How YOU Can Stop ‘Smart’ Meters

Smart Meters are actually Stupid Meters.  Why?  Because they overcharge you, broadcast your personal info and detailed energy use habits, damage your DNA, harm wildlife, catch fire, and disable your shock prevention devices. They also emit wireless microwave radiation that can cause cancer and kill you. Need more reasons than that?  Go to our Why Stop Smart Meters page. If you are new to this issue and have questions, please refer to our FAQ page.

Now, what can YOU do to stop them?

1. REFUSE SMART METERS (on your home, business and in your community). 

If you still have an analog meter:

• Do not allow smart meter installers on your property.  Call police if they trespass.  Form a neighborhood watch.

• Send a certified letter to your utility refusing consent to install

Secure analog meters behind lock and key

• Refuse to pay opt out fees.  Hundreds of thousands are refusing to pay fees to keep their analogs in California and elsewhere, and while PG&E in CA has threatened disconnects, they have yet to carry out this threat, simply for refusal to pay “opt out fees” currently in dispute.

If you have a “smart” meter:

• Revoke consent via certified letter to the utility and set a deadline for removal of existing smart meter.

• Demand that the meter be removed.  Do not take no for an answer.  It is your home and your authority- not theirs.  Assume everything the utility says is a lie.

• Do not be fooled by a digital “radio off” meter or an analog meter with transmitting equipment in it.  Ask them to confirm in writing that the meter is a “non-electronic electromechanical analog meter.”

• If a utility continues to insist on their illegal trespass, people have had their smart meters removed by a qualified professional and replaced with purely electromechanical analog meters.   (Note that this may result in a disconnect depending on the sanity of your utility). You can purchase a reliable analog meter online here.

• Keep your distance (pets and plants too!) from all transmitters.  Find out about shielding methods as a last resort.  Avoidance is best.  Be aware that cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi routers, microwaves, and baby monitors also emit carcinogenic radiation and their use should be curtailed and eliminated.  Get wired!

• Refuse to pay opt out fees.

California Utility Contact Numbers:

• Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E):  1-866 743 0263

• Southern California Edison (SCE):  1-800-810-2369.

• San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E):  1-800-411-7343

• Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD):  1-888-742-7683

(For info on areas outside of California click here.)

2. DEFEND your analog meter! Unfortunately utility companies cannot be trusted to respect your wishes so we also strongly recommend locking up your analog meter.  There are examples of how to do this. In addition, staying at home, or having someone appointed by you to do this during the installation period (typically 2-3 weeks), is an assurance against trespassing. Property owners and renters can ask anyone at any time to leave their property, for any reason.

3. WARN your neighbors that smart meters are coming and pass out brochures. You can download brochures in pdf format here.  Spanish flyer (en espanol) here. Here is a page to help you create your own flyer.

4. POST a “Smart” Meter Free Zone sign on both your electric and your gas meter, and throughout your neighborhood on utility poles and in front yards etc. Click here to download pdf and then print it out:  StopSmartMetersSign

5.  WRITE the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), 505 Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102, or call them at 866-849-8390. Outside of CA, check for what governmental body regulates your utilities. Visit this webpage to file a complaint:

Tell them that you oppose the installation of smart meters on your home or business because of health, safety, and privacy concerns, and demand they mandate utilities replace all analog meters that have been removed.  If you have a smart meter and have been suffering health impacts, go to your doctor and get written documentation, submit a complaint to your local, state, and federal elected officials.

If the utility company or their agents come around to install, ask them to leave and if they don’t comply call the police and report a trespasser.  You have the right to get anyone (apart from a cop with a warrant) off your property (regardless of whether you rent or own).  You have a right to a safe, healthy home!

6. CONTACT your elected officials and demand a safety recall! It’s easy and quick to contact them all at once. Or click here to find and connect to your CA legislators.

7.  SIT IN.  Start a blockade protest at your local meter installation yard or utility commission. In Santa Cruz County, protests were successful at stopping county-wide installation for a year.  Direct action gets the goods.

8. VOLUNTEER with Stop Smart Meters! Contact us if you want to volunteer or get more involved.  This is a grassroots effort, and we could use all the help we can get to carry on fighting for your health and safety.

9. DONATE to our ongoing campaign Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted and will contribute to our work to put a halt to the ‘smart’ meter program.  Please help keep us going with even a small donation today!  See our Donate Page.

10. REDUCE your EMF exposure by changing or eliminating your cell phone usage, and curtailing the use of cordless phones, wifi, microwave ovens, baby monitors, compact fluorescent lightbulbs etc. If you already have a ‘smart’ meter you have the right to have it removed.  You can buy EMF measuring devices (that help you reduce your radiation exposure and educate the community) in our online store.

11. DEMAND that your city/ county pass an ordinance banning ‘smart’ meters More than 57 local governments throughout California have demanded a halt  to smart meter installation, and more are considering taking action. Inform your local government about the rights it has over the utility.

386 Responses to How YOU Can Stop ‘Smart’ Meters

  1. Carleton Hoffman says:

    i have been spending if not wasting all day on the phone and computer trying to find out what i can do about the water department’s new automated meters.
    i would like to hear from anyone as soon as possible about any organized resistance to these or with advice about what i can do to prevent one from being installed at our home. the project manager just told me there is no opt out.

    • Nancy says:

      I live in Massachusetts and they recently installed a “smart meter” in my home for the water department. I do not know of amy groups in my area protesting this….can you help??? Please post names of organizations here so that I can get started on trying to get this out of my home….

      • Texas also has no organized resistance to smart meters. But is trying to change that. A lawsuit has been filed. Also, we have put up a page to help people organize protests in their own state.

      • warbaby says:

        You have the right to have the smart meter taken out and put a regular meter in. These meters are dangerous and they are not telling you that. Did the water company ask you if it was ok they do this? You do not have to go along with this. Get it out right away.

        • Di says:

          yes but how.. tried everything i could think of..and suffering still. called lawyers.. tried and tried. cant live like this. became electro senstative.. in my home..wifi off.. going to get old fillings taken out.. foil on walls.. still feel it.

          • Paul H says:

            Stack cases of water 7 high around where you sleep.

          • LOIS says:

            What state are you in? Go to :freedom I sent certified letter DEMANDING REMOVAL, with doctors letter, DTE in Michigan good at ignoring these! Have filed CIVIL RIGHTS COMPLAINT UNDER ADA THROUGH Michigan DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL RIGHTS, faster to go through state office for CIVIL RIGHTS. Michigan attorney General bill schuette, Michigan public service commissions Have ignored our CIVIL RIGHTS being violated by UTILITIES, I am actually considering filing CIVIL RIGHTS COMPLAINT AGAINST SCHUETTE and MPSC and Lansing OFFICIALS for allowing VIOLATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS. I am so severely affected by the meters, can barely walk, body NUMBNESS, sores that WON’T heal, KNOTS GROWING on body, even my tongue is SWOLLEN ,brain is half numb. I am a diagnosed allergy prone and ami meters are killing me. Go to; SMART METERS, NO FEDERAL MANDATE, UNDER THIS , WE DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE OR ACCEPT AMI SMART METERS, THEY HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED.

            • I’m from Wisconsin I live across from the fire department. I called utility company yesterday and they said they can’t put my old meter back cause it is not possible they don’t have them anymore. I feel they killed my mom by making her cancer come back over and over. And now they are trying to do it to me and my wife and kids. It affects me and my family think I’m crazy. Please help me. Some one. 7152042654 . Please I can’t get any thing done and have been going behind on my life. Please help.

              • Devin Peterson says:

                I don’t think you’re crazy but it breaks my heart that we the people are being poisoned in so many ways. Yet it’s not on the news! We should not have to fight this hard for are health & safety! I helped take care of mom on her last year of life battling cancer for the 4th time! This is the worst case of genocide on a massive scale! This makes Hitler’s killing of the Jews not nearly as bad as turning peoples life’s/Homes into individual concentration camps where you are forced to suffer in pain while while watching your loved one’s being forced to suffer in pain until we expire! I hope and pray that the groups responsible for poisoning and killing are families are caught & brought to justice. Until we get are freedom and rights back we are all slaves at this point!! God help us!!!

          • Maxi straussman says:

            “Better call Saul!” Lol

      • Sandaura says:

        Hi Nancy,

        We have recently been added to the contact list in MA. We have a petition circulating you can help to distribute in MA.

        We are a small group that is growing. Please contact us for further information.

        • neysa harrold says:

          hi im not up on the smart meters but the gas co came today to install one. they had a problem because my porch is built over the meter. can I stop them and still get my gas while deciding what to do THANKS NEYSA HARROLD

        • Steve Morin says:

          Hi Nancy,

          I live in Central Northern MA and they just installed one of those crap meters on my house. Could you send me any info on how to get rid of it please? My Utility company also crappy is Unitil

          Thanks in Advance for your response

      • Bill says:

        I live next to Danvers and I’m considering working with someone to get something started here. Please call if you want to do something about it. 978 335 5147

      • Josette Vettel says:



      • Sorina says:

        Nancy, I understand your frustrations. Please contact You are from the U.S. of A, bu t I’m sure you are able to get info. from this link.
        World wide there are now bans requested on these smart meter .
        The U.K. Netherlands ,Australia, Texas, California has recently criminalized these meters, until proven to be 100 % safe.
        “Ojai”, California is now a “Smart Meter Free Zone”. My question is; how is it possible, that these Electrical Co’s have the right to carry on this insanity ??. A very concerned citizens from
        Canada. Take care and good luck, you are not alone in this.
        You may be able to get a removal form from the link. Send it by registered mail so that you have proof. Go back to your P..O and check whether the Electrical Co has received your mail.

      • contact
        Bill H2926 is in joint committee now.

      • J says:

        That is why they have opened up the damns and sent our water down the drain. Trying to spread lies about water shortage panics…while they continue to flood our borders with yet more and more people. So they can impose total control of you by having meters that they can regulate what/how you live do.They can charge you exorbitant prices for the same water that you have been purchasing for half the price.…. Demand that they do not come on your property to change this meter.

      • Jaime Chimner says:

        My little town has decided to let people opt out of the smart meter water meter for as long as they own the house. He had been doing some research after our fight with Consumers when they cut our electric because I had 4 dr. letters saying I had to have analog meters. So I thank that man immensly. Good luck

    • Maribeth says:

      Waknilg in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

      • Sorina says:

        Sorry, Maribeth but I do not agree with you. Stepping in the presence of giants? They are only the 1% with us being the giants . All we have to do is get together and let ourselves be heard. Power is with the people and not with the corporate grid. We have allowed these corporations and politicians to control us. Did we not vote for a certain party, who ultimately let you down? Well this may surprise you, but even our dear politicians are ruled by the corporations. It is all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ The moment that our politicians take back their power and start to control corporations, maybe and only maybe will there be change. In a meanwhile the power is with us, it has always been like that, all we have to do, is TAKE IT BACK!!!!!!

        • DOC ROBERT says:


          • Cirra says:

            But would Steven Hawking have listened? I’m not so sure. A lot of science types don’t think there is an issue. To me, there is. Harm reduction and speaking out is necessary.

        • BK says:

          I agree with your stance that we the people have the power. Unfortunately we don’t come together and utilize that power. Ever. The 2 party system only divides and conquers. Ask these politicians are bought and paid for. The ruling elite behind all the corporations, media, and cartel banking are the ones really pulling all the strings.

    • Deanna Munson says:

      @Carleton in the same boat.all day n night on phone and online.we have 150 meters at my subsidized apt.complex in beaverton,oregon.they have now as of july 25 2011 added wireless to the street corner traffic/radar cams as well.ANY ORGANIZED RESISTANCE WOULD BE WELCOMED AND NEEDED.i woke bolt upright in bed monday,the frequency had tripled,and my symptoms.looked outside n saw them adding to the cams.had insomnia and ringing in my ears when meters first replaced.then in one morning in april,the frequency got doubled with their addition of a data collecting meter on the street corner.all the meter signals pass through my get to data meter.last year when first meters changed over,all the crickets n frogs since monday,im finding not only the bats stunned and falling to the ground,but birds now too.its also killing the trees as well.THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED

      • Josette Vettel says:

        get groups together and do harmonic sounding if you don;t understand it just go into hamonic sounding verses It can create incredable vibrations this can mis guide there systems and the radation will start to disapate but you must get people with open minds I have been sounding in my house and the radiatin seems to have cleared the rooms I feel the sinsation of claritay
        if you want to know more all me at 760 3636053 the other ways are not working they want us to wear outsleves down just like the gas situation we are excepting the high cost
        Perhaps you can go to your nearest church and gather the ones who are in a choir explain to them about harmonic sounding that can vibrate so strongley it can shift the planet please try anyway and get back to me.

        • KAY says:

          I tried to pull up and it said there is none.
          Is it still available?
          Naperville IL is now installing smart meters and they are charging out the wazoo on monthly billing if we don’t have it installed. Who knows what the charge will be in the future, it can continue to increase. It reminds me of the cable company saying you need a box (at a monthly charge of course) if you want to use your new TV even though it is digital. Now you cant even get the local channels without any kind of box. All these utility companies have got us by the balls.

        • jcb says:

          Please elaborate on this harmonic sounding idea. It seems that you have sincere faith in its effectiveness against this emf radiation weapon being used against the peoples of the world. You’ve also mentioned the idea of gathering at dodger stadium to put harmonic sounding into serious action. Well, then, we need to take the initial steps to make it happen. Please provide working contact information so that we may bring this idea into fruition. I look forward to your response.

      • Heidi says:

        Just waking up to how bad this is. Came out of Tigard area in 2017 and am now in rural SW Washington but it’s gotten very bad here in the last few months. Not doing well. I’m hoping this message finds you safely tucked away somewhere. If you get this message, I hope you respond. Love and light to you.

    • Ann Williams says:

      Factually, Smart Meters do not overcharge, analog meters do, because they aren’t actually anymore, they “guess (over guess)” on usage. The fearmongering is courtesy of those companies that don’t want people to switch costing them billions in profits. Your tax money pays for it, so it should be free as telephones used to be. As an employee of The National Electric Cooperatives in Demand-Response (Smart Grid) Load Management, no person’s private information is public. I am on the Grid as I am typing this and can not see individual homeowners information. All I see are the total Statewide megawatts in the form of numbers…That’s all. Smart Meters transmit less “radiation” than standard Edison electricity does as it is simple Wi-Fi and the Tesla current (DC current) is much safer. The “buzzing” noise from power poles and lights is toxic ground level ozone (fee range electrons moving rapidly) which is the actual cause of the hole in the ozone layer, not CFL’s. It is four times the toxicity as standard radiation, while a Smart Meter is encased for diffusion. Our client’s electric bills are 35-50% lower than those on government owned analog grids (about $50-$75 a month for a 3000 sq. ft. home) and it’s going to get higher if you don’t switch as the nation finally catches up with the modern world and converts to DC current. We aren’t going to run two systems for conspiracy theory freaks. There’s a reason why American appliances don’t work in Europe…Your getting charged twice the rate because the current is two ways, in and out. No, you don’t have a choice. Install the device or pay a $800 a month electric bill. Before the end of the decade we will cease to serve the AC/DC current period, all appliances are required to be converted and property value legislation has been enacted to deflate all home values to 0% equity for those who do not.

      • admin says:

        @AnnWilliams works for a electricity coop in SC: for more info.

        I don’t believe you have investigated the RF emissions issue for smart meters. The spiked pulses from the meters are extremely high, though extremely brief. They are unlike any other RF emission pattern from commercial consumer devices (though iPads on auto-connect are close). They are untested; they are involuntary. Comparisons to cell phones are specious. Here is an excellent source for solid science on why assurances of safety (such as your own above) regarding smart meters are misguided and ultimately endanger the public:

        Here’s another thing you have missed: smart meters are making people sick. The complaints come in daily, here, the CPUC,….

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        Ann Williams,
        Are you trying to tell us that your co-op uses DC for your power grid ? I have never heard of this being done anywhere in this country so could you please elaborate.
        What voltage do you use ?, and where do your customers purchase their special DC appliances ?
        I know that Thomas Edison originally proposed to have a pure DC power grid in this country, but that idea was rejected for many reasons.
        One main reason was conductor size for transmission and distribution on the electrical power grid.
        Utilities can transmit 750 thousand volts @ 200 amps on a 4 ought aluminum conductor using AC current, and that is not possible with DC. I do know that some utilities transmit DC for use on the power grid to overcome reactance problems, but then invert it back to AC for distribution, but this not widely done.
        You must be aware that all our regional power grids in this country are in dire need of updating, and that work is scheduled to start on a major overhaul of our aging regional power grids to make a national power grid.
        This massive overhaul is expected to cost $300 BILLION , and take 10 years to complete once it actually gets started.
        I have never seen any mention of converting the entire national power grid to DC, that would probably cost $300 TRILLION to do. And then there would be the cost of replacing every motor, appliance and device to run on DC, another $300 TRILLION.
        In Europe they use a different voltage than we do, but as far as I know none of their power grids are DC.
        I know that all electronic devices actually operate on low volt DC, like computers, smart meters, the smart radio grid etc., etc., but all of those electronic devices have power supplies that take AC from the power grid and rectify it to DC internally. In the medical industry, they have 120 volt DC distribution systems in hospitals to run certain expensive and highly sophisticated equipment, and in the airline industry and the space industry, they use 600 volt DC systems, but these are special applications.
        I wonder if you really know what you are talking about when you say that peoples property equity will be reduced to 0 if they don’t convert over to DC.
        If your clients can power a 3000 sq. ft. home for about $50-$75 a month using your DC power, I find it extremely hard to believe, but I know that they would have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to convert over to DC.
        Please elaborate on what you posted, there are thousands of people that would like to know more about what you wrote.
        Thank you,

      • Josette Vettel says:

        Your are quiet informitivfe and I thank you ( excause my typo’s I just had work done on my eyes) Now lets talk about our kids do you have any. Firstlley there are kids dying, this you never even mentioned let me inform you on the following message spanky I had thirty seven radiation two years ago Not one blister while on the table mind you two year ago
        Your smart meter came into my house and was installed behind one of my bedroom walls
        can you explain why I woke up one night with radiation burns on parts of body Can YOU
        I am a TC servivor and I never had burns from my treatmets while the other meter was installed so you see you may know the books and blalbll but you must not have kids if it happend to me it is going to happen to our children who are now taking radaition and they come home to dosages higher then the treament be well but be still and let us fight for what we believe in and you have no right to defend such a killing monster
        have a happy easter as some of the kids never make it out of the wards

      • Sanman says:

        I knew right away you were seriously misinformed when you said Tesla current is DC current, and you say the world is converting to DC current. You could not be more factually wrong! AC is more efficient and has nothing to do with safety. 1,000 Volts of AC or DC are equally dangerous. Tesla was the INVENTOR of AC, while Edison was trying to stay with DC. AC allows for MILES of efficient power transfer, while DC would require millions of additional sub-stations added to the power grid. The old analogue meters transmit 0, nothing, nada, while the new “smart meters” DO transmitt an RF (Radio Frequency) signal. Ozone is created by the sun rays hitting the atmosphere, the “hole in the Ozone layer” is caused by winter time over the polar regions because the sun doesn’t shine at all for a few months there. The reason American appliances don’t work in Europe is because they use 50Hz, 240 VAC, while America is 60Hz, 120 VAC. You are NOT getting charged twice because of AC. A power meter measures POWER consumption, which is defined as RMS Voltage x Current. Power does NOT go “in and out”. Voltage, AC or DC is simply and electromotive force, and it is the conduction of that force that delivers power. There is NO conversion of appliances necessary, as there is no such thing as power companies going to DC. You are either a purposeful misinformant, or incredibly ignorant of how electricity works. By the way, I am an electric engineer and know what I’m talking about.

        • "white boy" says:

          lol im pretty sure S.M.U.D. is aware of my cellphone location and will send those “surges” to my box and it will cause my tv to make a loud popping sound that scares my dog but thats only when i have my phone by the tv if have the tv on and my phone is in a different room no noises. same goes for random street lights: they turn off if they were on and vice versa anytime my cellphone gets in proximity of the light. during the summer months it will set off the local neighborhood sprinklers of every business my phone passes by. I take the phone upstairs, leave it and go walk the dog again and nothing. no lights no sprinklers no sharp popping of circuits in the walls. tbh i have no idea why a utilities company would be concerned with the whereabouts of little ol’ me but ill tell you this, it sure is weird; enough to make you lose your mind… actually its not that bad now that no one tries to cut me off or get in my way (sorry my phone’s way). It was the weirdest thing, every0ne just stopped trying to intersect with my phones gps signal, people would literally run into me and fall down and act like it was an accident. then they stopped doing that… so strange its like they got afraid of something like my dog or something….weird…

          • Krystil says:

            Woooow! As I read the part about your TV making that popping sound my pc tower did just that! One loud pop outta nowhere! But yeh, if you’re a ‘targeted individual’ apparently that’s the aim – to make you feel crazy and sometimes even push ppl to suicide. I used to feel like one cuz there was just too much weird stuff happening to ignore but I started using any and everything to fend myself. Meditation, sun gazing, protective banishing rituals n surprisingly it worked when I stuck to the regimen. Oh n loooots of salt detox baths. It goes pretty deep but I don’t feel crazy anymore…hope it got better for you too tho, f’real…

      • Al Olmstead says:

        (1) I happen to be wiring a new building for DC only. Doing so is quite cheap only if you eliminate the thousands of dollars that I’ve spent on my own gas/propane generator and solar panels. (I am told that changing the average home to solar costs over $10K and I am well on my way to that amount.) It is quite clear that the only economical way to run on DC is to accept Grid AC and convert it to DC after the breaker box. I suspect that an added benefit of doing so is that DC appliances (made for truckers and RV owners) do not and probably cannot communicate with the Smart Meter, at least not over a wire that separates the two with an AC-to-DC converter.

