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  2. Michele Hertz says:

    GREAT WORK. This is very helpful.

  3. tom hall says:

    In Idaho only wired meters are being used, and the cost is $191 each.
    Yet Hydro says that it would cost $35,000 for a wired meter. Please explain.
    Why aren’t the RCMP investigating this obvious extortion scam by Hydro

  4. Mr. Widemouth says:

    Smart Meters – something to be afraid of?

  5. Ruby says:

    Does anyone know of an energy cost/benefit analysis of the net energy that will be gained or lost by smart grid infrastructure such as antennae and meters, etc. It’s hard to imagine the smart grid will save energy when one considers the amount of energy necessary to fuel the infrastructure. Any links would be appreciated, especially independent analyses.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      The meters and radio systems are not the power grid, but they suck up large amounts of energy from the power grid to transmit gibberish 24 hours a day 7 days a week to keep in sync and chat with each other, and only transmit the customers usage data in a millisecond burst once every 4 hours.
      The whole program is designed to waste energy, and sell expensive revenue radio collection systems to eliminate the meter reading department.
      The meter program saves the utilities money by hopefully eliminating the meter readers, but it costs the customers billions and also costs the consumers the energy to power the new radio revenue meters. The new meters actually don’t save customers any money at all, they add to the total bill.

      • ed holmes says:

        totally agree. when coupled with rf radiation, it is a total scam.
        RF is condemmed in multiple medical reports.
        Who wants to line under a power line, or a cell phone tower ?
        wastes power. rg & e -rochester,ny, claims no power is billed to consumer. which is corrct. BUT IT IS BILLED INDIRECTLY.
        as stated, when 1 million dumbmeters are online, at 10 or 20 watts each, it adds up to total waste.

    • Sarah says:

      If my meter was removed from page can owner install he’s own meter for home

  6. Redi Kilowatt says:

    About decryption of data.
    Back around 2000 the big rave was to buy a DirecTv carded decoder box and an emulator computer and card that simulates a phone connection. I bought a system on the black market that had those things and had to be upgraded every few weeks when Rupert Murdoch (the owner of DirecTv) would send down Electronic Counter Measures (ECM’s) and make the code keys inactive . It was a sweet deal, all the satellite feeds from around the nation, local spot beams from all the major cities local news channels, network feeds from across the country broadcast at their times not ours, all the premium movie channels, all the pay per view channels including all the 10 porn channels and special sports events that cost $250 ALL ON ALL THE TIME, FOR FREE !
    Then Rupert spent $22 million to make sure that nobody could hack DirecTv anymore, and it worked. Then he went after people that were getting his signals and sued them to back charge for “theft of signal”
    So we switched over to hacking the Dish Network. We used foreign made receivers made by Pansat, Ariva, BlackBird and a host of others. The Dish Network is owned by EchoStar communications. They have about 6 satellites that beam everything down on mainly EchoStar 7 at 119 degrees, and EchoStar 9 at 121 degrees. there are others for watching foreign broadcasts like the German news that have topless women, and Al Gezerra. We also had Bellevue TV (BEV) which is the Canadian Dish Network owned by EchoStar. I liked watching froggies reporting the news.
    The deal was the same, one bought the receiver, the dishes with multiple LNB’s , tuned in the dishes (a hassle, unless one had a real DN receiver which showed what birds (satellites) and the degrees.
    We had all the goodies, the premium channels, the local channels across the country, the PPV , porn and sporting events FO FREE! We called it FREE TO AIR (FTA).
    At first the DN used Nagravision 1 encryption. The the went to Nagravision 2 encryption that took the Italian coders a few months to hack, so we were down for a few months.
    Then EchoStar Communications hired Kudesky Security to develop Nagravision 3 encryption. So far nobody has been able to hack that encryption. The party is over for us now.
    That just goes to show that some encryption systems can be developed that cant’t be hacked as of yet.
    Keep in mind that most encryption systems were developed by the governments, either through grants given to Universities or in government labs. The governments know all the keys, but your average “hacker kiddie” doesn’t know squat.

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  8. Kevin Hawley says:

    Smart meters are definatly needed for the following three main reasons:

    1) Generate your own power and sell it to the grid. With a smart meter measuring your excess power going into the grid, you no longer need a big bank of batteries to store that power. Generate revenue and reduce cost for your own power at the power companies expense.

    2) Take unreliable people out of the power out/on reporting system.
    Currently you phone the power company to report the power is out. It’s the only way they know it’s out. Then you are supposed to phone them and tell them it’s back on, but no one does that. The line crews have to drive up and down the street looking for lights on to tell them all the power is back on. These crews work outside in all conditions and get well paid for it. They could be fixing the next problem or going home if the meters tell them all the power is back on, instantly.
    Sticking to the current antiquated system is just foolish.

