Returning Unwanted Equipment…

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  2. Vicki says:

    Standing ovation, lasting applause

  3. Redi Kilowatt says:

    Good job people !
    If PG&E moans about having to read your meter monthly, and wants to charge extra for it (which they never did before), then they should have to ask for approval of another RATE INCREASE first, before demanding a new meter reading fee.
    There are several options to report your monthly meter reads directly to PG&E.
    The best one is to call PG&E customer service @ 1-800-743-5000. Assistance is available by telephone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
    Ask the rep to send you a schedule for the year of the dates that the meter is read in your zone. You will need to have your bill and account number in hand, because each area is read on different days of the month, they are not all read on the same day. Also, ask the rep to include a plastic card with dials that the customer sets when they read their own meter.
    Then, look at the schedule, find the line of dates that corresponds to to the letter in your account number, go out and read your meter on the day that your meter is read. Carefully set the dials to exactly what is on the meter. You can phone in your read that day, and also, place the card visible from the street on your property if you want to. You DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A METER READER ACCESS YOUR PROPERTY IF YOU DON”T WANT TO. You don’t have to give any reasons, and PG&E won’t ask, they will send you a card and reading schedule with instructions.
    The analog meters have 5 dials, and PG&E knows EXACTLY how many kilowatt hours that have flowed through that meter since it was first installed, no matter who’s name is on the account.
    PG&E has always known how much electricity that it’s customers use, and it has all been recorded on a data base in the central office. And yes, PG&E shares that information with other marketers to try and get business doing energy audits and building repairs to help save energy. Some of these companies get federal stimulus money to help low income people with repairs.
    It does not matter at all if one has an analog, transmitting or non transmitting digital meter, PG&E has always known how much that their customers are using, and have always shared that information with related businesses. The law has not been changed, a court order is still required by any law enforcement agency to look at utility records.
    And also, some people have their utility accounts under different names, and some people live in buildings and pay for their utilities to another person. There is only one name on each account, not every person using electricity in a house is on the account.

  4. West Point Grandma says:

    I too replaced my smart meter in October and returned it to PGE in November after numerous attempts to have PGE restore my old meter due to health problems caused by the Smart Meter. Now, Mark Torres and Phil Balistrieri of PGE are threatening to turn off my electricity due to “health and safety hazards.” What a joke… Don’t bother wasting your time calling the CPUC. They are worthless. The commissioners and their staff will not take your call but only refer you to Public Affairs which in turn refer you to Harold Williams in the CPUC Consumer Affairs dept. Harold is worse than PGE as he told me that President Peevey should never have told PGE or SCE to give any customer back their analog meter and he was wrong in doing so.

    The only solution, as I see it, is to get an intiative on the next ballot to change the requirements for becoming a CPUC commissioner or President. The initiative should change the CPUC code of the California Constitution to state that only 1 commissioner can be from or have lobbied or contracted for any industry that the CPUC regulates. Also, the other commissioners should not have worked for, lobbied for or contracted for any industry that the CPUC regulated within the last 20 years and they cannot work for, lobby for, or contract for any of the aforementioned CPUC regulated industries while in office or within 10 years after leaving office. Combine this with some type of term limit on the CPUC commissioner and president and we may be able to restore the CPUC to looking out for the public (utility consumer) best interest as it used to do decades ago.

  5. November Alexis says:

    Awesome! I want to do the same….has anyone up in Marin done this yet? I want to do it with as many others as possible, on the same day, and have it documented on camera.


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  10. Liz Moser says:

    I added your site to ours! FANTASTIC JOB! I am organizing a group to do that here in Texas! Thank you! Wonderful! Keep pushing back!

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  13. CAJeffO says:

    I’m sure most of us remember the “ENRON Corporation conspiracy” and how they illegally jacked up our prices for energy in the years approaching the 911 tragedy. Then the evidence was destroyed during the 911 tragedy inside the trade center bldg7.
    My point is, due to the price jacking of power all of us pay falsely inflated prices for power since the late 1990’s (in my home my power prices more than tripled in a matter of a couple of years!). These power companies are not hurting for profits. To the contrary they are swimming in profits. There is no need to put in the smart meters. They can afford the power meter readers whom walked to each one to read them.