        (2) If the Grid were changed to DC, a booster station would be required every TWO miles. That was why Tesla was awarded the original Niagara Falls contract for his AC alternative method. The cost of converting the Grid from AC to DC is literally impossible to finance.

        (3) In sum, you sound like a typical authoritarian: long on the imperative mode of speech and very, very short on knowing what you’re imperative-ating about.

      • wiIypagan says:

        You sound like a bought and paid for corporate fascist. Goid luck with that, and with your DC current.

      • Marius says:

        You are one of the criminals who supports these criminal meters because of $$$ ! You are as clueless as one can be about health safety of these meters ! You can raise your IQ by educating your self by erading facts provided by Dr. Kruse, Dr. Andrew Marino & Dr. Becker.

    • We wish to add our name to the opt out list. We want to keep our analog meter for health, privacy and cost . Please tell us what else we should do
      stay like we are.
      Thank you,
      Mrs. Jim M. Vendrame

      • Josette Vettel says:

        keep your gate locked and don’t let them in if they jump the fence or come onto your property tell them they are traspassion and call the police right away
        take down there lic number Just a few ideas

    • hello
      I will soon have on the website locks for your water and gas meters!

      the new pages will be up within a few weeks.

      thank you keep up the good work

    • anymous says:

      Since the water meter has been installed m water bill has been anywhere between 175-279. Ii have check to see if I have leaks I cut back on usage & stopped watering lawn. They disconnected me I can’t afford the payments im a single mom was on an payment to repay but by the time o pay one bill next months is out n im behind. Im a single mom &now searching for a place to rent where my water is included. I did have a leak n called to inform n the best they did was allow me to split my bill in half. If u have a leak n r not aware especially if a pipe breaks underground u r still held responsible. Im a single mom n meter has caused a hardship on me & my kids.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi, how do I find where to protest in Arizona? I just called my local utility company and they ARE installing these meters in my area (they’ve already started but I don’t know if I have one yet–what do they look like, how can I tell?). When I called, I was told that there is no opting out, but then asked if there is a reason why I don’t want one: I replied that I am EMF sensitive and can’t be around wifi, etc., that they emit radiation like cell phone towers, and that I will get migraines (I believe this to be true because I am Disabled from MCS/chemical sensitivity (I get migraines from common chemicals like fragrances) and I already have mild EMF sensitivity wherein I get headaches from cell phones and computer wifi). With my already-compromised health, I believe I am extremely susceptible to getting sick from these meters. I am awaiting a call back from the head meter guy…

  3. Michelle says:

    I want to now add the answer to my question above, that applies to ALL states: If you want to know more about the type of meters in your area, or protest installation of smart meters in your area, contact your state’s utility commission. Steps 6 & 7 above also apply: you can get your city to pass an ordinance against smart meters, and you can contact your elected officials.

    • Lexi says:

      Hi Michelle,

      I see you posted this 14 years ago, so am not sure if you are still in the AZ area or familiar with the current meter situation here. If so, I am seeking anyone who might know the answer to a question I am trying to figure out to decide where I might purchase a home. I currently live in Scottsdale in a district under SRP and they allow me to have an analog meter which I pay 20$/month for. I am looking to buy a house, however I like the neighborhoods north of me and they are in APS territory. APS does not allow analog meters. Their “opt out” program is a “non standard meter” that is read from the road and may potentially still send signals to their facility. Do you know anyone who lives/has lived in the phoenix/scottsdale area with APS who has been successful in getting an analog meter using the certified letter here on this website?

  4. jeannette l. langstaff says:

    I am in opposition to smart meters after learning their negative health impacts. Why should P.G. & E.
    be forcing this on us with all the serious and criminal problems they now have. They need to be stopped
    with this now and made to concentrate on their repairs and investigations. Thank you for this outstanding
    website with valuable information. Please let me know what I can do to protect myself and our environment
    from these smart meters.

  5. jeannette l. langstaff says:

    I sent my comment but left off my town and county. Please include with my prior comment.
    Hollister, San Benito County is my residence. It feels as if mine is the only concern for this
    vital matter, opposing smart meters, here. It gives me assurance to see what you are all doing
    for the welfare of others against the greed and materialism of P.G. & E. and other corportations
    like them! Jeannette Langstaff,

  6. joe smith says:

    Question, My property is fenced and gated. They have been leaving me notes and trying to get in to install a smart meter with no luck. What can the ultimatly do to me for not allowing them acces to the meter?

    • onthelevelblog says:

      Deny them entry Joe. It is your property and PG&E has no right to install something on your home you don’t want there. Organize and get your neighbors to resist as well. If it comes down to it, call the sheriff and report a trespasser.

    • Ibsen says:


      How do they read your meter currently? If they can’t get onto your property then are they having you do the reading?

      • joe says:

        they can see it to read by looking through my locked iron gate.but they cannot get to it to change unless i unlock the gate.If they climb over my gate my dogs will eat them!

    • Commander bunny says:

      The utility companies have an easement clause, They can virtually waltz through Your property, as you have a peice of Their gear on Your house.
      Wellington Energy does’nt, and can be told to take a hike.

      • onthelevelblog says:

        The utilities have an easement specifically to read your meter. Their easement does not include the right to install radiating equipment that is damaging to your health and quality of life. Keep them all off your property!!

        • S Barringer says:

          If I install my own, personally purchased, analog meter, they can’t claim they can come on my property then, can they?

    • Go to this youtube video and follow the instructions.

      Do all the good you can
      By all the means you can
      In all the ways you can
      In all the places you can
      At all the times you can
      As long as you ever can!
      John Wesley (1703-1791)

    • Josette Vettel says:


    • Ryan Meter Guy says:

      They’ll just turn off your power…

      There is a ton of misinformation here. There is really not a lot to these “smart meters”. The concept is that they transmit a small amount of data (meter ID, power consumption) to the meter next to it, and then to the next one, and so on. They just kind of daisy chain information down the line to a collection point. Then the information is brought in to the system for billing.

      Their wireless transmissions are literally OFF all but approx. 3 minutes a day. They use very little power and are not equipped with the hardware capable of producing “radiation” or causing the ill effects people are describing. They use the same technology as FM radio stations and microwave ovens, but way less of it.

      I digress. You can deny them entry. It’s a free country. And they’re a private company and will just choose not to provide you service.

      • I live in an attached condo with a unit on each side of me. Since I am the middle unit I got stuck with the three electricity meters. All three analog meters are attached to the back wall of my fireplace just off my patio. Well I just discovered today that they have all been replaced with the new DTE digital meters. With all I have read on the dangers of RF from these new meters I am really concerned for my health. I feel I am in more danger since I will be transmitting from three meters instead of just one. Should I be more worried due to my situation, and if so, what is my best recourse?

        • Dear Ms. Concerned, Yes you should be concerned- exposure to banks of multiple smart meters has been associated with serious health problems. It is always easier to prevent installation that try to undo it after the fact. Try to avoid proximity to the area in the near term, reach out to your neighbors with the materials available at our store- and together, demand removal of the smart meters and replacement with analog. Stand your ground and don’t give up. That is the way that people are successful at removal. Half solutions are shielding, which does not reduce dirty electricity, or partial opt out, which still leaves you exposed. Make your demands known- if the meters are damaging your home’s habitability you have a right to demand action- and analogs- from utilities and neighbors.

      • Charles says:

        Legally they CANNOT turn off your power, because it is your legal right NOT to have a smart meter. If they did, they would be suable for Breach of Contract.

      • Cathie says:

        And your a LIAR!

  7. Ilene says:


    • Mia Nony says:


      REmember this is a tiny vulnerable little piece of nerdy Made In China junk electronics, too clever by half on the inside and totally defenceless on the outside.
      Use this fact to defeat electronics, it is NOT hard to do. Stop all transmission in its tracks NOW.
      The answer is so so simple.
      Interrupt the TRANSMISSION.
      Get those who live around you to do so as well.
      Smart meters are illegal under all international safety code laws for EMFs.
      Wrap the meter and then box it in so the utility will not box you out.
      These meters cook you slowly.
      It is universally recognized and is called the thermal heat effect.
      Not all that different than your microwave oven except way way stronger.
      All EMF safety laws in all “civilized” countries recognize that this is what happens. Curtis Bennett of Thermografix is part of a lawsuit to establish the harm, taking place in Portland Oregon right now. The damage which conflicting frequencies do is dangerous. Protect yourselves now.

      • Josette Vettel says:


  8. Ibsen says:


    I have a question, if PG&E is locked out from getting onto my property to read the meter (old style), what is the procedure for them to get meter readings? I have scoured the PG&E website for this info, but to no avail. But surely someone must be doing this currently (I hope)? Is there a process whereby I can read the meter and submit the numbers to them? I would appreciate any help you (or your readers) could provide.


    • onthelevelblog says:

      Not sure. I believe PG&E has an easement to check your old meter. However they have no legal basis to install a new ‘smart’ meter. Other readers may have an answer.

    • Josette Vettel says:

      they will be glade to tell you anything you need to know you can track them dow there are thousands of them go to face book and ask for some feed back they might help you and try to get into harmonic sounding that will vibrate all of the systems and bring down the meters just go to your harmonic sounding via radiation and you will see the power we have ,,if they cannot hear our words then let them hear our sounding call me for more info 1760 362.3063

  9. joe says:

    !m sure pge has some recorse some how, but I am not going to make special arrangements for them to access my property until they force me, if they can!

  10. joe says:

    Update: they sent me a letter politely asking me to call them to make a appot. today. No threats yet. But I will bet they will be threating me soon. I will keep ypu all posted as this un folds.

    • ibsen says:

      I got one of those letters too Joe.

      • merry says:

        My understanding is that if you won’t allow them access, they will eventually cut you off from service. I’m not sure that’s lawful, if you’ve paid your bill on time, as per your agreement with them, but that’s what I’ve been told. I don’t want them controlling my appliances or any part of my life.

  11. Smart meters have no environmental benefit. The entire enviro-racketeering energy global warming scam was cooked up by oil and gas investors in the first place. The real reason there is more CO2 is that the sun has heated seawater which reduces the solubility of the gas just like warm beer. Lest you think I don’t care about the planet, you should know that we’ve been doing native plant restoration on our property for over twenty years.
    Those of you who fell for the siren song of the left have yet to learn that it was global corporations writing the tune for you, laundering their money through tax-exempt foundations that then fund their activist dupes with grant money. You do know that the meters are being mandated by the Federal Government in a State power market where they have no jurisdiction and that President Obama signed that unconstitutional law as part of the “Economic Recovery” Act, don’t you???
    If you can’t explain why things work that way, I can.
    In California, the power market has been heavily manipulated by said investors for twenty-five years, particularly in the form of the Natural Resources Defense Council. Today, John Bryson, once founder of the NRDC, is president and CEO of Edison International. If you “environmentalists” out there can’t explain why a greenie lawyer is running a power company, I can.
    Our family has paid our bill on time for decades. If smart meters were being offered in a truly free market, which a choice of suppliers, independent verification of accuracy, and true liability for billing errors, I would have few concerns. There are far more serious sources of RF from the computer on which I’m typing. I would love to take advantage of time-of-day pricing from an ethical supplier. But in this fascist State, with politicians on both left and right deep in the corporate pocket, with bureaucrats hand-in-hand with suppliers simultaneously manipulating supposed “consumer advocates,” there is no way I want somebody with a keyboard hundreds of miles away having the power to cut the electricity, especially when they can’t even maintain their rights of way so as not to cause catastrophic fire.

    • merry says:

      Very well said….THANK YOU!!!!

    • JEANNE GOODIN says:

      Mark, where do you live? I live in Huntington Beach and am looking for people to go with me to our city council to inform them of the Smart Meter. Thank you, Jeanne Goodin

    • Deanna Munson says:

      brilliant.would love to repost your comment on facebook with your permission??

    • Charles says:

      It’s an excuse to raise bills. One major volcanic eruption puts out more hydrocarbons and greenhouse gases than mankind has ever. The sea, plants and forests act like a giant sponge. If this wasn’t so the planet would have been made uninhabitable a very long time ago. Everything put forward as a positive about smart meters is a FALLACY to deceive people.

      • Josh Hart says:

        Well your last sentence is spot on- but volcanoes do not emit nearly as much CO2 as the billions of humans on the planet- we need to leave fossil fuels in the ground and move beyond carbon asap.

  12. joe says:

    10-27-2010 Still no smart Meter.

    • What have you done to keep them from installing a smart meter on your property? I live in Texas and the only info I can really find on the smart meter and what to do about it is in California. I have already locked up my meter. Can they cut the lock on my gate to my back yard and cut the lock on my meter and install the new meter without my permission?

      Thank You

      • Hi Chelsi,

        If you are at home when they come by to install, there’s no problem. Simply ask them to leave and call the police to report a trespasser if they refuse. If you are not at home, and they cut your lock, then that is vandalism of your property and you should take photos and report it to the police. This is your home and you have the right to reject a ‘smart’ meter. The utilities have been acting like fascist dictators- they will take your rights unless you stand up for yourself!

        • Redi Kilowatt says:

          That is good advice, lock your gates, keep fences in good repair, and most importantly, you must stay home when the utility companies are on their blitzkreig installing new meters.
          It helps to keep in touch with other people in your area. Have them call you and tip you off when the installers are in the area.
          I know it is very expensive to stay at home and guard your property during the installation time, but is very brief, and could save you thousands of dollars in the future.
          The reason that they (the Utility Companies) want to slap in as many meters as they can is because they know that what they are doing is wrong, and soon may be repealed.
          If they can sneak in a new meter, then they can charge a fee to deactivate it if a customer does not want a radio transmitting revenue collections device on their property.
          The most important thing is to not let them change out your analog meter in the first place, then they will have a much harder time trying to collect fees to deactivate transmitters for customers who do not want them, (and there are many).
          About this fascist dictatorship, state (government) controlled capitalism is called fascism, but in this country and most other countries in the world, what we have is the exact opposite.
          Corporate controlled government is called a corporataucracy, autocratic control of the citizens and their government by corporations. Sad but true.
          Get up- stand up, stand up for your rights, and don’t give up the fight.

  13. Trisha says:

    I just recently made an appointment for them to come, as I did not want surprises with my pge going off which can cause harm to things plugged in, like a gray-out can do damage. Today, I received this e-mail, and I called to cancel the appointment, telling her I don’t want wireless radiation as I am a cancer surviver. She said it is mandatory. Then I asked, “are you saying you will force this on me?”

    She gave me the number for Wellington to call them, and I made a sign I will attach in case they don’t get the message that I do not want this Smart Meter installed.

    If necessary, I will go to the doctor to get a note that I am a cancer surviver and don’t need extra radiation that can cause cancer. Also, I will call the numbers above tomorrow during normal business hours.

    • merry says:

      We shouldn’t have to go to the doctor, and incur an additional expense, in order to obtain an note to present to a utility company who is only supposed to supply us with electricity and gas!!! It’s our property….not theirs, and we have the right to tell them NO!!!!

  14. joe says:

    trisha, If they install it and god forbid you have a reoccurance, I can only imagine the liability on wellingtons part. Keep us posted.

  15. joe says:

    oh, still no smart meter and the phone calls and notes have stoped.

  16. Trisha says:

    Thanks Joe. I called to cancel the appointment for Wellington to come here Wednesday morning, stating why. They down-played it saying these are very low frequency emmissions. Then I said, “if it is so low, then why have so many cities and counties like Watsonville, City and County of Santa Cruz, Fairfax, City and County of San Francisco, Marin County, Sebastopol, Berkeley, Cotati, Piedmont, Scotts Valley, Capitola, Sausalito, Novato, Richmond, Ross, Bolinas, and Camp Meaker all decided to reject Smart Meters? ”

    He said, it is in litigation, or something to that effect. I said I am not willing to take a chance, so he said he would not instal and PGE would be calling me to explain more about Electro Magnetic Fields; etc. In todays PGE bill that just arrived is an explaination of EMF with ways to reduce emmissions. I guess a lot of people are calling them. I also called the Public Utilities Commission to state my opposition to Smart Meters using the same concerns.

  17. ddigretto says:

    People, if you don’t want smartmeters, keep them from being installed in your own house. I want my Smartmeter and I don’t want any of you keeping me from being able to look at my bar graphs on the Internet.

    Those of you who’ve had health complaints after having a Smartmeter installed might want to take a look at the fact that all the other EM-emitting devices in your house emit more energy, total, than a smartmeter. Unless you don’t have a cell phone, a wireless router, a microwave, a cordless phone, a baby monitor, or a computer with wifi or bluetooth, you should think about the fact that you may be blaming your health concerns on the easiest (corporate) target.

    I know that PG&E has pulled some underhanded crap in the past (Prop 16, anyone?), but I want to see evidence that Smartmeters actually cause health problems before I stop wanting mine.

    From Wikipedia, on electrosensitivity:

    In 2005, a systematic review looked at the results of 31 experiments testing the role of electromagnetic fields in causing ES. Each of these experiments exposed people who reported electromagnetic hypersensitivity to genuine and sham electromagnetic fields under single- or double-blind conditions.

    “The symptoms described by ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’ sufferers can be severe and are sometimes disabling. However, it has proved difficult to show under blind conditions that exposure to electromagnetic fields can trigger these symptoms. This suggests that ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’ is unrelated to the presence of electromagnetic fields, although more research into this phenomenon is required.”

    Seven studies were found which did report an association, while 24 could not find any association with electromagnetic fields. However, of the seven positive studies, two could not be replicated even by the original authors, three had serious methodological shortcomings, and the final two presented contradictory results. Since then, several more double-blind experiments have been published, each of which has suggested that people who report electromagnetic hypersensitivity are unable to detect the presence of electromagnetic fields and are as likely to report ill health following a sham exposure, as they are following exposure to genuine electromagnetic fields.

    Don’t try to handwave this away by saying that anyone can edit Wikipedia. Each of these passages are well-cited.

    I suggest that anyone experiencing health problems that they think are related to a Smartmeter see a doctor to find out what’s really causing them.

    • onthelevelblog says:

      Electrical sensitivity is real and it is happening now. From the Journal of European Oncology published last month- a double blind experiment that showed that heart rates shot up when exposed to wireless radiation from a cordless phone base station. Hard to argue with this:

    • Bonnie says:

      Regarding smart meters and their potential health risks…they obviously do affect all people and if you have a wireless phone, baby monitor, use a cell phone, sit at a computer, etc., does this justify adding more to the soup of EMF’s by now having an EMF grid outside our homes covering our cities,communites and country nationwide?
      Human beings sometimes can be so narcisstic about wanting to meet their creature comforts and making money that they seldom take into account
      how this EMF grid might affect not only our health and well being but that of nature: plants, birds, bees, etc. which in the end comes back to us as it affects the quality and supply of our food.
      When I was a child cancer was rare! That was just 60 years ago. It was not the epidemic that we face today. The state of our health as a nation is giving us feedback but are we willing to listen and make wiser decisions?

      I am all for advanced technologies once they have been proven safe. This is not the case with PG & E’s “smart” meter. The drive behind the smart meters first and foremost is Profits & efficiency not safety or concerns for customers’ well being.
      At a hearing where I and 5 other citizens stood up in protest to smart meters being installed in Emeryville, Calif. there were 8 PG&E reps there to address and promote the safety of these meters. They used the same rationale that the smart meter is no more dangerous than a cell phone. But you have a choice to expose yourself to a cell phone or a computer. This program offers no choice to the People nor to our surrounding environment. And most importantly not been enough research as to it’s safety warrants going forward. (have you ever seen the old flicks that show the US Govt’s. first testing of nuclear bombs…they had soldiers out in the field to observe with no protection from the fall out..why ? because they didn’t know better…or one could call it Ignorance! We have seen the same ignorance with the use of pesticides, plastics, petroleum products, mercury in fillings, flouride in our water, irradiated food, irradiated war weaponary, nuclear power plants, antibiotics injected into our beef cattle, GMO corn fed to our cattle causing holes in the poor creatures stomachs, and the list goes on and on.

      The disturbing & unscrupulous part of all this is that PG&E rec’d federal funding for these meters by promoting them as “green” (green because you can check your usage at home on your computer and can make adjustments to use less energy.) As I stated at that hearing I can make adjustments when I get a high PG& E bill. I don’t need to know my usage through out the day. Solar is far more green than this approach. By labeling smart meters as Green, citizens’ tax money ironically ended up paying for them whether people wanted them or not. PG&E is a private for profit utility and I believe their shareholders and board members should have fronted the cost.
      I am not anti corporation as long as corporations work with the people they serve and their first concern is the health and well being of their customers and their nations environment and economy. And they become responsible citizens who pay their fair share of taxes on their enormous profits so that our nation can offer our children quality free education through college level and single payer healthcare for all Americans from our collective tax dollars.
      What better way to boost the economy and create jobs when citizens and businesses start working together and caring for one another. BRotherhood!!

      At present, PG&E needs to take responsibility in conducting independent testing on how this emf grid would affect the environment and human health and at the same time honor the requests of those customers and cities who choose to opt out of the program if they deem the technology is not worth the potential or unknown risks.
      It is neither a safe nor trusting approach by PG&E to simply expect communities to be guinea pigs for the technologies of the few who want to make bigger profits.

    • RobertWilliams says:


      And Insurance companies don’t sacrifice insurance premiums ($$$) for nothing.