    3)Most business costs are LABOUR. Want to keep your power bill lower, less employees at the power company is a good start, especially people who don’t actually have anything to do with getting the power to your house.

    The power system is still using stuff that’s based on hundred year old technology, it’s way past time to move up to the modern world.
    I bet if you keep the old meter you will very soon be getting an extra charge to pay for the meter reader to come out to your house, at least I hope so, because I sure do not want to subsidize your power costs.

    • admin says:

      @ Kevin in Canada: I don’ find your comment particular relevant for most of us in California, or Texas, or anyplace else in the U.S., or Canada: Very very few people generate their own power. Human reporting of outages is not poor. And none of us is getting a rebate for all those meter readers being fired.

      What I DO consider relevant is that : 1) an electronic device I cannot turn off affixed to my home emits a WHO Class-2B carcinogen 24 hours a day, everyday, into my environment, and all over my neighborhood, violating my right to control my home, 2) ‘smart’ meters are NOT necessary for grid update, and we have utility execs’ word on this, 3) the data collected by my meter my utility seeks to own and use at their own discretion, violating my privacy.

      In addition, it is clear to anyone listening to the thousands of complaints, most of which are registered by people who never had such problems before, that these meters make people sick, and in consistently similar ways. Only a company hell-bent on profits would choose to ignore the human-health cost of such an infrastructure “deployment.”

      • christie says:

        thank you! thank you! for your clarity in defining why smart meters are such a bad idea! I’ve been looking for a rental that is free of smart meters and neighbors’ strong wifi, for months in AZ and I don’t think one exists in this state, so will start looking in any area, in most any city/state with reasonable rents, where I can easily and inexpensively opt out, or where the owner has already opted out.

    • Jim says:

      1. “Smart” Meters by default do not “run backwards”, so it makes it harder to go green if you wanted to buy a low cost plug in grid tie inverter and buy some solar panels. You would have to call the power company and ask their permission, get an inspection and jump through a lot of hoops to get to the point where you could save a few KWH a day with a small inexpensive system.

      With the old meters, they naturally “run backwards” and let you gain “credit” during the day that you could use at night. Simply and inexpensively.

      2. Power companies have power going to the cable and internet companies network routers and amplifiers. They could easily ASK for those companies to please report power outages on their networks.

      They could monitor power WAY, WAY cheaper than the BILLIONS they are spending on these “smart” meters. They could put up small low power transmitting devices high on poles that would transmit only on a power outage. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

      People won’t get off their fat butts till something big happens, like their TV gets turned off. So I would think a lot of people calling in all at once means the power is out in that particular area.

      3. They are already getting the funds to read the meters. Are you really foolish enough to think you will be seeing any sort of lower bill when they get rid of those meter readers and make you PAY BIG for all the new CHEAP, PLASTIC meters? Lifetime of which is questionable so you might have to PAY AGAIN for another set later?

      Nothing beats the old glass cover and metal ring for withstanding the weather and sun!

      I suggest you go read all the issues these meters have at the link below, all 25 of them so far. Then you will be well informed.

  9. Fried Projector says:

    I have (HAD) a HD 3D digital H-Dila video projector that cost me $9,999.00. Last month I went to get my mail down the street and when I got back home I noticed my power had gone out but was back on. Well my Projector was not on anymore and was overheated due to the power being cut off for a smart meter install that I was never told anything about. since the projector was not shut down with cool off time aloud it fried the video processor board. Wellington Rep. by the name of (Guss) basicly told me tuff shit its not their problem and told told me to call PG&E.

  10. Brenda Line says:

    Hello! Have been reading a lot about the health concerns reguarding smart meters. A smart meter was in fact installed in my home April 2010. In August I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and heart disease (CAD). Just six months prior to August 2010 I was tested for heart disease and the test were negative. How do I know if the smart meter has in fact caused my health problems? and how do I get the meter removed from my home? I am going through chemo therapy at the present time, and will be having a by-pass in the future, it’s is a shame the consumer has to fear for their life where these smart meters are concerned.

