal is strong enough to penetrate the shielding. Most likely your phone will not ring. Worried about your smart meter, you can do the same thing to the smart meter…sort of. Wrap it with a plastic bag and then with aluminum foil…problem is the signal can just travel down then power cable and the radiate (broadcast) the signal from outside the area you have shielded…not much you can do about that…it’s a real pain to shield all of your living space. I have a smart meter on the house. The power company was kind enough to ask for permission. Main concern I have is they can remotely shut the power off at anytime, but they could do that before. I’ve been thinking of going off grid, but it’s still too expensive. No change my monthly power bill. No new health issues. So long as I’m regularlly talking on the cell phone long enough to warm my hand and ear, I’m not too worried about the smart meter attached at the end of the garage.

    • Stancilmor says:

      Wrapping your smart meter in a plastic bag and then with aluminum foil might be considered a crime. It shouldn’t harm the equipment in anyway, but if it blocks the signal, then you can be sure the power company will send someone to investigate. I’m not sure about the reaction when they find their equipment all wrapped up. A better approach might be to build a shielded enclosure (box lined with aluminum foil) that is easy for you to remove. That way you can remove the box only when you want the smart meter to report in. You can test the shielded box effectiveness by placing your cell phone inside (tape it to the smart meter). Call you phone, if it rings, then signal still has a path around the shield (through the wall, through power cable, etc), if it doesn’t ring, then likely whatever signal inside the box won’t be able to get out either.

  119. Tinnitus is seen a lot more in senior citizens than adults.
    Besides their age, seniors happen to be vulnerable to enduring a weakening of their body systems,
    particularly their senses. Chances are they already have an altered smell and taste, probably have hearing difficulties, or could
    have vision issues.

  120. Lisa says:

    I am not sure about any of the other claims but if you don’t think you are being robbed by these meters here is proof: We decided to leave Maryland due to high taxes, high costs of living, and where we lived we were subject to floods and had to suffer summers with all kinds of bugs. We lived in a part of Maryland that was practically a ghost town due to management so we bought a home in a less expensive state and moved to an area with a little culture. We decided to try and sell our Maryland home but were OK with keeping it for a vacation home until we sold it. It has been 14 months since we moved.

    We cut the circuit breakers to everything in the house except for 2 lights that come on on timers. The house was winterized, the well pump cut off, the frig and microwave unplugged, the hot water heater drained. We even put tape over the switches on the panel, leaving only 2 that ran the lights in 2 rooms.

    Our electric bill for the first winter we were gone ran a around $12. Over the summer, because they went up on rates, it ran a little more, and we had run the air and frig for 3 days on 3 separate occasions during the summer months, when we went up. On those months, we had bills under $20.

    Our bill jumped to $25 in December and $43 in January. No one had been in the house since August. They had installed a smart meter in December. I had no idea they were putting in a smart meter, but when I found out I knew the reasons and demanded they put back my old meter. It took some phone calls and a letter to officials, but my old meter is back and I will be interested to see what the new bill is.

    I am lucky because I do not have to pay an extra fee because the power company, owned by PEPCO, contracted to have the meters installed in all homes. Never mind if they don’t have the equipment in our little ghost town to read the meters. That could be years from now. They still have to send someone to read the meter.

    I think everyone is being robbed, maybe $10 here or $20 there. Would you notice or even want to fight with some customer rep over the phone for hours over ten bucks? You can’t fight city hall or the utility companies. Or can you?

    We Americans have a tendency to let corporations run over us or turn a blind eye when they want to frack in our state or poison us in multiple ways, or, in this case, rob us, all to line their greedy pockets. Everyone needs to speak up. We can’t let one group of people do our talking or fighting for us. This board should have a zillion comments by now. Speak up, people! Smart meters should be banned.