      TV NEWS VIDEO – Insurance Companies Won’t Insure Wireless Device Health Risks (3 minutes, 13 seconds)

    • jsalinger says:

      I am a college professor with a radiation injury from 1993. I have autoimmune and nervous system reactions that are serious and my immune system is nearly failing. I have a letter from a UCLA neurologist that explains that I am electrical sensitive and need accommodations including no smart meter and filters to filter out harmonics and radio frequency/microwave from my electric lines. SDGE and the PUC are in violation of federal and state ADA and fair housing laws by refusing to accommodate. Just for your information research on electrical sensitivity indicates sensitivity to microwave/RF. A smart meter would put this on your electric lines at all times. The electric grounding lines are connected to plumbing and gas lines at every appliance. The plumbing lines are connected to the rebar in the slab. The neutral and grounds are interconnected at the panel box. Therefore with a smart meter you are going to be living in one great big RF field. I sincerely hope your health is not ruined like so many of us that are suffering just so you can look at your ——- internet picture of your electric usage.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      There are no bar graphs to look at on the internet, but you can look at your previous months and years usage if you log on to PG&E with your account. That is the same information that is and has been on every ones printed bills for decades. I think you watch too much TV and have been brainwashed by PG&E’s propaganda campaign !

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        That was a reply to :ddigretto, about them being able to see graphs on the internet, I don’t know why it ended up down here.
        This was not a reply to jsalinger.

      • Jim says:

        Redi, please. Online web pages change all the time. You don’t think that maybe in 2 days from now or maybe next month they won’t change the web site that shows you your electric usage? They update stuff like that all the time.

        Do you really think that everyone that comes here is from a PG&E served town? Maybe there are bar graphs in other areas of the country.

        Real time data via the web is coming to PG&E areas, and it’s already available in other States.

        The “Smart” Meter situation is not limited to the PG&E area.

  18. ddigretto says:

    Another thing: radio and microwave emissions cannot cause cancer. Cancer caused by radiation and X-rays is caused because the photons in these frequency ranges have enough energy to knock DNA apart, causing mutations which can lead to cancer if the body’s self-repair mechanisms cannot fix them.

    If radio waves caused cancer, then we’d all have to live in caves, since light has much more energy than radio waves.

    We don’t need to be afraid of these things, people.

    • onthelevelblog says:

      That has been the prevailing assumption for a long time. However, there have been replicated peer reviewed studies that show DNA disruption from very low levels of radiofrequeny. DNA disruption is the first step to cancer. Just because we can’t explain the biological process in detail does not mean it’s not happening. We evolved with EMF’s from the sun- our bodies and all biological organisms have evolved to deal with them. We did not evolve in a thick layer of electrosmog. Precaution is warranted and sadly lacking in this culture.

    • Bonnie says:

      I believe your splitting hairs with your logic. The human body is also energy and there is energy that affects us postively and energy that affects us negatively.
      Google Russian studies as to why Microwave ovens were outlawed in Russian years ago. Also studies in Norway and Sweden as to the negative health effects of cell phones and especially how they are bad for the developing brains of children.. This is not to say don’t use any of these devices…only be educated and take measures to protect your health.
      The US media and much of govt. is controlled by corporations whose market interests and profits take higher precedence. YOu have to do your own research and then make decisions according to your own intuition and your personal health needs and senstivities.

    • Janet Curtis says:

      oh really? my neighbor and her pets were killd in an explosion and fire set off by smart meters..if that wasnt the cause and they do deny it then said they lost it when they took it for investigation. her home was on fire, the neighbor pulled her and dog out, then the whole place blew up. Her husband has developed cancer, the same appliances she complained about going out were going out at my townhome. I have an advocate now and she called the right person for nvenergy in vegas and nev. if they were not afraid of lawsuits why did they come out and put analog bk on gas and electric?(they said water company was different jurisdiction.) My friend is dead..another friend in ny said her entire apt building blew up. Her husband died of cancer. my advocate said that she has health problems and ringing in her ears. websites say it is not approved by osha and they did walk right in my yard after i said NO. but then i had to pay 53$ for analog that i never wanted off in the first place. when i asked how they got in my gate they said it was open. I never leave it open. on the way out he said oh here is yr padlock. Now they said for free they will check all appliances and wiring for free …hmmm having a hard time waiting for apt. the trauma of our sweet neighbors demise put people in a horrible fun here. they can be sued by my friends husband since he lost everything. he was ironically at stanford getting chemo. she had no way out and her and dog died 48 hr later. her cat simply blew through the roof. talk about exacerbating my ptsds!! a meter reader came out and told me that installers wernt trained so installing is a prob also..and he said 50% say their bill went down others like me went up x 3 and im single. on fixed income too. My trees and birds have died. no one knows why. another huge expense to fix. Yes be afraid. and there are some people so sensitive to al this they DO live off grid and in caves. there is a documentary on them ..anyone that is a naysayer isnt informed or believe the enery co’s lies. they are blowing everywhere its global. not osha approved therefore actually illegal.

  19. says:

    I want to commend Joshua for all his hard work and efforts. I had a much smaller problem with my local phone company installing “phone lines” to my house that I had not ordered as I dont use local phone services. I simply cut them out. But, I cannot do this with my new electric meter that was recently installed.

    My long term plan is to go off the grid completely, even though I live in a city setting. This news about the meters will only push me quicker along with my plans. Glad you came on the Katherine Albrecht show today! I had not heard about any of this previously. Thanks for all the links on the site here & all your hard work!

    • Bonnie says:

      Amen to the gratitude to Joshua I heard you this morning on Pacifica and was great to hear that there is ongoing concern and actions around smart meters in our area.
      I & a friend were active in opposing smart meters in Emeryville. The council did not vote for a moratorium although we gave it a great push and got plenty of info. to the council members. At the same meeting PG&E outnumbered us with 8 reps there to sell the city on its safety and “greenness”
      I don’t believe the council fully bought into it but they were not strong enough or convinced enought to take a stand on declaring a moretorum. I and my neighbor are the only ones on our block without smart meters thus far. We have TURN’s posters and legal statement posted under our meters and thus far it has been affective WE also called them and told them we did not want them.

  20. Trisha says:

    I got the second letter, dated November 18, asking me to please call to schedule an appointment about a week ago. So far, I am just ignoring this letter. This is just one more thing going on against the will of the people. Between these endless wars, the Navy planning to do their testing right here off the West Coast with a permit to take (murder) 11.5 Million fish, and Caltrans polluting the rivers, oceans, streams, lakes and forests with their damaging road work, we have our hands full.

  21. MightySlug says:

    I’m in UK and live in a converted house with 6 separate residents. They have installed the meter boxes outside, but my old style meter remains inside. The gas co are digging up the road and want to replace the inlet pipes to my meter (currently in my flat second floor). Now, if I let them in to replace the pipes to my meter they will disconnect my meter – and reconnect it outside ready for the “smart” meter. If I don’t let them in, they have told me they will cut off my gas supply. Any ideas on what to do would be most appreciated – I don’t want them to move my meter as it will be outside and then I can’t prevent them switching over. I’ve only got days to go…help!

    • Will be considered as stalking with a punishment of jail, and a fine of 1,00000.00. I guarantee, they will back off... says:

      Put up a letter stating that no tracking device with the ability to monitor your home may be installed on your property. Any monitoring device with the intention of tracking your privacy will be considered will be

  22. joe says:

    No one can prove that the smart meters are 100 percent harmless,Let those who want them request them.But dont force them on anyone? PGandE are fools, they went the wrong way with this, They should have been turthfull about why they are installing theese and that is to get rid of there meter readers, cut jobs and payroll, nothing more.They should offer people who choose to allow them to install a discount on there bill since they are no longer going to have to pay someone to read it. FOOLS!

  23. joe says:

    I stoped a smart meter installer yesterday and had a chat with him. He said that the old meters bearings were wearing out due to age and causing them to drag, thus under chargeing .
    Makes since. So when you get your new smart meter your bill is going to go up.
    Just some trivia.

    • RobertWilliams says:

      The installer was repeating a PG$E LIE.

      KION TV did a side-by-side comparison for three months with a Wireless smart meter and an Analog Meter. The Analog Meter was serviced and re-calibrated so that it would run as new.

      The Wireless meter consistently read 3.5% higher usage than the Analog meter for the identical amount of electricity since both meters were reading the same electric usage.

      That represents $Billions of extra revenues for PG$E and paid for by customers.

      Other examples in communities where PG$E Wireless smart meters are not scrutinized so closely as on the TV station, people have experienced $hundreds of dollars larger bills. PG$E consistently rationalizes these higher bills as “Customer poor memory” from last year and other ridiculous excuses.


      Senator Florez in a hearing with both PG&E customers whose bills have gone up and PG&E Corporate representatives.

      TV NEWS VIDEO – Skyrocketing Utility Bills after WIRELESS smart meter installation (3 minutes, 19 seconds)

  24. susan abbott says:

    Thanks for the info. Moe work todo.

  25. Tim says:

    There are other issues beyond health. I would add privacy issues and even National Security issues by adding a wireless entry into our grid. In my humble opinion the biggest argument against new large roll outs of wireless devices is that we as Human Beings have not had the time to adapt and evolve to all the new EMF and RF emissions. We may benefit from some radiation from the sun etc. But we have had 1000 of years to adapt to these natural forms and only a handful of years to adapt to the ever increasing EMF from technology such as Smart Meters. I fail to see why they had to go wireless when fiber optics would have done the same and not had the issues we face with the current system being forced upon us.

    PG&E is a political monster. Lobbying in 2010 by PG&E is up 600%.

  26. Carl says:

    Unfortunately, calling PG&E was a useless excercise, as expected. They documented my complaint regarding ringing in my ears, but will take no action and offer no non-wireless alternatives. I did not know we lived in a totalitarian state, but I guess we do now.

  27. Michael M says:

    I live in a condo and on my outside living room wall are 20 meters. They are 5 feet from my desk. Should I be worried that I am going to be getting 20 times the effect of one? I live in NV in Reno and this worries me as I am constantly hearing about people I know getting brain tumors.

  28. daniel g says:

    i have six smart meters right outside my bedroom and kitchin since they were put in i have been having headache’s ringing in my ears and nausa. i know it’s due to the radiation but it’s hard to get people to believe me is there any help out there? i would welcome any advice or if anyone is going throu this please contact me. my together we could fight pg&e and have these things removed before they cause permante damage to me & my children or to anyone else in my position my email is

    • onthelevelblog says:

      Hi Daniel- So sorry to hear of the problems you are facing. We’re getting a ton of these types of comments and e-mails, so if its any consolation, you are not alone. I have added you to our newsletter distribution list, and do be sure to check the website for updates. Here’s what I recommend you do:

      1. Document in writing exactly what symptoms you have been having and exactly what date they started.

      2. Immediately call PG&E and demand that they remove the meters from your complex. If you can, get a doctor to write a note for you.

      3. Lodge a formal complaint with the CPUC and include your exact symptoms. You can contact them at 505 Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102, or call them at 866-849-8390.

      4. Talk to your friends and neighbors- its possible that they may have been experiencing similar symptoms and may also be persuaded to take action.

      5. Research more about the issue of EMF’s and help to educate the people around you. is a good starting place.

      6. Write to your city, county, and state officials, and demand they halt the program.

      7. consider participating in an upcoming peaceful direct action

      You can also check out our other suggestions at

      A couple of questions- what city are you located in? You might also be interested in the study that was released this week, showing that smart meters likely violate federal law:

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Hang in there- we’ll slay this beast together.


    • Eileen says:

      Put a Versatile Diode (like a cook’s diode and sold at the same sites) on each meter. I put one on each meter near me (there are two on my house and they sent me to the hospital twice for the same symptoms) and immediately noticed a difference, my headaches were much more manageable (I could even hear a distinct change in pitch…as I hear them too). They cost $80 a piece, but see if you can get a discount for a bulk purchase.
      Also try out for instructions to build a screen between you and the meters.
      Good luck.

  29. Yikes! says:

    thanks for this site.
    two weeks ago they installed smart meters on our row of townhouses.
    a few days later i felt dizzy; this changed to heart beat very strong – occasional racing – and now ringing in ears and pressure in chest as well. Dizziness subsided but have been waking up at 4 am and can’t get back to sleep.

    there are also about 20 meters about 75 feet from my house; i look at them in a line of sight.

    i seem to have been way more affected when they actually installed them in our block of 7 townhomes even though i am slightly further away from this meter box collection. it’s like it comes in through the wires.

    Those other ones were installed in Nov. or Oct. and i remember feeling nausea and more migraines from those.

    a few times a day we get this awful screeching too.

    i have been in a panic wondering where in Marin I can move?

    if it’s gov’t mandated then does it matter if we complain?

    i also heard that PGandE could have installed all kinds of meters like cabled ones instead.

    ps i never knew anything about smart meters until it happened to me. where can we go to escape, this is so scary.


    • Trisha says:

      Go tell your doctor, and have it noted you are having these symtoms. There are law suits going on in Marin County, Santa Cruz, Berkeley, San Francisco, and many places, so I am not sure why they are ignoring the people. Much info is coming out about EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) that does not point to this as being good for people at all. Here again, it is good for big business, and screw the people. There are other reasons, like more job losses, security issues, and the list goes on.

      I am so tired of government pushing us into job losses due to stupid technology, outsoursing, wars, oil spills, navy testing to kill marine life, and other opressive things getting forced unto people that they don’t agree with. This includes filling this air space with Electro Magnetic Fields.

      It comes down to destroying the planet or saving the planet. My question is, where are we allowed to make a choice?

  30. Joe says:

    I guess I am lucky as for my meter is located on my private property behind a locked gate and wellington energy does not have access to change it, they can only see it to read but they cannot touch it to change it. My dogs will eat them!!
    Im sure they will at some point have some legal avenue to force me to let them change it but until then they are going to have to keep paying a meter reader to drive out and read it.Im going too eat at there profits as long as I can! Serves those greedy bastards rite!!

  31. Karen Steffa says:

    Northwest Lineman College has applied for a permit to build a mock subdivision in Butte Co. Ca. There they will train smart meter installers “in real life scenarios” : Oroville Mercury Register, Feb.12, 2011. I am correcting my earlier message stating that Butte College was responsible.

  32. joe says:

    Hey Karen, how can I contact them? Im thinking they might want to rent my 4 pit bull dogs to mock there installer tresspassing and climbing over my fence and getting ate! Then they will need a ambulance to mock him going to the hospital, And then they will need a Sheirff to mock him being hauled away to jail for tresspassing on my posted private property, And maybe a attorney to mock me sueing there asses for tresspassing on my property in the first place!! How Stupid!!!!

  33. I would think going “off grid” would be the best way to tell the utility company to shove it. Unfortunately many can’t or don’t have a way to address this issue. Great article by the way.

  34. Redwood Mary says:

    why not have your offical and well organized group contact OPowerAND HAVE A CONVERSATION? and use some of your energy to partner and move the system to a system does not require smart meters,

    Regulation is going to be common place for Energy /Utlities- so set your self up as the experts :
    From their website:
    oPOWER’s Home Energy Reporting System is the industry’s only energy management system that can convert Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) data into significant and measureable energy savings without an additional investment in in-home hardware. Through our patent-pending paper reports, our best-in-class online portal, and the improved quality of your customer-service calls (see CSR Tools), we can help utilities greatly enhance the customer’s experience by providing valuable insights about energy use.

    While our system does not require smart meters, AMI technology increases our platform’s effectiveness with added features
    Alternative Metering Technology is there — go for it BUT do your home work first and get partners on board.

  35. Mark Makinney says:

    I just called PG&E and asked my name to be put on the delay list. I was told I have no rights to oppose the installation. I must say that PG&E was very polite.
    I then called CPUC. THey were horrendous. I am amazed that they are considered a servant of the public. The very first thing she said to me was, “you have no choice. They will be installed on your property”. Her attitude was, “what your problem”. When I clearly said that I was not convinced they were safe and that I have a wife and an 11 month old baby to look out for, I was reminded that the federal gov’t mandated the installation. I also stated that my privacy was being infringed. She was rude and unhelpful. I replied simply that my property was mine and that they would not be allowed on my property to install a piece of equipment that benefits only PG&E and may cause me and my family harm.
    Quite frankly, I find this appalling. I have never been a protester or someone who marched in the streets, but this Smart Meter thing and those full body scans at the airport have me feeling quite pushed against the wall and I’m not putting up with this any longer. Say whatever you like, I for one, am not going to be bullied. I will be asking for body searches at the airport, even though I find them humiliating and I will NOT allow the gov’t or a utility company to impose something upon me that I do not want. Period!

    • refusesmartmeters mendo says:

      If anyone calls the CPUC get the name of the person you are talking to. I talked with a woman there and she was equally rude and in my face (undoubtedly same person.) She should be fired. She is in our employ and she should have basic courtesy. This is not a done thing and we need to go after the CPUC which is structure totally undemocratically with no recourse. All utility decisions even if it is a class action suit is directed to them where they simply vote to dismiss the action. It is total undemocratic. Contact Gov Brown and demand first that President of the Commission Michael Peevey, ex Con Ed executive be dismissed for conflict of interest.

  36. Susan says:

    I live in Southwest Riverside County. Right now I am fighting with Edison to keep them from installing this thing. I’ve turned them away once, but have been told if I continue to turn them away they will just shut off my power. Nice. Welcome to Russia, folks.

    I have suffered from problems with my endocrine system for over a year now. At one point being bed ridden. Although I am getting better everyday, I do not want this thing on my house because EMF’s cause problems for the entire endocrine system throwing it completely out of whack. Our hormonal system needs to be delicately balanced, and when it is not, nothing in the rest of your body operates correctly, not only making you feel like crap, but making you vulnerable to so many problems that can lead to death. Happy, healthy, balance hormones tell our brain we are running well and we are youthful. Imbalanced hormones tell our brain that nothing in the rest of our body is running right and it must be time to shut down the entire system. Sure, the shut down may not happen over night, but it begins to shut down all the same…

    Now that I’m feeling better, I don’t want to go back to where I was a year ago. And I fear the smart meter would do that to me. But try getting anyone to listen to you. It’s impossible. No one gives a crap about the little guy. Not when the almighty dollar is standing in the way…..

    I’m going to keep fighting because my health is worth it, and in the meantime, I use grounding equipment to help my body release the EMF’s naturally. They can be purchased quite inexpensively, or if you are on a real budget, just walk outside on the grass barefoot for 20 minutes. That’s natures way of helping us remove what’s not supposed to be there…

    Good luck to all!

  37. joe says:

    There was a story in the local rag about a apartment manager building a locked metal mesh cage over the meter area that would allow the meters to be read but not touched. PG&E called the fire department and they cited that the cage was ok but it could not be locked because they needed to have access to it. So this manager went to and purchased a knox box and installed it .Now fire dept. has access and PG&E does not have access to install smart meters. The point is that if you are really serious about not having a smart meter, You can stop them!!! I have!

  38. heidi says:

    what can I do to protect myself if a Smart Meter is on my home. Putting a box around it? Or wrapping it in foil?

  39. Trisha says:

    Call PGE with any questions about protecting yourself, and report all symptoms. I heard of shields, but know nothing about this.

    Wow, our Humboldt County Board of Supervisors sent in a request to offer citizens a choice of wired as well as wireless Smart Meters. I was impressed, since there is very little I agree with that our local County Board of Supervisors is doing of late.

    My sign is still attached with clear tape to the electric meter, saying not to install Smart Meter, due to health concerns.

    They say the gas one (that is already installed with Smart Meter) is not operating. If we can have an option of wired or better yet, why don’t they install solar on our homes and let us pay monthly toward that cost, and when paid in full, the payments stop, and we might make money for giving back to the grid. That would be more fair.

  40. Leigh Anne Bjerregaard says:

    Not sure we have one, but I am up in the middle of the night with many of the symptoms listed before. Some may be related to shingles(PHN) but the heart pressure, tachycardia is the worse its ever been and the tingling of the scalp insomnia,and headaches are some additions and now seems to be at night mostly. We went out to look and some new digital meter is there. Its dark, and can’t see if it says “smart meter”(Georgia)If there a time pattern of RF’s emitting, i.e. certain hours or days etc.? Have not called my local Sumter Electric to see what we have. I would like to get info. from them, before complaining. Any suggestions? I would like to be well enough to sleep, LOL!!

    • Eileen says:

      Sleep as far as possible from these meters, hopefully you can get at least 15 feet away (which is recommended for everyone). As I said before, a versatile diode attached to each meter will also lessen its affects (and wear one as well). These can be purchased on-line from the same sites that sell Cook’s diodes.
      Building a screen, is the other solution being offered right now. I am researching the screen option right now. But the diode’s saved my life.

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  42. joe says:

    Update from California, PG&E is making noises as to they are going to start charging a fee to people for having to pay a meter reader to read there meter!!

  43. Kathy J says:

    Today when I saw a man replacing meters, I blocked my meter accesibility with my truck. I was told PG and E will be in contact for my refusal to allow access.
    The meters are both on my two youngest boys rooms. (3 and 5 yrs)
    Upon calling PG and E of course I was informed how safe the meters are.
    I told them we had health concerns, both with an elder parent, and a child. They said I would not have a choice, the meters would eventually be put up.
    I am in Humboldt County, CA. What can I do to keep my babies/ family safe?

    For some reason, I do not believe PG and E will turn off the radio frequency, even if they get extra money.

  44. kat says:

    all you internet savvy types… do you know that a lot is being copied from europe? just like the switch to digital tv.just like the awareness of people in other lands paying $5 and more for gasoline. keeping up with the jones’. and here, all this time, i thought WE were the jones’. 61 in california

  45. kat says:

    i know italy is hooked into the smart meters. ask them if they like the government being able to cut them off if THEY decide it’s neccessary. they have no recourse.we won’t either. it’s a global movement.but i’m still putting up my little protest!

  46. joe says:

    saw a simple fix today, This guy simply nailed some chicken wire over his meter. PG&E cannot damage your property ( By tearing the wire off ) in any way to install a smart meter.Simple but effective!

