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Q: My “smart” meter is making me sick. What can I do?

First, if you are in immediate distress, act to help yourself in the short term by trying different things to change your exposure to the meter. Sleep in a different room if it is further from the meter; leave your home or stay with a friend for a while (if they don’t have a “smart” meter); or change where you habitually spend time in the house.  Remove other sources of EMF from your living environment (microwave ovens, cordless and cell phones, compact fluorescent lightbulbs, baby monitors, wifi routers, etc.)  You could also try turning off your electricity at the breaker (put ice packs in your fridge to keep it cold).  Monitor your health to see if these changes help you feel better.

Try camping or backpacking in an area away from electricity, cell towers, and smart meters. Many people discover that they feel normal again when they remove themselves from EMF’s for a couple of days.  Take off your shoes and socks and walk around in dirt or on the grass barefoot- this helps to “ground” you.

Make your problem known: file a complaint with your public utilities commission, your utility, contact local, state or federal government officials, and call local media. Share your health complaint on EMFSafetyNetwork.org (“Smart Meter Health Complaints”). CPUC complaints here.  Complaints should also be sent to the California Department of Public Health, Response@cdph.ca.gov, CDPH P.O. Box 997377, Sacramento, CA 95899-7377.

Seek medical help with your symptoms while you work to get your problem resolved. You may go to an informed environmental physician or other health provider (preferably one who understands electrical sensitivities) or your informed family doctor, to discuss the matter. It may help to download a study describing the health effects of RF radiation and print this page.  Your physician may document the condition, make a diagnosis, and if he/she feels it is related, may write you a letter that can be presented to your state’s public utilities commission and local utility, to request opting out of the “smart” meter program, removing it, or making any other appropriate arrangements. Document whatever you do.

See the question about getting a meter off your house. See also section on shielding.

Q: Why is my “smart” meter affecting my health?

As we discussed above in questions about the power of the pulses and how often they happen, it might be possible that it is the very bizarre and erratic nature of the emissions that are making people ill. We are not medical experts or scientists, and so don’t make claims about the reasons for your distress.

But the complaints and stories received by this website and elsewhere make it clear that, for whatever reason, these meters make some people sick, and often in similar ways.

Q: What is electro-sensitivity? What can I do to help myself if I am electro-sensitive?

Some people have or develop symptoms of physical distress in the presence of electro-magnetic or radio-frequency fields (or both). There are many symptoms associated with this type of sensitivity, and the main key in determining whether EMF fields are the cause of the problem is seeing what happens when you lessen or avoid exposure.

This very informative page on EMFSafetyNetwork.org may answer your questions. There are many links to other sites as well as suggestion for healing on that website.

Here is another informational page,  What is Electro-sensitivity? on a site call Wireless Precaution.

Q: Who can I complain to about the health effects I’ve experienced from “smart” meters?

We encourage anyone adversely affected to complain directly to their public utilities commission, their utility, and local government representatives. Local media can be enlisted. California Public Utilities Commission complaints here. Follow up in writing and on the phone to be sure that the CPUC is taking action on your complaint. Complaints should also be sent to the California Department of Public Health, Response@cdph.ca.gov, –or CDPH P.O. Box 997377, Sacramento, CA 95899-7377.

Visit ElectricalPollution.com’s excellent article “Transmitting Smart Meters Pose a Serious Threat to Public Health”, with information on actions to take and how to report these problems to authorities in the USA.

Q: Is electro-sensitivity covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act?

We have tried to obtain information about this, without much luck. The best we’ve heard is that such a designation is on a case-by-case basis.

In New Mexico, electro-sensitive and activist Arthur Firstenberg came up against the wireless powers that be, and found that ADA is trumped by the power of the wireless industry to install antennas where they wish.  On July 5, 2011, a federal district court judge in New Mexico ruled that the Telecommunications Act preempts the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), even if such an interpretation would “condemn a class of citizens to death because of their disability.” (Firstenberg v. City of Santa Fe, Case # 1:11-cv-00008-JAP-WDS)

Please connect with other sensitive people via EMFSafetynetwork.org—because only by working together and supporting each other can we change this discrimination and harm.


29 Responses to FAQ: Health Issues

  1. lsk says:

    In the Firstenberg case, the case was thrown back to the lower court, and so this ruling doesn’t stand.

  2. jjh says:

    Any ruling that the Telecommunications Act preempts the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) would be in error if only because the ADA is grounded in the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. And, as Justice Sandra Day O’Conner, concurring, asserted in Elk Grove Unified Sch. District v. Newdow, “[t]here are no de minimis violations of the Constitution—no constitutional harms so slight that the court is obliged to ignore them.” 542 U.S. 1, 36-37 (2004).