  121. Gen says:

    I had the smart meter installed in my home and my usual bill was a
    Ways around $180-$220.
    With smart meter the very next month my bill was over $400! $375, 360
    This went on for 5 months. I had FPL check my meter and they said it was working 100%. I has the option to get my old meter back and they installed my old meter.
    Well no surprise my bill went down to like $180
    FPL also gave me a credit of about $600.
    If they were NOT wrong, we wouldn’t have received this credit.
    They simply told us we were overcharged but the smart meter was working properly.
    Now I just got a letter saying that if choose to keep my old meter that I will now be charged a monthly fee!!???

  122. john says:

    In Florida FPL is threatening me with a letter saying i will have to pay $250+ a year extra if i keep my Analog meter and don’t exchange for Smartmeter! -( by March 30,2014) It’s getting crazy! Fascist Dictatorship – Comply or PAY!

    • Mia Nony says:

      Who owns the meter they take. That is the most basic way to use the KIS principle. If the owner owns the meter, then removal is theft and trespass,
      Fact: Many who built their own homes still have receipts for their original purchase of their own analogue meters, bought from electrical supply stores or from the electrician they hired to install it, and everywhere there are separate bills of ownership, a separate matter from the installation bill.
      So …. Proof of private property ownership of the safe electromechanical meters is everywhere.
      They also belong to the property owner under law, covered by ” possession is 9/10s of the law”, plus they are a real estate fixture.
      So, when utilities brazenly assert that the electromechanical meter is theirs, why not put the demand back on them, insist on seeing all the paperwork and push the need for proof back on the utility.
      If the utility claims that the electromechanical meter is the utility’s property but fail to provide proof, surely the burden of such proof is on them, not on the owner. And research real estate law and 9/10ths law too.
      Same thing goes if they claim your secondary service drop pole is theirs which has been happening all over the place as well. Show the owner the proof or get lost.

  123. Mslily says:

    I live in the Central coastal area of Florida. I was sent a letter telling me if I do not allow the smart meter installed (I declined 4 years ago) I would have to pay a $95.00 deposit and an additional $13.00 a month for the meter reader. This is an old house with older appliances, and an electrical line problem in my attic over the garage. I told them I wanted to have all the electric off at the box before they installed it, and if their smart meter blew my appliances upon turning on each area causing electrical problems that have not been problematic, I will hold them responsible. Now I realize I need to call my homeowners insurance and ask about fire coverage. My neighbor had hers installed in late 2009. She then received 4 monthly bills of over $250, and at that time of the year our bills are always under $100.00. The installer refused to tell her why he was replacing the one that was there, after a lengthy conversation he admitted it was broken. She did not get her money back even after numerous calls. This is a forced monopoly, taking our rights away in small pieces every day.

  124. Natalie says:

    I am a retired electric utility employee who worked for a N.J. utility company. I worked for the engineeering department. Several employees were asked to take part in a field study using ‘smart meters’. This study was conducted to test their performance and efficiency to help the utility decide whether to implement them service area wide and disban the meter reading department. The test failed miserably. Our bills went up dramatically with no apparent justification. That result was conducted and reviewed by the utility company itself. Everyone who was testing the equipment personally requested to be removed from the study due to the exhorbitant monthly bills. Thankfully our requests were accepted. Needless to say this utility opted out of the ‘smart meter’ program and never went forward with it. This was well over 10 years ago, but it appears the overbilling is still a big problem. Just a little surprised the technology apparently hasn’t improved according to current customers. I believe the customers claims, having experienced it myself. I am a very progressive person and enjoy today’s new techonologies with relish. There is always a trade off in varying degrees with progress. We experinced it in the Industrial Age and seem to have come through with more checks in the ‘pro’ column. The same, no doubt, will be true with the ‘technology age’. We, however, have to be honest with ourselves in determining which roads to go down. In my opinion, if overbilling is truly still an issue and adding personal health implications; then the average ‘Joe’ will definitely lose more than gain from this one. The Middle class has enough to contend with these days to put one more burden on them with no ‘societal’ gain seems disproportionate. I hope a more thoughtful consideration is made in reviewing this program other than industrial profit gain. It should be a balanced gain.

