Direct Action to Stop Smart Meters!

A Dec. 29th 2010 protest in West Marin County blocked a dozen smart meter installation trucks on a main road

Direct action means taking direct responsibility to solve problems rather than begging some “authority” to fix the problem for us.  This can include everything from helping an elderly lady across the street to sitting in the street in the way of smart meter installation trucks.

When government colludes with industry to create and cover up threats to our health and safety, it is not only our right- it is our moral obligation to take direct action to keep our communities safe.

Hundreds of actions have taken place since 2010 to stop undemocratic, forced smart meter installations.  If you are planning a direct action, make sure to video and photograph it and we will add it to this website and help get the word out about your protest!

If you need advice about carrying out direct action in your community, check out the Ruckus Society or contact us.

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38 Responses to Direct Action to Stop Smart Meters!

  1. George Payerle says:

    SMART METERS NOT Orwell’s Idiot Grandchildren

    Dateline Roberts Creek. BC Hydro has sent a generic reply to the Letter of Refusal I sent them ten days ago. I find their reply interesting because it actually states what experience showed was true, that they are respecting the refusal which I originally stated to a Corix installer about a block away (in urban terms), when I saw him loitering in front of a neighbour’s property. That was months ago. I hadn’t seen or heard boo from Hydro/Corix since, despite having sent in a similar letter of refusal ‘way back when Stop Smart Meters first made a draft letter available. I also posted the “Stop Sign” poster on my boxed-in analog meter then.

    Although the “respect” is “temporary,” at least they’ve stated the position that heretofore I’d heard about only from Stop Smart Meters, and seen in the media.

    If installers do show up eventually – by the end of the year, I think Christy Clark has said – I’ll resist to the point of telling them they’ll have to physically remove me from my own driveway in order to proceed, and that I’ll then charge them with trespass and assault. Only problem with that scenario is that I’ll have to be here, which might prove impossible since I refuse to be held captive by this absurdly illegal situation.

    All else failing, I might take Hydro up on its offer to “relocate” my meter. They won’t stick it on Christy’s house, nor on Mars, but somewhere near the front ditch might be attractive. They’ll have to provide their own post (we have no fence), and the damn thing better be on public land outside my property line.

    On top of everything else, I am furious at the amount of time and energy I (we) have to put in to try to prevent something which should never have been mandated in the first place.

    I’m also going to write a letter to Ms Crispy Premier (with copy to Rich Coleman), explaining the above as my personal position and indicating that I’m going to campaign against her and her party at every opportunity to help ensure that BC is freed of NeoConservative tyranny. I’ll probably copy same to the insufferable Perry Kendall with a message to him about selective science and his abrogation of his Hippocratic oath. Aside from everything else, Dr. Kendall is abusing the mental health of British Columbians by refusing to acknowledge their legitimate concerns about smart meters.

    • Jason says:

      The invasion of privacy is, as I see it, is a far greater risk than any health concern.
      This is SERIOUS Big Brother stuff. Not only can some stranger ~ or even just remote computer-bank ~ totally control your energy use on every level (it’s no secret that gas-supply is next. Petrol?), but your home’s entire electrical circuitry can be used as an antenna and every sound in your house monitored and transmitted back ‘to Headquarters’.

      And from there? Who knows.
      The only real way to deal with these contraptions is with the back of an axe. (Ask a friend to kill the bloody thing while you’re down the pub establishing an alibi ~ then return the favour. 😉

  2. R. Jahnke says:

    Do we need to ban together and file a class action???

    • Veronica says:

      I think a class action suit would be good. I have also read that some people are taking the companies to small claims court. I don’t know how that is working out. Haven’t heard anything else about it. I don’t understand why the government isn’t looking at the problems people are experiencing and trying to help us. I guess that big business has way more power and influence on government workers and government choices that do the people of this great nation!

      • gsuburban says:

        Class action suits never help the public or plaintiffs in the end. The winners are the lawyers who file lawsuits and those who defend them. The litigants end up with the short end when all the dust clears. Most of the money is divided up firstly for the plaintiff attorneys plus their expenses and those fee’s are higher than any other type of lawsuit. By the time the “huge settlement” is divided up, a single plaintiff or class member gets very little compared to individually suing and getting a settlement. Even a small claims action would yield more cash to a plaintiff than any class action arena.

        Been there and done that…Lawyers get the bulk.

