Smart Meter MELTDOWN

A ‘smart’ meter spontaneously ignited and melted plastic and mercury all over someone’s house in San Francisco last month- badly damaging the home and endangering the residents.  Just one of thousands of safety violations.  Stop Smart Meters! investigation here.

Victims of smart meter radiation speak out as they prepare to return unwanted meters to PG&E – today Dec. 7th 2011 Capitola CA.  PG&E called the police- six officers showed up and the company kicked everyone out of the office suddenly. Press here.

A dozen unwanted ‘smart’ meters piled up, having been removed by PG&E customers sickened by the wireless radiation, left on a display at the company’s Capitola CA office today December 7th 2011. 

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3 Responses to Smart Meter MELTDOWN

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  2. Alex says:

    Open4Energy – the #1 web site for exposing energy scams has put together an independent analysis of smart meters – including a detailed explanation on electromagnetic radiation. You may find that it suggests few people are affected by the radio signals, but this does not mean that they are safe for us all.

    Different people have different sensitivities – but we do ask that those against smart meters respect those in favor of them – in the same way that they would like to be respected for their concerns!

    Smart Meters – Independent Analysis

    You may find that we are not as strongly against smart meters and the issue of health risk, as some are – in fact we worry about this issue being one of many issues we see regarding electricity rates and the direction we see rate discussions trending.

    In particular, that they open the door to time of use billing, and a whole range of new billing models that we may not like at all. Not that these are automatically bad – for it is probably a good idea that we do charge users for the amount of electricity used – and if it costs more on a hot day to make, I am not sure how these additional costs should be allocated.

    We do hope that all residents in California, be they for Smart meters, or against, will remember to still save energy and avoid the many energy efficiency scams that are being pushed on us all. Only yesterday we looked at a scam on wind energy – some $500,000.00 of rate payer monies spent on SGIP – for a product that simply does not work.

  3. Will Davis says:

    Alex, if you desire a smart meter installed on your home and my home was close by, would you be respecting me with the harmful radiation emitted by your meter?

    You credited Open4Energy as your source for information. Alexander Bischoff is President and principal contributor to Open4Energy. Prior to founding Open4Energy, a division of adTumbler LLC were he is the companies president, Bischoff was Director of Sales Engineering at Sentilla, Inc., a company that proves the software technology for the smart meter grid. Of course Open4Energy is biased in favor of the smart meter.

    Sorry Alex, but your source is invalid. As long as you favor this harmful transmitting devise (that by your own admission may affect some), then I can not offer respect for your opinion or your desire to have a smart meter attached to your home any more than I would respect you if you chose to operate a meth lab in your home.

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