  125. John says:

    Get rid of them.
    I’m from the UK and they try to force us to have one installed – I said NO, I’ll be the one to give the energy companies my meter readings, not some machine.

  126. Pam F says:

    Corix damaged my rather costly baby monitors while installing these smart meters. They are unusable. The damage to your property can be much worse!!!
    They claimed it was an upgrade and stated that I would be fined heavily every month if I declined. They claimed they would notify me before turning off the power without explaining that it could damage appliances and electronic equipment- they did not. They later claimed they had tried finding me before doing so- not true. Customer service claimed someone would call me back soon and acted quite apologetic- it took over a 1 1/2 weeks. One of their field supervisors then lied and said we had acknowledged that they were no longer liable- an absolute lie. My son had a fever 2 nights later in the middle of the night and I would hate to think how long he had been crying before hearing him. In their response to my claim, they insisted that I should have supervised my son better. This was one of their many excuses and rationale for denying my claim for replacement of the baby monitor.

  127. Lisa says:

    Think radio frequencies don’t affect your body? Have you heard of body sculpting with radio frequencies? If radio frequencies can melt fat, what else can it do?

    “Your brain is the fattest organ in your body and may consist of at least 60 percent fat.”

    If the fat in your brain is getting zapped by the digital meters, what, exactly are the implications?


    “If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequencies and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

    Think TPTB don’t know what those secrets are? The government confiscated Tesla’s work after he died a somewhat mysterious death in a hotel room. Google how the same company, Siemens, that made the gas chambers during the holocaust is making most of the digital smart meters. Go on, do it…read it for yourself.

  128. NEWS: July 15, 2014 SaskPower (Saskatchewan, Canada) halting smart meter installations after several fires. SaskPower is temporarily suspending its installation of smart meters around the province after half a dozen have caught fire in recent weeks….SaskPower will not be installing any more until their investigation is complete…

    Concerning “smart” meters: Dr. Martin Blank, Associate Professor, Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University: “Cells in the body react to E.M.F.’s as potentially harmful, just like any other environmental toxins, including heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The D.N.A. in living cells recognizes electromagnetic fields at very low levels of exposure [not covered by current outdated laws]; and produces a biochemical stress response. The scientific evidence tells us that our safety standards are inadequate, and that we must protect ourselves from exposure to E.M.F. due to power lines, cells phones and the like, or risk the known consequences. The science is very strong and we should sit up and pay attention.”

    *Dirty Electricity ~ When current flows through the wiring of a building it generates a surrounding electro-magnetic field that radiates outward all around the wires at right angles to the direction of the current’s flow and reaches out into the room. It is well known that switching power supplies can generate spikes of so-called electromagnetic interference (E.M.I.), or high frequency transients, which then travel along the wiring in the walls, radiating outward in the wiring’s electromagnetic field. Such spikes are known as ‘dirty electricity’ and can be conducted to a human body that is within the range of the radiating field. This function is on all smart meters used by all utilities and is on constantly, 24/7.*

    [For more on dirty electricity check out Dr. Sam Milham’s website and his new book, “DIRTY ELECTRICITY: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization” and watch this blog for our in depth interview with Dr. Milham – coming soon. ] One of the engineers explains it this way: “Extensive measurements have demonstrated that all of the meters measured so far, including ABB, GE, and Landis Gyr, emit noise on the customer’s electric wiring in the form of high frequency voltage spikes, typically with an amplitude of 2 volts, but a frequency anywhere from 4,000 Hertz, up to 60,000 Hz. The actual frequency of the phenomena is influenced by the devices that are plugged into the customer’s power. Some houses are much worse than others, and this observation has been confirmed by PG&E installers that have talked to us.”

    *Smart Meters contain Switching Mode Power Supplies (S.M.P.S.) that generate voltage spikes in the electrical circuitry of homes.

