FAQ: Radio-Frequency Radiation Issues

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Q: My utility says “smart” meters emit less than my cell phone or WiFi. Is this true?

In some cases this is true, and in some cases not true. The figures for RF exposure given by utilities are time-averaged numbers which hide the peak power of the “smart” meter, and disguise the fairly continuous nature of the pulses. “Smart” meters are unlike cell phones or WiFi in their bizarre pattern of sharp spikes of RF.

Both of those consumer devices (cell phones and WiFi) can be strong RF emitters. But people are becoming increasingly aware of the potential harm done by chronic exposure to RF radiation-emitting devices and are taking steps to change how they use them.  Growing public awareness of RF exposure has led people to choose a wired internet connection or use a wired phone at home. But most people are not offered a wired “smart” meter. And you can’t turn it off once it’s installed.

A “smart” meter is a device you cannot turn off or move, so your exposure to this source of RF is out of your control. The rate and intensity of the RF radiation is also not under your control, and we are coming to learn, it is not under the utility’s control. Recent information “off the record” from PG&E confirms our suspicion that at least 90% of the RF emitted by the “smart” meters is NOT transmitting your electrical usage data, but is part of the “mesh network” talking to itself, and includes a lot of redundant “chatter” between your meter and other meters. This is for the convenience of your utility, and its effects on you (and other living things) apparently were not even considered when they were designing the mesh network.

Q: What frequency do they operate at, and what sort of radiation do they emit?

The PG&E Silver Springs Network “smart” meter operates in the 902-928 MHz range, near the range of most cell phones, and in the radio-frequency microwave range (300 MHz to 3 GHz). The 2-millisecond spikes of RF (radio-frequency) it emits are randomly assigned to a pattern of alternating frequencies—the pulses keep shifting which frequency they are using. At least 90% of the pulses are not your data, but the “mesh network” talking to itself—also known as network “chatter.”

The spiked pulses are like a strobe light, which also emits spiked pulses, about 1/2 millisecond each. The “smart” meter pulses can go off at a rate of 2 to 20 per second. Strobe lights are known to have neurological effects, and are not allowed to be sold if they strobe at a rate above 10 pulses per second. Some people cannot be around strobe lights, they set off visually triggered seizures. The “smart” meter RF emissions constitute an all-new, bizarre pattern, unlike the pattern of emissions from your cell phone or any other RF-emitting device. And to date there have been no studies published on the effects of ‘smart’ meter radiation on animals, plants or humans.  However, some research indicates that pulsed radiation induces a greater biological effect than constant radiation.  Based on countless firsthand reports it is clear that some people are vulnerable to serious ill effects.

Q: My utility says they will shut off the “radio” part for a fee. How will I know if they really did?

Unless you buy a RF measuring device, you won’t know for sure. Many people are buying these devices, so there may be someone in your community who can measure. Also, there are EMF consultants in some areas of the country who can help you assess your levels.

Q: Why do the utility websites say that “smart” meters have low RF emissions?

The calculations used to arrive at the low RF exposure numbers that most utilities published are arrived at by time-averaging. “Smart” meters have an unusual, unpredictable pattern of RF emissions, usually referred to as “pulses”—sudden high levels of RF followed by no emissions. Each pulse is about 2 milliseconds (2/1000th of a second) long.

By time averaging, they can bring down the total peak level that they claim the meters emit. This is bogus science. If you time-average the strong millisecond pulses of a strobe light, they “equal” a low-wattage light bulb continuously on; but no one would legitimately make such a claim. Strobe lights have distinct neurological effects in many people—headaches, dizziness, and for some- epileptic seizures.

Q: I see videos online of “smart” meters pulsing a lot. But my utility says they only emit for about a minute a day? Which is true?

Let’s take an example from PG&E’s claim that the meters emit only 45 seconds a day. Since each pulse is about 2 milliseconds long, that comes out to 22,500 pulses a day, which can be going off at any rate, even 2 to 20 pulses per second. At the rate of twice per second—which is as “constant” as anything could reasonably be considered to be—the pulses would be going off for a total of about 3 hours per day—spread over the whole day, at times you neither choose nor are aware of.

It is only by the specious, unscientific manipulation of the facts that utilities can claim the short emission periods that they do.

Thanks to the work by several citizen-scientists who take it upon themselves to buy equipment, measure “smart” meters, and post documentation online, we have some truly independent data to counterbalance the load of propaganda that the utilities would have us swallow.

Q: How high are the pulses on “smart” meters?

