Sure, but what do the experts say?

International experts on wireless health present their findings on Nov. 18th at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco

If you’ve been speaking to friends and family about the health threat of smart meters and other wireless technology, you’ve probably been met with some skepticism.  It’s always hard to change one’s worldview overnight.  It seems that men in particular LOVE their gadgets. To begin to accept that they may be harmed by their beloved iPhone is quite a struggle for many.  All we can do is to plant the seeds that will later sprout into a greater understanding and compassion for those who are being harmed by this technology.

The Electromagnetic Health Forum at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club on Nov. 18th brought together some of the world’s most respected experts on wireless impacts on health.   You can watch the entire program online here.  Highly recommended viewing for a rainy day.

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