  129. billy says:

    I bought this house in Michigan, when called to switch the gas in my name, they said I had to pay 163.00 security deposit. they also said that had to change a valve on my meter box, So I paid the 163.00 and they set up a date to change the valve and that I had to be here! I told the lady when I called to switch the gas over that I didn’t want a smart meter pt on the house because of the health effects they produce! She said it was just a valve! I couldn’t be at home because I got called to work, they came to the house a 9:00 am. the wasn’t supposed to come until I quote 12:00Pm To 4:pm. The not only changed the valve, they changed the whole meter assembly and have the line going out of the ground to the meter, and installed a new lock. And installed a smart meter, which had analog dials! So I called them up and said I do not want this smart meter on my house! She asked me to hold then came back a minute and a half later and said she talked to their tech, he said they don’t have smart meters in this are and that I didn’t have a smart meter! Well I took the numbers off the meter and behold the company that makes them says it is a smart meter. other sites I checked say that the meter I got is set up to look like a analog meter, but still has a transponder to recall real time usage when asked! So here I am wonder if I have the gas turned on, am I accepting this meter or do I stay without gas and winter coming up?

  130. Mark T says:

    I am stunned beyond comprehension by the sheer volume of ignorance, paranoia and pseudoscience displayed on this website. The US is supposed to be one of the most advanced societies on earth. It’s as if the whole county has been taken over by a band of bible bashing, flat earth, luddites. No wonder Asia is racing past the west. Why stop at smart meters? Perhaps you’d like to ban all mobile phones? Wi-Fi? TV? Radio? I am so thankful to live in the UK. At least here the uneducated, tin hat wearing nut jobs, are a tiny and rightly ostracised minority.

  131. Paul H says:

    Mark T, why don’t you park a WiFi router under your bed and then tell us how wonderful the world is in a few weeks.

  132. Mark T says:

    Ha! I don’t expect you to believe me but I live in an odd 1960’s flat roof bungalow, where the main master phone socket is in the bedroom. For this reason my WiFi router is about 4ft from my bed. Guess what? It’s been there for over 5 years and I feel just fine!

    If I was uneducated and paranoid enough to ‘genuinely’ believe this would make me ill, it probably would. The placebo effect is a powerful thing…

  133. Mark T says:

    What exactly is the placebo ‘affect’? I assume you mean ‘effect’. Literacy, technical or otherwise obviously isn’t your strong suit. As for quoting Discovery, a channel filled with wall to wall alien abduction ‘documentaries’, I think that just about says it all…

  134. Dan says:

    I’ve been to a couple of websites objecting to Smart Meters. It’s the same thing I see a lot with other stuff. We all know smart meters can be used for spying. That’s our objection. Then along comes some nutty professor claiming they produce radiation and the websites almost in unison glom onto that bit of nonsense. So now their objections sound like ravings of lunatics instead of level headed objections against an overbearing government.

  135. Ron says:

    Smart meters aren’t even a concern in my area as of yet. And I dread the day they are.

    And I know if I want electricity, I’ll have to comply. But here’s my frustration.
    If you watch the news, first thing you here about is how bad our grid and infrastructure is, how outdated and deteriorating it is and how vulnerable it is to a potential terrorist attack. Now, on a side note, that last thing, but our news media does it all the time with many things, but how stupid is it to tell terrorists/potential terrorists, where we’re most weak at?

    Anyhow, our electrical grid is very old and needs to be updated. Hell, there was talk years ago about putting it all underground, eventually. First off, what the hell ever happened to that? Second of all, before forcing people to get one of these co-called “smart meters”, wouldn’t it be SMARTER, WISER and MAKE MUCH MORE SENSE TO FIRST FIX OUR DEGRADING, OLD AND VULNERABLE ELECTRICAL GRID?

    WOULDN’T AND DOESN’T THAT MAKE MUCH MORE SENSE? I mean, why force us to get a meter when the grid it will be attached to isn’t up to the specs of the meters themselves?

    More complete and utter morons with no common sense. And they think we’re morons, and truth be told, some are, if they believe whatever they’re told without exploring and researching both sides, especially if you think it will reduce your bills. Um, hello, just who in the hell do you people think will have to pay and will be paying, with and by higher and electric electric bills, for these so-called smart meters and their installation?