The peak power density varies depending on a large number of factors: distance from the meter, type of meter, environment, measuring device, position, and perhaps even whether the pulse is sending data or just “chirping” to its neighbors to maintain the mesh network. It is their high variability, combined with the rash of complaints, that by itself raises questions about possible effects on people’s neurological systems.

There are individuals who have measured peak power density on pulses on single meters that are more than 300 microwatts per centimeter squared (µW/cm2), but we are unable to confirm this as a reference figure. Here is a post we did on this. The FCC guidelines says you shouldn’t be subjected to a field of about 600 microwatts per centimeter squared (µW/cm2) for more than 30 minutes, but as noted in a previous answer these extraordinary levels are based in outdated science and in urgent need of revision. And your “smart” meter is 24/7. To give the issue context, the Bioinitiative Report recommends a level of 0.1 microwatt per centimeter squared (µW/cm2) for human exposure, about 10,000 times less than the FCC number.

There are some videos online, though we can’t confirm their accuracy.

Q: How often do ‘smart’ meters pulse?

One thing that has been revealed by people who’ve tracked “smart” meter pulses: they are highly variable. Other descriptors: unpredictable, random, very erratic, and even bizarre. One EMF consultant has told us that it is impossible to extract meaningful conclusions about the fields created by the pulses.

PG&E’s own documents revealed last year that their meters pulse between 10,000 and 190,000 times per day.

SF Chronicle article: http://blog.sfgate.com/energy/2011/11/03/smartmeters-send-almost-10000-signals-a-day/

The *median* was 10,000 pulses/day—that means half the meters emit MORE than this. The reason they didn’t use a different and more usual statistical figure–the average–is because it’s likely that figure would have been higher. The highest meter they measured emitted 190,000 pulses/day.

“Smart” meters seem to pulse a lot at certain times, and less at other times. PG&E for one says that data about the ratepayer’s electrical usage is only broadcast 6 times per day. Another PG&E executive told us “off the record” that at least 90% of the emissions from a “smart” meter are NOT user data, but mesh-network “chatter.” Those pulses have nothing to do with your home.

If you are wondering about meters in used by other utilities, consider this: If they claim the meter only emits “60 seconds a day”, then you can calculate the approximate number of pulses. Sixty seconds of of 3-millisecond pulses (typical) equals about 20,000 pulses. There about 85,000 seconds in a day. If the rate of pulsing were consistent (though it never is) that would be about one pulse every 4 seconds, for the whole 24 hours  Depending on the rate of pulsing, the meter is very likely to be emitting something during most of the day.

All of this speculation on our part arises because of a lack of true disclosure on the part of the manufacturers and the utilities as to how the meters operate.

Q: Why is RF radiation bad for people (and animals and plants)?

The effects of low-level non-thermal exposure to radio-frequency microwaves has been studied since the 1950s. A range of subtle effects have been identified over the decades, from an auditory sensation to infertility to sleep disturbance to irregularities in the heart rhythm, depending on exposure type, level, and duration. See the links page (under construction) for more information about RF science.

The current focus on brain cancer caused by cell phones hides a wider, more pervasive issue: the ways in which exposure to microwave RF can erode human health by disrupting a number of basic systems like sleep and immunity, resulting in ill health from a number of conditions.

For the military in the 1950s and 1960s, for the wireless industry in the 1990s, and for utilities deploying “smart” meters now, these biological effects are not convenient to their purposes, and have been dismissed. “The FCC sets the guidelines,” has been the cry of utilities commissions. But those guidelines were set largely without regard to the subtler effects or the consequences of long-term exposure, and before much of this research was done.

In May 2011, the World Health Organization, which is a notably conservative and slow-moving organization regarding public health precaution, finally declared that RF radiation is a “possible human carcinogen,” placing it in Class 2B, along with engine exhaust, lead, and DDT.  So far, however, the FCC does not look set to make any changes in allowable levels, and in fact has complained about recent state and local government objections to new cell antenna installations, for instance.

Q: My cell phone doesn’t bother me, but the “smart” meter gives me headaches (or insomnia or heart palpitations). Why is it different?

As we discussed above in questions about the power of the pulses and how often they happen, it might be possible that it is the very bizarre and erratic nature of the emissions that are making people ill. We are not medical experts or scientists, and so don’t make claims about the reasons for your distress. But the complaints and stories received by this website and elsewhere make it clear that, for whatever reason, these meters make some people sick, and often in quite similar ways.


114 Responses to FAQ: Radio-Frequency Radiation Issues

  1. linda hecht says:

    do you know of any lawyers or class action suits in san diego attempting to make sdge allow users to ‘opt out’ of the smart meter setup?