  47. Redi Kw from Marin says:

    It’s going to take more than chicken wire to stop this deployment.
    And chicken wire won’t do a thing to stop the new meters from transmitting anything.
    The new electric meters transmit RF to the collectors, but also transmit RF into your house at a much higher frequency (2405 MHz) for the ZigBee home area networks controls planned for the distant future. The new meters are bombarding the inside of peoples of houses with RF right now for controls that are not even being used yet.
    It’s those higher microwave frequencies that are a bigger problem than the 916 MHz transmitters outside to communicate with the power company.
    Those higher frequencies go through concrete, wood and just about anything except for lead.
    Lead is expensive and toxic, so wear gloves when handling it and there is no danger at all to people if it is encapsulated in areas where people might come into contact with it. Lead does not give off any off gas, and we are not running drinking water through it.
    Of course, one could buy an analog meter from any electrical supply house for $73 and install it yourself. It takes a few minutes. If a Wellington monkey can do it, you can too. Problem solved.

  48. joe says:

    Read what I posted! Nailing chicken wire over your old meter would require Wellington to tear it off too install a smart meter, Thus damaging your property.That would be Vandlism, A crime im most places enforcable by the local police. Thats the only point I was trying to make!

    • Redi Kw from Marin says:

      I’m sorry Joe, but I wouldn’t recommend that people use chicken wire for anything.
      True, it’s all private property and anyone can build an enclosure around a utility owned meter, but in case of emergency, if if there is no main service disconnect, sometimes the fire dept. needs to pull the meter to cut power. Any enclosure made out of anything must be easily removable.
      If you still have an analog meter and do not want a new smart meter, just put a sign on the meter saying so, and Wellington will respect that.
      If your meter in on a single family house that has a fenced yard, just keep the gates locked and put your meter readings out once a month for PG&E on the front gate. Your PG&E meter reader has these cards with the dials on them and yearly meter reading schedules are available from PG&E if requested.
      Your meter reader will happily oblige in helping you on this matter. It makes his or her job easier not to have to go up or down to your house and read your meter, and it helps him or her keep their route (job).
      Some more rural or remote areas do not have uptight communitarian neighborhood watch organizations or police patrols. Often times the meter reader is the only one who comes around , and they are very observant, they look out for senior citizens and can report crimes if necessary. The meter readers are a good thing to have around, even if they don’t come onto your property.

  49. joe says:

    Wow you sure think highly of Wellington , here on the central coast of ca, Wellington dont respect anyone or any thing. They are flat out rude a**es ! I have seen those signs and also first hand seen Wellington workers take the signs off the old meter then install the new smart meter and then tape the sign back on the new smart meter. they are A**es, there is no other wat to describe them!!

    • Redi Kw from Marin says:

      Sad to hear that Joe, about Wellington removing signs and slapping in new meters.
      I have a customer who had 2 Wellington employees visit his house on Mt. Tam.
      My customer said that one of the Wellington employees was very rude, talking down to his partner, telling him to shut up and treating him like dirt. The gnarly Wellington foreman eventually convinced my customer to accept the meter, lying to him and telling him that it was enevetable and everyone will have them.
      I was mad, because if I was around, I would have called their bluff and run them off.
      I went up there the other day to discuss the options. We are thinking of moving the meter main to the edge of his property and either undergrounding the service to the meter, or I can do it myself by moving the riser and reconnecting the overhead service. At least the meter will not be on the house anymore, his wife is into Fung Schwe, so from the new meter location I will run the service underground to the house as well. I told him after everything is done, I can pull the new smart meter and put in an analog one, he said that would be fine.
      I know that some of those Wellington installers are assholes, and since they are just temporary workers who are offered incentives to slap in as many meters as they can in a day, they will try and cut corners and step on peoples toes.
      But around these parts, there are many wealthy people with a lot of power, and many high powered attorneys who live on gated properties with intrusion alarm systems that call the police automatically on trespassers, and also there’s “the big dogs”. I’m sure that Wellington has been “hipped” to what is going on here in Marin, and told to be very careful. All it takes is one screw up and losing one big lawsuit, and all Wellington’s profits will be vaporized.

  50. Get a Grip says:

    It is hard to believe that so many people can be so afraid or paranoid of this type of technology which inevitably helps to save power and reduce the use of fossil fuels. Everytime someone picks up their cellphone on the street do you cringe and run behind a brick wall. Do you all make these posts on some new form of wireless communication device i have not heard of. How many of you have cordless phones or microwaves in your house. When you visit friends do you ask them to unplug their wireless devices.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      Get a Grip.
      Could please explain to us why you formed your opinion about how the new radio meters somehow “save power”.
      Obviously that is not true, in fact the new meters and their infrastructure actually use more power to do what they do. So you must have got that information from a television propaganda ad paid for by the ratepayers of PG&E.

    • Eileen says:

      Actually, the Santa Cruz Sentinel newspaper published an article last week which specifically listed the so called ‘savings’ from smart meters. Their scientist (yes, theirs) said $20. over 20 years. Not joking!

      I guess people don’t bother reading anymore….just watch that darn commercial PG&E accosts us with everyday on TV. I guess $20 counts as ‘savings’…technically.

  51. Get a Grip says:

    I am not a techno junky I have no i-phone or i-pod I still listen to records. I only have e-mail and laptop for work purposes. I am an electrician who is currently designing my own home to be powered by solar and micro hydro. I am currently involved in the smart meter installation program in Canada and have researched both sides of the arguement that is why I am on this site. If you only research one side this happens fear mongering and paranoia. Get the facts from the other side people the world is in bad shape technology is not going anywhere we need to consume less this is a way you can help. Stop worrying and start finding ways to consume less.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      The big problem is, the new meters will require huge amounts of electrical power to operate the radio systems, servers, and millions of meters. So instead of saving the planet, they will be adding to the existing load.
      If you really are an electrician, then you should know that, which makes us wonder about your pose.

    • Eileen says:

      Personally, I didn’t pay much attention (other than read about it before hand) to the smart meters being installed. Until we got ours. They (we got two, one for gas and one for electric) sent me to the hospital, ..twice. And have left me stuck in the far end of our families residence. Stuck behind the brick fireplace, …I guess it helps block the waves of EMF. Been that way for 4 months. Would have committed suicide months ago because of the pain they still cause me daily, but ‘source’ has an agenda and so here I am….living in pain and experiencing the trauma…with no complaints.
      Not really a fun way to spend my life. But hey, us ‘fear mongers’ were put on this planet for a reason. I guess to wake up people to the dangers that are here, but unseen.

      • Mia Nony says:

        Get hold of the strongest foot sized magnets O(not the new age junk ones) you can possibly find and reverse the symptoms you are suffering from of electromagnetically induced electrical induction, which btw is against the law, to hurt people for profit. Take chlorella and small doses of spirulina to restore damaged DNA. Worked for Hiroshima survivors to prevent damage from radiation, This stuff is no different in its damage to our cells.

      • Mia Nony says:

        The depression and suicidal stuff is not only from the pain and suffering it is neurologically induced.
        Contact to find out how to legally give proper notice to remove a smart meter with notice of just cause and how to install a new analog meter all of which comes with the replacement kit for ultra fair prices….
        In the meantime, stop suffering and go after the frequencies.
        First get rid of all wireless electronics connections inside the house. They all exacerbate the damage you are experiencing and they will be increased in intensity by the s/meter as well as by any mitigation recommended below. .
        Next? Wrap the s/meter up and suffocate those frequencies and duct tape every inch of the meter totally with heavy duty Reflectix or Prodex type insulation foil
        For types that are easiest to use look at pix at
        Smothering the source of the radiation blast zone they are using to disable us all is not against any laws.
        Be sure to buy a whole roll of the insulation stuff if possible.
        Then staple the same stuff ( meaning insulation designed to be a couple of layers of bubble wrap sandwiched between two layers of corrugated heavy grade flexible foil)
        Cover the entire inside or warm “living” interior side of the meter wall from floor to ceiling and from side wall to side or adjoining wall on the whole surface of the interior side of the meter wall.
        Brick is not half as effective as metal and this is more effective than anything short of a lead or nickel or copper sheet that covers the whole wall.
        Then every time they remove the foil rewrap the meter the minute they leave again.
        And to stop radiation altogether instead of just deflecting it toward bees birds, butterflies and all decimated wildlife? Carbon sheet the meter as well. Carbon absorbs radiation, which is why they demonized carbon (and us) with the climate change con game.

  52. D. McGee says:

    Do the smart meter installers need a electrical contractors license, or can any handyman be approved to dig into my electrical power equipment? I have refused their kind offer four times. the fourth was this morning. The installers brought two police cars each containing an obese police person. They said they would cut off my power at the pole. Our electric lines are buried. I then ordered their truck out of my drive and left for a meeting. They were gone when I returned home.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      If your power company wants to cut your power if you have an underground feed, all they have to do is go to the underground cable vault that serves your house and disconnect your power. It’s much easier than using a bucket truck to do it up on a pole. I have never disconnected power on a utility pole, but I have gone into the concrete box to cut power and run new lines for service upgrades.
      The beauty of underground service is I don’t have to pull a permit to upgrade the service wires, or wait for the power co. to schedule it in.
      They were just huffing (glue), puffing (pot sticks) and bluffing when they showed up with those 2 fat pigs, they could have very easily cut your power. They probably found out that it would be illegal to cut your power for not wanting a new radio meter, and so they went about their merry way to intimidate and harass someone else.

  53. joe says:

    Good for you DMCGEE, And as for you ( Get a life ) Its not about the safetyIssues, Its about PGE cutting their cost by not having to pay meter readers and no workmans comp ins. , No bennifits, no insurance for the trucks, no fuel for the trucks, no tires for the trucks and you can see were im going ,there saving millinos upon millions a year!! And NOT offering the comsumer ( ME of YOU) a discount for alowing them to install this wireless money saving meter reading system.Instead they are now raising rates to pay for this system!! PGE and Wellington Are plain out rite simply greedy A**ES and you and they are not fooling anyone!!

  54. D. McGee says:

    Report from the Florida battlefield. All is lost, my family joined the enemy and became a “fifth column” against my force of one. Family is more important than anything else. I was able to get one concession, they reluctantly ran a bypass leaving my power uninterrupted. Revenge is next on their agenda. With a single keystroke they can raise my electric bill. I took this mornings paper out and held it up to the old meter and took a photo of the reading. I think they will make their move quickly.

  55. D. McGee says:

    I spent my first night with my new smart meter and everything is all better. My neighbors now greet me and do not grab their kids hands as they walk by my house.
    Is it possible that “Night of the Body Snatchers” was a true story and now via my smart meter I have become a “pod person”.

  56. Redi Kilowatt says:

    It don’t quite follow you about the bypass. Did you see them do it ?
    In order to do that, they would have to remove the cover on the meter main box, run jumpers across the lugs and then pull the old meter and change it out with a new one.
    That would be very nice if the had the consideration to do that with every installation of new radio meters. But it would be a huge extra expense for the power companies to do that in California. Here , they sub-contracted the meter installations to scab non -union contractors from Pennsylvania (Wellington Energy). But those Wellington workers (even if they do live in California) are not certified electricians of any joint State or Union apprenticeship program, therefore they are not qualified or permitted to do what you described, that is why they don’t bother to be so considerate here.
    If PG&E had to have one of their Unionized electricians install every one of the 10 million meters, it would be so expensive that they would have to quadruple every customers rates to pay for the new meters that the primary goal is to eliminate meter reading jobs and charge more to certain customers when it gets hot or all the new load of the new meters causes an overload on the grid.
    No matter how they do it, there is absolutely no return on investment (ROI) to the customers of their money at all, it’s a rip off.
    When the bugs get tough, it’s time to get tough with the bugs.
    R. Bugetta

    • D. McGee says:

      The bypass. No I did not watch them, I was in the house at the time with my TV on Fox news and the power never went off. I did not time them, but it took about five minutes to complete the job. I think some meters are easier to bypass than others. The brochure they sent out said there “may” be a brief interruption of power and I held them to the “may”. Everyone should expect to have continuous power. Demand it!!

  57. joe says:

    well that sucks Dmcgee, I hope that the new meter does not make you or family sick!!
    I hope theres no young children or elderly people living at your house as for they are the most vunerable. But who knows what the long term effect are going to be on you from the chronic exposer!

  58. William Stenwick says:

    I just noticed today that my meter was changed to a smart meter. Nobody told me they were going to do it. I phoned P G & E and was basically told it is just TS and there is’nt a damn thing I can do about it.
    I am unbelieveably annoyed. We have gone to a lot of trouble and expense to eliminate all wireless systems in our house including computers and cell phone and cordless phones, and now I find out there is one installed on my house without telling me. I have been a California resident nearly all my life and I am 70. Pg&E has always just been a problem all my life. They are a monopoly and act like the old trusts that Teddy Roosevelt broke up.

  59. Jacey says:

    I am a resident of Portland, Oregon with a smart meter that has exploded twice. I want to thank you your information on this site. Portland General Electric refused to inspect exploded meter for five months. PGE’s response was, “smart meters do not explode”. PGE continued to send me the extremely high electric bills. I finally convinced them to come look at the meter and they replaced meter. Two weeks later during the night it exploded again in 20 degree weather. PGE told my landlord that I tampered with meter because they found crystals on the meter and a penny behind the meter. I installed a barrier with warning sign on my porch to prevent people from doing too close to meter. I have never gone near the meter because of the first explosion in which I was injured. I had two witnesses to the explosion. PGE told my landlord that I tampered with meter because they found crystals on the meter and a penny behind the meter. To make an ongoing story short: My landlord raised rent because PGE has charged him for “meter improvements”. I can no longer afford to live in my home with rent raise and “huge smart meter bills” A PGE investigator left a note on the back of his business card on my door that says, “you will die”. I called him to ask why he would threaten my life and he said, “I didn’t mean to write die”. I do not feel safe here in my own home. Portland General Electric bully boys are raping the unaware people of Oregon.

  60. joe says:

    Whats going on? I have not heard any smart meter noise from pge in a long time, Im sure they are laying in wait andplanning somthing!

  61. Mark L says:

    I used to have persistent headaches until I got my smart meter. Now the headaches are gone and I feel smarter.

  62. joe says:

    or a smart a**

  63. Carl Hoffman says:

    i wasted time and money sending information to everyone on my block but now Smart Meter installation has already started here and i’m in my usual position of being the insane paranoid individual who for some reason isn’t enjoying life in the Land Of The Free mainstream. i haven’t seen any phone numbers to call for advice and information. i guess no one wants to be identified. when i send e-mails or leave answering machine messages to the only person i know of who is supposedly involved in this issue i get no reply.
    i figure my next step should be to construct some kind of barrier around my old meters but i’m not clear about what may not be covered. after all, i’m such an obedient cooperative little tax- and ratepayer and afraid to pay the consequences of breaking the law. i thought i had to allow access to what’s behind those 2 long metal panels but the plexiglass and wood and dish drainer pictures that are online don’t do this. i also don’t understand how the chain around the gas meter prevents it from being removed, chain and all.

    • Amy O'Hair says:

      Carl, please don’t be completely discouraged—this is a long hard battle, and you can be assured that you are right to resist, right to protect yourself—and right to try to help and protect your neighbors.

      Be assured that NO ONE has been prosecuted or cut off for protecting himself by defending his analog meter. Everyone I have talked to who got installed against their will WISHES they had taken this simple step. Don’t risk this painful regret. We do not know what the future holds for keeping analog (A judge is deciding on this currently) but everyone knows how hard it is to get an analog put back on.

      Do it today—cage, chain, or wooden box—protect and defend your old meter—and yourself!

  64. morgan says:

    HELP!!! How do I get rid of mine in Las Vegas?!?!

  65. David says:

    I happen to welcome smart meters
    I think they provide a great benefit.
    But wanted to pass on this tip to you who dont want one.

    Go solar. You get a’ net’ meter which is not smart capable.
    Of course I know, that only works for electric, but still.

  66. sophia says:

    Any attorneys out there. Is there a law written, or something in the CA constitution, that actually protects us from harm/swat team/arrests/fines/energy shutoffs when we remove the SMs.
    Also, does anybody know about The Black Band, in supersonic sound waves. That destroy living tissue, and is beyond human hearing. I think its supersonic…been trying to find info on it.

  67. Mike says:

    Firstly, smart meters will allow the utility to tier their rates. Meaning: the more demand or use of electricity the higher the rate will be (an encouragement for users to cut back) and therefore you will pay the higher tier’s cost per kw/hour such as during the day when your A/C is working to cool you down, and this meter will pinpoint your usage by the hour and your rates will go up, not down.

    Secondly, meter readers are going to lose their jobs. A long term improvement to the power company’s bottom line, but you will not see your rates reduced even though the cost to the utility declines, it will only show up in the share holder/CEO/board member’s pockets and beach house purchases. We do not receive any benefits from this conversion at all that I can note herein.

    Thirdly, there is indeed higher emissions from these meters than most cell phones, and the transmission frequencies potential for harm is increased the higher the frequency used. Amount of harm is relative to the distance from the source and at these power levels, short term damages are impossible to show, however long term damage to cells and DNA are starting to pop up now that UHF signals have become more prevalent in society. I watched a technician get cooked from the inside standing in front of a waveguide many years ago while working on Hawk Missile radars and the damage was not reversible. These radars have similar frequencies, but far more powerful output, but with Smart Meters we are talking a comparatively low level output that may cause cellular damage that goes completely undetected for perhaps a decade or two with these systems. Good luck proving any correlation to these meters and their emissions causing tissue damages.

    Lastly, your day will be documented! Intrusive monitoring of your power usage will allow insight by others. Growing pot indoors using high powered lighting is not the issue as that will always result in higher than expected billings and noticed by anyone scanning records for abnormally high usage for the type of customer. What is of concern is that now, without your consent, you can be monitored in many ways not currently in place. I will leave that to the reader’s imagination. Not a good thing in any case, and usage data can certainly be statistically analyzed and used later for purposes that can only be surmised as unpleasant, at best.

    I have yet to find any compelling reason for these new metering systems that would provide customer benefit. You will not see a reduction in your bill when the meter readers are fired. Your bill will be higher due to the new tiered rates the utility will be allowed to charge based on mostly false premises of lack of supply. You may be actually harmed by the increase in RF submitted to your bodies which will be impossible to prove in any court. Your privacy will be splayed out for anyone to see and perhaps be insecure in its storage or transmission. You will be less of a private person than you ever were. Welcome to Corporate America, Corporate Earth.

  68. dave says:

    im in southern california, orange county. they are currently installing these things as i type this. right now im in my garage making sure they dont even go near mine. i had a little encounter with them, with their supervisor, and some other meathead who threatened me with violence (hes still roaming free, go figure.) i blocked their trucks, the supervisor came by and proceeded to shout at me (didnt remember to get his name) to get out of the street hes blocking his guys yada yada and i told him he wasnt going to install these meters in my area. i was the only one in my neighborhood standing in their way. heck one of my “neighbors” helped them go around me! told them an alternate route!!! its like these people want to be bathed in radiation or something. cops showed up and then i chickened out because i dont want to get arrested. apparently i was detaining them. right…

    let me tell ya, these corix people are the worst kind of people. theyre extremely rude. not that i think it will do anything but i will be calling them and complaining about how rude this guy was. i think they hire ex bodyguards or people from a private military corporation, not meter readers. unbelievable how unprofessional this guy was.

    • Good for you for standing up to these guys! Make sure to video every encounter- in addition to documenting their sleazy, aggressive tactics, it can protect you! We’ve now heard three reports of assault by meter installers in TX and CA. How much more will you take, people?

    • maureen says:

      Yesterday I walked my Tustin neighborhood passing out flyers and talking to everyone that was home, about 100 of the 170 people that live here. EVERYONE was so appreciative of my information and thanked me for the warning. I told them to do their own research and gave them this website as well as a few others to look at. I happened to be knocking on doors just ahead of the Corex installer…he was very unhappy and called the police. I did not block anyone merely gave the tools and information to people. Given facts and information people are smart enough to lock up their meters and tell the installers NO.

      I called SCE since I sent a certified letter to them but they still came by my house to change out my meter. They said they didn’t have it. But they did add my name to a “Post-poned” list. This is good news that they have this list now, but you still need the certified letter.

      • John O says:

        Good for you Maureen.

        I am also in Tustin and just stopped them at my house.
        The people of Tustin need to be informed about smart meters and their dangerous effects. They are not smart, not green, not safe, and not legal. I am glad someone stood up at the Tustin City Council meeting to try to wake up the city council.

        I live in Tustin and the people of have not been fairly warned about the dangers.

        Get more information here:

        Southern California Edison’s contractor Corix keeps claiming it is mandatory for me to accept a smart meter installation at my residence. Yesterday I already told the Corix installer do not install the meter at my home and warned the installer to stay away from my private property and to not trespass on my property. Today the contractor Corix called to tell me they were going to install it and I would suffer a power outage while they did. I told them the same thing. They said it is mandatory and to contact Edison. I told them they can contact Edison and warned them to stay off my private property. I have also posted warnings and the copy of my certified letter on my meter.

        • John O says:

          And the Beat Goes On

          SEP 21

          Posted by Jeff Gallagher

          It was a very quick meeting of the Tustin City Council last night. There was not much to discuss unless you were held in rapt attention by those who spoke against the installation of the Edison Smart Meters. In fact, that probably took up as much time as the rest of the meeting. Everyone on the dais was nice to the mother and daughter team who spoke out against the meters but, I distinctly heard a giggle from the dais while one of the ladies talked.

        • John O says:

          September 23, 2011

          Southern California Edison
          P.O. Box 800
          Rosemead, CA 91770

          Theodore F. Craver, Jr., Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Edison International

          Ronald L. Litzinger, President, Southern California Edison

          RE: address Tustin CA 9278


          Sent By Certified Mail and Email via SCE web site.

