“Smart” Meter Flyer Resources: Make Your Own

A good flyer usually has text (but not too much), images, and links for further information. Here are some materials to help you build your own. Below are image files and Word documents. In addition, there are some example files at the bottom of the page. There is plenty of material on the Stop Smart Meters! website for either text or links (see FAQ or do a search). Also, see the external links section [coming].

TEXT FILES (Word): Cut and paste to taste, inserting local or relevant information:  FILE 1; FILE 2. Formatting tips: change font size to fit to your paper; use columns if needed; make margins smaller to fit more on; Use bold or italic to set off different phrases.

Here is an informative PDF about FCC guidelines and the smart meter radiation issue.

Images (click to download):





Example flyers: example flyer one; example flyer two.


2 Responses to “Smart” Meter Flyer Resources: Make Your Own

  1. Amy says:

    Here’s another example set of flyers I found from British Columbia, where 26 cities have called for moratoriums: http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.ca/html/?page_id=585 (Nice car bumper at the end as well.)

    I especially like flyer #6: There Goes the Neighborhood

  2. batzion shlomi says:

    Thanks for all you r good work! We are fighting mighty hard here in Israel too against the corrupt snart meter installments. I hope we can awaken as many people in the world as poossible and just stop this! Thanks for your flyers and great information.
    Good luck to all of us!
    Batzion, Israel

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