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Stop Smart Meters! has updated our Public Health Warning Card (as of May ’19). To purchase copies for distribution in your community, please visit the SSM! Online Store.

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Visit our Science Page to learn more about human/ environmental health and wireless technology. To learn more about your rights and how to keep your safer analog meter or have a “smart” meter removed from your home or business, click here. Original announcement for the 1st version of the Public Health Warning Card in 2014 can be found here¡¡Note that these cards are now available en español!!

24 Responses to Public Health Warning

  1. Seth says:

    Hi it’s Seth here, if you are are against RF from smart meters, why do you encourage people to use this QR code?
    Smart meters, smart phones, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, it’s all the same. ALL emit RF and all are Big Brother NSA spying on us. The grid will be inescapable and someday children may be implanted at birth with a brain chip to hook them into it and a chip in their hand to purchase goods which contains all their medical records and banking information.

    • We do not use QR codes except for a fake one in the shape of a skull on our wireless kills stickers.

    • QR Codes are safe says:

      not sure what you are talking about… QR Codes don’t require wireless technology. they are just an image you scan with a computer. that computer may be running inside of a wireless-enabled smart phone, but also it may be not.

  2. Joshua's Recordings says:

    This is so false. I have a friend who used works in the “radiation” division of a electronic company. He told me about all the tests that they do to have a low radiation on their devices. Their are also different types of radiation, radio and wireless is UNDER microwave radiation. I also run my own radio station (WJRA Radio) it is a small station with a 7 watt FM transmitter. I have been running this station for almost a year now with no side effects. Also in our house with have the “computer lab” now the router is in a different room so all the computers are using Wi-Fi (their are 4 computers).
    What facts do you have to prove against my statement?


  3. Jessie says:

    This is the latest…and we’ve all seen girls doing this..
    I have nothing to do with Take Your Power Back, but their website is a good source to keep updated from

    Good luck
    Jessie (Canada)

  4. Mark Baker says:

    This broadcasting through the power lines is really bad, I can literally feel my brain get shocked from some kind of pulses every time I turn My Lights on,

    I believe this electromagnetic wave is entangling people with each other, or worse like a sort of Mind Control Method By Evil Employees at the “L3 corporation” or another corporation using there technology, THIS IS NOT SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY
    THIS IS ENTANGLED TELEPATHY, which means all they have to do is entangle you
    and as long as your body capacitance stay charged then you can be covertly manipulated.

    Even worse the frequency’s could be so high you cant afford the technology to measure the frequency “With out putting a powerful Neo Magnet on your eye that turns your brain into a red 633 nm 193 terahertz electromagnetic field detector”, which is the frequency absorbed by our blood and if that signal is ENTANGLED then you and everyone else can be “Manipulated” through frequency’s sent from the other entangled diffraction pattern.

    I have proof look at What happens here when you put a Powerful magnet on your chest

    go to this site to find out more information

  5. eileen h. says:

    Just wonder if anyone heard of the LED light system in Santa Cruz being installed by PG&E causing other’s emf issues?

    A new wide band area wifi and or cellular broadband wireless service might have gone up in the Santa Cruz Garden Area Saturday late morning.

    I am emf sensitive and our entire neighborhood now has some sort of broadband wireless frequency being emitting since that time.

    I don’t recommend waiting to find out the hard way (like when it hits your area). So be prepared, it is a pretty strong signal and it takes some getting use too. I’ll be heavily pain-medicated for several days to deal with it, personally.

    Quite the migraine it is giving me too (if you are getting migraines, I highly recommend seeing a homeopathist to help. Mine has been great! and she is free too. Maria at New Leaf on 41st).

    • Tonya says:

      Eileen, Look into LiFi. It involves LED lights being the network. Scary stuff. What makes me upset is how they are trying to sell us on all these out of “convenience”.
      To me, it isn’t convenient when it’s going to kill us

  6. Sara Gepp says:

    Also, turn your phone to airplane mode when not in use. When in doubt, meet up with your friends. Don’t use a cell phone!

  7. I’ve heard of this, Jill Stein talked about the harm of these things in public schools. I am not sure if I believe it or not, but it’s something good to read into it.