  11. Disgruntled in Savannah says:

    Starting to put them here in Savannah – we can’t opt out. Sent email to Utility Commish. What else can I do..Here’s my letter:
    There is nothing smart about SmartMeters. In fact, I find it the height of irony to refer to such a device with so many derogatory health, privacy and economic effects as Smart. Is it Smart to have an FCC broadcasting device on the side of your home that can wirelessly broadcast your household’s personal data for any unsavory character/organization to tune into? Is it Smart to have a device that many top physicians and scientists have regarded as a huge health concern due to the harmful radiation – ( Buy or rent a a Geiger Counter and monitor a home with a SmartMeter for a few days. What readings do you get?). Is it Smart to support a device that increases our bills because we used an appliance at the “wrong time” of the day. (FYI -almost every community that has these SmartMeters has seen their bill increase). Is it Smart to usurp our Constitution and stomp on our Bill of Rights by forcing SmartMeters down our throats and providing us with no opt-out option? No, nothing is Smart about Smartmeters. Any organization who would knowingly allow it’s constituents or customers to have an FCC broadcasting device on the side of their homes which transmits citizens’ personal data via the airwaves for any unsavory individual to intercept as well as emits harmful rays and raises our electric bill in this tough economy definitely isn’t Smart. In fact, the leaders that allow SmartMeters are either extremely misinformed, unintelligent or have bad intentions.
    Leaders: The truth about these meters is reaching people and when the masses realize you knowingly allowed a device to go on their family homes that has well documented side effects, privacy violations and rate increases, you are going to be dealing with a lot of angry citizens. Please be one of the brave souls to stand up against SmartMeters. I encourage you to do your own independent research if you haven’t already! Please take a stand!

    Dismayed, Disgruntled and Disappointed in Savannah, GA

  12. betsy blakeslee says:

    How do I know if a smart meter has been installed at my house? I believe the PGE guy no longer checks the old meter, so that must mean I have one, right? Where are PGE numbers posted to get it removed? I’m having symptoms that could be related.

  13. Mitch says:

    I honestly hope none of you are in anyway Engineers or Physicists. Your clams are outstandingly wrong. I am an Electrical Engineer and I work for a company that develops test equipment for meters in general including smart meters.

    1. The signal that the smart meters are transmitting is at a much lower frequency then what is required to stimulate cells in your body and cause cancer. If it were low enough to cause cancer then everyone in the world would have cancer due to the hundreds of devices that emit low frequency radiation; including your cordless phone, wireless internet, and Cell Phone. Also the signal out of the meter is very low power, no more than an average cell phone and you probably don’t put your ear to the side of your electrical meter right?

    2. Smart Meters do not cost you more. The only reason you bill may go up is because the meter that you had was not accurate. So your bill may go up or down. Over time mechanical meters wear out and slow down so you are not being charge for the amount of electricity you are actually using. The electric companies must test your meter for accuracy after replacing it and file that information away. If there is a discrepancy between the new meter and the old one, the power company can show you that your old meter was not accurate.

    3. The smart meter does not transmit any personal data. The device only holds information about the watt hour usage of your house. Your account number is NOT used in the transmission of data only the serial number of the meter. There is nothing being transmitted that can’t be read off of your mechanical meter.

    4. The meters are not spouting off gibberish. They are transmitting data to the power company so they can better understand the power demands. The power grid is very complex and the power company actually loses a lot of power in just transmitting it to your house. So they need to know how much your house and the houses around you need so that they can route power appropriately.

    5. You are not paying for the power that the meter uses to run; the power company is. The power for the meter is taken from the Grid side of the meter NOT the HOUSE side. Your bills do not change because of this. And in any case the power required for the entire unit is under 20mw. It uses less power than your mobile phone to operate.

    6. A Geiger Counter; Really? Just because a Geiger counter has a reading doesn’t really mean much. You can walk through your house and there are at least a dozen things that emit the Gamma, Beta, and Alpha particles that the instrument is looking for including your microwave. Radiation borne illnesses are all about exposure time and intensity. And as I said before I doubt you are holding your head against the meter.

    Please understand that the power company has a very difficult time guessing what the power needs are they can only take guesses based on your average usage over time. But by doing so they are using up more power than what is needed if you are not using the same amount. So instead of them keeping an entire generation station running in case of a change in energy demands they can shut it down. Save some power and resources (Coal, Natural Gas). In the end allowing these smart meters to be installed will not only save you money but will help the environment.


    • admin says:

      @Mitch: Well, you are no biologist, epidemiologist, or medical researcher.

      The list of studies showing bioeffects from low-intensity RF is very long. RF emitters in the nanowatt range of power density are used in medical applications. Your narrow orientation has perhaps prevented you from coming in contact with the research. I’m sure if you are interested in a rational discourse, you will actually investigate the matter, rather than spouting the exclusively physics-based nonsense you were spoon-fed in college. “Non-thermal.”

      Our technicians don’t use “geiger counters,” we use broadband and spectrum analyzers calibrated to the frequencies emitted by smart meters. The spikes are very high, and the time-averaging pseudo-science used by the regulators hides it.

      The item you have left out of your list, one we care about, is the harm done to humans living in close proximity to the transmitting meters. Thousands of people have been made sick, thousands have submitted complaints to health authorities, the CPUC, the government, and to We hear from people every day.