    Also note: “It is also very well documented that key evidence in the ENRON scandal investigation was stored there and destroyed during the collapse. The ENRON scandal is inextricably linked to 9/11 through George Bush. ENRON Corporation was the biggest financial backer of Bush in the 2000 election and supported his career since his ‘Governor of Texas’ days. There is a huge amount of evidence linking Bush to Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling (both key players in ENRON leadership). Lay served on Bush’s transition team in 2000 and donated $290,000 to his campaign. Dick Cheney was also connected to ENRON, which he consulted at least 6 times before announcing US energy policy. ENRON collapsed due to manipulation of massive expansion of it’s global holdings, through the help of politicians on the payroll. Executives sold their shares at the top of the market and encouraged employees to buy up shares. With the meltdown of ENRON, certain individuals made a killing. They so expertly played the system. It would make sense that exposing the activities of these people would reflect badly on the administration at the time. What a coincidence then, that key evidence in this case was lost on 9/11.”
    … … … Much more info in this article about 911

    I further point out the people stealing from our society are addicted to money. They can’t get enough and they will stop at nothing to make more.
    Our Federal Reserve is now revealed to be a mask for Central Bankers whom are infamous for using Fractional Reserve to steal from many countries. And the reason our founding fathers made fractional reserve illegal here. Note this info:

    PG#1 CAJeffO website – National Debt Enslaves America

    [*] U.S. Financial Timeline

    [*] Federal Reserve Bank (Inc.) A Murderous History

    [*] Federal Reserve avoids criminal charges since 1933.

    Article 1 Clause 10 states:
    No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

  14. Annie ladysmith says:

    Why are people being so polite. Tell ’em, listen, we don’t want u r fukin meters, take ’em back, and if u send another flunkie to mess with my gadget’s i’ll be inclined to take a few pot shots at ’em. Stay off my property and stick u r smart meters up u r asses. U r all just pigs working together to enslave us, sicken us, or outright kill us, and we’re hip to that plan, now f-off for good.

    • karyn says:

      …Hmmm…. to Annie~I went to Christian School and have gone to Christian Church my whole life..and never have been that fond of FOWL language to express my own self…all that has changed since being a Guinea Pig and having been assaulted and pillaged (for a year and a half with 2 Smart meters) of my health (what do you HAVE if you do NOT have your HEALTH ???) and my families’ health and my dear pets, Good Health~who cannot speak, but I can tell by the look in their eyes of “JUST SHOOT ME !!!!!” what is going on with them. There is a season for everything under Heaven..and this is my season of cussing about the TRAUMA in itself that has been so fowl~ that I have gone through and it is all I can do to relieve myself of the Injustice and the Disgrace that this was happening (to mild mannered Americans who TRUST in those who provide a SERVICE to them ) without my consent and ALSO the fact that it could have been prevented (the decline of our Good Health) ..I feel as if I have been raped while I was sleeping~ and I am still in an OUTRAGE over it..that PG and E can get away with Killing People and shortening their Life Span. I DETEST PG and E~ and I will be an Advocate (for whoever NEEDS me to be) against them to Ban Smart Meters..and to have them make restitution for the Evil they Spewed upon Myself and All of My Loved ones~ as well as ALL of My Fellow Man. The other thing I must the Messenger to the Sheep (my Fellow man) who were sleeping and shot me again and again when all I was was doing ~was shedding LIGHT on a HORRIBLE WRONG DOING that AFFECTS US, EVERYONE…I would just say “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” ..I’ve had to say that Many~ MANY ~times as of late. It’s a GOOD thing I watched the movie Sucker Punch..and could relate to the main character Baby doll~ for doing GOOD when Evil prepared me for Battle !

    • Janet Curtis says:

      my neighbors home caught fire at the meter site and blew up..she and her two pets died. in reno nv..almost two months later and that meter has gone missing! everyone in the neighborhood has been having probs in the home with new appliaances, like my new in fear and oh yes my bill for a single person in home is higher than ever and higher than full family households

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  16. karyn says: more thought~ Nash-ing of teeth is in the Bible of what will be done in Hell..I have been GRINDING NASH-ING and GRITTING my teeth..for as long as having a Smart Meter…then I had some relief with an analog back on..just getting to feeling better because of that..and then they put on a Solid State Meter…that is … in a lot of ways… even WORSE than a Smart Meter..being a guinea pig for that one now…I am in a constant state of feeling like my heart will fail or BURST. PG and E is coming tomorrow to take off the meter..I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Karyn,
      Please make sure that the supposed Analog electric meter has not got a deadly to humans and all life dopey health wrecking M/Wave smart meter inside it. I have learnt that some of these new so-called Analog electric meters actually have a dopey and deadly smart meter buried inside its gizzard as some have.
      This you can tell when it is hooked up to your home and is running by testing with a M/Wave testing meter.

      • Sylvia says:

        Richard, Where did you find this out? What all do you know about it? We just opted out and they came back and installed what looks like an analog meter, it has the slowly moving dial, not the digits. We will be charged extra fees for this. Are you saying that this meter may actually be a smart meter? The man who installed it said these are “refurbished analog meters”.

