PG&E Applying for Half Billion to Replace Aging Gas Meters- Electric Next?

We told you smart meters don’t last long and now the bill has come due…
Nina B. of reports: PG&E wants $498 million to replace the AMI modules on the Smart gas meters because the modules are “approaching the end of their expected useful life,”  according to PG&E’s notice in the Monterey County Herald. PG&E filed Application A.24-03-011,  March 14.
The notice also states “Starting in 2027, further costs will be included in the General Rate Case process.” It’s unclear if they mean AMI/Smart Meter costs. If PG&E means to replace the electric Smart Meters, the costs will be astronomical.
Does PG&E expect those who don’t have Smart Meters to pay these costs? Probably. Stay tuned.
PG&E application:
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2 Responses to PG&E Applying for Half Billion to Replace Aging Gas Meters- Electric Next?

  1. Stop the greed! Pge needs no more money! Quit giving bonuses when you need to fix your failing system! Better yet disband we don’t want pge anymore! The more we dig in the uglier it becomes! I’m the president and founder of stop pge, we are looking into congress the senate and assembly to help us! We know pge is in deep in politics we know this is going to be a long fight. No more gouging the California ratepayers.

  2. Sandra Radov says:

    Smart meters are not the answer to more efficient meter readings. Current evidence supports the batteries are not reliable. And, kwh reporting is skewed in comparison to the former analog meter readings. The use smart meter was initiated for the sole purpose of easing the burden for PG&E to read meters monthly. It is not a more accurate or cost saving feature for the user or rate payers. Additionally, PG&E now is applying for a hefty billion dollar loan to rectify a damaged system. On one hand PG&E claims bankruptcy to expunge their debt due to mismanagement of funds and faulty equipment, while on the other hand exorbanent pay raises go to PG&E executives. All while ratepayers are bombarded with rate increases to cover PG&E. There is a lack of consistency within this company to provide safe, or even consistent service on many levels. PG&E should be held accountable, to show profit margins and expense records regarding executive payouts and government contributions, especially after bankruptcy proceedings. In addition, PG&E not maintaing or upgrading faulty equipment for years causing high death toll is unexeptable. Now, on another level there is evidence the smart meters are suspect, and evidenced to cause medical complications and health concerns and have been deemed dangerous as house fires upon investigation of the source led back to the smart meter. The mismanaged safety and efficiency of these equipments under PG&E’s oversight has resulted in criminal misconduct. Legislators in all sectors need to listen to the concerns placed by several consumer advocate rate payers groups as well as legislative constituents who have raised concerns regarding PG&E’s past and current conduct.

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