Smart Meters Being Funded by the US Military?

Was the US Military involved in 'smart' meter R&D? New documents suggest just that.

The utility companies have described their installation of ‘smart’ meters as a “deployment.”  They have called those of us peacefully defending the safety and health of the public “insurgents.” At times, scenes of the public physically blocking military-style smart meter installations conjure up images of wartime.   But is the smart meter program actually being funded by the military?  Is the “smart grid” somehow linked with military research and development?  That’s what documents unearthed and analyzed by Las Vegas activist and firebrand Angel de Fazio would seem to suggest.

Angel obtained a document that details a nearly 300 million dollar grant from the federal government to NV Energy to install smart meters.  On the “authorization” line it refers to two funding sources:  31 USC 6304 and 10 USC 2358.   “31 USC 6304” is a relatively straightforward designation on “using  grant agreements.”  But do a search for “10 USC 2358” and you will find it identified as “US Armed Forces Research and Development Projects”

Now at StopSmartMeters.Org we’re not the first ones to call “conspiracy” at the slightest suspicion of impropriety.  Yet this discovery raises important questions about the hasty and undemocratic smart meter installations, about the smart meters that have been spying on people and making thousands sick in their own homes from pulsed radiation.

It’s become fairly clear to anyone involved in this fight- that this is not just simply a utility meter upgrade.  There is more to these devices than meets the eye.

Given recent events, we believe there are valid reasons to be rather alarmed by Angel’s chance discovery, and at the very least the public deserves an explanation of why the military would be involved in a domestic utility project.  Some of those recent events include:

1.  Last week the US Senate approved the National Defense Authorization Act which would allow the military to detain any US Citizen indefinitely without trial or charges within the United States.

2.  Within the last month, the US Army has stationed an active unit on domestic duty within the United States- in order to deal with “civil unrest” and crowd control.

3.  There is growing evidence that US Homeland Security helped to coordinate the brutal crackdowns on the Occupy encampments in major US cities over the past few weeks.

We stated publicly in August 2010 that we believe the smart meter program is an attack on the public, and that we the people must mobilize to defend ourselves.  Today, thanks to the diligent investigative efforts of grassroots activists, we have evidence that the US military may in fact be linked with this “deployment.”

What do you think?

Calls to the grant administrator were not returned.

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24 Responses to Smart Meters Being Funded by the US Military?

  1. Liz Barris says:

    What do I think? I think you know what I think.

  2. Chispa says:

    I think it is way smarter to block these meters, to demand they be removed if already installed, and to do research on this before we submit without a cry to this. I know that PG&E did much promo about how useful these meters would be to residents who wish to monitor their energy use. All their pre-installation info was positive, pushy, and did not mention any potential issues with radiation or electro-smog. Of course not. Nor does PG&E comment on the geo-engineering they do to (presumably) increase rainfall over the Sierras in attempts to bolster their hydro-plants that use SN watercourses to generate electricity.

    I’m not one to leap to conspiracy – and I am a scientist. I say it is wiser to gather more info before permitting these meters to be installed. And to complain, criticize and demand removal of those already installed to keep up the pressure on this idea and slow down implementation.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      I say you are right. We need to focus on the meters, not a bunch of other corporate/government things that have to do with the:
      NSA, DHS, NSSA, Facebook, DEA, CIA, Google, SEC, FCC, DOJ, FBI, FTC and the national insurance medical records database.
      The military and prison industrial complexes, as well as all the intelligence gathering agencies have taken over the county and the world. The new AMI meters are a huge problem that must be squelched, but should be fought with relative facts to the issue at hand, and should not be confused or lumped with all the other problems. That will only serve to dilute or efforts, if we start getting confused and spewing out science fiction.

  3. Susan B says:

    This is sure as hell not what I voted for in the last presidential election. They have some nerve trying to destroy America’s civil rights. No way!

  4. Electra says:

    One thing is obvious – whoever made these “smart” meters is not very smart. They’re cheap pieces of trash, which is the reason they explode and cause fires. Please, anyone who has a smart meter on the side of your house, call your state’s Public Service Commission or Public Utilities Commission and demand an immediate opt out option. As was detailed in a recent post, the very installation of these meters was likely illegal, as the law states that anyone who REQUESTS a time-based meter can have one. The law does NOT state that the power companies have the right to put one on your house without permission.

    And tell your friends and neighbors this: One power company-related person made the comment to me, when I asked about the smart meter’s safety: “Well, you’re not sleeping in that room, are you?”

    • Alexander Hunter says:

      As someone who held three public meetings on the subject late in 2022 and early in 2023, contacting the PUC (Public Utility Commission) in most states will likely get you nowhere. Those folks are usually in the pocket of their neighboring Power companies thru very extensive lobbying.
      Do your best to pay your way out, whatever you pay will probably be less than the increased per usage cost that will eventually be attached to you bill in the future.
      You will need lots of grass roots support to get your local lawmaker to want to do anything about this, been there in Missouri. It can be done, but you need an organized concerted effort and then they’ll listen. Likely will increase the money lobbyists feed to lawmakers to do their bidding at first.
      You have rights and a hopefully a good interest in your health. Been thru the FDA and FCC on this and they judge the safety of these devices only by antiquated or propagandist research. Just saying

    • You’re so right with what you wrote. All I need to do is tell you that smart is really SMART which is an acronym that stands for Surveillance Marketed as Revolutionary Technology.

      God bless,

      Arlene Johnson
      To access my work, which is top secret history, click on the icon that says Magazine.

    • SMART is an acronym that stands for Surveillance Marketed as Revolutionary Technology.