        • Jason says:

          So why does it matter who gets the money? Isn’t the aim to stop the bully-boys (and their political cohorts) in their tracks?
          Is it possible to get a law-firm working for free on the basis that it can keep ALL the money?
          I’d be in that.

  3. MARIA POVACZ says:

    I live in PA and I am fighting PECO. PUC is worthless in PA. A civil law judge already dismissed my official complaint against PECO. Is there a class action lawsuit either in PA or nationally that I can join? Please help. I feel I am defeated on my own trying to fight a big monster.
    Thank you.

    • Paul H. says:

      Maybe document all of your symptoms and tell the police? Give them all the information learned? It’s a good way to spread the word. I bet the cops families are feeling the affects. They are investigative by nature and should look at your information. Let the masses overcome this assault on every living thing.

      • Raji says:

        PLEEEEEEEEEEEZE…really Paul? Tell the police? The police are coming with the utility companies, cutting locks on gates and then ordering residents to move aside so that the utility company can install their pulsing microwave, radiating digital meters!!!! The police are NOT going to help us! The government is NOT going to help us! The only help we can expect and count on is “THE PEOPLE” and that is only TRUE if we ALL stand up in MASS and back them down!!!!!!!!!!!! They won’t turn off 100 people’s electricity – IF 100 people stood together and put on locks or boxes on their analogs. This is the protesting we need. They did it in Bulgaria to the tune of 800,000 people (yes! you heard me) who hit the streets in protest of these meters!

        • Jason says:

          That comes from tolerating a fascist Police State. Put ‘Revolution on your list of ‘things to do’.

          Or set up your own stand-alone solar system. Cheap these days, and very easy.)

    • Nancy Russell says:


    • Nancy Russell says:


    • Veronica says:

      I know how you feel. I, too, am feeling alone and defeated. I have been trying to get two ARM meters removed from my home after developing electromagnetic sensitivity. Prior to moving to this home, I only occasionally felt uncomfortable using my computer. Now I can’t use a lap top, be by wifi, use a cell phone… I can use a hard wired computer for only a short time before it begin to increase my symptoms. I am on line now only looking for help or to try to get groups of people together to fight this. Please, there has to be an attorney, electrician, plumber, physicist, researcher–someone with both knowledge of the effects of this and with a desire to stop this madness. I have contacted my government officials but have yet to receive any help. How can we get together–all of us–and fight this?

      • Raji says:

        I hear you loud and clear Veronica! WE MUST STAND UP IN MASS – otherwise, they will reach their goal and obtain the agenda they have their sites set on – which is to install this hideous radiating meters on every home and business! Look into this further people – they have an agenda! This is real. NOT HAVING ELECTRICITY IS GOING TO SEEM VERY INSIGNIFICANT if everyone gets sick and people begin to die from this! and this is not a far stretched option – everyone – NOT “just the sensitive people” WILL get sick if they reach their goals! WE MUST STAND UP TOGETHER NOW – BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

      • Jason says:

        Have you tried refusing point-blank to pay the electricity-bill?
        Ever! Countless generations lived happily enough without electricity, though these days solar-power makes it an easy (and cheap) proposition to disconnect the grid.

        Y’could also send them a legal ‘letter of demand’ for the right of having (allegedly) ‘their’ paraphernalia stored on your property without them paying any rental. 😉

    • Mike says:

      Hi Maria. I just filed my PUC complaint, and I know nothing will happen with it. However, it is at least stalling the smart meter from being installed. I’m the only one on my block without one. This is so criminal!

  4. Paul H. says:

    There is nothing civil about a forced class 2b carcinogen forced on you and causing harm. This is a plain and simple assault.

  5. John Puccetti says:

    I have solar panels and already am a net metering customer of Edison. I live in Ventura and would like to help organism protests to SMART METERS. I made a complaint to the CPUC but they denied me based on the fact that they think everyone has Wifi cell phones and microwave oven we do not have these. So I am forced to pay a $75 fee and $10 a month. But both of my neighbors have smart meters and they can be felt in my home.

  6. cathy anderson says:

    I don’t know if people reading this remember their history, but this stuff has been going on since we settled this country. Back in the early 1900’s when mining companies decided to blow up 40 mountaintops in the Appalachians (world’s oldest mountain range) in order to get coal out of there, they used and abused every man in the area, and immigrants getting off the boats. That was when Unions rose up in order to protect them, and they are still suffering from Black Lung Disease. Just figure it’s the job of big corporations to make money no matter what happens to you or the earth, and it’s our job to do our very best to hold them accountable. We just fell asleep in the 60’s and forgot to wake up. We bought into a lot of hype during which while we were sleeping the govt was fast tracking laws making cell phone towers legal and did what they’ve always done: criminal behavior to make money. So let’s all get together and do our job as citizens, write letters, make phone calls, back up our Constitution (which is an Iroquois document).