      Human harm doesn’t seem to figure in your account.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      I agree with you on some things that you say, especially about the only thing transmitted is total watt hours used from each meter, and nothing else.
      I know that the transmitters, data collectors/repeaters and central servers use large amounts of electricity to operate, so it doesn’t matter if that power is billed to the customer directly on their monthly bill or not, it is the ratepayers who pay for everything, including building more power plants to provide the additional load that the smart meters and the radio smart grid require to automate meter reading.
      That is the only function of the smart meter/smart grid project, to automate meter reading and eliminate meter reading jobs.
      I’m sure you are aware that PG&E has approved a $300 million project to upgrade the electrical power grid, set to start in a year or two. PG&E is testing components and soliciting vendors right now.
      One of the most important things that will be done is to put sensors intermittently along the circuits that are coming out of the sub-stations (sometimes up to 2000 meters on a circuit). These sensors are very important
      for monitoring loads and detecting outages, and the information will be reported directly to the operators of the electrical power grid in real time. The billing information from the smart meters is sent on a radio smart grid to the revenue assurance department, and really is not much use to improve efficiency of the electrical power grid since it is not real time data.

    • Ralph says:


      You state that no personal data is transmitted by a smart meter. You also state that my account number is not transmitted. However, you say that the serial number of the smart meter is transmitted. Would you please explain to me that if the serial number of my smart meter is transmitted, why the utility company would not know whose house the meter is mounted on, and further, why the utility company would then not know my name, address, phone number, etc.

      It seems the things I mentioned above are indeed examples of “personal data.”

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  15. Now Watt says:

    The problem is not just for 1 (one) Smart Meter attached to a house. We live in a condo complex where there is a common electrical metering box for each row of units (very typical). So we now have 4 (FOUR!) of these Smart Meters located together right below our bedroom window!! Did anyone study what happens when you group multiple units together? Our health has been getting worse and, of course, there is now the constant ringing in the ears. Since I am a recording engineer this has been horrible. Does anyone have any info on the effect of physically grouping multiple units? Thank you in advance.

    • Hey Now Watt, Co-locating smart meters defies FCC regulations and is way more dangerous than just having one meter (the radiation is cumulative). If you are suffering health effects from the meters, submit a complaint at right away, see a doctor, and contact your local county health dept. The current ‘opt out’ plans ignore the rights of apartment dwellers as well as business owners and workers. You have a right to live safely in an apartment building or any other building. Take the steps necessary to have the meters removed and analogs replaced! See:

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        Very good point OTLB, workers should have rights to protect them against unwanted RF exposure too, and so should multi family shared wall building dwellers (apartment/condo/townhome).
        I know someone who lives in an apartment building with a bank of 15 gas SmartMeters right on the wall outside of where her bed is.
        At my urging, I told her to opt out and she did, but she was the only one so far who did.
        I went and checked it out last week, there was just one new blue set of dials in the whole bank for her unit.
        I told here to talk to her neighbors and see about getting other people to opt out too, but she said most people don’t even know what a SmartMeters is, don’t know that they are installed, and don’t really care.
        I told her that at least the electric meter room is far away at the other end of the building, and it is the electric meters that are powered by line voltage and transmitting 24/7 at a higher frequency. The gas SmartMeters are battery powered and only really need to transmit a burst (reading) once a month, but PG&E claims that they transmit readings 6 times a day for no reason at all.
        Although people who live in single family detached houses have won the battle and have the SmartMeters removed off of their dwelling, in a shared wall, ceiling and floor building, the residents really have no control. Even if they have a 30 year loan or actually own the condo/townhome outright, they will never own the building or the grounds, just the air inside of the 4 walls, and even then , there are bylaws and regulations like the color of paint inside, installation of certain devices and appliances, smoking restrictions, no line drying clothes, no solar panels, parking restrictions, guest restrictions, no barbecues or using wood to heat the unit. I guess in crowded urban areas, now especially more than ever the modern trend is to cram people into communal living situations in urban transportation corridors. Individual rights are gone, overridden by the power of the collective corporate good.