    As for all the other mumbo jumbo about radiation and or whatever else, I’m more concerned with the obvious lack of security there will be and these smart meters will have. I mean, look at the security surrounding the Pentagon and other high value cyber targets. Not to mention stores like Target, Home Depot and others that have been hacked. And you expect and want me and others to believe and not worry that someone can’t hack into a smart meter?

    Again, complete and utter morons. Those who believe them and them for thinking everyone will or does.

  136. Mark T says:

    I have no idea how things work in the US, but over here in the UK we have 2 huge problems with the energy market that damage competition and keep bills artificially high.
    First, switching from one provider to another is a nightmare. The process can take up to 8 weeks and most energy firms are so disorganised they are almost guaranteed to fuck up your meter readings. This makes switching from one provider to another complicated and puts many – often venerable customers – off trying.
    Second, energy bills are still calculated quarterly, despite the fact that most customers want to pay monthly – just like all their other bills. For this reason energy firms look at the usage figures over the past 12 months, divide the total by 12 and bill that amount each month. Inevitably they get the amount wrong and after a year the customer often has a fat credit balance. This happens so much the energy firms earn millions in interest whilst sitting on all this extra cash. Not to mention that when a customer moves provider they do not automatically refund any overpayment – it’s down to the customer to ask for it back! This earns them many millions more. Worse if they have underestimated, the customer gets a huge and unexpected bill.
    Politicians and the government always get blamed and the whole issue drives negative headlines and support among the public for energy markets to be re-nationalised.
    Smart metering will put an end to all these problems. Customers will be able to switch providers instantly and simply. All confusion and doubt will be removed from the process as estimated bills with be a thing of the past. Increased competition will encourage switching and drive down bills. Given all of this, it’s not exactly hard to see why the government is so keen on smart meters. It is not because they want to spy on you or give a damn how much energy you burn through!

  137. Johnny Doe says:

    Most people here seem to worry about health effects. I believe the health effects are neglegible compared to the fact that smart meters also measure reactive power. Old meters were unable to measure reactive power. In my country they told me that reactive power is measured aside from true power, but it is not registered. Of course, no commercial company will invest in a module that can only measure reactive power, but the module is disabled. Disabled modules do not generate money. On the contrary, they cost money. Therefore I believe that is a good reason for a commercial company (and for the government) to encourage citizens to have smart meters installed.

  138. charles says:

    Yep I stopped reading when I saw that one of your points was that WiFi can cause headaches. There is no evidence to suggest that.

    • Paul H says:

      Charles, make sure to keep yours in your bedroom. Don’t listen to the warnings and move on.

      This is my advice to all the naysayers.

      Keep relying on your quack doctors to “practice” giving you medication. When they give you a diagnosis of uncurable cancer, just give up and listen to them. Whatever you do don’t listen to those of us that are fighting for your sorry sceptic life. Your television is getting jealous and needs some attention.

  139. ROCHESTER N.Y says:


  140. Steve says:

    I just had my new smart meter installed..

    didnt notice much difference.

  141. Mark says:

    I kept the smart mete off my house since 10-30-14 thanks the the letter I printed off this site and put the electric company on notice. People so easily give their consent. “Hi, I’m from the electric company and here to install your smart meter.” Like Hell you are!

  142. Britt says:

    I returned from work today to discover a brochure hanging from my door from UPA (Utility Partners of America) on behalf of my electric company stating “We are replacing your meter with a Brighter Future – We successfully installed an advanced meter today.” It went on to say “There is no cost to members for these meters. The new meters play a key role in allowing us to offer additional benefits and services to you in the future, including: Improved Reliability, Future Tools & programs to help you save energy and money, and a Greener environment.”
    Needless to say, this is the first communication I’ve received about this! I live in a 12 unit condo and our meters are easily accessible from outside. Do we have any rights at all to refuse this? Especially without at least being notified or approving of it first!? To those people who act like this is no big deal – don’t you realize everything starts out as “no big deal” and is always conveyed as in a “positive” manner in hopes we will all have on our rose-colored glasses and never question a thing! If we have no say in what they start installing onto our homes, what’s to stop them from slowly installing more and more invasions of our privacy without our approval! No wonder so many people are dying from cancer now than ever before – they continue to create and entice us with every possible technological device one could ever imagine – cell phone, tablet, laptop, computer, applewatch, and who knows what else. And what do they all have in common? They are products we use very close to our bodies and use multiple times throughout the day. We’ve all become dependent on these products but for those who haven’t made that choice – you’re now screwed too because they will install a meter to make you sick whether you like it or not!