  3. Daniel Purisch says:

    Hi. My name is Daniel. I am from Baltimore Maryland. At the end of September 2013, BGE came to my building and installed 11 Smart Meters in the basement. I opt out and the only meter they did not replace was mine otherwise would have been 12 smart meters. Since i live on top of the basement aprox 3 feet away from this bank of 11 Smart Meters i been having nausea, dizziness, headaches and sleep problems. I decided to stay at my sisters house and the symptoms dissapeared. I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

    • Elizabeth Stiglet says:

      We need to keep this information moving. I also had bad headaches. That is how I found this meter on my home. There are attorneys on the web that are willing to read your story and
      might can help you. Us. Americans need to stand against these big telecumication companys. I am very upset over the ruthlessness of these electric company’s. God will not sleep!!!

  4. Richard Beckman says:

    I live in Illinois, am retired with disabilities. I have a heart condition, SVT Sinus Ventricular Tachycardia that I have problems for years. I had finally gotten control of my condition since my last ER visit in August of 2012. My old meter was not working properly having irregular readings. ComEd was charging me huge fees each month without reading my meter. The ComEd tech came out and found problems with the old meter. He then reported to ComEd that he did not find any problems with the meter. A few days later, a Smart Meter was installed. In just two days of installation, I began to have flu like symptoms. I have also had (7) SVT runs of which occurs prior to a major attack. I have many other symptoms to numerous to list. I have a physician that is currently writing a letter to the Illinois Commerce Commission and to ComEd to replace the Smart Meter. If I am not successful, I will order a dial meter and place a cage over it so it cannot be replaced.

    • Max G Galic says:

      Sorry to see you suffer. I’m from Des Plaines Illinois and we still have analog meters but that will change soon. I’m trying to inform and warn my neighbors and the people which are on the board of our HOA but since they haven’t heard a word Smart Meter they are looking at me like I’m a nut case. If we could get in touch to help each other by you sharing your story with people that don’t believe me that all this is happening and us giving you support. I see that as the only way out of this mess. People just don’t see how serious is this because is not broadcast on tv like Ebola.
      Thank you

      • Nancy says:

        Max, I too, live in Des Plaines and the electric co. gave to install smart meters. I had a refusal posted on the box and they respected that, at least for a few years, but my neighbors each got a smart meter (they didn’t want) so we went to http://www.smartmeterguard.com and purchased a guard for their meters. Too bad people are not informed of the real hazards.

        • Jill Dolan says:

          Hi! I see this article is 3 yrs old. I’m in Park Ridge, and although I opted out… My neighbors meters are making me ill.
          Have they been installed in Des Plaines yet? I heard they are going to install smart water meters there too!
          How sick do they want us?? Is this their way of population control?

          • Thomasina Paine says:

            Since another war would NOT be popular, your theory could well be correct re: population control. Add this to the chemtrails, which I personally observed, planes dumping billions of minute sparkling aluminum-looking reflective “dust” particles into the air, when a neighbor and I were sitting on her deck one summer afternoon wondering why the planes were crisscrossing the sky vertically, horizontally, randomly trailing clouds of something that lingered in the air for literally hours. Government denied….until overwhelming evidence that this was happening elicited a recent admission that they WERE using aluminum oxide, I think it was, to ‘geo-engineer’ the environment, supposedly to combat the climate change they were denying was real. Uh huh. We believe that is what they are doing…

          • Kate W says:

            I know it’s been awhile since you posted about smart meter, Jill. I am trying to connect with people who won their cases to reinstall analog meters in my area, Mount Prospect, IL. I will be willing to pay for the next door neighbors given theirs are next to my beddroom and living room, but now Nicor wants to install smart meters too!!! Any suggestions?
            Also, I had a reading of the EMF (3 types) done in my house and it looked good until the 5G antennas went up in the neighborhood. I am constantly sick, my white blood cells are down to 2.5 in just 1/2 year and I don’t know what to do other than to paint my house with the nano technology or hand the shield tapestry from every corner in the house. Why is there no public outcry about this???

            • Cindy says:

              Hello Kate,
              I’m also in Mt Prospect and I have been battling with Com Ed, Nicor and village to opt out of smart meters. My neighbors meters have made me very ill. I hope we can connect somehow. There is strength in numbers. It is now 2023 and I’m still fighting over the meters. Nicor has started a lawsuit against me for refusal.

        • DianeW says:

          Mine is on my bedroom wall. Will it protect me inside?

          I can opt out for $75 fee + $10 a month for life & have been resisting since I’ve been unemployed. But I just figured out. My health declined when my sister moved out of that bedroom & I took it. Yikes!

          • Ruth Marie Slivken says:

            I live in a condo building and am also being threatened with a $15 per month fee for life if I opt out of the meters. I have contacted my states Dept. of Commerce about the coercion to make people opt in for these things. I encourage you to do the same!

  5. Kevin Mottus says:

    Everyone in the Anti-Wireless community and movement. You have your first of hopefully many Anti-Wireless Candidates Running for office.

    As you all know we cannot depend on our public officials to listen, understand or act to protect our population from increasing levels of RF radiation exposure from all sources of wireless (smart meters, cell phones, cell towers, Wif\Fi routers, Ipads, etc..) so we need to become those public officials.

    I am running for the House of Representatives in the influential Westside of Los Angeles 33rd Congressional District and I need your help. If you can help me by making phone calls to constituents or by donating to fund robocalls to thousands of citizens warning them of the dangers of RF radiation like the one I sent out yesterday, please email me.