        • bobbg says:

          Partly what you say sir is correct, with one exception,
          You also can’t ignore the fact smart meters only last 5-8 years outside and cost a lot more to maintain this system. If I Fell my right health and safety are at risk and absolutely no gain from these devices that also risk my property inside and out then I’ve got the right Tell the Power company to stick it where the sun don’t shine.
          If your an electrical engineer then you know for a fact heat causes resistance, resistance causes problems and could ignite a fire. If you know much about computers, you’d also know these devices could have programing errors or bad code set to the to cheat customers without anyone’s knowledge.
          Simply Put the Energy Act of 2005 stated people that wanted smart meters could have them, I’ve never asked for on in fact I’ve sent letters telling them NOT ON MY PROPERTY.
          Also Smart meter open a door to Theft of information (your smart meter numbers on the meter ) when she/he said geiger counter she/he meant RF meter to measure RF Radiation, and for that fact People all over the world do have cancer caused by RF Energy. My mom died in 1988 from cancer in her brain, she worked in a large hotel as a desk security officer by all the 2 way radios.
          So for 70 years Doctors told us I smoke Lucky S**** I like it better over other leading brands. Now what are they saying: Smoking causes cancer.
          Tobacco companies Lied to us for most of all this time and they knew what they were making was bad for you.
          Nuclear energy gonna save the world, Now what do we do with all this Waste?
          Power companies have way too much pardon the pun Power. What I mean is Political clout. however part of the rules state they can do no harm.
          My son had his meter pulled off his home he was home, they put on a new Smart meter he was working on his computer when the lights went out, next thing he knew he was buying a new power supply. His old one got Fried, the power company was told about it but nothing’s been done about it.
          All the guy had to do was knock on his door so he could shut everything off.

          By the Way Older Electromechanical watthour meters last 25 to 30 years but have to be adjusted tested and serviced every 2 years, and rebuilt and certified after 30 years they can last 80 years. My homes only 23 years old explain to me why this meter’s no good anymore? I don’t buy it.
          In nearly 50 years of living in this city I’ve never seen a meter changed or adjusted. Also I knew a meter reader years ago he told me people pull the meters off the house flip them upside down and run them backwards to steal power. So the do Net metering just fine. The power company don’t like it because they can’t read when you’re generating power so they can forge or adjust the measurements because they have to pay you what they charge you..

          So do we Trust MARBR** KOO* WINST* 98% of the doctors recommend This brand smart meter over that brand smart meter?
          You do know how a microwave works correct? same as Radar That’s your brain on smart meters. “bacon sizzling in a pan”

  16. Now Watt says:

    => onthelevelblog: Thank you for the response, I’m on it. The page you linked states that co-located units are a clear FCC violation. I can’t find what FCC regulation that is. I called the FCC. They do not know. They read me a long blurb about the safety of Smart Meters which they said was prompted by considerable public interest in Smart Meter safety (which they attributed to predictable and generic public fear of the unknown anytime a new technology is implemented (they also made sure to gather all kinds of personal info about me before they would speak to me)). When I asked if I could get a copy of the FCC safety info he was reading to me he said no, because it wasn’t an official FCC document, it was the “script” he was provided in case anyone asked about Smart Meter safety. I explained again about co-locating multiple units, that there must be some kind of FCC policy or guideline, that companies probably couldn’t just stack together as many as possible. He kind of got the point but could not provide any other info other than to suggest I look at the FCC “Lab” website and see if I find something there (I couldn’t). Calls to the Southern California Edison ultility side yielded a suggestion to call our City Hall because “it goes through them”. I did. “The guy” was off for the day (Monday). I’ll keep trying.

  17. Now Watt says:

    Some Progress: We found the SCE (Southern California Edison) webpage for Smart Meter Opt-Out/uninstall (we were out of the country on a U.S. State Dept. program when they were installed and didn’t know about it). The webpage states there will be a $75.00 charge to put the old-type meter back in and a $10.00 monthly charge from then on to cover the manual reading of the meter (with less meters to read and our old bill already covering the cost of meter reading I would think the overall cost should be less but I suspect the charges are actually just disincentive or punishment rather than true pass-along costs). As Redi Kilowatt points out we would then have to convince our neighbors to also pay the extra amount to get the other 3 units removed. A challenge because the units are not physically located near them, just us. Still, we called the SCE Opt-Out number and Opted-Out. We were told we would be put on a “Delay List” meaning we “might” be able to Opt-Out next month but they are not sure when or even if they will allow it. So there. We have to just wait and see. We then sent a vigorous e-mail to our Congressman (Dreier) to try a parallel path. Onward.

  18. Bruce Campbell says:

    Come on Mitch ,REALLY , shut a generation station down during off peak times !!!!

    They don’t shut them down , they might slow generation down or speed up the turbines to compensate one way or the other — but shut them down !!!!!
    Power companys know from their readings in the substations , just when more or less power is needed and can compensate with LTC’s [ load tap changers ] or banks of capasitors to help adjust the power factor.
    Smart Meters are only needed to eliminate meter reader JOBS!!!!