  143. Jack says:

    But for the sake of argument, since the signal pulse of just not your smart meter, but the pulse of 2000 smart meters in your area, right before it talks to the closest tower. Wow, that’s more to it. Could be more, could be less. It might not be much, but 2000 pulses going back to the utility company. And it all can’t happen at once to prevent jamming. So each smart meter waits it turn to pulse back with its encrypted serial number, time and usage. So it could be about 33 plus pulses a minute going through the neighborhood. (33 x 60 = 1980) 33 pulses a minute, 60 minutes in an hour for 1980 smart meters per hour. Just because you are not sensitive to EM does not mean others aren’t.

    But then again it is a scare tactic you read too much into. The CPU on your computer puts more harmful EM energy at you than a single pulse an hour from a smart meter. Lets see, we got a computer, a cell phone, Smart TV’s, PlayStation 2, 3, 4, Xbox Old, 360, one, , Nintendo Wii & Wii U. What else, oh, Apple TV, Tablets. Walkie Talkies, GMRS radios, FRS too. Anything with a CPU, SOC, Microcontroller. Anything that oscillates a frequency. The small microcontroller in your dishwasher, (digital washing mashing or dryer), microwave, LCD monitors, digital camera’s and what else! Your car engine ignition coil / distributor cap causing spark plugs to spark. Or with new engine that has a coil on each spark plug. Micro burst EM field under your hood. So you got so much EM energy being emitted all around you. Even thou much of it is on the micro scale of output in milliwatts. When up close it could be large, but being a mere inches away to feet make it near hardly detectable. But with millions (add them all up of items owned by everyone in the neighborhood all together) you get now a EM haze that just bouces everwhere at such a low, low power / frequency. Yes, this EM haze can make some sick that are sensitive to it. Consider them like a Geiger Counter but on EM fields.

    Again, we have for the past few decades lived near EM fields. Yet we also put them closer to us like in Microwaves, Computers, smart phones, tablets, smart TV, GPS in cars, cars with built in navigation, smart meters, smart watches and so forth.

    • Paul H says:

      My Gigahertz Solutions HF59B and NFA1000 says you are incorrect. The grid is a game changer. It the single largest polluter in my area. The spikes from the neighbors meter enter your home 24/7. That’s not a good thing when trying to sleep.

      Keep yours and carry on. When the doctors can’t find an answer to your illness, will you then may understand? Time to take your medication….

  144. Thomas Grant says:

    Everyone interested in Smart Meters MUST watch the video below. I know it will sound crazy to all of you, but you must watch long enough to hear him out. You will know he speaking truth. There is something so insidious happening on the Earth that a Hollywood scifi blockbuster would pale in comparison to this reality. Please watch and please wake up. Our very existence depends on it.

    “Bases at Woodborough – Harald Kautz Vella (Black Goo)”

  145. Scott G. says:

    What an utter bunch of nonsense and totally perpostirous false claims. Do the moderators of this site sit around with aluminium foil on their heads as in the movie “Signs.” Every claim on here can easily be disproved. Anyone who believes this bunch of mularkey needs their head examined. What a bunch of foolishness and waste of electrons and bandwidth. I have a degree in Industrial Electricity and this is the biggest bunch of misinformation I have ever seen.

  146. Eric says:

    It seems, like the problem here is, that the electric company has broken the law by having transmitters inside the smart meters that put out too much wattage, as needed by the built-in antennae. They should fix it by bringing the wattage into compliance, and then continue the discussion from there. Why should the electric company be above the law?