    • Josh Hart says:

      Well Jill Stein is right, and she is very brave to be speaking the truth when there is so much misinformation being spread by government/ industry. Thanks for your comment and for visiting SSM!

      • Joseph Musial says:

        I made Ameren take their shitmeter out of my home. I was pissed. Ameren had a police escort when they changed it. The satellite reads the meter every minute of every day and you are being hit with this 900 megahertz radiation. Memory loss and tinitis are just two symptoms of radiation poisoning. This is not over yet. Get ready for lawsuit time against the power companies. They effed the wrong person. Paybacks are a bitch.

  8. Barbara says:

    You need to come up with a plan to recall smart meters. Once the recall starts with America, the other countries will follow. This needs to be brought to the attention of the President, otherwise your plans will be futile. The smart meters were a shadow government plan, and the Democratic Party is part of the shadow government. Also, with smart meters came elevated high voltage electricity. This raised high voltage electricity levels has been causing electrical fires, droughts, global warming, and substation and transformers to go up in flames. They, the shadow government knew that they could cause sickness and diseases in the population by placing smart meters on homes, then raising high voltage electricity levels. They could cause high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, leukemia in children, hyperactivity, fatigue, restlessness, tinnitus, breathlessness, heart palpitations, blurry vision, cataracts, glaucoma, mental illness symptoms, with smart meters plus elevated high voltage electricity. Demand a recall of these killer meters. Their high voltage raising plans, works together with the smart meters. The shadow government has been running a prescription drug operation, and ambulances, fire departments, hospitals, have all been involved with this insidious plan to make people sick, for profit. On top of this, they are adding PCBs in the nation’s water supply, and Giardia.

    • Kate says:

      with the current fantastic moron in chief and his uber corporate friendly judges in power we need a better way to organize protest than posting on FB or random sites. We, consumers, use technology that kills us to “voice” opinions, but do absolutely nothing.

    • Janet Shockley says:

      President Trump “kicked” the Chinese Company Huawei out of the USA. They are very EVIL. With their telecommunication infrastructure built throughout the USA they would have been able to spy on us /control us. Also they would have been in control of the radiation levels coming from the towers/nodes. At the correct level they would have been able to cook us from the inside out. Most of us have metals in our bodies from food, water, vaccines, etc. and are vulnerable. We know the fireworks aluminum foil makes in a microwave. That would be us. Pop Pop Pop. Lawsuits pending.

      The Telecommunication Companies are as powerful as the Pharmaceutical / Medical Companies. President Trump has a plan. Tesla Technology will replace the technology we currently use. So there will be a 5G, 6G, 7G, etc. and they will be safe. The FCC will start to do their job. The Telecommunications Companies will do what is right.

      Now about those satellites beaming down radiation…

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  10. Diane E Sperber says:

    When my husband and I were near retirement and in good health, not being on any medications etc., we had our home remodeled. At that time we had our main electrical board moved. The electric company took advantage of this and installed a digital “Smart Meter”. For 6 years we slept within 3 feet of this “Smart Meter” and within that time our health gradually declined. My husband seemed to age over night. Relatives and friends questioned that he might have had a stroke but after going to three different doctors, none of them could find any medical issues. I developed a full body rash and angioedema, the episodes of which became closer together over those 6 years till they became chronic and I could not get off medication. We were suffering with adrenal fatigue watching the You Tube channel on our TV when one came up mentioning possible injuries from Smart Meters. It was then that we made the connection. After filtering our Smart Meter I was able to get off my meds and my rash and angioedema cleared up and has never returned, that was 4 years ago. We also learned about the dangers of WiFi and my husband disconnected ours. Unfortunately my husband has suffered more because for 3 of those 6 years he was also installing WiFi at work and had a router on the ceiling over his desk area. So he was being bombarded day and night with microwave radiation. He now has Parkinson’s. So for the naysayers out there beware that you may not notice anything immediately because for most people the health issues develop over time. Those that are sensitive to EMFs are like the canaries in coal mines and we should heed their warnings. And our story should be a warning too.

  11. bill marra says:

    we are opting out… they are dangerous

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