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  20. Daniel says:

    Edison States there is only the OPT OUT program to keep the meter off. They are not going to honor my NOTICE OF NO CONSENT TO TRESPASS AND SURVEILLANCE, NOTICE OF LIABILITY letter I even Notarized and Certified Return Receipt. SCE management said via a note to my account that the phone rep. read (and a letter was to be sent but nothing yet) something like the original agreement I agreed to access to their equipment and it is theirs and they have the right to up-grade,maintain, and access their equipment. The letter I sent will not keep them from not installing.
    Are they bluffing has the No Consent worked for any body?
    How long will they keep coming back? I have asked for Corix to cancel the install but they say they will come back each month the cancel is only good for weeks. not for good. They have millions to install still in the first wave. Have they come back?

  21. Jimmy says:

    I have service with SCE & their smart meter is already in place. What is usually involved after I send the registered letter to their officials?

    Also, Would there be any usual time frame from the time the letter is sent to the time that the device is removed?


  22. Kathleen Murphy says:

    I realize this might be a stupid question but why aren’t you on facebook?

    • Hi Kathleen, Stop Smart Meters! does not have a facebook page because we oppose Facebook’s privacy policies and we do not want to spend time on their site. As a grassroots movement, there are dozens of anti-smart meter pages on facebook. You are also free to start your own! This is not a typical top-down organization but a broad based grassroots decentralized movement. If you see something lacking, do it yourself!!

  23. Pat says:

    It seems that since the CPUC cannot obey their own rules and guidelines, SCE is encouraged to do likewise. Thugs, all, to be sure! In my SCE bill today 11/20/12, the OPT-OUT fees have RISEN to $98.00 “INITIAL” FEE (TAX) for a NON-CARE GROUP and $24.00 MONTHLY “FEE” (TAX).

    FOR THE CARE GROUP the “INITIAL” FEE (TAX) has risen to $78.00 and the $19.99 FOR THE MONTHLY “FEE” (TAX).

    There are NEVER any guarantees of profit, unless you are a corrupt group of individuals without a conscience. But they WILL be judged…as they crawl under their rocks, quivering and trembling in fear. They will deserve everything they get.
    May I suggest this article “Statist Thugs and the Rocks They Crawl Out From” written by Barandon Smith. The picture alone is worth the time. Meanwhile, keep the faith!

  24. cathy anderson says:

    why isn’t anyone filing a lawsuit? this is a constitutional invasion of privacy. it is also a consumer protection issue. somebody out there has to have the money to do that. a lawsuit will tie this up for months or longer, depending on how good your lawyer is. it will also bring more attention to the matter. there is no such thing as bad publicity, so it will help. just a’s still America, you can sue anybody you want for anything you want, file a lawsuit.

  25. cathy anderson says:

    I noticed last year someone from Idaho said Idaho is not wireless, but here is the link that proves that’s gone.
    If you check M2M Magazine you will see that the utility companies are co-ops with each other to see this done globally. It is a global plan. That doesn’t mean it will work, it’s the plan. Washington state has allowed for Smart Meters. Avista has an opt out program for $200 and $50 a month you will be charged if you opt out. So it’s obvious this is about profit, not energy savings, or anything else. Follow the money. Look up what the individual utility companies are saying their plans are. The Government has given huge incentives to electric companies who cooperate. So it’s far and few the towns that will stand up against money, since money seems to be more important in this country than honor, justice, or the Constitution, and that started a long time ago. This is just the fruition of that way of thinking. Why is anyone surprised?

  26. Ralph says:

    Virginia fights back against smart meters. Bill is introduced in the Virginia legislature to protect our rights.

    Go to:

  27. charles branklyn says:

    we have been informed that the old meter will be reinstalled by PG&E on the 1st of may i will believe it when i see it. with three meter on the one family unit we occupy we have been under some flight and fight moments, increasing heart rate while trying to sleep at night and LOSS OF SLEEP, high levels of blood pressure and ringging in the ears and vibratiions in the mouth . so while we wait for the old meter to be install we have started to turn off the circuit brakers. I HOPE THIS WORKS SO I WILL HAVE THE COURAGE TO ENGAGE MY NABORS TO OPT OUT EVEN IF HAVE TO SHARE THEIR OPT OUT FEES. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. THANKS.