  147. Ron Guy says:

    As a career broadcaster (retired) I’m very concerned when any Utility Corporation that (without book and page number) says “trust me”, it’s safe. I’m over 70 and currently working hard (daily) diagnosed with a severe arthritis of the back. I was USAF communications during Nam surrounded by the worlds largest Antenna systems.
    I simply know that it contributed to my condition. So when electric and water systems
    controlled by Utility Corps say “trust me” …I DON’T THINK SO. Show me the proof. Or allow me to make your day.

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  149. Chuck says:

    I challenge you all to view these–





    Some of you would dare to quote WHO and the FCC? THEY are the problem!! They are biased and driven by biased studies that are flawed and funded by entities that profit by hiding the truth. There is a saying that the best thing about science, is that it’s true whether you believe it or not. People are starting to wake up. There are changes coming.

    http://microwavenews.com/junkscience.html (proof of bias, conflict of interest, or even fraud, in the WHO — which gave the Bioinitiative 2012 report a rating of 3 — and now we know why.)

    The power companies are also violating people’s 4th Amendment rights in the USA, but that’s another story. They are doing harm to humanity, all in the name of profit. When your doctor walks in and tells you that he’s sorry but you have cancer, you will remember what you have just read here. In America, in 1900, one in twenty persons got cancer. In 1970, one in ten got cancer. Now, one in three get cancer and it’s heading rapidly toward one in two. What do you think is contributing to this growing rate?

    Non ionizing, non-thermal based, EMR, have indeed, been scientifically proven to cause biological harm, and the harm occurs at power levels that are many magnitudes lower than the upper legal limits of EMR exposure set by the FCC and recommended by WHO, et.al.


    In a way, this entire ongoing,”harm/no harm” debacle could be termed a, “Darwin Thinning of the Herds”. The smart people will see the danger and respond to at least try to mitigate it and survive. The stupid ones, and the greedy ones, will perish.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  150. Shane in Mo. says:

    I always thought this Smart Meter phobia was craziness. But I’ve been having some health problems since they installed a Smart Meter on our house and I found this site by accident while looking up my symptoms and was shocked!

    About a month ago they replaced our analog meter with a Smart Meter. The meter is on the other side of the wall in the room where I spend 99% of my time in my house. It’s less than 8 feet away from me separated by an 8 inch thick wall.

    A few days after they installed it I developed severe Vertigo. I’ve never had a problem with dizziness in my life. I’m having a terrible time concentrating and have been hearing beeping sounds later in the evenings around 11pm. I basically can’t function anymore do the the Vertigo and lack of concentration.

    I don’t know if it was just my time to start having health problems or what, but it sure is one hell of a coincidence that this started when they installed this so called ‘Smart Meter’ and I found this site completely by accident when looking up my symptoms.

    That said, I have my PC in this room and it uses WiFi and I don’t have any problem using it. I’m not seeing any detectable interference problems with the electronics in my home.

    • Josh Hart says:

      Too bad Shane but good that you recognized it for what it is! Our advice- ditch the smart meter and the wi-fi router and use an analog and a good old non wireless modem with ethernet cable. You’ll feel better. Make sure to warn the neighbors as they may be experiencing the same thing and not connecting the dots!

      • Shane in Mo. says:

        Hi Josh.

        The problem is, I can’t get rid of the Smart Meter. We got a notice in the mail saying we were scheduled to have our meter replaced within 30 days and we didn’t need to be home and we had no choice.

        And they were very sneaky about this. I’m currently out of work and every morning I make a cup of coffee, load my two dogs up in the truck, and take them for a quick ride. We are usually gone for about 30 ~45 minutes.

        I live on a street with 20 houses. We each have 5 acre lots lined on both sides of a gravel road. I never saw a KCP&L truck or vehicle anywhere on the street. I took the dogs for a short ride about 20 ~ 25 minutes because I had been trying to stay close to the house since I got that notice to see if I could catch them here and try and get them to leave the analog meter.