    • admin says:

      The CPUC has ordered ALL California utilities to offer OPT OUT, as of 14 Sept 2011. That said, we don’t know any class actions in SD county. Please check with


      • Charles Calhoun KD0QG says:

        I have a smart meter pulse problem I can’t overcome. I get a S6 pulse every second on VHF/UHF that makes it impossible to work anything but a strong signal? I can pick up the pulse on 80 and 40 meters but I can take it out with the noise blanker. Unfortunately I don’t have a high dollar VHF/UHF radio with noise blanker. I get the standard BS everyone gets about a smart meter problem from the power company.. I live in a open rural area and probably a stronger than most pulse to maintain their mesh network but they won’t admit it? The readout on the meter then shows in sink with the pulse..it is picked up threw the antenna and ferrite cores on the coax doesn’t do anything. So any ideas for a solution?.

  2. Dave says:

    Do these automated radio read meter”s put on water system’s have these high levels of radiation levels?

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      Dave, the automated water meters vary by agency, but they are all battery powered and operate at lower frequencies (450 MHz band) than the electric meters. It would be safe to say that the output in RF is much lower, and the duration of transmission is less frequent. Actually, they could only transmit for a few seconds per month for billing purposes. The water and gas meters do not do sample readings 6 times per day like the electric one do, they don’t detect leaks or outages either, the SOLE purpose of automated water and gas meters is to eliminate meter readers.
      Where I live, in Marin county, our main water agency is the M.M.W.D. Only a handful of radio meters are used here in locations where cars sometimes park on the meter boxes or traffic is thick. The MMWD meter readers all have secure jobs, none have been laid off due to the use of a few radio meters. The ones that the MMWD does use, still require a meter reader to walk up to close where the radio meter is, point a handheld device to receive the read, and download all their reads for the day at the office to a computer. They told me that the battery in the radio meters lasts 15 years, so it is a very low powered transmitter. Also, they had a lot of trouble receiving the weak signal, that is why they never be widely used. In other words, the radio meter project went clunk in the MMWD.

      • Chas Kruse says:

        I became very sick after a the Idaho Power installed a smart meter. They’ve told me that it’s not their meter because it doesn’t use radio frequency to communicate. To make a long story short – BS! I purchased an expensive RF analyzer and their meter pulses away and frequently bursts with high levels of RF. Now water and gas are putting in their smart meters to operate along with the power company meter. They pulse all the time, also at around 925 MHz. Now my ears won’t stop buzzing, I’m sleep deprived, chronically fatigued, and the utilities just put their fingers in their ears and are allowed to get away with this atrocity against life. I’m putting my house up for sale and getting away from this place. I hope there’s still some semblance of life the way it used to be outside of Idaho.

        • Redi Kilowatt says:

          So you power company told you that their meters do not use RF ? Did you ask them what they do use instead ? If they gave you an advanced digital meter (not a SmartMeter), they could use a broadband cable connection, a DSL phone line, or a traditional analog phone line with an expensive modem (around $2000 for the modem according to PG&E). If their meters use a power line carrier (PLC), then that revenue collection system does use RF, transmitted onto the existing power lines. PLC systems have caused adverse effects on home wiring and radio transmissions too.
          It sounds to me like your local power company is not being honest with you, and you should get to the bottom of this before making any rash decisions about moving, I certainly would before considering moving.

          • Chas Kruse says:

            Hi Redi,
            I’ve talked to the power company many times, and each time they give me a line of BS! The power company here is not using safe DSL landline or fiber optice communication. It appears that their plan is to be internet providers themselves with people able to connect wirelessly through the power lines. I’ve had to do the research on my own by seeking out advice of electrical engineers, physicits, biologists, EMF specialists and by purchasing my expensive high frequency analyzers. HF analyzers measures the strength of the microwave pulse and has audio sound of the wireless signal sound. There are many websites where a person can download the various sounds of wireless communication -WiFi, GSM, Tetra, etc – Dr. Magda Havas has one on Youtube. The device indicates that my smart meter uses WiFi, GSM, UMTS, and every available wireless signal coming from the power lines plus it uses the electric power to operate the meter. The new ‘power line communication’ or broadband over power line enables wireless signals from cell towers, radio antennas, etc to piggyback on the power lines. This corrupted signal is unable to be cleaned up by electrical transformers and enters the home through the smart meter, which adds its own dirt from digital components and the switching mode power supply, onto the electric current which creates fields of dirty power following the wires in the home wherever they travel.

