Stop Smart Meters! Interviews Milton Williams of L.O.S.E.

A couple of months ago, we had a visit to our refuge from Milton Williams, a former employee of Aclara Energy who installed smart meters for Dominion Energy in Virginia and then became a whistleblower about the unsafe installation practices mandated by his former employer and harmful health impacts of smart grid technology in general. He now runs an organization called L.O.S.E. (Life Over Smart Energy) which raises awareness and empowers people to take back their health, safety and privacy from the smart grid industry. He takes a direct, unapologetic approach to preventing harm from smart meters and offers anyone in Virginia (and perhaps beyond) his services in replacing your unwanted smart meter with a safer analog meter. This is the way it’s done, and we really enjoyed meeting Milton. He is a great human being with a warm heart and a defiant spirit and we need more brave people of conscience like him standing up for all of us.

Milton lives in the Petersburg, VA area and you can call him directly at (804) 295-6194 or e-mail him at Lifeoversmartenergy[at]gmail[dot]com. He described his mission at L.O.S.E. as follows:

“L.O.S.E. was created to shed light on the fact that smart meters can have negative lasting impacts for generations to come. It’s problematic that we were oblivious to this as we put our trust in companies that give us light, but hide their intentions in darkness. Our children should not grow up with health problems, the sick should not get worse or find themselves out of remission, the elderly should not find themselves suffering at an old age, and we the people should not be left in the dark about things that affect our lives. I share this information as a resident, as a father, a husband, an uncle and as a grandfather and just like you all I want to live a healthy and safe life.”

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EMF Refuge for Northern California: Support Needed

One of the projects we have been working on is establishing a wireless and toxic chemical free-zone and retreat where people can come to recover from EMF injuries, (re)connect with nature, and help build the movement. From our years of speaking to thousands of people on our hotline and via e-mails, we know that this is desperately needed.

We are stewarding 15 acres in Plumas County (the Lost Sierra) that we oversee with the help of people who support our vision to preserve this land and share it with people who need it.

The land is incredibly beautiful and includes wetland meadow with a unique wildflower display May-August, old forest, and scrubland, and several camping spots. It is wild here and home to a diversity of plants and animals. We respect the lives of all human and non-humans in the area and totally reject all supremacy, hate or discrimination. The smart grid is a symptom of a larger rot and we must build a world not dependent on this rotting system if we are to survive.

The land includes several outbuildings that we would like to convert to usable spaces. We need volunteers to help on the land—especially those who have experience with construction, and we also need donations to convert outbuildings, buy “bear boxes” (for food storage), provide water to where it is needed, plus fire clearing and other necessities. (You can donate here.)

For now, rough camping is available with limited amenities. The land is close to the Pacific Crest Trail, Lakes Basin and Lake Davis and large forests and other open space. It is usually warm thru the end of September though nights can be very cold and it can snow as early as September or October. Temperatures in winter can get down to -10F so unless you are extremely hardy, camping is a seasonal thing. At this point, people need to be self-sufficient while we work to create infrastructure that can support people who aren’t able to “rough it.” Those traveling under human power are always welcome. Wildfire smoke can be an issue especially in late summer and fall.

We welcome you here if you have a good heart, the need for a safe place to go to recover from toxic civilization, or an interest in helping us develop a utopian center for nature re-connection, forest bathing and activism. We are one hour’s drive from Reno or Truckee, both of which are on the Amtrak California Zephyr line.

For more information or to request an interview in advance of a volunteer or refuge visit, please leave a message on our hotline at 888 965 6435. Thank you!  -SSM!

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Updated SSM! Contact Guidelines

If you need to contact us for assistance in preventing a smart meter installation or getting a smart meter removed from your home, please FIRST read the Frequently Asked Questions. The vast majority of questions can be answered by reading over the FAQ carefully. If you have questions specific to your local area please check our Group Directory and contact your local group.

If you STILL have questions after reading the FAQ thoroughly, you can contact our toll-free hotline at 888-965-6435. Please confirm that you have reviewed our FAQ if you would like a call back.

If you are in an urgent situation, are seeking assistance in organizing your local community against smart meters, have questions about items in our online store or you would like to place a store order, please feel free to call us.

In addition to insisting on analog gas, water and electric utility meters, we also highly recommend hard-wiring your internet connection, using a corded landline, and switching off or getting rid of all wireless devices, and living away from cell towers and/or shielding your home. An RF meter from our online store can help identify unwanted RF radiation from appliances, devices, or nearby cell sites that are polluting your home environment. All EMF meter purchases come with a free consultation to help you remediate unwanted microwave radiation in your home.

If you are suicidal, contact the national suicide hotline at 800-273-8255. Don’t give up. There are thankfully some places left that are very low in EMF pollution and away from smart meters and cell towers. There is hope, and it IS possible to recover from an acute exposure or RF injury.

If you need help refusing or removing a smart meter, these resources will be helpful to you:

1. Frequently Asked Questions: this is a large collection of information – please *read through this first* before contacting us!