    I cannot do this alone. I promise if elected to office, I will be the Anti-Wireless Warrior we have all been waiting and praying for. Enough have suffered and died unnecessarily.

    Please send this email to everyone you know and have ever known connected to the cause. You can see my website at: kevinmottus2014.com. You will see that I am very clear about the dangers of all forms of wireless and what needs to be done.

    Please help. It is time we made the changes that we have been begging, cajoling and wishing others would make for us. Email me if you can make calls.

    Kevin Mottus
    Anti-Wireless Candidate 33rd Congressional District

  6. patricia schy says:

    I do not wish to have a smart meter on my home in Warren, Mi now or ever

  7. William says:

    I’m in Glendale, Arizona. My power company just switched out my meter about a week ago. A recording called ahead of time and let me know that they would have to shut the power off at some point during the week and it would be a quick job. The VERY next day I started to hear about the health concerns associated with the smart meter.

  8. JAN HENRIKSEN says:


  9. Mark Metzger says:

    CPS Smart Meter Program. San Antonio TX . I received a letter today form CPS stating they would be in the area installing smart meters. No mention of any opt out clause in that letter. (very dishonest) I called them and was told I would have to pay $240 a year to opt out because someone would have to come out and read my meter. I advised them that in the 25 years we have lived here they have never once came out here and read my meter. I am gated and I’m high fenced. He advised they can read my meter from 1000 ft away with a truck driving down the street. But their whole argument for smart meters is so they will no longer be taxed with the “unsafe” act of walking up and reading my meter?? Reading from their on line information they claim they will have to install a new digital meter in order to do what they just admitted they are already doing. They have lied to us on many prior occasions regarding the very numerous power outages we experience out here in 78260. I had told them in the past that I felt like I live in a 3rd world country with 30+ outages some years. They have burned up more than one of my appliances in the past costing us thousands of dollars. They are a monopoly so we have no other option. They are trained brazen liars. Personally confirmed by a prior employee. I was told by my doctor yesterday that I needed to schedule for a pacemaker. I do not want a WIFi meter interfering with my pacemaker. Why should I have to pay $240 extra a year to protect my health?

  10. Devonae Booth says:

    I have noticed changes in our health as well.

    Also, how the smart meter effects our whole electronic currents. In order for the internet to be interrupted the whole house circuit has to be shut down. This has been reported to Reliant on several occasions.

  11. Catherine says:

    Simple experiment…take an o2 meter put it on watch ur pulse sitting down wait til few mins to make sure its steady and have someone else flick on and off devices and watch what happens. Everytime u turn on or off something it enhances those meters. Furthermore if you run a mystery temp keep log of half hr increments when ur fever spikes and when it lowers. Most people who have infections tend to run fevers at night…mine seem to be in the afternoons…weird right? During peak hours….just sayin.

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  13. Abbie says:

    Question: I have heard that one smart meter can negatively affect someone’s health up to a football field’s distance away. That is FAR. Is this true?

  14. Norma Susan Smith says:

    I live in a hi-rise and every floor has a central room with smart meters for that floor. It’s right outside my door. No where to run. When I moved here I was fairly happy, now it’s all I can do to get moving. I retired and thank God for that because otherwise, I don’t know how I would hold down a job.

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  17. Rebecca Hull says:

    Please contact me for a question which is not on the FAQ or my local group. Thank you!
    Phone: 603-525-3061

  18. Kale says:

    3 weeks ago, we got a smart meter installed for our power through Exel energy in South Dakota. The first week was fine, no issues. Then I started waking up with bad headaches. After 3-4 days, and multiple possibilities of the cause, I still had no idea what was causing them. Then I started getting subtle flu-like symptoms. Recurring headaches, loss of appetite, recurring fevers, excess mucus in my lungs, sinuses etc. 12 days ago, I got a bad sinus infection. It is still not going away after a full round of antibiotics and multiple home remedies… I’ve tried flu-bombs, Sudafed, Benadryl and various fever reducers. This just isn’t going away. I left for the weekend and my symptoms got better. Got home to find my wife and 1 year old son are experiencing major flu-like symptoms. He has an ear infection, sinus congestion and a cough. He’s miserable and nothing we are giving him is helping. After getting home, my symptoms came back, sinus infection that was basically gone is now back in full swing and now I have a nasty ear infection and a bad chest cold. Tons of sickly green mucus is coming out of everywhere. I left for 3 days and was basically better. I didn’t even consider my smart meter as a source of the problem until my wife said her mom told her about it. I’m not much of ‘conspiracy theorist’ but this has me intrigued. I’m reading hundreds of stories just like mine. I’m not sure what I can do about the smart meter, but we might just be going on a vacation somewhere for a few days…

    • Josh Hart says:

      We can think of a few things to do with your “smart” meter! Make sure to hold the line, set a deadline for removal and enforce it, demanding an analog with no electronic components. Smart meter health damage is not a conspiracy theory but a true fact, microwave radiation is toxic, don’t take our word for it, read the science: saferemr.com

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