            PLC/BPL also emits massive microwave radiation from the power lines themselves which travel a far greater distance than emitted radiation used to travel from non-communication powerlines ( which was well documented as to the adverse health effects of living near power lines) Now one can live much further away from the same power line and be affected by the EMF. This EMF is pulsing microwave communication signals which are able to penetrate living cells more effectively than than non pulsing RF.

            The gas company has installed smart meters. I’ve asked them at what frequency, how often, and to what do their meters communicate. I was told that it’s a very low frequency and it only communicates for a few minutes a month to their meter reader. My analyzer indicates that it is transmitting 925 MHz wirelessly 24/7 and is talking to my electric smart meter (my Landis Gyr meter is a UMT RF the ‘U’ means it’s universal to interact with water, gas, propane smart meters) and mostly likely a neighborhood node mounted on a pole. With PLC the signals can be passed on hopping from house to house through the meters. The transmitter is on “bubble-up” mode instead of “wake-up” mode. Bubble up is always transmitting; wake-up is only used while a meter read is taking place.

            Also, the city is now installing smart water meters, which they deny are in bubble-up mode. My ears, head, and analyzer clearly indicate that they are in 925MHz range – this is microwave range- and are transmitting 24/7.

            Just imagine the child sitting on the water pit box with the nicely hidden smart meter inside, or kids having an lemonade stand right near it. How about the signal needing to travel to travel right through your or your child’s bedroom on its way to communicate with receivers?

            How about walking our dogs in the neighborhood where there are three smart meters per home all transmitting 24/7. The water meters in my subdivision are right next to the sidewalks. One of my dogs hears and feels the microwave frequencies as I do, and has been a different dog since these meters were installed and he often whimpers when the signal reves up.

            It’s absolute hell, and it’s leaving me with nowhere to run to in this town except for a couple areas which don’t have gas or water ‘smart’ meters, yet. The city council has allowed it all to happen without a word to its citizens. I’ve put in a freedom of information request, and so far they’ve been breaking the law by delaying or withholding information.

            This ‘smart’ meter stuff only benefits corporations and power companies. Unless it’s done in a safe fiber-optic or land line way, the pulsing microwave radiation from power line communication/BPL/PLC and these meters are harming people and all forms of life.

        • Redi Kilowatt says:

          Hi Chaz,
          Sounds like you have been fed the same BS that our power company feeds us.
          I do question your statement about microwave communications being used for SmartMeters, that is something that you probably ad libbed, but that’s OK.
          I do know that microwave communications are very high powered point to point and cannot be used for communications in the UHF band for things like mobile phones and SmartMeters that need to broadcast signals in all directions. But there is a new kind of microwave communications being tested called “scattered microwave”. This new scattered microwave system is only approved for use above 5 gigahertz in the Super High Frequency (SHF) band. It is very low powered and is used for a new Wi-Fi system to connect computers on a network and cannot transmit a signal more than 9 feet. I know that most commercial computers, server rooms and data centers are all hard wired, there is no substitute for wire and cable, especially in important data centers.
          You are right about the PLC and BPL. We don’t use it here in northern California for SmartMeters, but PG&E did try and use PLC in their first generation SmartMeters. PG&E ordered untold millions of first generation SmartMeters, then installed about 850,000 of them before testing them. It turned out that in order for PLC to work here, they would have had to upgrade the electrical power grid first in order for the PLC signals to pass through our 40 year old ferite core transformers.
          PG&E is planning on upgrading our electrical power grid, starting in about 2 years, and it is expected to take 10 years to complete, but they had to recall all 850,000 of the first generation SmartMeters and created a new thing that they call a mesh network radio smart grid.
          In all my years of working with radio electronics I have never heard of a radio network being called a grid, until now. This was done to cover their lack of knowledge, lack of testing, wasting untold millions of their ratepayers dollars and to trick the public into thinking that the radio smart grid is our electrical power grid, it’s not.
          After PG&E did the royal screw up and cover up about their first generation SmartMeters, I don’ believe one word that they print, and I have analysed their marketing brochures, they are extremely misleading if not false advertising, but they are very crafty with the wording. This has made some people to fill in their own beliefs based on brain washing, and then twisting it for their own agenda.
          Also, the marketing information being put out by the manufactures of all the related products are equally as bad, I don’t trust them to be honest, they just want to be able to force the sale of their products on the uninformed public.
          Here in PG&E territory, the gas SmartMeter modules transmit at 450 MHz UHF, not microwave, and where I live, there are only a handful of water meters that transmit, but they are not a part of PG&E.
          But I have read about consolidated utility districts that utilize the electric meters as the main transmitter, and use the gas and water meters consolidated in one signal, I know it is done in some other states, but not here in California.
          I have a friend who lives in Idaho, but he has no grid power up at his property, and barely has mobile phone coverage. I have been to Idaho a few times, it is beautiful, so if you can find a way to make ends meet there, you should not let the SmartMeters run you out, unless you want out for other reasons.