2. List of utility smart meter “opt outs”: this is a guide to North American utility (so-called) “opt out” policies. Remember- you have a LEGAL RIGHT to refuse a smart meter on your property if the utility easement for your property does not include the right of utilities to install a telecommunications device. Whether or not your local utility has an “opt out” policy, you still have a right to refuse a hazardous smart meter, and they must obtain your consent.

3. Hart vs. PSREC legal case: this includes coverage and documentation of our court case several years ago where we forced the utility to drop their illegal extortionate opt out fees and switch back on our power. This shows what can be done is you stand your ground and refuse to give in to utility bullying.

4. If you are looking for other resources please use the search box in the upper right hand corner of our website or browse the links along the upper and right hand side of our website.

We wish you all a healthy and happy summer of awareness and resistance.

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Plumas County MCS/ EHS Woman Needs Our Urgent Support for Clean Water

Supply Laura R. with Clean Water!

My name is Josh Hart and I am Director of – raising awareness about the hazards of utility smart meters since 2010. I am also Spokesperson for a local group based in Plumas County, CA. We support those who suffer radiation poisoning from wireless proliferation, and work toward policy change for safer wired telecommunications in Plumas County and beyond.
Laura R. lives outside Quincy, CA and recently contacted us for assistance. She is extremely chemically and electrically sensitive. Her well water is polluted by bacteria and is unfit to drink, bathe, or wash laundry with. She is sensitive to sulphur, and her water now reeks of sulphur and has a “waxy” texture.
She lives alone and does not have the money or family resources to fix this problem. Laura cannot live in public housing because this is generally not chemical or EMF safe, so has been living with the problem for over a year.
To make matters worse, Laura is being charged $15 every month (that she cannot afford) to keep a safer analog electric meter on her home, since electricity company PSREC continues to charge even severely emf-disabled people to avoid microwave-emitting meters that make them sick. Please e-mail General Manager Bob Marshall at and ask that all fees be dropped for Laura and others who are sickened by RF microwave pulses from so-called “smart” meters.
Please donate what you are able to, and spread the word about our #CleanWaterforLaura campaign on social media so we can make Laura’s life livable again.  She is really at the end of her rope and needs the community’s help.
We posted this GoFundMe appeal after it became clear that no government institution or non-profit agency was able or willing to help Laura (despite billions in COVID funds that should be available to provide clean water!) and that she was on her own.

Here is the link to our fundraiser- please donate any amount and spread the word!

Many people like Laura with severe sensitivities have been injured by overexposure to chemicals or electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This can happen to any of us, at any time, as government regulations do not protect us.
Laure’s Immediate Needs:
Laura needs a place she can shower between Quincy and Portola, and approximately $4000 for a water filter (UV, filters, etc) to make her water supply usable again in the short term.
Laura’s Long-Term Needs:
Laura’s well likely needs to be re-drilled. She may need new pipes and other infrastructure installed. Extensive repairs to replace moldy walls are also needed. Estimated cost: $80,000  Any additional funds raised will go to support Laura R.’s basic needs.
Laura’s statement:
“There is sediment in the toilet tank and there were silver and black strings in there this summer. It grew a clear slime umbrella thing too. There is a black coating in my toilet. 
The fumes from the water blurs my vision, makes me nauseous and gives me brain fog, a sore throat, and my lungs hurt. My lungs are hypersensitive to so many things now. I have swollen lymph nodes, blisters in my nose and such extreme exhaustion I do not tend to daily living needs. It has negatively affected my digestive system, given me more food intolerances and made my teeth hurt and I am forgetting words and how to spell. It is directly and indirectly affecting my neurological health. 
The hot water is much worse than the cold water so I can only use cold water. I can’t wash my hands thoroughly in ice cold water. I can’t take a shower. My skin is re-absorbing the toxins I sweat out. 
When I do laundry the water smells like I put a few rotten eggs and a dead mouse in it so I have not washed my bedding in months. 
I’m using bottled water for drinking, cooking and brushing my teeth. Two of my plants died from the water last summer. I’m worn out from it all, with the water fumes, and a number of ongoing health issues that have gotten worse plus new and scary ones. 
I also have a drilling sound or something going on here that’s vibrating my inner ear…even at night. I want to scream…sometimes I do. Sometimes I cry. I don’t even have the wherewithal to brush my teeth every day. If my life gets any more complicated I will become completely immobilized. 
I need clean water right away. I need a shower…The bad water is the last straw of a multitude of difficult to live with things here… and never ending dust I can’t clean now. 

Please donate any amount and spread the word!

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Fremont, CA Father Protests 5G Cell Site in Front of His Home

Update June 10th, 2022: Verizon has threatened to launch a civil suit against Karanveer, the father who stood up to their bullying. As a result, he has suspended his protest and the small cell has tragically been installed in front of his home. His family is now looking at possible relocation or shielding from the small cell.

Is the moral of this story that direct action is ineffective against large utility and telecom corporations? Not at all. The takeaway here is that civil disobedience is always most effective when the community is involved and supportive and it is not just one individual taking action. (Collective) Direct Action still gets the goods! Everyone has  fundamental right to be safe in their homes whatever the law says.  -SSM!

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