      God bless,

      Arlene Johnson
      To access my work, which is top secret history, click on the icon that says Magazine.

  5. Soapbox Jill says:

    Friends, it’s scary, but we have to look it in the face. Also, I want to alert you in California to the coming surge of transmitting Gas Meters planned:

    We have gas, elect. and water where I live and people have not even begun to wake up.

  6. Fletch says:

    All that money was given by Obama as Stimulas money he handed out 3.1 billion to install smart meters across the countary as part of his job creation program. At the time they were talking about all the jobs they would create by doing this what they did say was how many jobs would be lost because you wouldn’t need meter maids anymore.

  7. Wendy says:

    The EISA 2007 legislation (look it up) calls for certain things. The Obama Administration got the 2009 ARRA through, and a bunch of (printed) money gets handed to the DR/SmartGrid program. And, this was turned into a “green” political issue, human-caused climate change, etc. Sure, our power infrastructure needed to be upgraded. But there were better ways to do it, which would have evolved logically. They would have been economically, technically, and constitutionally feasible. Instead, we have been prevented from accessing our own energy resources, told that we “must conserve,” “save the planet,” and all sorts of other lies.

    Did you know that one of the big reasons this infrastructure must be upgraded, is due to plug-in electronic vehicle charging? Yes, if someone in your neighborhood has an EV, there is necessity to upgrade transmission for the whole neighborhood. This accommodates a tiny group of people, who can afford an EV to begin with, whom we have subsidized on the purchase…

  8. NVE provided the grant application to the PUC when trying to get approved for the deployment. We didn’t need to do a FOIA request.

    They FREELY forked it over and apparently, their crack executives/lawyers don’t read what they sign. They see ‘free money’, they go after it like a vulture on a decaying corpse.

    Next step is checking the so called ‘accounting’ they ‘created’.

  9. Redi Kilowatt says:

    Starting with the patriot act signed by Bush in 2001, this revelation make sense about the military being involved in the deployment of SmartMeters.
    I have been learning many things about the patriot act. It was first drafted and unanimously approved by congress. Then, it was printed at 3;45 am on the day of the official vote at 11:00 am.
    What Bush did was have the 300 page document almost completely rewritten to include spying on American citizens for more that just being suspected terrorists, it now gives the government intelligence gathering agencies free reign to spy on anyone for any reason. That includes especially activity on internet , emails, land line and mobile phones, medical records, banking records, insurance records, criminal records, employment records and drivers license records.
    If people are worried about privacy concerning electrical use records, I strongly recommend that YOU NEVER give the utility corporations your email address or mobile phone number. And NEVER volunteer for any smart thermostat programs are time differentiated pricing programs. Never go online to your utility provider and create an account to view your previous days usage, that will put your sensitive information on the internet, which would otherwise would not be there.
    In PG&E territory, that previous days usage program is not available anyway, and may never be.
    According to PG&E, “they are working on it”, even though they advertise that it is working now. PG&E told me that once 100 % of the analog meters have been replaced with automated meters, and once 100 % of those transmitting meters are actually connected to the radio billing networks, then, if 80 percent of their customers request that service of viewing electrical usage up to THE PREVIOUS DAY ONLY, not real time, then they (PG&E) will try to make it happen.
    At this point, I think that it is EXTREMELY unlikely that PG&E will ever get 100 % of the analog meters replaced with AMI meters and have all of them being read remotely. Given all the refusals and resistance against the AMI meter project for a myriad of reasons, it would be safe to say that the viewing of up to previous days usage will probably never happen , so don’t waste your time going online and setting up an account with PG&E. Right now, on every bill sent out by PG&E in the mail, it has the previous months usage, this months usage and this month last years usage. That is the same and only information that anyone can get on an online account.
    And don’t worry about those new chipped appliances, even if you did buy the expensive Home Area Networks systems, none of that information is transmitted to the utility, it stays in the customer purchased Home Network. All the utilities can get is total usage from the meter. That is all they will ever be able to get, even 50 years from now.
    Also, the new meters telemetry is not compatible with any alternative energy generating systems that back feed power back to the grid. If you have a solar system, PG&E must not install a new SmartMeter, they must leave the analog meter in place. That is one way to have a SmartMeter removed if you don’t want it. Call PG&E customer service, ask for the business office. Tell them that you are going to be adding solar power to your building, then PG&E SHALL remove your new SmartMeter.
    This is what a PG&E employee told me, “that PG&E only buys electricity from any source at a wholesale price, and then sells it at a profit to it’s customers. And that includes individuals who generate electricity and back feed it to the grid”. Another thing, it does not matter how much power you can back feed to the grid, you WILL NEVER get a check from PG&E, only a credit on your regular power bill. If you generate very large amounts of power paid for at the wholesale rate, conceivably you get a bill of zero, but you will NEVER get a rebate from PG&E.

  10. Amy says:

    Watch the academy award winning movie “Inside Job” and you’ll see conspiracies CAN happen with Big Money. Big Money can buy the rating agencies, the regulatory agencies, the media, and even academia, in such a way that the general public is slow to catch on. We may be a “free” country with a “free” press, but that doesn’t mean we have a country “free” of corruption and the love of money.

  11. Bob says:

    You are a free country and have a free press? Which country do you live in Amy?

  12. morgan says:

    I read in my local paper that in the terms of agreement to use the PG&E web site there is a stipulation that you never be able to sue PG&E for more than $500.00. so if you sign up you could possibly be signing your rights away. (not sure this would hold up in court)
    If they blow up your house you are entitled to a measly $500 this is something to be aware of.

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