          Dear Chairman Craver, President Litzinger, agents, officers, employees, contractors and interested parties:

          Be advised, you and all other parties are hereby denied consent for installation and use of any and all “Smart Meters” or any other surveillance and activity monitoring device, or devices, at the above property. Installation and use of any surveillance and activity monitoring device that sends and receives communications technology is hereby refused and prohibited. Informed consent is legally required for installation of any surveillance device and any device that will collect and transmit private and personal data to undisclosed and unauthorized parties for undisclosed and unauthorized purposes. Authorization for sharing of personal and private information may only be given by the originator and subject of that information. That authorization is hereby denied and refused with regard to the above property and all its occupants. “Smart Meters” violate the law and cause endangerment to residents by the following factors:

          1. They individually identify electrical devices inside the home and record when they are operated causing invasion of privacy.

          2. They monitor household activity and occupancy in violation of rights and domestic security.

          3. They transmit wireless signals which may be intercepted by unauthorized and unknown parties. Those signals can be used to monitor behavior and occupancy and they can be used by criminals to aid criminal activity against the occupants.

          4. Data about occupant’s daily habits and activities are collected, recorded and stored in permanent databases which are accessed by parties not authorized or invited to know and share that private data by those who’s activities were recorded.

          5. Those with access to the smart meter databases can review a permanent history of household activities complete with calendar and time-of-day metrics to gain a highly invasive and detailed view of the lives of the occupants.

          6. Those databases may be shared with, or fall into the hands of criminals, blackmailers, corrupt law enforcement, private hackers of wireless transmissions, power company employees, and other unidentified parties who may act against the interests of the occupants under metered surveillance.

          7. “Smart Meters” are, by definition, surveillance devices which violate Federal and State wiretapping laws by recording and storing databases of private and personal activities and behaviors without the consent or knowledge of those people who are monitored.

          8. It is possible for example, with analysis of certain “Smart Meter” data, for unauthorized and distant parties to determine medical conditions, sexual activities, physical locations of persons within the home, vacancy patterns and personal information and habits of the occupants.

          9. Your company has not adequately disclosed the particular recording and transmission capabilities of the smart meter, or the extent of the data that will be recorded, stored and shared, or the purposes to which the data will and will not be put.

          10. Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency energy contamination from smart meters exceeds allowable safe and healthful limits for domestic environments as determined by the EPA and other scientific programs.

          I forbid, refuse and deny consent of any installation and use of any monitoring, eavesdropping, and surveillance devices on my property, my place of residence and my place of occupancy. That applies to and includes “Smart Meters” and surveillance and activity monitoring devices of any and all kinds. Any attempt to install any such device directed at me, other occupants, my property or residence will constitute trespass, stalking, wiretapping and unlawful surveillance and endangerment of health and safety, all prohibited and punishable by law through criminal and civil complaints. All persons, government agencies and private organizations responsible for installing or operating monitoring devices directed at or recording my activities, which I have not specifically authorized in writing, will be fully liable for any violations, intrusions, harm or negative consequences caused or made possible by those devices whether those negative consequences are justified by “law” or not.

          This is legal notice. After this delivery the liabilities listed above may not be denied or avoided by parties named and implied in this notice. Civil Servant immunities and protections do not apply to the installation of smart meters due to the criminal violations they represent.

          Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal. All rights reserved.

          • Redi Kilowatt says:

            Wow, you sure spent a lot of time on this BS letter.
            None of it is true, and if anyone sent it to a utility corporation it would be immediately tossed into the circular file can (trash can).
            The new radio meters are not any kind of surveillance device, they are automated meter reading devices that transmit monthly total electrical use of the meter’s customer only, and even the utility companies know that.
            As for the meters knowing what you use the electricity for, there is no possible way that they could ever do that.
            It is the customer who must purchase certain appliances like refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and electric clothes dryers equipped with special chips that can transmit electrical consumption only one way to an automation system receiver, and linked to the customers computer and display monitor to show usage data only.
            There are modules that the customer can purchase and install in place of standard recepticles that can turn 120 volt devices on or off only remotely, and modules for lighting controls that on-off and dimming functions such as preset scene lighting. This is nothing new at all, automation systems have been available for 60 years, the first ones were wired 24 volt systems.
            It is very important for you to know that all these many many different types of automation systems are completely paid for, installed, programmed and maintained by the customer, and none of this usage data is sent to the new radio meters and then repeated on the utility company radio networks. The utility company or anybody else will never see any of this usage data of these few large appliances with the chips, it is property of the customer who bought the system and appliances.
            The very cheap, simple new radio meters do not communicate with the power grid, are not the power grid, they send total usage data only over a separate radio network, and do not monitor or control anything except total electrical consumption down line from the meter. Some of the new meters have a remote disconnect switch inside the meter, which can turn off the power in the meter and prevent it from feeding the customers equipment.
            It think some people have been fooled by misleading advertising about the current deployment of these residential electric meters.
            They are confusing them with other more sophisticated and expensive meters like : time of use meters, reversible meters for solar power systems that backfeed to the power grid, demand response meters, E9 meters for electric vehicle charging and MV90 wired meters available for commercial and industrial customers.
            So, your phony letter has no legal standing whatsoever, and is a joke right ?

          • Redi Kilowatt says:

            After your rant about the new radio meters and false notions about surveillance and privacy, you tell people to join Facebook !
            If anyone is seriously worried about surveillance, privacy, social monitoring, GPS tracking, medical records privacy, employment/criminal history, school records, facial recognition databases and anything personal being monitored by the corporations/government, worry about joining Facebook !

            • Former Alex Jone$tein Fan says:


              Right On about FaceBook.


              I kind of like John O‘s letter, he’s got some good/powerful legal language here and there- but he’s a little misguided on some of the points. He doesn’t fully understand contract law, and the fact that he has entered into contract with the power company (a commercial business) and they both have duties and obligations to one another per the contract that they both willingly entered into [if he never signed one, then it has become implied (implied contracts are very real)]. He doesn’t fully understand real estate law (easements etc).

              If John O could rescind his contract, and then go solar, he probably would- but it’s difficult financially, and you have to be knowledgeable (technically speaking) if you don’t have megabucks- sort of like having an in-ground gunnite swimming pool. You can build/maintain it yourself (knowledgeable) and save a lot of dough, or you can pay a pool company to build/maintain it for you.

              John O is a little confused about current smart meter capabilities, but he is dead-on accurate when it comes to “channeling” their ominous future. With that perspective, his privacy concerns are warranted.

              Redi, somewhat in defense of John O, I bet I could stand outside your house, watch your old school analog meter all day- from sun up, until sundown- with a clipboard/calculator in hand, and accurately predict (especially if I know only what type of appliances you use each day, and could establish a “baseline” for your air conditioner, hot water heater etc) when:

              – you wake up
              – flip on your bathroom fan
              – blow dry your hair
              – cook breakfast
              – leave for work
              – arrive back home
              – kick on your ceiling fan
              – cook dinner
              – wash/dry your clothes
              – watch TV
              – take a shower
              – go to bed
              – etc etc

              It would be grueling and tedious, but it could be done.

              Now instead, give me a laptop, a wicked spreadsheet/database program, a small budget for a little hardware, and a digital meter (as opposed to analog)- in a few days I will be able to nail your schedule down without even being physically at your house. I admit though, that it would be very difficult if you have a wife, kids, etc. Just talking single for now. Future though- with “smart appliances”- boom, you’re nailed. “Car crash 8:45am at XX intersection? No problem.”

              Canary in the mine.

              John O is one of those “canary people.”

              Help enlighten such types here and there where they are misguided/lacking the technical/legal knowledge. But don’t belittle them- we need people like them.

              Admit it- he took action.

              Never discourage an action taker- always help to better guide them.

  69. joe says:

    If your meter is in your back yard just keep your gate locked. My gate is locked and my pit bulls would love to have a smart meter installer for lunch. Let them climb over and tresspass on my private property!

  70. vodknockers says:

    A lock company in Santa Rosa is selling
    “anti-tampering” collars that lock up your analog meter.
    It goes around the existing ring and PG&E cannot remove it.
    Call and order one over the phone…end of story!

    Economy Lock & Key
    (707) 579-3183

  71. Hans says:

    I just talked to PG&E and they claim that the meters only transmit for 45 seconds per day.

    I’d like to verify/falsify this myself and wonder if you could provide me with information on where to buy an EM meter that it not too expensive but can get the job done?

    • admin says:

      How can PG&E claim that the meters emit only 45 seconds a day? That seems like nothing, right? But it’s all in the math, and what you consider to be “constant.” At the recent CPUC “out out” workshop, a PGE exec said he didn’t consider twice a second to be “constant.” I don’t know about you, Hans, but that seems to beggar belief. One jokester asked the exec if he’d consider getting punched twice a second to be constant?

      Back to the math. Since each pulse is about 2 milliseconds long, that comes out to over 22,000 pulses a day, which can be going off at 2 pulses per second. At that rate, twice per second—which is as “constant” as anything could reasonably be considered to be—the pulses would be going off for about 6 hours per day. My measurements suggest they go off all day, albeit intermittantly. However, I have recorded single 60-sec periods that contained up to 150 pulses, on a single meter.

      It is only by the bogus and unscientific manipulation of the facts that utilities can claim the short emission periods that they do. A common example of just how bogus can be seen when one considers a strobe light, something which also has millisecond pulses. If you time-average the strong millisecond pulses of a strobe light, they “equal” a low-wattage light bulb continuously on; but no one with scientific integrity would make such a claim. Strobe lights have distinct neurological effects in many people—headaches, dizziness, and for some epileptic seizures.

      Thanks to the work by several citizen-scientists who take it upon themselves to buy equipment, measure “smart” meters, and post documentation online, we have some truly independent data to counterbalance the load of propaganda that the utilities would have us swallow.

      PLEASE JOIN THE WORK. You can buy your own RF meter. This one detects the individual pulses best: Gigahertz Solutions HF35C high frequency analyser (search for yourself, no one gives us money for recs). These are lower cost, but I find they miss many of the spikes, because the spikes are so high and so short: Cornet ED65 (might be ED83 now)or Cornet ED25G. Write the email address at the top of this page with any questions.

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        Very good points, everybody should focus on the radio frequency emissions from the new radio meters, and also the false advertising in the promotion of this project.
        The new meters and the new revenue collection radio system infrastructure will require enormous amounts of energy to power the systems, all of it paid for by the customers.
        The radio revenue collection system will not do one thing to upgrade our aging power grid, and will not reduce any energy used at all by anybody.
        This was a sweetheart deal cooked up by the global new world order to fatten many peoples finances in very challenging economic times off of this meter project.
        Please , everybody, focus on those things, and quit making up all this crazy talk about espionage. Those meters are not that smart, so you should get smart, like Fairfax did.
        Focus on the radio networks and the addition of electronic smog in the world due to the implementation of the new radio meters.
        Forget about the upgrading of the power grids in this country, that has not begun yet and there are other priorities way more important. The meters have nothing at all to do with the power grid, they are for automated revenue collection only !

  72. Joyce says:

    I have already been fighting for my life with Lyme and co-infections.
    The last mo and and a half maybe 2 I have gone down hill. Just realized this morn
    that its been since they installed Dumb meters in the apts around me.
    I opted out.
    Very ill (disabled and house bound) so not quite sure what to do and don’t have energy to do much about it. Seeing my doc tonight. I live in Santa Cruz. Anyone doing law suits here? Thanks J

  73. Redi Kilowatt says:

    One very important tip for people that want to keep their analog meters in areas that they are being deployed now, like Santa Cruz.
    If you lock your gate and only leave it unlocked for the meter reader on the dates given to you by PG&E when meters are being read in your block, my meter reader told me that Wellington installers are specifically ordered to not to be in any area within 5 days of any scheduled meter read by PG&E. The reason for this is to avoid confrontations between Wellington installers and the PG&E meter readers. This is understandable, since in some areas, a Wellington monkey could be made Coyote food by a meter reader, never to be seen again !
    So, if you know the date on the card that PG&E gives anyone who requests it who has locked gates and/or security systems and animals, you can relax for the 2 days before and 2 days after the meter read, and maybe more depending on how Wellington is scheduling the deployment.
    On the account detail section of your PG&E bill, locate your Serial Letter, then look at the meter reading schedule and find the date for your Serial Letter. They can’t possibly read all the meters on one day, so they break it up into blocks.

  74. OG&E Oklahoma says:

    OG&E in Oklahoma City threatened me with disconnection when I told them no, they said there is no opt out at all-they then snuck onto my property a week later and installed it, even though I had a sign up not to. My family has since been getting sick with headaches, seizures, and anxiety.

  75. john says:

    i sent the letter certified mail a week later they came out and put a smart meter on i am the only one to have it my area i called they said yes we saw your letter and do not care
    we have the right i was told i know they do not
    i live in oregon consumers power is there name

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      So you live in a state that is very concerned about preserving what jobs that are left there.
      They are so concerned in Oregon about keeping jobs, they have a law that all gas stations must have attendants to fill gas tanks, there is no self serve gas in Oregon.
      This is to protect jobs, jobs that are basically low paying, unskilled and usually non-union, but they are jobs.
      So for the State government to allow the utility corporations to implement this radio meter project which the SOLE purpose is to eliminate meter reading jobs defies reality. These meter reading jobs in California are IBEW union jobs that pay $29 per hour plus full benefits, or the hiring hall meter readers earn $35 per hour with no benefits.
      I don’t know the wage scale in Oregon for meter readers, but if the people are worried about losing decent paying jobs as well as low paying jobs, then this money grabbing meter project must be stopped, for that reason and a host of others.
      The corporations are foisting this meter project on the ratepayers to automate their revenue collections operations, replacing good paying jobs with cheaply made in foreign countries automated billing meters. They are doing this under the ruse that somehow the meters will save customers energy and money, that is false advertising to defraud the consumer.

  76. Please share this new website with friends in Florida. We are being steamrolled down here and need help. Site has contact information for Florida Utilities (FPL is the largest of at least 18 different companies), contact info for Florida Public Service Commission, and news of Florida’s many roll-outs.

    Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL), the biggest utility provider in the state, kicked off its Energy Smart Florida with a Miami rollout in April 2009. It is one of the largest smart grid projects in the US. And apparently they’ve maintained a successful news blackout, intil now…

    …and find us, share us, and “like” us on FB. Thank you.

  77. PROTEST in FLORIDA! Tues. OCT 25, 2011, 10 AM @ FPL’s HQ in JUNO BEACH – NO SMART METERS!


    Defend Your Home and Health

    Florida utilities continue to ignore the issues of high billings, bullying, fires, surges, unfunded liability, long term privacy and most importantly the threat to our health. They have circumvented elected officials on a local and state level while ignoring the warnings of the World Health Organization as well as physicians and scientists worldwide. The utilities continue to report in the media that people like their new Smart Meter and are saving money. It is time for all utilities to tell the truth about forced Smart Meter deployment. Send a message to Gov. Scott. We do not consent to involuntary, pulsed, non-ionized radiation in our own homes.

    When: Tues, Oct .25, 2011

    Where: 700 Universe Blvd, Juno Beach, FL 33408
    Florida Power & Light Co. Headquarters

    Time: 10 am

    * Stress safety and peace

    * Bring your signs and cameras

    * Park legally and carpool

    * Bring your friends and neighbors

    * Stay on the public right of way only

    * See the new Florida site – smart / meter / matrix – for updates:

    “When one man is unsafe in his home, no man is safe in his home.”
    — President Kennedy

    This action and announcement comes from our friends in South Florida. If you are able to get to Juno Beach, please lend your support in person. Even if you don’t mind having a smart meter, you can support a consumer’s basic right to OPT-OUT.]

  78. Bipolaroid says:

    I live in a large seniors’ complex with many separate HOAs, some comprised of attached condos. All it takes is for one owner to contact the gate guard notifying them that the installers can be admitted, and they can go ahead and install smart meters wherever they choose, since we do not all have individual gates around our property. At a meeting of my HOA tonight it was clear that no-one in the small group knew anything about “smart” meters or why they might want to refuse their installation–even if they could. The business office informed me that decisions regarding smart meters will be made by individual HOAs. By definition, many of our residents are elderly and in fragile health. How on earth do we protect people who may not understand the threat to their health that these meters represent, or have the means to prevent Edison from replacing their analog meters?

    I tried to provide some information and printed materials to those at my meeting, and have put myself on the delay list in the hope that the present situation with PG&E may force reconsideration by Edison and at least permit an opt-out. But I am one person among hundreds here! Any advice for homeowners with no gates to lock?

  79. carol brust says:

    I live in a mobil home park, and I did opt out but because there are so many homes in the park I am still getting headaches and I can’t sleep mor the 4 hours. what are people doing to remedy this

  80. Not Liking What I'm Reading says:

    You know I just had one of these Smart Meters installed in my home. It wont be turned on until next spring. I still have to read the meter till then. Hmm? What else can it do? Who is getting them? Not everyone or more people would be here? It would be on the news! Hmm? I don’t like it! Who can hack into my wifi? What about me health? What if it freezes? Does it cost me more? $500.00 to have it replaced? What about my deposit? Do I have to pay more now for a bigger deposit? I’m gong back to the well! IT COST ME 7 MORE GALLONS JUST TO HAVE IT CHANGED WHEN THE PRESSURE WAS LET OUT OF THE PIPE TO INSTALL THE NEW SMART METER! I OBJECT! BRMN ND. DLA60

    • admin says:

      @Not Liking Be assured that although they don’t have the infrastructure in place to receive the data, transmitting ‘smart’ meters are “ON” from the moment they are installed. We have direct, in-the-field measurements to back that statement up. Write with questions.

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        I say that you are correct. Also PG&E claims that the ZigBee transmitters in the meters to transmit what the real-time energy use that is displayed on the meter, and also one way commands to smart thermostats that control compressor motors on air conditioning units (in the future), and to “in home monitors” is not being used now, but they don’t say that the ZigBee transmitters are not transmitting. Granted, the ZigBee transmitters are very low powered, only about 0.30 watts, and only can send signals about 75 feet. It is the trick wording from PG&E that pisses many people off.
        The in home displays will take information from a broadband connection about current pricing, but not everyone has or wants a high speed broadband connection, and these “in home display monitors” cost around $200 plus the cost of the monthly broadband connection ($45-$60 per month), plus the installation costs. These are the 2 big features advertised that come with the SmartMeters. And these features will not even be available for at least 2 years !
        Also, the Home Area Networks system is entirely purchased by the customer, and does not communicate with the utility. These systems involve the customer purchasing special new appliances with monitoring chips, separate modules to turn these appliances on or off, controllers, computer interfaces, monitors and computers to use these HAN systems pipe dreamed to be available in the distant future. Now there is a new mandate that these HAN systems use other communications protocols other than ZigBee. It’s a corporate marketing thing. This could render the ZigBee transmitters useless that are in the new meters and transmitting NOW for NOTHING.
        The main purposes of the SmartMeter deployment are to eliminate meter reading jobs, and implement a new time differential pricing program in a few years. It is just another way for PG&E to extort more money out of the customers, blessed by the PUC.
        Charging $1.00 per kilowatt hour during the hours of 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm is not going to save any energy at all, people will still use electricity whenever they need to, but it is going to fatten the wallets of the investor/owners of PG&E BIG TIME !
        In these challenging economic times , it is nice to know that someone is getting rich, AIN’T IT ?

  81. Laura says:

    A company in Canada is now offering a product to protect you from the effects of SM’s and give back your privacy…

  82. Bob says:

    PG&E has put a Smart Meter on our home without are consent. Is there any way to get them to remove it?


  83. LarryQ says:

    Here in Oklahoma City, I sent the certified letter to OG&E, affixed placards to the meter stating no install of a smart meter, locked my existing meter.

    Yesterday I came home to find my placards removed and taken, my lock cut off, and a smart meter installed.

    I called them to state that my property was vandalized, and a meter installed without my consent.
    they told me that OG&E had no opt out option and that installation was MANDATORY.

    I told them that they destroyed my personal property, and they said that they did not give consent to install a lock on THEIR meter.

    This whole thing stinks to high heaven!


  84. John Johnson says:

    Federal Energy Act of 2005 Made
    ‘Smart’ Meters VOLUNTARY
    And Now No Utility Can Pretend Otherwise!
    From the Internet

    Share This With Everyone You Know

    [Originally posted here: -Ed.]
    www. rense. com/general95/smrt. htm

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      That is a great letter, and makes more sense that a science fiction story.
      But here is the question, if SmartMeters are not mandatory, then it should be a case of a customer opting in, not out.
      It seems like these utility corporations and politicians have got everybody fooled.
      Forcing this sale of radio meters on people and then saying that they are IN a program that they need to opt OUT of. Sounds like a brainwashing scam to me, but apparently the sales of the new meters are brisk this year, so the program was a success in the politicians and utilities eyes.
      It really was a very brilliant marketing strategy, and many people made a lot of money in this down economy, but unfortunately for them, not all areas embraced the marketing campaign with open arms. Some say that is filled with false advertising, lies and deception.
      Thank goodness that some citizens realize that this radio meter project was a sham from day one, and rejected the program all together.

  85. 654321 says:

    with the patriot act,sopa and the favorable response busy-thoughtless- comfortably entertained masses are having towards our nations huge shift to fascism the BEST option is to get out the teat entirely.

    save it up in a big way and shell out the money for the panels,batteries, and installation (should you not be a do it yourselfer).

    with intelligent use (led bulbs, timers to prevent vampire standby consumption through the day or at least at a specified time) you CAN make it work.

    if you got a nice enough land setup you can even set your up a few mini turbines for a drip charge.

    you simply can not trust people to do the right thing when profit is involved so best to not be dependent on them at all. self reliance is the revolution america needs – not a kind oh please don’t put this in my water ….more a F you I will use my own water.

    you just gotta look at it all like a gift wrap option at a store. they can charge you whatever and do a lousy job for as long as they think enough people will suck it up – or you could just learn to make a crease and do it yourself 10x cheaper.

    its a swamp out there. gotta make your own hills. let the mosquitoes starve rather than try to teach them about general decency.

