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EMF Refuge for Northern California: Support Needed

One of the projects we have been working on is establishing a wireless and toxic chemical free-zone and retreat where people can come to recover from EMF injuries, (re)connect with nature, and help build the movement. From our years of … Continue reading

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PG&E’s “Fire Lies” — And We’re Still Paying to Avoid These Meters? This is the *Definition* of Extortion

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CA Leg. Update: Newsom Vetoes SB 556 but Signs Slew of Other Bad Bills

According to The good news: on October 4th, Gov. Newsom vetoed SB 556 on small cells but signed AB 537, which is very bad news. Key provision in AB 537  “(h) A city or county shall not prohibit or … Continue reading

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5G Global Protest Day January 25th 2020


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Reading 5G Frequencies Using the EMFields Acoustimeter

RF Meters take microwave radiation (invisible and inaudible to most people) and make it both visible and audible. A quality RF meter is literally your ears and eyes when it comes to detection of microwaves. Because RF ‘electrosmog’ has increased … Continue reading

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