        When I got back about 25 minutes later the Smart Meter was installed and nobody was in site. How they could have done this in a 25 minute time frame on a street with 20 houses and not be visible is beyond me. They are being very sneaky about this because I think they know people don’t want this.

        I’ve gone for a CT Scan, I’ve had blood work done, I’ve gone to an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) specialist. They can’t find anything wrong with me. I’m at a loss.

        • Josh Hart says:

          Send ’em a letter, set a deadline for their removal of the unauthorized equipment they forced on your home, and prepare for your plan to have the hazardous equipment removed and replaced with analog. They play hard ball- so can we.

  151. Laura says:

    Can I assume then that you don’t have wifi or cell phones?

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  153. john says:

    I agree that smart meters can be a problem butt this is such a controversial topic so its hard to decide what side is true, but doesn’t the government already illegally spy on us anyways?

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  155. Karen Gould says:

    Smart Meter – Is it really an Energy Saver?


  156. Dc says:

    I’m in Tennessee and we just got ours yesterday. They honked their horn when they drove in. I could hear the installer telling my wife that she was swapping out the old meter. When I got around there I asked the lady if the old meter had failed, she said no, that everybody was getting a smart meter and that it could be controlled (I assume she meant read) remotely from the city where the main offices are.

    I dunno if it’s harmful or not as I’m not a scientist. Maybe it’ll kill us, maybe it’ll measure power consumption. If I jumped into a fight every time some regulation imposed by a business or the government affected me, I’d starve.

  157. JohnR says:

    Now I have not read every comment, but to those who say that they are willing to have the smart meters removed, know this;
    When your meter is removed due to your insistence, and you elect not to have electrical service from your power supplier, your municipality very well may deem your home as unlivable.

    Go to your local building department and review what is required to have a certificate of occupancy so that you can live in your home!

    You may be forcibly evicted by the government who’s regulations state that for a home to be livable it must have Septic, Water, Hot water, Electricity, and Heat. All of these must be permanently installed for a certificate of occupancy. This is to ensure the health and safety of every one of their constituents.
    I don’t love the idea of a smart rf meter, but when you go to fight them, make sure you know the end effect of your actions.

    Good luck

    • Robert says:

      This is totally absurd. People have been living off the grid for years without Big Brother intervention. What do you think Solar and Wind power or a water powered generation does. But a generator does create a RF field, and so do wiring attached to offgrid generation.

      If one doesn’t want electricity and as long as the house is not a health problem. They can not condemn it for that reason alone. If you create your own electricity, the local power provider could be made to buy excess from you if you so choose to sell it to them. If your comment where true. They would be tearing down vacant houses everywhere because they had the electricity turned off. Yawn..Please be factual.

  158. Thomas says:

    Is there any way to block these signals from entering your house? I think metal siding cuts down on the penetration of cell phone signals a bit. I have installed metal siding and roofing and think there is a significant difference. Opinions anybody?

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  160. Robert says:

    Cell signals, satellite tv, wifi and such will not penatrate a totally shielded house. Windows, doors, floors, ceilings, roof, etc must be converted with certain size mesh. All metal must be common grounded to each other and earth grounded. No gaps what so ever. Why do you think they make microwaves out of metal and have a mesh door. Same principle your wanting. Build yourself a microwave house with like door and be totally shut off from signals.

  161. Justin says:

    Anyone who believes in this is the true definition of stupid. ALL electronics emit the same radiation and effects. If you really want to make a change then stop using your computer to post stupid things like this. Get rid of your t.v, telephone, alarm clocks, wrist watches, ovens, washing machines… In fact, since the planet you live on is constantly emmiting radiation you should probably just leave all together. And please do not get a book to look this up, they emit radiation as well. And the government has fiber optics hidden in the binding.. and aliens use books to take samples of our DNA every time we get a paper cut!

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  163. yorrite2 says:

    New Strategy to Stop Smart Meters and Hold Politicians Accountable, with 3 Successful Examples