  86. Mary says:

    Where do you report you are being billed wrongly for having a smart meter when you do not have one at all ? Penelc has been chargin us for having a smart meter which is more than the electrical usage when we do not even have 1

  87. Joe Zyzyx says:

    They will just start putting meters on the electric poles placed in the right of way instead eventually for those who block the new Smart Meters and then “obsolete” any readings from the old analog meter. A meter can be placed anywhere between the supply line and the residence and the supply lines are all off property, so no trespassing issue.

  88. Redi Kilowatt says:

    Many areas have underground utilities, and all poles are on property, be it public or private.
    In Fairfax, CA, the town has a ordinance about transmitters placed for telecommunications. That is how the fought off PG&E with their data collector/repeaters mounted on public right of way.
    The best way to automate revenue collection for the electric utilities would be to start upgrading the power grid, specifically the step down transformers that feed each meter.
    They could install modern electronic transformers with multiplexers that record total usage of each channel (meter) and transmit the revenue collection on a broadband cable or broadband over power line carrier (BPL).
    So we can be sure that that will never happen, far too expensive and the CPUC would want too much kickback money to approve another whopping rate increase.
    The current roll out of AMI meters was a complete disaster, the meters are obsolete now, they don’t support solar or electric vehicle incentives.
    For the government/corporations to admit that they made such a huge and costly mistake now would be impossible. We will be stuck with this useless radio meter program for at least 10 years, then the utilities can hit the ratepayers up for another $5 billion to replace the defunct meters

    • Joe Zyzyx says:

      The utility poles in my neighborhood serve as property markers, placed on the intersection of lot lines and the right of way line and those so designated often have bright metal survey tags on them, at least when originally installed years ago. Multiple utilities such as electric, TV cable, and old landline phone lines all use the same poles.

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        All utility poles are on property, sometimes private property, but most often on public right of way.
        Municipalities have an easement on each side of streets for signs, drainage and utilities. Sometimes there are utility easements that are actually part of private property, but on the cadastral map it is shown as a public utility easement for water, sewer, storm drains and utilities.
        I have one next to my property.

  89. Peggy Mitchell says:

    I live in Nevada-Reno, i have posted a sign on my door and put tape on my meter, however I have heard nothing about Smart Meters in the paper or any other information hear. Is this a problem here?
    Peggy Mitchell

  90. RajH says:

    I am in Ottawa Canada. They have installed Water meter smart meter.
    I do not want any wireless device, on my property.

    Is there a way to getting old meter back and dump this useless meter ?

    • JP says:

      Hi Raj and everyone who posted in here.
      I can tell you exactly how to avoid the smart meters at neither cost nor aggravation to you. Legal and just a matter of minutes to have it done.
      U.S and Canada….
      Contact me at
      Ontario, Canada

  91. Kelly Beeler says:

    I am in the military and my home in Tennesse (where my daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren live) just had one of the smart meters installed over 6 weeks ago…without my permission and without any advanced notification from Mt Pleasant Power Company in Mt Pleasant, TN. I installed a new water heater and new heat pump this past summer and the bills were fine until we received the December bill. The electric bill has gone up considerably and compared to last year, this month’s usage was 1000 kwh more than last year. Most disturbing are the medical issues that have started over the 3 weeks. My grand daughter and son-in-law now have ringing in their ears, my daughter has been having migraines daily, my grandson is not sleeping at night anymore and I am very scared. I called the power company today to complain but of course I have to wait until Monday to talk to the management at Mt. Pleasant Power Company. Any suggestions on what I should say besides demanding the “smart” meter be replaced now? There are no advocate groups that I know of in Tennessee. Help!

  92. chris corley says:

    Personally, I’m more concerned with non-compliance with Agenda-21 than the radiation.
    If you don’t know about A21…find out…educate yourself and fast.

  93. cd says:

    I have been so sick with this smart meter junk I’m so sick of it this is just the worst I had refused my meter but homes are close together and I have been sick from all the other other headache sever insomnia messing with my brain , heart palpitations I thought my heart was going to give out last night my mom has one 30 days ago and she is in the hospital with heart problems , and has been very well with her heart for 2 yrs , my aunt in Toronto had a pacemaker and had it for 30 days and died 2 weeks later , how do we protest and get ride of this garbage .
    theses things kill people I feel like bites or burning all over my body

    • Stacy says:

      Go to and get a shungite sphere or cube. They work! I too had the hesrt palpitations from the smart meter. Also play the rest relaxation reiki for emf video on youtube on a repeat site. I do and it helps.

  94. cd says:

    I am in Arizona this is hell , APS is now 2 hour wait to speak to someone they keep tellling that there safe they are lying !

  95. Mike says:

    Simple Solution: I wrapped the meter with aluminum foil that will reflect/ trap the microwave signal. You can cut off their transmission and provide them with the readings. I’m lucky in that one of my meters, the water meter is in my basement and they cannot get to it. They already installed since they lied to me that it was like a simple am/fm signal that only goes of for a min or two a day. More like 6-10 times a min at VERY high spikes. It’s now wrapped !! Other electric meter is on the outside of building. Inexpensive and it works, i know so, cause I have purchased measuring devices/ meters to measure it and do home inspections for those who want to avoid and shield themselves from these harmful radiating fields. If you need help with your situation and want to create a safe home versus paranoid of living in a death trap…. Feel free to contact me at michael at nynaturalhealthcenter d o t c o m. You can live with peace of mind again if identify all the sources and assure your safeguarded from harm.

  96. stephanie says:

    I put up signs on my meter and PG&E did not install a smart meter on my home when they did my neightborhood. Now, they have sent me a letter saying they will begin charging me a monthly fee to send out a meter reader. Is there anything I can do about this?

  97. DezynGuy says:

    what you’re missing here is the fact that you CAN keep your analog meter – HOWEVER, there is a $75 FEE, plus $10/MONTH CHARGE to do so!!

    How do you STOP THAT??!!

  98. K says:

    Sign this petition:
    We Refuse to Pay Extortionate Smart Meter Opt Out Fees

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  100. For allmost a year I have been trying to stop getting an gas automatic meter put
    on my meter in the basement. I have health issues which would not be good for me
    to have this meter. I live in a suburb of Cleveland Ohio

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  102. Bob says:

    Why are you people so up in arms over this? Wouldn’t it be a better use of your time to fight something that is actually worth fighting? There is no health hazards associated with this technology. You’re over dramatizing of this makes you look like you are scared of your own shadow. Why not take on the new national healthcare law instead? It has a much greater chance of causing actual damage to you and our society than a meter that sends out a signal for approximately 10 seconds each day.

    • admin says:

      Hi Bob. We see that your work for the American Electric Power Co. (Louisiana), and so are not perhaps in the best position to offer an unbiased opinion.

      In particular, I think it unlikely you are familiar with the biologically based experimental and epidemiological science which shows effects from RF radiation at low intensity. Also, you may not be acquainted with the thousands of people who have been made sick, despite your assertion to the contrary, by their smart meter. The World Health Organization classed RF a possible carcinogen, and a great many people here in CA want to know why utility convenience trumps their right to protect their health, privacy, and safety.

      It’s sham science to represent the emissions pattern of a smart meter as X seconds a day: those pulse bursts go on all day and all night, not “X seconds”. Time averaging is a load of hooey.

      • cat says:

        The neat think about conspiracy theories is that they are often believed by people with a slightly higher intelligence than most. Smart people with dumb conclusions. Sure we know EM and RF can cause issues…but you are not mentioning at all at what levels? Do you freak out and sense cell phone microwaves around you 24/7…you do? wow!

        The reality is you took a theory and ran with it to the extreme without any real science to backup how much and what exposure of what period of time. Silly…just crazy people with slightly higher IQs ranting agains “the man”.

  103. lenny says:

    I assume that you are all aware that humans have been bathed in EM radiation since before we where even humans. It has been bouncing around space since the beginning of time, please understand non ionizing radiation CAN NOT CAUSE CANCER that includes microwaves wi-fi etc. don’t fear the word radiation light is radiation heat is radiation even outside of electro-magnetics sound is radiation.

  104. Geoff says:

    Hi everyone: No sense playing Mr/Ms Nice Guy with this deliberate intent to marginalize Western health with this carefully planned attack on every country’s rights.
    Place aluminium foil with duct tape over over each meter to stop the reading now – before they come up with a plan to change the meters reading ability!

  105. EZ Taylor says:

    Well, I was able to stop the water company from installing their meter as I was home when the technician came in and I told him to get out. However, the electric company installed theirs without my knowledge and approval. I only knew about this because they sent me a notice *after* the fact. The meter is located on the back of the house, on the wall where my bedroom is and the headboard on my bed is placed against that wall. Last week, I noticed that I have a lump on my head and have been getting headaches, I feel like I have a constant hang over. Not only does it hurt but at times, I feel like there is a brick on my head. I’m having problems with my balance and my memory is a wreck, I can’t even remember what I did the minute before. I’m only 50 so don’t think that Alzheimer’s is a concern yet. I don’t have insurance as I was let go from work a year ago and have been unemployed ever since. I do not live in CA but GA. Anyone have any ideas? I would appreciate any information anyone can share.

    Thank you!

  106. Josette Vettel says:

    We have to handle this in a peacefull rallley Why not fight back doing harmonic sounding. that will scatter the vibrations of the whole system.

    go to Harmonic Sounding fights radiation din the Smart

    or Harmonic Sounding fights
    We can confront this killing moster in a way that here systerms will break apart adn they will have to stop this craziness.
    then you will see how powerful harmonic sounding is in making the difference in the way peaceful energy can be theway to shiftt the planet and the strength of the people tath we have lost in fighting instead of peaceful agrrestion Sorry for the typos have to take on surgey of the eyes toeday tomarrow I will write better pleae pay atteiont to these websites
    god bless

  107. Soraya says:

    By reading all the comments related to the “Smart Meter”, it worries me that B.C.Hydro is so consistent about installing these death meters .. World wide there are problems reported, such as, fires to the homes , health problems invasion of privacy, escalating bills etc. etc. How about a class action lawsuit? In the Middle East and other parts of the world , they fight and are willing to die for their freedom , for their children and future generations, are we willing to give up so easily for something we enjoyed for so long? DEMOCRACY??? What is the real purpose behind those contraptions that are not suitable for home use or small businesses. well proven by scientists, doctors and engineers. Worth finding out about don’t you think. I do not trust B.C.Hydro and their motives.

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  109. Sojin Muneshi says:

    This is all part of a global conspiracy to change the DNA of human beings and convert them into Smart People, I’m glad I have found this site full of opponents to such technologies and all opposing evolution of the human race into Smart People, defend your dumb meter, and stand shoulder to shoulder with others opposed to anything to do with smart technology, print off and wear this badge with pride:

    I refuse to be made to be Smart! let me remain Dumb!

  110. Lacy says:

    Could you please tell me how to fight this? I called our utility company they laughed at me and told me it was mandatory and stop believing what I hear on the Internet. I liv in a small town outside of Cincinnati Ohio calling the cops is not an option here they are crooked and won’t help. Please tell me how to fight this on my own. Thank you!

    • Ask them to show you the law that makes it mandatory. Lacking that, the utility can only tell you what their POLICY is. Your property RIGHTs trump their policy- every time. The police may be crooked but even they don’t want to be hauled into court. Get your community educated about the risks- we can help! E-mail us at

      • Lacy says:

        Olive in Ohio . I wrote the email you gave but no response. I’m really afraid they will put this on my house please help!

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  114. Katinka says:

    Well the latest news is, presented by “Cindy Verschoor” spokeswoman for B.C.Hydro, states, that Mayors and Councillors cannot decide for the public whether to hold a moratorium or not. What a B.S. She has proven to be most deceitful in her presentations, and cannot answer all the questions. Are there any honest politicians left to protect their communities? Will they challenge B.C.Hydro with all the proof available, from all agencies, that these meters are safe??? All appliances have to carry a sign of approval for safety reasons. Is B.C. Hydro now also outside of the law? I beg to differ.
    Challenge them, take them to court, for the in justice they have bestowed up on all citizens and still are playing their games. This is globally not just here in B.C.

  115. Radjil says:

    Does anyone know if refusal to pay Pacific Gas and Electric’s extortionate smart meter opt-out fees will affect a person’s credit rating? As far as I know the charges would show up on my monthly bill. I would pay all the regular charges for the gas and electricity but not the $75 smart meter opt-out fee and not the $10 monthly fee.

  116. Karen Berckenhoff says:

    In Texas, do consumers have a choice or say-so in a smart meter being installed? Last year our old meter seemed to be acting up, running really fast when little was on resulting in unusually high bills. The company came out to “check” the meter and insisted it was okay, operating properly so there would be no credit on the high bills. But when we got home from work we noticed the metered had been replaced with the smart meter, something they even neglected to mention when they said the old one was working properly. Since we have a number of problems including this past weekend having nearly everything electronic being fried (including oven and microwave, treadmill, video equipment, etc.). We had an electrician out and he couldn’t find anything wrong with the wiring.

  117. Dave says:

    Smart meter installed on my house last week (ventura county Ca.) with gates locked! No one was home so they had to jump the fence. I called SCE and was told I had to pay $75.00 (One time fee) and $10.00 to have it removed and replaced with the orig analog meter. That’s extorsion!!! My meeter is 8′ from my bed.
    What can I do???

  118. Greg lu says:

    I like to introduce this website for latest development in California about dumb meter.
    Please read reference 2–American Academy of Environmental Medicine
    6505 E Central • Ste 296 • Wichita, KS 67206
    Tel: (316) 684-5500 • Fax: (316) 684-5709

    The American Academy of Environmental Medicine Calls for Immediate Caution regarding Smart Meter Installation

    • Thomas Van Dyke says:

      This is the message is received when I tried the link.
      Sorry, we were unable to find the document at the original source. Verify that the document still exists.

  119. Dave says:

    I just got a Notice from SMUD Sacramento Municipal Utility District that since I refuse to take the smart meter I will now be on a payment schedule of a one time fee of $127. and an ongoing monthly fee of $39.40 for not taking the smart meter? Is this legal? Can they do this? How do I fight this? I’m so mad I could bite my tongue.


    • Marianne Bland says:

      Dave, we have SMUD too and that is the only option they gave us as well. It seems completely insane and unfair. We went through a few months of attempting to escalate complaints with no result, and they even had the gall to tell us that we were THE ONLY PEOPLE complaining about smart meters. Nice, huh?

      Johnebgood is right. It’s a matter of them getting subsidies which is why they have strong-armed everyone, but SMUD has been particularly threatening and awful, leaving (apparently) no alternatives.

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  121. Johnebgood says:

    This is not legal advise and I am not an atorney and don’t give legal advise.
    DO NOT Opt In or Opt out, decline the offer and waive benefit. This is a Federally fiunded program defined as a BENFIT (statutory colorable legal fiction law) and requires your voluntary participation. Stop trading rights for benefits.

    The accounting is also FRAUD. Was the subsidy passed on to customers? Will the savings for no meter reading be passed on? Will the increased revennue from the algorithm that increased everyones bill who accepted a smartmeter be passed on? Not on you life and the fraud is much deeper.

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  124. J says:

    Every try to get someone responsive from SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EDISON on the phone?

    We had a slovenly-appearing individual claiming to work for COREX come to our home, before 8 AM, stating he was here to change-out our meter to a smart meter. We asked for ID and he didn’t have any. We asked for a business card and he didn’t have one. We photographed him and his COREX truck that had nothing about the utility company on it.

    We phoned the utility and got “Tiffany” who said they did not have an internal security office and suggested we call the police. Finally, she put us through to the internal security office where we got voice mail. The voice mail said we could go back to the operator if we needed to speak to someone immediately but were told we could not speak to anyone in security. We got the run-around from the utility on the phone for about 15 minutes– about what it usually takes when you want to do anything but pay your bill. Finally we got someone in customer service who quickly verified that we already had a smart meter and promised to get back to us about why the individual claiming to be a contractor for the utility. We’ve not heard back yet. But we did start reading about smart meters and don’t like what we’re hearing.

    Apparently the PUC forced California utilities to provide an opt-out program and here is what we learned from Calling Southern California Edison: It costs $75 initially to opt out and then an extra $10 per month to have someone read the “old analogue meter.”

    My understanding is that one cannot get an occupancy permit to live in one’s home without being connected to the utility provided electric service is available. Neat.

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  126. Chuck says:

    Southern Ca Edison
    I am having ringing in my ears, dizzy spells, night sweating, can’t sleep at night, cant think, stiff neck, stomached upset and feeling like I am a going to throw up, I want to sleep all day to feel better, bad mood all the time, forgetting things and I thought it was me. this started when they put a earth meter in 1985 on my house and got worse when they installed a smart meter may 12 2010, they refused to remove the earth meter in 1985 and have suffered from then until now and it continues, they finally removed the meter on aug 5 2012 and I felt a little better, but the feelings wont go away, I hear and feel it outside and still in my house, I have seen doctors for the symptoms and they give me drugs which don’t help, I am very sensitive to wireless and never had a cell phone or anything wireless at my house, I do not use a microwave oven. I hear and feel it when I enter other places that have wireless, if I leave my house and go to the beach after an hour or so I start to feel better, but when I return to my house I start to feel sick again. I can hear and feel my neighbor’s houses also.
    They are charging me to remove and a monthly fee on something that is causing health problems, not because I just want it removed for no reason, I feel like this is wrong and don’t feel I should pay for extra for this.

  127. Thomas Van Dyke says:

    They were saying they do not have an op out. Do you know of any actions is Tennessee or West Tennessee? I want to get it removed.

  128. peetu2valo says:

    I am living a small Finish town on an island around N61°/E28° with about 28.000 people, nice infrastructure – even with an airport – and about one flight hour away from Helsinki.
    Beside all the health troubles already discussed above – I really have concerns considering the personal information which is planned be sent over to our power provider shortly – Fully intransparent to me. I think we should all stand up provide this transparency for ourselves. Are there any hints in getting to the information stored, processed and transmitted by smartmeters – how to read the data. Any communication protocols available? Are there standards?

  129. Donna Skaggs says:

    I sent a certified mail letter to my power company telling them to not install Smart Meters on any of my homes and listed the addresses. My husband noticed today that they installed a Smart Meter on one of the homes anyway. We have not inspected the other homes so there may be more than one. I am in SW Florida using Florida Power and Light Co. What recourse do I have?

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  131. fedup says:

    I found this site while searching for current info on the latest happenings and complaints reguarding what I feel could be one of if not THE most horrible things perpetrated upon citizens. I’m amazed, I thought of many things, but I would never have believed this one. In short, Im 49, tho I don’t know how that ever happened lol… I’m just a bit proud that everyone usually thinks I am 25-30.. but lately…wow. My husband worked hard labor for many years to get to where we are, we are not wealthy at all but did manage to buy a nice place with plenty of privacy and he is hoping in the not so far future to retire and enjoy breathing for a change. We’ve lived in our almost new house for 16 months now, and for the the first year had not one problem.. new smooth running appliances, lots of quiet, even the laptop and cordless phone didn’t bother us. Around the middle of May this year I started to feel strange and complain about severe and irratic heart palpatations that would send most people over the edge… horrible ‘white noise’ or ringing in my ears/head.. and went from falling asleep all night long in my foam bed to can’t sleep at all. We, myself, my husband, and my two children have never been sick, taken medication, smoked, drank … etc etc…and I knew something strange was going on. One day a friend sent me an email about smart meters. I was stunned, and went right outside to find that our analogue meter had indeed been changed without our knowledge and I knew exactly what I was feeling. On July 17 I called AEP and was very clear that I wanted the meter changed back and of course the woman there tried to feed me her company sermon, but I did not back down.. she finally said they would change it and gave me a work order.. three weeks later, nothing. I called several times and was referred to some area manager who of course keeps his answering machine on, finally started leaving messages that I would not stop calling until he talked to me. He called one day and straightforward started bombarding me with the ‘facts’ and treating me like I was totally stupid… I had studied much and let him have it. In his attempt to intimidate me, he proceeded to tell me that a hazard report had been filed on my account stating that I had ‘dogs’ on my property. I said yes, my oldest was 18 people years old, and his siblings 10-12. They are a gentle breed of dog and never growl or attempt to bite anyone. Oh, he said, ‘but we have had some vicious dog attacks and we can’t take chances’. He also informed me that my meter reader MAN was a 30 year veteran in this area .. when in truth, a woman has read the meter IN THE YARD for at least a year, I have talked with her several times so I know. The hazard report was not on our account until a few days AFTER I called demanding the meter be changed. The meter reader had no problem or complaint for a year, and I don’t really know if she was incited to say that or not. I do know that about the time Mr. Manager said the report was added, there was a white truck parked in the road out front long enough to get every dog in the neighborhood barking (they do not speak english, as I told him). Mind you, every one of my neighbors on this road have dogs…some waist high.. and they are all just big puppies and wonder yard to yard searching for treats and something they can drag home. Im ticked that a report like that was put on our account and I’m ticked that they totally disreguard anything you say about those meters causing ANY problems whatsoever. And I’m super ticked that I sit here feeling like … wondering… if I will fall over with a heart attack or something. I keep calling, and area manager PAUL said he has to inquire of some other man if it’s possible to change my meter somehow. I told him it must be changed because I will not drop it and I will use all options and venues to have it removed. I am putting together a very informative report to take to a lawyer friend (so he doesnt take forever to do it : ) and I intend to go to local officials, city council, contact a senator we’ve known for years .. and help to inform people in this area about these beasts. There has not been one bit of information mailed out, no notices on doors… nothing about them at all. Anyone I ask never heard of them.. some find they have them, many still don’t. The brochures will be the greatest tool for informing people in this very rural area. I’ve heard of more than a few with sudden unexplained health issues. My appliences and ac systems are getting zapped as well. Uhhh.. Some days I feel totally hopeless and helpless and some days I get out of here and am more determined to do something about it. I am going to mail the registered letters, keep calling them, and even see a doctor, and a lawyer or two that is familiar with some other issues reguarding AEP and a huge coal fire plant that has been built not so far away. I have no objections to the plant really, there are new super scrubbers that make them alot cleaner than the old plants around for sure. I don’t find much info about any smart meter action in the Oklahoma or Arkansas service area. At least there are more complaints and law suits around the country and I do think it has slowed their ‘deployment’ as they call it. I want to live a long time and have many memories with my amazing son and daughter. … that’s all I want.

