Santa Cruz County Passes One Year Emergency Ordinance- Two Arrested This Morning at Rohnert Park Protest

This morning Santa Cruz County passed an emergency one-year ordinance criminalizing the installation of PG&E’s ‘smart’ meters, following Marin County’s emergency action last week, and the release of a study that showed that violations of FCC limits on human exposure to microwave radiation were likely from the new meters.

In other news, two more women were arrested in Sonoma County this morning (Jan. 11), after peacefully blockading a Wellington Energy installation yard there.   More details have been sent to us from the EMF Safety Network:


Angry Protesters Blocked Wellington Driveway- Forced Deployment Shut Down

Rohnert Park CA- A leader of a group of Smart Meter opponents was handcuffed and taken away by police shortly after 8 am this morning.  The Rohnert Park police arrested Deborah Tavares and Ilona Gallo for blocking a semi truck carrying a load of Smart Meters. Two dozen PG&E customers gathered at 7:30 am to protest the forced deployment of PG&E Smart Meters.

Alan Horn, who was at the protest stated, “The arresting officer twisted Deborah’s arm in a violent manner which was an unnecessary use of force on a grandmother who is fighting to protect the rights of all children and families.”

After the arrests were made and the police were gone Wellington attempted to move their trucks out of the gate to start their installations and the remaining protesters blocked their exit in a stand off.  Wellington retreated back into the gated deployment yard at 9:30 am.

“People are becoming increasingly angry and feeling frustrated and helpless over the continued deployment of radiation Smart Meters that threaten our finances, privacy and our health and safety” stated Sandi Maurer, founder of the EMF Safety Network.

Today’s arrests follow recent arrests of two young mothers who were blocking Smart Meter trucks in West Marin County.

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