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  9. Karen Wright says:

    I have a smart meter on my house and I have been experiencing strange vibrations when I watch TV or use the computer to. I have been smelling strange smells, they are in ever room in my house. I feel vibrations on the floor. I have a tingling in my mouth, feel off balance and have dehydration a lot. I had an air conditioner company come check my unit and he cleaned the coils and I had no ideal about radon but I think because of all this, my wiring in the walls is releasing that black residue because of the high powered internet cable connection on my house that holds 10 cable outlets has something to do with it also. I have been cleaning for the past 3 weeks and still can’t get rid of the smell. It also eroded your water pipes. I agree this is very bad for your health. If there is anybody out their that can help or give me answers quick, please call at (325) 944-3427. Karen Wright San Angelo, Tx. My son had 2 heart surgeries at birth and I am very scared.

  10. aka The Soul says:

    I believe I have uncovered something sinister here in the UK. Smart meters disguised as Prepayment meters. There is no lawful reason anyone having a key meter would need it to be wireless and pushing out irradiation. It seems a plot has already taken place to install these smart meters under the guise of prepayment meters for the less well off of the population who tend to use these prepayment key meters..usually tenants. This, in my view is a crime against humanity and the people responsible for this should brought to trial and should go to jail. Best read the description for the video to fully explain all that I believe is happening here, see link

  11. Mary Pallais says:

    Stop world domination due to one source of energy. Hitler took away the guns, energy is more important than the guns and in the hands of one entity we are forced to comply. Charging penality for solar use is Henry the VIII all over again. Might as well chop off our heads as our hands will be tied. write your utility company and “OPT OUT” of the diabolical “SmartMeter” do it now. Stop world domination one concerned person at a time.

  12. Bob says:

    PG&E… the lovely blacklisting company that fires people capriciously and thinks so highly of themselves using contractors to skirt the law. THIS should be their new ad campaign.

    Want to thwart the gas smart meter?? Put a strong magnet on the left side (facing the meter) in the middle of the side. There is a reed switch (magnetically actuated), that will get stuck in the open or closed position. The smart meter just counts rotations. When you getting gas, and not showing any usage, it will be noticed. The legal ramifications, another matter…

  13. Jenna Wells says:

    I live in Maryland. The maryland against smartmetors site WAS TAKEN DOWN!!! Unfortunately I do not own the house and the owner was threatened with a bill of 75 and 11/month fee and got the smartmeter anyway. I have since been getting strange headaches and ringing in my ears. What can I do about this?

  14. Daphne Sam says:

    I hope my question isn’t too far off the grid but it does have to do with corporate and government corruption.

    I was wondering if you can help me.

    I am interested in contacting a Tesla consulting engineer in San Francisco CA concerning detecting a DEW that I am under attack by in San Francisco at this time although it ocured in many other cties before.

    I have read articles by consultant engineer Rob States online on various subjects concerning ELF/EMF frequencies but I have not found any contact information on him or anyone in his field who will be willing to do this consultation surounding my situation.

    If you know of anyone in the San Franciso Bay Area that can provide this service please let me know.

    Thank you.

  15. Linda Gillis says:

    I live in Wisconsin and they are saying their meters are not smart meters. These meters are radio transmitters so I think they are smart meters.

    I refused to let them put one in and they are threatening to turn my water and electricity of if I don’t let them in the change the meters. They have quoted Wis Stat. s. 196.171 that says they have the right to change and maintain the meters in my house. If I don’t let them in they can fine me $25.00 and turn off my power.

    Does anyone know anything about this?

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  22. Art Larson says:

    I am a PECO customer in July 2023 I was again called by PECO to setup a smart meter installation. I already went to battle with them at the PUC. Here PECO cited admiralty law stating they are immune from any legal consequence. They claimed I am refusing installation. I said “ONLY UNDER THE TERMS OF DURESS”. This means due threat to remove services one agrees however, this means PECO assumes full responsibility for any and all legal consequences by either myself and/or insurance firm upon legal actions.

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