    • Paul H says:

      Consider yourself fortunate to understand where your poor health is originating. Many are brainwashed to believe that you may be crazy to even think that wireless could harm you. Would you rely on a pharmaceutical company study, that could not reproduce dangerous results, using different mehods that many independent studies had found? Here are some names that may be useful in your quest for more knowledge on the matter. Barrie Trower, Curtiss Bennett, Lloyd Morgan, Magda Havas, Sam Milham, Neil Cherry, George Carlo, Henry Lai, Ted Litovitz, Zory Glaser, Arthur Firstenberg, Ross Adey, Martin Blank, Yuri Grigoriev, Olle Johansson, Michael Kundi, Lennart Hardell, Alvaro A. A. de Salles, David Carpenter, Jerry Phillips, Andrew Marino, Cindy Sage, Peter Sierck and Gigahertz Solutions. Whew!
      Here is a video of the inner life of a cell. Just imagine what happens when it is contact with electromagnetics.

  132. Chuck says:

    Well I am feeling a a little better but still hear it and feel it – also strange but my floor is vibrating now also! Its been almost a month with a spinning old meter, after filing a complaint with the PUC, edison Corp called and had a RF Engineer call me ( if you want to call them and get a reading there SCE california number is 800 200 4732 this is a free service they offer all SCE customers – I said I would think about it and havent called yet, ) and they are willing to do a RF EMF Survey on and around my house, my meter is also wrong, I use killawatt meters on everything in my home then add them up and the new meter is almost 100 KWH to much after 30 days, I am filing another complaint with the PUC when I get my bill!
    you must go to the PUC web site and file a complaint with what everyone is saying here and then you will get the ball rolling, DO NOT give up – keep filing complaints untill this is resolved! I will never roll over and kick my feet in the air and play dead!

    • Thomas Van Dyke says:

      The place I am staying in is making a vibrating humming noise. How do you know if it is from the smart meter or smart system. I read that some places have a smart data collector box installed as well. I will have the lights and everything off and still hear the noise.

  133. Julie says:

    Please help people in OHIO because everyone I spoke to had no idea what a smart meter is or if they even have one. I have one and it is making me sick, I can’t even stay in this house for long periods of time. I already put in a call to my electric company(AEP) and they told me OH WELL!! I want to know why we can opt out in OHIO? How can I make people aware of these dangers?

    • Thomas Van Dyke says:

      They are having National Stop Smart meters day 4 October 2012. You can print or order flyers from On this site they are listing events in different areas. You can state your own smart meter day event if your area does not have any. If it is your house you can put in a notice to have it removed from your property. You can order it with a new meter. That will only affect your house. You may still feel the affects until it is out of your neighborhood.

  134. Carlos says:

    If I opt out in Alameda, CA they will charge $75 for “Initial Setup” and $10 a month for opting out on top of your monthly bill.

  135. William Nichols says:

    Is there anyway the signal be blocked? Hewre in Tampa Florida we have the
    smart meter also.

  136. Thanks for creating How YOU Can Stop

  137. Ellen Cora says:

    We are avid conservatives. We oppose Agenda 21 and anything even remotely connected with world government or tyranny. But I can’t believe you buy into the FEAR regarding our utility’s smart meters — it is totally UNFOUNDED.
    SECO’s smart meters use just a micro-transmission of 1/3 of a second 6 times per 24 hours or a total of a whopping 2 seconds each day. The signal goes to a tower and then to SECO.
    There are NO SATELLITES. It defies logic to think that a radio frequency transmission that starts and ends in the blink of an eye would worry people more than the continuous radio frequency waves they are exposed to all day long by their cell phones, computers, televisions, microwaves, etc.
    SECOs meters have absolutely NO SURVEILLANCE CAPABILITY. ALL they do is transmit ENERGY USAGE DATA — the same as their meter readers record with our old-style meters. The signals are ENCODED for privacy’s sake, but in reality that limited information would be useless to anyone but SECO (even if the data were not encoded.)
    What we need here, patriotic Americans, is rational, objective thinking. Smart meters are NOT Agenda 21. They will not cause illness and will not invade your privacy. Please get documented facts, and don’t join the hysteria.

  138. thomas Smith says:

    You might be interested in this method of resistance to smart meters:

  139. R.E. Centa says:

    Anyone in Cuyahoga County, OH – especially on the eastern suburbs such as Euclid, OH – please contact me ASAP to help fight the Cleveland Division of Water and their aggressive placement of Smart Meters on homes in the area. As it is the ONLY water company utility in the area, we have no choice but to deal with them head on. These are a very dangerous health concern and Cleveland Water is placing them into the impoverished neighborhoods first, because people do not know how much harm they can cause. The Cleveland Division of Water is forcing them on people with an alleged “no opt out” policy which is untrue according to many national articles I’ve read. The goal is to reduce the minority population in greater Cleveland. Help fight for your rights as American citizens. We do have a choice – to fight it. It’s ironic that all of the surrounding “white” counties are not installing these meters. How convenient and underhanded of the Cleveland Division of Water.

  140. Betty Dougia says: The American government will not protect the private citizen for this form of mass destruction. Thank God we have a 2nd amendment that allows us to bare arms against the American Government and Revolt against their criminal tact of killing off the American PEOPLE.

  141. Lyle says:

    There are different types of smart meter systems. The ones mostly referred to in all these discussions are called MESH Systems. They do use RF between the meters themselves and the Collectors mounted on the poles or other appropriate structures. There are also other systems called PLC which stands for Power Line Carrier System. They transmit a signal down the power line back to the substation then it’s transmitted RF back to a collection area in a building. This keeps the RF at bay in and around homes where most people are and keeps it in remote substation areas where most people are not. This type of system is used in more rural areas as it is more reliable. One size does not fit all.

  142. Daniel Fisher says:

    any studies have indicated that the biggest obstacle to people reducing their energy consumption is not knowing what steps they can take. An energy metre shows that as a simple long number which is about as helpful to reducing energy useage as an odometre is in reducing fuel. A smart metre breaks that down by time of day, and shows you how much each watt costs. Why anyone would object to people know what they are spending with a view to spending less and using less is beyond me but probably: a serious fucking idiot.

    Most smart metres aren’t wireless. Those that are use radio waves on the same frequency as the wifi in your laptop, but at lower power. If you want to make a big deal about wifi fair enough but its a completely separate technology to ‘smart’ metres. And I feel justified in calling anyone who uses a laptop wirelessly and complains about smart metres a hypocrite.

  143. JJ789 says:

    Trading in a smart meter for an old one does not solve our problems. Getting rid of the power companies in our homes does. Considering the ridiculous amount of resource and pollution associated with those companies, and the fact that we can all learn to use other forms of energy, we need to get rid of them at the residential level. Down size them for powering only necessary factories or businesses. This would drastically cut back the problems they create.

    Aren’t you tired of getting the plug pulled all because you can’t afford to keep up with the ridiculous cost associated with having unlimited electricity? The only true “smart meter” is the one that is built into our heads. Cut out the middle man. Are people not smart any more? I think if they were, they would have ran the power companies out of town long ago. I have heard stories from my grandparents about how the power companies and other big entities single handedly ruined the self reliant way of life. More and more people used to be farmers who were self reliant. But they were also pushovers. They were oblivious to the going ons of the crooked companies and they agenda to suck society dry to get filthy stinking rich. There is always a mastermind behind these operations. Someone gets severely cheated because of it. And that always occurs at the people level.

    This can easily be changed these days. You cannot use one single technology to solve all your energy problems. But you can combine them to solve 100% of them. Solar, wind, lenses, wood, underground, and more. All these things not only create your energy using God given natural clean resources. But they instill pride and wisdom in the person who embraces them for self reliance. Just think. For once in your life you are truly in control of the outcome while some rich asshole sits at a desk crying about his loss of profits. We need to free the world of such greed. It won’t fix itself.

    • Paul H says:

      I would agree concerning living underground and wood. Solar and wind are horrible for your health. Clean coal is the only real way to go, but the ones behind the smart grid don’t like using it. they have nothing to gain when someone else owns the coal mines and plants. They saw the profit and raided the industry screwing things up for the rest of us. Smart grid people are thieves and liars!

      There were ancient civilizations that lived underground.

  144. Sheri Scumwanker says:

    I live in Portland, Oregon. How do I know if they are requiring the installation of these stupid meters where I live? Is there some sort of map or list of cities/states where they have implemented use of these meters? How do I know if I have a SmartMeter on my house (because not all of them say SmartMeter, right?)…

  145. jesus nava says:

    I live in Highland CA my question is can I install an analog meter, either me or an electrician, and get in trouble for not calling edison to do it .they want $80 up front to put the analog back and $5 every month to OPT OUT

  146. Pingback: SMART METERS ARE DANGEROUS | Stuff I Like to Blog About

  147. Sarah M says:

    I live in Ohio & I had a smart meter installed on the back of my house without my knowledge or consent. I want it GONE! However the energy company says that its not possible. And that the meter causes no harm to me or my family. I know this to be false. They say if I have it removed I will not have any electricity. In the state of Ohio it is REQUIRED by law that every home have one! What can I do!? This is my home not the governments! I feel like my rights are being taken away. I have two very young children ages 2 and 5. I am very concerned for their health as well as mine. Can I rip that thing out and replace it with an old meter? or is there a way to block the radiation coming into my home? I feel stuck. I need my electricity, but I shouldn’t have to make the choice between protecting my family’s health& privacy or having electricity. Any ideas that could help?

  148. max says:

    i have an idea the electric companies usually have a Facebook,tweeter ,etc that we can comment on lets try that too .

  149. Nick says:

    need to know how to get rid off a smart meter they put on my house , after I told them not to and they still did and it is giving me head acks . I been fighting this for few months and I even bought a new meter and they will not change it out . I put a shield around the meter and that did helped on the head ackes ,but now they what me to remove the shield , so now i am thinking of turn the power off from my house and winter is near can someone help me here?

  150. Nadine says:

    There’s a comment above that Smart Meters are banned in Australia. Can someone tell my local electricity corporation please? Because they’re about to install one. I am very sensitive to EMFs (I recently tried a wi-fi device that caters for up to 10 wireless devices and my face went numb, my lips went lumpy, I felt groggy and sick in the stomach. After 10 mins I turned it off – at this point I hadn’t even connected any devices to it at all. Most symptoms went immediately, but the lumpy lips stayed for 2 days.) I am very worried. My kids and I almost died back in 2008-2009 from a contaminated house. Now this. What more are they supposed to go through? That house also killed 2 of our 3 pets. We have one remaining who almost died. And now this.

  151. Aaron says:

    I followed the instructions on this page and called PG&E yesterday. I spoke to a supervisor and demanded a deadline for when they will remove the smart meter. At first the supervisor said “I can’t give you an exact date” but finally the supervisor said “let me check the schedule, oh there is an opening tomorrow, I can schedule you for that and here is your Field Order confirmation number.”

    I insisted they replace the smart meter with a non-electric, electromechanical analog meter. The tech said thats what it was. I have not independently verified this, YET.

    I did send a request for written confirmation of what type of meter they installed to replacement to PG&E by certified mail, and I sent the sample letter also by certified mail.

    The tech said it was just gears like an old-school analog meter. How should I go about independently verifying this?

  152. beverly K says:

    I’m trying to find out if the electric company Santee Cooper in Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 installed smart meters in the condo developments. The meters are in a locked room but I did see one at my local veterinarian’s office. Any local news report has had the link to information deleted or unavailable. If so, how can I fight it since I’m in a condo development. Thank You


  153. ForcedSMARTMeterIllCitizen says:

    SMART Meters now being installed on Private WELLS
    Anyone else, anywhere else having this done? Please provide a step-by-step of how, who, when notified, etc. What transpired?
    Our government has a PLAN to completely control our law abiding US Citizens not the damned continued illegal alien hatemongers…intentionally destroying our nation every breathe they take…as a PLAGUE upon our soil…

  154. Kristin says:

    My gas bill this month was almost more than triple the month prior. I emailed the company and was told the meter reading was correct, that a Smart Meter had been installed at my home three months prior. I had no knowledge that this had been done, as there was no one at home when it was installed. In order for them to have installed it, they would have had to jump a wall or locked gate. Is this legal? Do I have any recourse?

  155. Derek says:

    I have EHS developed it after working in a sick building syndrom place for 16 yrs ..I currently just moved back in with parents tempoarily was doing better then neighbor moved in put up a hidden stealthy amateur radio antenna my health has declined so I am lookin at houses and was on the verge of purchasing one then heard about these smart meters I am now in limbo as whether I want to buy a house then have them foorce a meter on me and get stuck paying for a house thats unihabital for me ..I do have a Drs note as well how do I know when they plan on deploying them Im hearing all different things fromn 3 months to 5 yrs I really am in limbo should I buy a place and then fight it ?

    Thanks Derek

  156. Derek says:

    What I don’t get is how the powe companies keep spewing false safety reports of these meters when theyt were proven to be lies already in california court they say it only send out pulses 4 to 5 times a day when that was under oath recanted they actually send out poulse radiation 3x a minute or over 4, 000 times a day ..This was proven in court yet the utility companires still are customers this when it weas proven false …They also say it gives off less radiation then an avg. cell phone once again another proven lie . It was proven to be 100x the radiation of a cell phone ..And I’m sick of the lies when they come out an outright lie and say it doesn’t cause any health issues When people all around the country are stating that they are haviing healh issues After a neighnor had a stealth antenna I read all the rhetoric how these things do not cause any health issues unfortunately for me my body didn’t read those skew reports I became massively sick after this ended up in the hosptial …And to make a broad statement that it doesn’t cause health issues , will thats liker saying eating alot of sugar every day is ok and maybe alot of people can do it but what about a diabetic ? But honestly when these statements have been proven wrong in a court of law in California how can the utilitity companies still spew the same mis information it really should be criminal

  157. Pigeon says:

    I suggest you limit your activities to campaigning on the basis of breach of privacy (which is the reason I myself will refuse to have a smart meter if they try to force one on me) and leave out the stuff about “harmful” radiation. That latter is nonsense of the highest order and trivially refuted by the example of people who have spent decades living next to enormously powerful UHF TV transmitters without ill effect. Including it does nothing but damage your credibility, both by making you yourselves look like nutters and by attracting nutters to comment. Stick to the stuff which is real and it will do much more good.

    Similarly if you wish to campaign against cellphones then (a) start a different blog since they are completely irrelevant to a discussion of smart meters, and (b) again concentrate on their horrific breach of privacy failings rather than ridiculous nonsense about nonexistent health effects. If you pass a cellphone’s internet connection through an intercepting proxy (which needs to have MITM SSL inspection ability and this in turn requires the proxy’s CA to be installed on the phone, take note) you will see stupid amounts of tracking data being sent to all sorts of different organisations, even if you think you have “turned this off” from configuration menus. They are not safe unless you analyse every bit of software on them, OS and applications alike, and dike out any tracking code you find.

  158. SylverR001 says:

    In Maryland, I requested to opt out of smart meter installation. Today, I received a letter from Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) stating that opting out of smart meter installation is now going to add to my bill an initial fee of $75 then a monthly fee of $11 thereafter.

    As a law abiding US citizen, taxpayer, and Catholic gentlemen, I am outraged! This is NO WAY to treat a HUMAN BEING! They are taxing me unjustly for saying no to the smart meter. Is there anything I can do to reverse this? Should I consider contacting BGE? Has anyone else run into this situation in Maryland or similar in the US?

    • rich reamer says:

      got the same letter…,.

      and actually it says: “We received your request to opt out of having a smart meter installed at 1902….”

      thats just wrong, i never contacted them about opt-out — unless they are taking what i initially did 2 years ago.

      this cant be legal — much less these fees.

  159. Jennifer Symonds says:

    I live in a flat in UK (lower end of rental “market”), are there any support groups &c in UK for those of us who don’t want these things on health grounds, leaflets would be welcome so I can pass them on to my fellow tenants; I know I’m uber sensitive to electromagnetic radiation as I’ve found I got severe headaches every time I borrowed a friend’s mobile/cordless phone hence I don’t have one or for that matter a computer ( I go to a cyber café or library), I do have digital tv (small one ) which I switch off & unplug at night along with all other electrical appliances apart from night storage heaters. By the way all the meters are situated in cupboard in main entrance hall of flats on ground floor which is where I have my flat. Here’s hoping there’s someone out there who can help

  160. Randy says:

    As an InterNachi certified Florida licensed home inspector, I inform every home owner/buyer of the negative effects of smart meters. It’s sad that “smart people” have to deal with dumb meters. A recent call to FP&L asking for more information about their product resulted in a packet with a study done by Matthew J Butcher, an engineer from Virginia?
    I realize smart meters are being installed all over the USA. But the study was done for FLORIDA P&L. Couldn’t a Florida engineer be used?
    It also should be known that I stopped a smart meter installer from putting a meter on my house. He had not seen any list with names of people who had opted out??? I asked what his background was. I figured an electrician would be the most logical answer. He was happy to say he was a cop from Chicago. He has 3 weeks’ vacation time and was getting paid well to switch out meters!
    How can we stop these meters from being installed? This problem needs to be addressed by someone with a backbone, willing to stand up to FP&L.

  161. We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme
    in our community. Your site offered us with valuable information to
    work on. You’ve done an impressive job and our whole community will be
    thankful to you.

  162. tracy says:

    I live in Logan Utah are there any groups here i can join>

  163. Nelson says:

    Please include in the following:

    Southern California Gas Company

    The are trying force people to use their version of SMART meter by charging them a fee to Opt-Out of the program. Here’s the link:

  164. Steve D says:

    I think the utility should be able to decline service for people who want to opt out. If the end user does not want the new technology they can pay for the expense of onsite generation.

  165. Smartgirl says:

    I came back from a trip abroad last October and immediately began to feel the effects of radiation. In addition to the smart meter installed on my house a couple of years back a new cell tower was put up, close by, while I was away.
    I finally called and had the meter removed today. here is the thing. They replaced it with a “digital” meter and the man at Florida Power and Light (FPL) assured me that it did not emit radiation. He said they do not have any more analog meters because they are phasing them out. Can somebody please tell me if these meters emit the same level of radiation as a SM, or are they equal to an analog. Thank you

  166. Seth says:

    This is not going to work. All of it is doomed to failure. What people need to realize is if this would go to the supreme court, the SC would rule in favor of the electric company. They have the right to impose whatever product and technology they want, and people have a right to refuse service from that company. However, in places where the electrical company has a monopoly which is pretty much everywhere because they work regions similar to police who work jurisdictions, their only option is to take themselves off the grid and go dark on mass. That will drain the company of profits and force them to change their ways to meet consumer demand. Also another viable option would be to create their own electric company, hire electricians who are against the smart meters and give out analog meters and the people of the town would put the evil company out of business through simple economics. These are not strategies I have ever heard, and I apologize if they did mention them, but I have not spend time listening to every speech by every activist. The way I see it, is they take a route that is going to fail, which is trying to write their electrical company and plead with them and also trying to talk to politicians. Writing electrical companies would only work before they have decided that they will use smart meters. Once they have decided and have started to implement them, they are not likely to stop unless the other option, loss of profit, they are driven by profit so if people decided to go dark willingly, they would lose money. And writing politicians really does not work because they are not saviors and are moved by lobbyists. The green agenda are huge lobbyists and pushing for this smart grid and carbon tax. They moved ahead to brainwash at least 400,000 people who marched on Sunday’s People’s Climate March. And I am just thinking though climate always changes, it’s really silly to do that, but these are all people still brainwashed by Al Gore.

    Smart meters are the property of the people who put them on, and so are your analog meters. You are violating a contract you signed up for if you think the analog meter is yours. The better thing to do is like I said, create your own power company and install your own electrical meter for it, then they can’t have your business, they are in control and protesting does nothing. It’s been doing nothing for 4 years and it’s going to continue to do nothing. The best way to take action listed on this site is to educate the community of the danger of smart meters. Then they will want to by into the new company to directly compete PG&E or whatever electric company is doing this.

  167. Don says:

    Something many here are missing is the fact that if you don’t want a gas or electric smart meter you don’t have to have one! Simply tell your utility to change you back to an analog meter and it’s done without any problem but don’t be surprised if they try to charge you $15 to $20 to make the change and don’t be surprised if you get a very small surcharge each month due to the fact that someone now must come out every month to read your meters but what the heck, it’s cheep peace of mind for those who believe their personal health may be at risk and just think, if you do this you can stop wearing that aluminum foil around your head!

    • Amanda says:

      Mine wouldn’t give me that option forcing me to take a smart meter . Here in Missouri they just send you to a dr so they can put pills down your throat. I’ve heard people in Texas have taken back analog for peace of mind rather than I’ve heard that these smart meters catch fire and can be hacked so your bill is double.

  168. larry says:

    The City of San Jose is insisting they will install a water smart meter at my residence. I told 3 different people, I don’t want it. They say they will install anyway. What do I do? I’m trying to find a phone number or someone I can actually speak with, and I’m confused with oodles and oodles of info on your site. I just want to speak with a real person at your group. Is that possible?

    Thanks, Larry

  169. Luke Pickett says:

    Hi guys,

    I have emailed Josh Hart directly with this information.

    I am so passionate about avoiding EMR via cell phones that I have created a solution.