  28. Charles James says:

    I have just received my letter saying that a new auto smart meter is to be installed. When I rang SP AusNet to explain I didn’t want it as I paid $330 only 18mths ago for a Manual Smart Meter when I purchased a Solar System.
    I was told I don’t have any choice as it has been mandated by our Vic Gov. I informed them I do have a choice. I have a new meter. I do not like what I hear about the Auto Smart meter. It has no benefit at all to myself and I am charged for it through my Billing. I told them to record my Strongest Objection. They do not have my permission to come onto my property to change my already new meter and that my meter box will be locked. Are we in Vic or Vietkong.
    Is there any group legal action on the go that I may join. If so please let me know.
    Mob 0403-015-229

  29. Jay says:

    Today is sat aug 24 2013
    My smart meter now shows an additional set of new mumbers and letter code on my meter readings. this morning.It wasnt on there yesterday at 5pm and has never been there prior.
    Ill illustrate each ssequence digital display in the usual order i see on my smartmeter:
    1- 0018364 kwh
    2-PLD 151
    3-082 000.56… new addition this morning. the reading changes
    4-5yn c nEt … this one added too
    repeat 1–4 etc
    Does anyone know what this is? Ill have towait until mon to call edison elect

    • Paul H says:

      Remeber that another meter may be “piggybacking” yours. Mine did this and was extremely active due to it.

    • SamIam says:

      1.-The power usage read.
      2.-The Smart Meters programing (Think Windows 1.0)
      3.-The power being used now. (Go turn your lights out, see it go down)
      3.-The Smart Meter is in ‘sync’ with the system.

  30. Larry Fine says:

    Does anyone realize that some of the operating/transmitter frequencies of the smart meters fall within the range of microwave ovens? That is a bandwidth of frequency that generates heat in food, tissue, and other matter through oscillation. Namely, those frequencies in the range of 2400 Mhz (2.4 Ghz) are high energy RF and ‘resonate’ to the molecular size of water and fat molecules. Yes, that includes food and literally you and me! There’s an FCC ID label on every consumer microwave oven sold in the U.S. To be fair, the wattage amounts coming out of the smart meters (according to what I’ve read) are low, maybe a quarter of a watt. However, there’s a whole school of science behind the negative effects that constant exposure to high frequency RF can have on humans. Think about if you live in a housing development with hundreds of homes. Cumulatively, that’s a lot of radiation coming from all those smart meters, 24 hours a day. And don’t ever fall for the quick comeback from industry trying to sell you on “it’s like getting a chest X-ray once a year” or “getting a sunburn” and other lame corporate responses just to stave off negative public opinion about their products. Believe me, their PR and marketing departments are working overtime to dumb down and mask all that they don’t want you to know.

  31. Charlieb000 says:

    what about smart water meters? should they be removed? one site says they live on batteries which would limit their emissions (and expected to last 15 years).


  32. Rick says:

    Hi All,
    I was about to celebrate the fact that I compelled my utility company to replace my smart meter with an analog one until I came across a site exposing “meters that look analog but that are indeed stealth smart meters.” I had originally an old analog meter. When I upgraded my electrical panel from 100amps to 200amps, the utility who came to give final blessings replaced my analog with a smart meter without letting me know, without my consent and without an opt out option. After I went through the first level of gate keepers, I finally ended up talking high enough to get this resolved. In my conversation was told that with analogs being phased out, that it would be difficult to find one and that an electronic non-transmitting meter will be used in that case. I told them “no” and that I was not going to be comfortable with it and not to worry, that I would procure my own, on my dime and provide it so they can install it. Got a call to tell not to worry because they put one together and that it would be installed today. I made it home to make sure I saw the unit they bought. I looked at it from every angle and could not find any indication that it was a transmitting unit. It looked completely mechanical. They installed it and has labels that say “non RF meter” and “do not replace with RF meter”. So far so good. But then I came across today with this site and links with info on this Stealth Smart Meters that look Analog but they are indeed transmitting and emitting. I would like to know if any one out there, if I send a few photos of mine, would be able to identify if it is one of these. Again, I looked again from every angle and I cannot find anything (circuits, etc.) indicating that, but I would love to make sure before thinking I won over and I was duped. Any takers my email is – thanks. And here are the links to the sites and PDF docs:

  33. 1916home says:

    I just received a letter from Southern California Gas Company ( advising me they will be replacing all gas meters in Southern California with “advanced meters” (aka smart meters) within the next couple of weeks and it doesnt matter if I am home or not, they will do it on their own. The letter also included a flyer showcasing the benefits of smart meters, but nothing about potential hazards. This is total propaganda!

    I can call an 800# to be placed on a deferral list (which is what I am doing for now). It states that once the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has ruled on their opt-out program and subsequent rates for people who opt-out I then have the choice of paying all applicable fees or allow the installation of a smart meter.

    Please contact me if you would like more info. I can also scan the letter and flyer if interested!

  34. Barbara Carpenter says:

    We have been able to delay KCPL for about 3 months while I looked for someone in the Kansas City area who could help us. Our prepaid legal lawyer denied there was a problem and had no interest in helping us. Other people I contacted were uninformed about smart meters as well. My husband finally found a local group listed on your site-Greater Kansas City Stop Smart Meters, so I emailed Sharon. It has been several days and we have received no response. Do you have a phone number for Sharon?