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  18. Big Julie says:

    This is all so disturbing. I moved out of Atlanta about a year ago. The not-smart meters, there were 2 on our house there-one gas, one electric-were killing me. I was already permanently disabled to begin with. Now the f*k b*tts at North GA Elect Co-op here in the mountains announced in their magazine that they were going to begin installing those vile meters here. Of course I called them immediately and told them in no uncertain terms that they are forbidden to step on this property if the intent is to install a smart meter. The ignorant little girl on the phone said they weren’t installing smart meters. Said they were installing automatic meters. Said they were RF meters not wifi. I called the stoopid biotch on that. Microwaves are RF, ignof*k. And, yes, I did tell the puppet that if they did try to send anyone here to install an illegal surveillance device, re: the automatic smart meter, that whomever that shlep was would be looking at the business end of my 12 ga. This was not a threat, even tho she accused me of threatening, but I said it is a PROMISE.


    Peace, Love, and all that jazz.

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  20. S Barringer says:

    In my area, they are not yet installing Smart Meters, but I’m sure they are going to since the PTB want these cancer meters installed nationwide. (Smart Grid? Killing Grid) Because I know this is coming, I am making people in my area aware of the problems that everyone who has had these meters installed is having.
    When I told the people in my neighborhood assoc about the opt out fee of $87.00 and an additional monthly fee of $15 if they retained their analog meters, their jaws dropped to the floor in disbelief. Hopefully I woke these people up an they will become active against Smart Meters.

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  23. steve says:

    I had a smart meter and i told them to take it out . they did and replaced it with another one it looks the same and has a wifi pulse on it. I called sce again and told them iy is still a smart meter and she said it is not it only reads the the power it s using. the meter is a legacy SCedison E302-186513 . I told her i want the same one that i had before and she said it is the same kind.I called an electrician and he told me he could not change my meter because its SCE. Where can i find one ? i have ringing in my ear tooo

  24. Susan Heckel says:

    One of the reasons the utilities want to charge is because of the utility’s investors. In Florida, regarding Florida Power and Lights’s new push to charge for the regular meters, the FPL consumer advocate told me it wasn’t fair to their investors to not charge. In other words, a monopoly utility with guaranteed income is going to coerce customers to add to the bottom line of perhaps an out of state billion dollar hedge fund!

  25. Susan Heckel says:

    The digital meters are not the old analog ones, but they aren’t the smart meters. They have to be read by a meter reader.

  26. Susan Heckel says:

    I tested my digital meter by looking up my account with FPL on the internet. There was no breakdown of the bill or anything. I think it was the next technology after analog and before the smart meter.

  27. I was told if we here in Detroit remove the smart/ advance meters we will go to jail. Can you PLEASE help us.

  28. PLEASE help us here in Detroit. OUR smart meters are called advance meters. We have no one to help us. Help me to help myself.

  29. Sean says:

    So far I’ve had to PAY $10 upfront-extortion fee+$5 pr month for the next 3 years to opt out of PG&E’s smart meter and this is only this low because I’m on their CARE program, otherwise it would have been $75 up front+$10 pr month for the next 3 yrs. I have PV array with grid tie and inverters that “sell”-just slows or spins meter backwards, but it DOES make a difference in my bill-my excess power back into grid. Meter reader came by to put a tag on meter so that the extortionists will not switch my meter out, I’m behind a locked gate and meter is behind fence, far enough away that they would have to trespass over my fence to do this and I’ve heard they do it when you’re not there. I was irate when they left message on my phone saying they would be doing this sometime in the next 30 days and I would have to call them with any ?’s regarding this-no mention of an opt out and 1st time I talked to them no mention of the cheaper cost due to my being on CARE program. So, I’d much rather pay the extortion fees to keep them the hell out of my life as much as possible and can’t for the life of me figure out why the meter reader would like having no job anymore. I also noticed about 1 month ago something new on the power pole looked like an antenna coming out the bottom of a numbered box and there is now a smart meter in the county park next door to me, coincidentally one of my inverters has been acting up, not going to float stage, so all excess power has to go out 1 inverter now, but it’s not consistent and I’m wondering if this is normal or is 1 of my 14 yr old inverters failing, with the cost of a new inverter that would replace/do the job of my current 2 so high, I’m beginning to think I should spend the amount it would cost to have my solar installer check out the inverter 1st. If anyone knows if having the smart meter in the park next door and our “common” hook up on the pole-only saw that today-would allow PG&E to cause my inverter to act up this way, it doesn’t stop my selling pwr back to them but my inverter going off and on ie; trying to go to float stage all the time is probably not good. Hope we can sue the bastards for these BS extortion fees !

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