    The only problem is that I need funding to help get it off the ground. I have started a Kickstarter project to help.

    If you could help out by suggesting me ideas to improve my exposure to make this project a reality – that would be great!

    Or contact me at

    Here’s a little insight of my plan!

    Technically its the start of a movement.

    LUPI – a revolutionary concept that helps humanity, protects the environment and funds projects/systems that do the same.
    (link below)

    A protective smart phone cover that:
    * compactly stores your headset;
    * protects your health through headset use – preventing mobile phone radiation;
    * is sustainable – made from 100% recycled material;
    * minimises landfill – 100% recyclable.

    MOST importantly, all profits from LUPI will fund products that optimise your health and protect our environment.

    This literally is the start of a movement and is the first of its kind on Kickstarter.

    Creating social change not just starting a project!

    The project is not live, it will be in the next few days – exact date pending Kickstarter's review.
    (in case you missed it above)!;)

    This is a project that will significant social and environmental change.

    Yours in sustainable health,

    Luke Pickett. Bch Phty, Grad Cert Sp Phty, M Sp Phty, AIS PG Schlr

  170. Chuck Barlow says:

    Hello, my name is Chuck Barlow. I have my own business and I build cages that protect original meters from being switched to smart meters. I was hoping you could post on your website a link to my website to help prevent more of these smart meters from being put on people’s homes. My business is located in Florida but we ship the cages all across America. I could send you pictures if needed. My website is and my contact phone number is 239-823-3066. Thank you and lets continue to help stop these “smart” meters.

  171. Hi,

    How do I know if I have a smart meter installed? I live in an apartment community. I feel I have been overcharged for my electric and gas bill every month. Please inform me how I can detect. The meter is outside to the far left side of the building. What are the signifiers?

    Thank you,

      • Zvick says:

        The digital meters are definitely not accurate. Had a whole year of fun calling the so called perfessionals at the water company to fix the issue and that I don’t have a leak. I even told them look I must know more then your perfessionals bc they keep saying I got a leak and anyone with half the brain can figure out if they got a leak very easily. Specially when its over two or three times the amount it usually is. I called several times untill the last month of the year telling them once again I have no leak and it’s the meter y’all put on witch was the digital one. I never had any problems until the digital meter they put on. Finally after I had to get upset after the 8 times of calling up there or more during that year to finally getting them to come and actually listen to me and take look at the metter. I was right but they said they put the wrong size meter on it. I don’t believe them but the meter was messed up a defaulted meter. Saw had lots of them but I didn’t have saw. As I even stated that there was defaulted digital meters that SAW was having. They tried tell me they are not saw water corporation. I said that doesn’t matter if they had them very well y’all could as well. Sure enough it was the meter yet just the wrong size they tried to claim. Also have had months every now and again that are outrages then next month is normal. Yet had done nothing different and still believe they can alter the digital reading or they are simply inaccurate. Anyways it’s crazy they wanted to take jobs away from citizens that personaly went out and took reading every month to now not having to. Yet more of a problem for the house owner or rental tenant in the house. It’s like everything these days a big scam and take over by the corrupt gov. politicians. They are greedy and want to rule over us as well as the world. Yet Yahweh will have the last say so and show them who really is in charge after they have decieved his sons and doughters.

  172. Lilly says:

    I live in Colorado, can I demand my smart meter be removed?

  173. Mia Nony says:

    Why not legally neutralize the meter’s pulses & surges?
    They are the source of everything that is wrong with this entire endeavour, from health hazards to frequency graphing to invasion of privacy to data extraction to over billing
    There is a since wave tracking frequency attenuation device which does this for the meters and even cell tower frequencies. No I do not sell this.
    In the US
    In Canada
    The model I got was one made for Canada and it was a ST VL310 1S1.
    If you are looking at the SSI site, it is pretty much the ST RM40 1S1.

    • Mrskayy says:

      Hello Mia Nony,

      Could you please this explain a little more? What exactly does this device do and where?

      I live in Europe and here we are about to have smart meters using PLC (power line communication). A little “healthier” than the ones used in North America. The PLC that will be used is G3 injecting a signal of up to 480Khz into our cables. The signal will be coming from the street cabinet, not the smart meter itself.

      I’m looking for something that would remove the high frequencies from the wires in my house. If the device you mention what I’m looking for?

      Many thanks in advance!

  174. Conspiracy Theorist says:

    I’m sorry, but this article is just plain ridiculous. And you all are cuckoo for cocoa puffs.
    I hope you all are only using rotary/landline phone and not wireless & cell phones. Because there is a lot more to worry about there than anything a smart meter can do.
    And the meter isn’t even going up right next to your ear several times a day(more like never).
    I know all of you simply just don’t like the big bad utilities. But come on, pick an argument that has teeth in it at least.

    • Well since you are using an IP address from an Illinois Electric Cooperative, I really don’t think you are the most neutral of commenters. Cuckoo for cocoa puffs? Is that your most sound scientific argument for why we should let you put these stupid meters on our homes? Do tell us what you think we all should be worrying about… -J

  175. Conspiracy Theorist says:

    The only way they can monitor individual appliances is if you opt in to a voluntary program and they install devices on the appliances in question. And meters that use power lines to communicate, first of all, don’t transmit at any frequency. Secondly, they only operate for a few seconds about 4 or 5 times a day.

    Third, if you think a smart meter can tell exactly what your refrigerator uses, please tell us 1) how it knows which appliance is using what, and 2) why does a utility care what you use, as long as you use it?

    • Since you work for the utility, why don’t you tell us how much money you make from selling people’s private information without their consent?

      • Conspiracy Theorist says:

        That doesn’t happen. I don’t know how a company like PG&E uses their meters, but its simply a way to get readings without having to physically read them.
        That and for outage management. The meters don’t have any personal data in them. That’s all back at the office, which any company has anyway.

  176. Conspiracy Theorist says:

    And also, my apologies on the first post. Especially with the “cuckoo” comment. It was uncalled for. I’m sure your readers are just concerned, as are you. If you can remove it, please do so, again, my apologies.

    Just a lot of misinformation out there on these meters.
    And I would warn some advice that is being given. I wouldn’t want your readers to get in hot water, as a utility does have the right to access the meter, whether for reading, or whatever purpose.

    A lot of meters don’t even use a wifi signal. Some communicate over the power lines and thus are only able to operate so many times a day due to their limitations.

    Just food for thought. You could ask for an analog meter, and the company may oblige. But then you probably would have to read your own meter and report the readings.

    • And the misinformation is coming from the utility companies who backed the wrong horse and are now waking up to the nasty reality of their liability.

    • chip says:

      This comment remains for all of history. Evidence of shills and trolls at Comed or some other “Illinois Electric Cooperative”. I took the liberty and made archives that can not be deleted.

      Thanks if the site owner could identify which cooperative and the ip address.

  177. James says:

    I’ve had my meter installed since 2013 and I kept monitoring all my monthly usage online before and after the smart meter installation, I have witnessed a steady increase in my monthly usage I believe it’s due to my family size increase as I haven’t seen the increase spikes up right after the installation of the smart meter. I got to admit that I like the fact that I can monitor my usage daily compared to the old meter where the data is entered monthly.

  178. Dr. Lee says:

    In the state of New Mexico a greedy private power company (PNM) is going to charge you each month even if you read your own meter a fee of almost 47$/Mo!! This is purposed in the official document Submitted to our PRC in Santa Fe for approval around Feb 1 2016 in a very closed information as they did not want the people of NM to know what they were up to plus, as most assume PNM is a public utility and not the real private Utility selling Stock on the NY Stock Exchange, so most think the 15% increase if this goes through is justified. Well what they do not know is going to hurt the a Lott!!!

  179. Dr. Lee says:

    James, if you knew how to read the old meters then you could get the number as much as you wanted. Please do not blame the old meters for you not having the info to read the old meters!

  180. Charli says:

    Appreciate it for all your efforts tat you have put in this.
    Verry interesting information.

  181. LettaMego says:

    The electric utility company is saying I can pay $71 and then $28 a month not to have a stupid “smart” meter. But still, even with that extortion paid, they are going replace the analog meter with a digital meter. I guess these meters are just as fire prone as the smart meters and probably will cause surges and damage appliances besides. What can I do?

  182. Vicki says:

    I did everything from sending the utility CEO certified letter refusing smart meter and digital opt-out meter, put a locked bar across my meter, posted notices at box regarding trespassing/criminal prosecution, etc. They sent threatening letters and came yesterday with police and I refused installation. They left. Today, had friend stay here while I was at work to watch for them. Friend left to go to store and meter was on when he got back. Evidently they were watching. Can I really, as this site states, file criminal charges or sue them for doing this when I refused in writing and in person? What recourse do I have? I can order an analog meter but how can this be stopped?

  183. Julia in SC says:

    Duke Energy is shoving these meters upon us. Rumor has it, if you opt out, you will be charged a “fee” of $30-$40 monthly as well as a $100 flat-fee. Is this legal? I’d appreciate information from anyone with the legal-know!!!

  184. May says:

    Thank you, Joshua for informing us about the dangers of “smart” meters and what we can do to protect ourselves. Hope this information gets disseminated to city councils, school boards and people making decisions for hospitals.

  185. Marie says:

    Hello, I live in Washington State and have PUD 3. I have been fighting them on the smart meters for months now, I am very limited to what I can use and be around due to being highly sensitive to frequency. My symptoms are nausea, migraine, dizziness, heart palpitations, insomnia, fatigue and pain. I cannot even be around an ultrasonic pest repellent or I become deathly ill.
    Today I received a letter from PUD 3’s attorney stating that they will cut my power unless I upgrade to a smart meter. If I opt out they will still be upgrading my meter to a non wireless digital and I will be charged $50.00. I have two meters, house and shop, that’s an additional $100 on top of an already outrageous bill. They also stated that I have the option to hire an electrician to have my own meters but the meters cannot be analog. They also stated that I can go off grid.
    How is any of this fair? How can they force someone to upgrade when it is not mandated by the federal government? How can they charge a person with this disability for opting out even though the meter will still be upgraded causing further health problems? How can they threaten to not give you power if you don’t comply? They are attempting to force me to decline in health and cause much undo financial hardship! Is this even legal with the Americans with Disabilities Act in place?
    Is it time for me hire an attorney that I cannot afford? Any and all help is so much appreciated.

  186. Marie – Utilities in nearly every state, with the connivance of regulatory bodies, are violating many laws, including the Fourth Amendment and Fifth (takings clause) Amendment of the United States Constitution. So no, it isn’t fair, but they are getting away with it. One possibility for you, because of the severity of your symptoms, is to seek an “accomodation” under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Here is an article that explains how to apply for that:

    I would also encourage you to make contact with smart meter resistance groups in your state. You will find a number of them on this website by clicking on “Local Groups Directory”. They may be able to advise on best ways to proceed to get a utility to allow you an analog meter.

    The other problem, besides the radio frequency signals, is the ‘dirty electricity’ that any digital meter will put on your home wiring. There are filters that can help with that, though they may be expensive. A simple remedy is to turn off most of your circuits (except refrigerator and furnace) at night or during sleep hours.

  187. ALICE M BOUDREAU says:

    I live in a condo complex in Fishers, Indiana, and received a notification that in the next few weeks DUKE ENERGY will be installing digital smart meters. Each building in the complex of 104 units has 4-5 units, depending on the type. Mine has 4 units………..2 that are high ranch styles in the middle, with a small ranch to either side which runs half way under the high ranches.

    The meters we have are in the back of the building, attached to the back wall on the lower level where the two lower ranch units meet. The only room that I have in the back is my bedroom, which is high up, on the second floor. How do I protect myself, and do I need to protect myself?

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful day.


  188. N Smith says:

    I just received notice in Lakewood, OH that I must swap to a smart water meter (located in basement) and if I don’t allow them, they will turn off my water in 2 days. I called and they said I am not allowed to opt out.

  189. Ossining says:

    On 10/30/2017 CON EDISON of NY removed electric meter from the side of my home in Ossining NY and installed a SmartMeter even though I told the young man not to change meter. Prior to said date my average monthly electric bill was $50-$60/month. Since said date have been getting estimated electric bills with Con Edison alleging they “didn’t have access to my meter”. Hey, it’s on the outside of my home! First bill was around $255 for 62 days. After at least a dozen phone calls to Con Edison and getting no satisfaction in desperation contacted Public Service Commission(212-780-6401). Last call to Con Ed was told they can’t help me, MUST deal only with PSC. Left PSC 4 phone messages so far and no one’s returned my calls.

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  191. Eliza says:

    I started having severe migraines, dizzy spells, heart palpitations, and insomnia (extremely severe) a few weeks before Christmas and didn’t know why. By the way, sudden dizzy spells are terrifying. These are not minor symptoms. These are serious symptoms. I discovered only recently that Duke Energy had put a Smart Meter on our house the week after Thanksgiving. They refuse to give us back our old analog meter. There is no Opt Out available, for any fee. It is hopeless and exhausting arguing with them. I am so sick. My memory is shot, suddenly. My right hand tremors now sometimes. I can’t even believe how sick I am. And how horrible Duke Energy has been. In NC there is no Opt Out whatsoever, for any fee. There is no recourse. We are being completely destroyed by Duke Energy. I feel like we are not in America. We are in some kind of sick fascist world where there is no freedom, no rights for citizens. I saved my whole life to buy a house and finally own my own home, and have no right to be safe here. It’s terrifying.

    • Allen Lee Puckett says:

      OH MY GOD YOU POOR PEOPLE, my warning GET AWAY FROM IT! I’ll tell you my horrific story. In the last place I lived one block from my house we had 300 MILLION watt power lines running by. THOSE THING ALMOST KILLED ME!!! As a scientific American and a background in electronics I built a big RF sleeping bed. The first night I slept in it, the next morning, my physical strength DOUBLED and when my feet hit the floor I nearly launched myself to the ceiling!!! I had dizziness, nightmares, horrible depression, tinnitus, arrhythmia, eye light flashes, and more…………..I MOVED AWAY!!!! I pray to God the electrical industry hold more to safety and proper shielding for these products. Today I live in my own house with my own solar power and run DC at night only and sleep like a baby still in my RF free bed!! I hope you all find the same!!!!

  192. Maria says:

    Can someone please help me. I am sort of freaking out! How worrisome is it to have a total of 6 gas smart meters right under our living room and 6 right aceros in the next apartment unit?? We live in a two story apartment building. The entire living area is in the second floor, and the gas smart meters are right undernearth us. Additionally there is also a storage space labeled FACP/electrical. No idea what is inside, but extremely worried about the amount of radioation/dirty electricity that my family is exposed everyday.

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  197. judi donahue says:

    SO IF it costs $36 to have the meter read, does that mean that we get a $36 credit every month if we add the smart meter? Cause the costs we are paying without the smart meter must include fees to read the meters which upon becoming non existent should drop the power bill.

  198. Julie Thompson says:

    I would like to hear from anyone that in the Ohio area regarding their experience with keeping their analog meter. AEP is saying they will replace my analog meter with their own digital meter (whether I agree or not) in 8 days. I am on permanent disability and do not want to get sicker. Please help!

  199. For all those battling Cleveland Water – regarding their mandatory smart meter installation. Here is a group:

    Stop Cleveland Water Smart Meters

  200. Contact Ohio’s PUCO at (800) 686-7826 for help.

  201. Lena says:

    Any updates on having smart meters replaced in CA? Do the instructions still apply? We are being sprayed here daily with ChemTrails. I’d like to take out the smart meter since they are now hurrying as fast as they can to install the 5g cell towers.

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  204. Donald Tominello says:

    Can a smart meters be turned off? somebody told me if we have them shut the chip off it will stop the radeation..

  205. John Lewis says:

    A private gas company Nicor has filed a replevin action in state court because of not allowing the smart meter installation. Anyone have any suggestions on a potential legal defense?

    • Roy StJohn says:

      Nicor had their attorney send me a threatening letter about how they are going to sue me to “recover their equipment”. Really? So if someone stops using Nicor gas they come out and strip the meter from the house? SURE THEY DO. I do have the meter “locked” but they can plainly read the dials and yet they are pretending via estimated bill after estimated bill that they have no access to read the meter. They’re dishonest. I say sue me all you want you will NOT be putting that device here until you start paying the mortgage and taxes, Nicor. So if I stop being a Nicor customer then they have zero reason to be on my property. I have no business with them so they had better leave me be.


  207. charles says:

    My Name is Charles Kimbrough. And today on May 15th 2019 at around 11:00am The Dept. of water & power installed a smart water meter to my house. Against my will. Their reason is the Smart Water Meter. Is that the meter is on the cities property. The sidewalk being the property line. And the Electric Smart meter is another problem it’s on my Bedroom wall. And because I protested against the smart grid. Animal Control is harassing me. Because I have 3 cats. I’m trying to fight these things, but I’m not doing a very good Job at it. Most people think I’m nuts. There are 3 people that are True Hero’s. That is. Bill Cooper, Debra Tavares & Rebecca Carley. Bill was Murdered. I wish I was on either one of their teams. I know I could use their help. And I will help them anyway I can.

  208. Teresa Caruthers says:

    Pennsylvania PUC apparently requires smart meters. I had one installed in around 2017- I recently learned…. I have since developed chronic all day headache, insomnia, dizziness, vision problems, tinnitus, numb feet. I requested return to analogue and was told I must sign a contract for that and pay over $100 to sign it. Then I will be billed over $15 per month to pay a meter reader. The meter will not be replaced but shut off. I was told it is mandatory. I asked if this is extortion. Is there any movement in PA to ban smart meters?

  209. dave says:

    This is is for ignorant cranks who don’t understand the simpliest things about em waves. It’s all part of this f’d up populism:

    “I don’t know what’s going on but I am scared and don’t trust the establishment so instead I will beleive every conspiracy theory and crack pot I find on the internet”. Don’t trust the elites? Then get of their internet!


  211. Christine Tessereau says:

    Check out this product you can buy to block radiation from our smart meter.

  212. and here, all this time, i thought WE were the jones

  213. Thank you for giving me a lesson on life and interesting things

  214. Chris says:

    I have continually refused SoCal Gas Company’s smart meter installation for several years, stating the exact reasons you listed. SoCal Gas is now DEMANDING (by letter) that I allow them into my electric gated and fenced in residence so they can inspect my non-leaking, no smells meter, with no major change in billing (outside of normal seasonal changes).

    I can only assume they will still say my meter IS leaking, and must now be replaced. So, I purchased an expensive, Klein Tools Combustible Gas Detector, which also shows absolutely no leaks. Because I have still refused, SoCal Gas has threatened to shut off my gas even though I have never missed a bill payment in 30+ years.

    I was considering allowing them in for this fraudulent inspection, but only while I video their inspector, his meter, and his inspection process the second he steps onto my property. But first, I would show on camera, my Klein Tools meter’s zero response before they even start their meter (these meters require about one minute to self test). I would then video their meter’s response right alongside my running meter (in case theirs is pre-set for a positive leak detection).

    Should I let them in to inspect, or should I just continue to ignore them? Any other options??

  215. Janet says:

    I live in Maine and just my smart meter taken out. I was told they only had digital ones to replace it with. Is this as bad as the smart meter, and what can I do to get an analog one, if I need it.?

    • Rio says:

      In short answer, YES. Digital means that it is probably still transmitting and emitting radiation. I would send them a letter and tell them you demand it be removed and ask about an opt out program. I believe Maine has one.

  216. Gerald says:

    MLG&W swapped my meter out in 2015 for a smart meter while I was at work without asking and put a lock on it. It’s just for gas which I was only using maybe January & February here when the weather sometimes gets teens or less. They wanted $60 to come in my house and light the pilot. I’ve done that myself hundreds of times with a match in seconds and don’t need them nor want strangers in my house. Nothing changed but the meter they swapped outside. So since then I’ve had to pay $10 a month for NG gas I don’t have access to, which so far has been what $120 a year for 7 years in a couple months. So heading toward $1000 in gas I can’t access because of a meter I never wanted or asked for.
    I had planned on getting a standby generator and possible a couple other things to run off gas, but not now. Also in the past when there was electrical outages like one tim for a month, I still had heat, hot water and could cook on the gas stove. Now with my smart meter I get to pay to freeze to death. Thanks smart meter.

  217. Gerald says:

    I see some people saying they may be charged monthly fees to have their meter read.
    It just made me think of something that has occured here for all the years I’ve been here. I’ve lived in the same home over 30 years, but MLG&W will several times a year, sometimes a few months in a row, estimate your reading. They’ll always say something like the weather prohibited coming out to read it, so this month is an estimate, then that may be the case 2-3 months in a row. They always over-estimate anywhere from $100 to $200 per estimated month.
    It about seems like a way to borrow money for months at a time, then they just credit toward your bill when they finally come out and read the meter.

  218. Kimberly says:

    Good morning, I am trying to help my mom who does not speak good English remove a smart meter from her house with Con Edison here in Queens, NY. My mom wasn’t aware of the harm this meter will cause, my nephew who is 5 years old resides with my mom and I am worried about them all. My mom would like to have this meter removed from my understanding she only allowed them to change it because of the notice she received stating that if this smart meter was not installed, they would be charging her a monthly fee and an additional fee if they do not have access to the meter.

    I would really appreciate any advice, thank you. I saw an opt-out form on the Con Edison website but it states that the person signing it is agreeing to paying an opting-out monthly fee which I find ridiculous. What do you think is best? Sending a certified letter to them stating that my mom wants the meter to be removed and replaced with an analog meter.

  219. Dawn D. says:

    I opted out of the so-called smart meter (aka dumb meter) here in St. Louis and they installed it anyway. I demanded my old meter back and they maintain that they changed it and that the old ones are obsolete. It looks very new and nothing like the old one. 😠How do I even begin to fight these ignorant people?!?!?!

  220. ELAINE SAYEG says:


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