NOW is the time to Speak Up for Landline Telephones. Can You Hear Me Now?

Thank you very much to Californians for Safe Technology for the alert below. There is more information at also.


AT&T has applied with the California PUC to discontinue its Carrier of Last Resort (COLR) obligations for copper wire landlines. This decision would have devastating effects on consumer choice and public safety by phasing out essential landline services for all Californians – and would be particularly devastating to the elderly and those in rural communities.

Your help in this will protect essential copper landlines from being decommissioned across California.What can you do?

1.   Call and/or Email – Calling is preferred, but both would be better. Sending an email only is second best – See talking points below. This should be done as soon as possible.

Alice Reynolds Office of the President / Executive Director Rachel Peterson (916) 894-5641

John Reynolds Commissioner

Maria Sotero Policy Advisor and Interim Chief of Staff

(415) 703-2494

Pilar Manriquez Deputy Chief of Staff

(916) 894-5689

Sasha Goldberg – Advisor

(415) 703-5340

Cait Pollock – Advisor

(415) 703-1535

Jake McDermott – Advisor


Carolyn Chen – Advisor

(415) 703-1980

3. Add a Public Comment,57,RIR:P5_PROCEEDING_SELECT:A2303002

Talking Points:

Why do we need copper landlines?

  1. The elderly population is more dependent on copper landlines and more likely to experience technology aversion and often do not have the ability or desire to use other technology.
  2. Traditional copper landline service is tied to an address making it the most dependable emergency communications tool currently available and is vital to helping emergency services identify your exact location.
  3. Copper landlines are more reliable than wireless or VoIP services in urban, suburban, and rural areas because the copper-based systems can still work even when the power is out.
  4. Many rural areas depend on their copper landlines and lack other options.
  5. Some people and businesses prefer the quality of wired connections.
  6. Some people have debilitating symptoms when in close proximity to wireless connections.
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