    Just last week an installer came to the door and said he was here to install a new meter. I told him we didn’t want it. His response was that he could come back later but in the long run we had no choice, and if we resisted, KCPL would return with a policeman. I called the police department after he left and was told by the lady I talked with that she didn’t know anything about smart meters but no policeman would come out. A day or two later a very friendly lady from KCPL called to talk telling me that our fears were unfounded because smart meters do not give of as much EMF as a cordless or cell phone. She also told me that the meter we have had for 20 years is also a smart meter. It looks like an analog, but I can look on line to find our amount of daily usage. We have no meter readers. Even if it is a smart meter, would it give off as much EMF as a newer model? She informed me that we had no choice and said someone would be calling to set up an appointment to install since we keep our gates locked. I don’t believe she was giving me the correct information as she is only telling me what the company has told her to say.

    Thank you for any information you can give,


    • Sarah says:


      Did you ever get anywhere with this? We are facing the same issue.

      • Kyle Adam says:

        I am facing the same issue here in Kansas City, I am going to fight this tooth and nail.

        We should band together , strength in numbers.

        • RJ says:

          Just got off the phone with KCPL lady. Same identical conversation mentioned above.
          I was told there is no opt-out. Last night found there is state bill legislation however
          does no good for today. She agreed to send specs on the meter they are wanting to
          install. I requested 30 day review of docs. They know the legislation bill is in limbo
          right now, I figure that could be why the urgent roll out at this time. I like Kyle Adam
          idea to band together. More strength in numbers.

          • Jeanne Hall says:

            We are facing this in Wichita. I feel like I am the only person concerned. I have kept them off for several months but they are threatening to shut off my electricity if I don’t put it on. Is this bill you mentioned in Kansas or are you in Missouri?

  35. James Hamilton says:

    This is a winner!! Electrical consultant calls CITY OF KELOWNA on smart meter safeties.

  36. flynntr says:

    We switched on to a new electric meter 6 months ago. We were having stable electricity bills since the last six years. I wonder what can be the cause. We don’t have any extra usage. The bill has risen more than 60%. I thinking about calling an electrician ( for getting this checked. Has anyone had the same issue? Should I call an electrician? Is there any way to test it myself? Will it be the problem of the new meter or the old one was not working properly? What is your opinion? Please help……..

  37. France-Marie Louvet says:

    I am trying to find out about NO WIFI digital meters. I am going solar and I am told I will need a digital meter to register the electricity excess production. I still have my analogue meter and specified I did not want a smart meter. I understand this digital meter is going to generate dirty electricity. I will set 14 Stetzer filters around my house to decrease dirty electricity that is generated by the digital meter but also from other appliances.
    I am wondering if there is other nefarious impact than just dirty electricity, considering that there will be no 2 ways emission.
    Thank you very much for clarification

  38. John says:

    I have just noted an issue with my NAS backup using TimeMachine. Has anyone noticed data corruption of any of their drives or incremental backups just after installation of the Advanced Meter?

    This occured just after the installation of the meter and the NAS is within 10 feet of where the smart meter is. I did ask about returning to a manual meter and the guy who did the install said they would but it they would also charge me a monthly fee. Don’t want the monthly fee but if they haven’t tested this and there are problems then I don’t think we should have to pay that fee.

  39. Jack wattd says:

    I am a poor disabled. Man who doesn’t want a smart meter am l going to be forced to do without power because if my light bill goes.up I will be forced to America doesn’t care about its citizens anymore only about making the rich richer

  40. Mr. Davis says:

    I live in California. Someone was telling me we may be forced to have a Smartmeter on our house. Can anyone explain what happens in 3 years to the SDG&E Opt-Out program? Does the Opt-out program terminate after 3 years? Will we be forced to have a SmartMeter after the 3 years is up?
    Here are the rules on SDG&E’s website:
    “If you choose the analog meter option, the charges set by the CPUC will be added to your energy bill:
    A $75 initial fee, as well as a $10 monthly charge for a three-year period.
    Income-qualified customers pay a $10 initial fee, as well as a $5 monthly charge.
    The monthly charge will be billed for a period of three years from the opt-out enrollment date.”

  41. alex says:

    how to opt out in highlands ranch colorado??

  42. William says:

    My ground wire coming from my ground rod,was not grounded properly the rod was four and a half feet above ground level had it properly grounded no more red blinking light that indicates high electrical uses.The next night turned everything on in my house and it blinks amber and now my electrical bill is almost half of what it used to be .

  43. Jill says:

    Our furnace has been shutting off at night night but working again in the morning. We’ve had the furnace checked and thermostat checked. Could it be the smart meter causing this?

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