        • frank says:

          We live in Paradise calif. I just read your story. I wondered about the smart meter and went on line. My ears are buzzing and my Wife’s ears are buzzing. We thought it was smoke from the fires here this summer and allergies but it over 3 months now the doctors say it is the smoke and allergies, I suspected something more and I think after finding this sight it is the smart meters.I will contact the PGandE and hopefully opt out of this program.We are having a hard time with our ears buzzing. Thank you e-mail please if you know more!

        • Raji says:


          You live in the state of Idaho and you are getting wired Smart Meters installed? How could this be? My boyfriend and I were just getting extremely inspired because we read that the ENTIRE state of Idaho had chosen hard wiring – fiber optics – the same as the entire country of Italy – and thus the madness of making people sick was taken care of. IS THIS NOT TRUE? Please write to my email address above and let me know. I really need to know the FACTS as we are in the process of taking this issue to the county legislature in New York state and then hopefully to the State. We thought we could use Idaho as an “example” of the one state that opted to use intelligence and do something safe with an already existing technology – fiber optics – it is clean and definitely could be an alternative to the radiating, pulsing, microwave technology that they all opted for without ever even telling us about it!

        • karen says:

          Chas…I don’t know if this will get to you;but I as well as others live in Idaho too and have been experiencing health issues when the Smart Meters were put in.

          I’m curious what have you done regarding the smart meter and did you move?
          I’ve been virtually out of my house the last two years because of what is happening to my health. I had to come back and try to get rid of a lot of things as I’m moving. In fact, a lot of my neighbors (we moved into one of the new developments in 2008)have moved. There seems to be a steady stream of turnarounds. There are smart meters lined up and down the street on each new home.

          Idaho doesn’t show any mercy with the regards to people’s health issues. If you notice there has also been been an increase of emergency care outlets, clinic and hospital expansions as well as dependent care outlets. “They”the powers that be; know exactly what they’re doing.

        • A.Trebor says:


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  4. Ryan says:

    I am interested in the safety of these meters, but have just one question, do you have any factual information related to the levels that are put out by these meters? I have been looking through your site and have yet to find one mention of factual information about the transmission levels.

    Have there been any independent studies done on this or is this all based on opinion? I would be willing to contribute to a fund established for this research.

    • Chas Kruse says:

      Hi Ryan,
      Which meters are you referring to? They are made by various companies and with can be programmed differently. Much information can be found on line at the company’s website. Some are upfront about how they communicate; others are not.

      If you can provide the name of the meter and whether you know if it is using powerline communication or wireless, perhaps I already have info on it.

      Best wishes in your search for the truth. BTW, you won’t get it from your utility provider.

    • Stop Minnesota Meters says:

      Hi Ryan: yes, there are quite a few videos made where people have a meter up by the smart meters and you can see the amounts that are coming out of them. In terms of other factual information there is the Sage Report and Dan Hirsch’s information. (I think I am spelling his name right). I’m sorry but I don’t have time right now to look up the links for you–but if no one has provided them later I will email again.

    • Richard says:

      Ryan – Rather than contributing to a fund for research, I would suggest that you purchase an isotropic field strength meter ($200) and measure the fields for yourself. Of course, you might also like to know what specific frequencies are contributing to the fields you are measuring, so you will need a frequency analyzer…more $$. Then, once you understand what’s being emitted (including what, how much, and how often, for how long), you’ll have to compare your data to the research that’s been done. This is where things get sticky…You now have to make up your own mind as to whether the Smart Meters can/do/will/are/or may be unsafe. Everyone has an opinion…Even the so-called “experts”…The studies present data in a variety of units and exposure conditions: “whole-body”, “at-ear”, various distances and lengths of time, microwatts and milliwatts per square centimeter or square meter, SAR values, pulsed vs. continuous, etc. Then there are the many reports of site-specific health issues coinciding with the installation of a SmartMeter. Then there are the IARC studies and their classification of RF fields as “Group 2B”, which are widely cited as a basis for concern…and I like to cite this publication – monographs.iarc.fr/ENG/Publications/REF_Poster2012.ppt – as a resource to keep the transmission levels in perspective. I hope you will find what you’re looking for. Good luck 🙂

      • Completely agree. I doubt there will ever be agreement on the specific risk of RF and other EMF because there are so many variables. It’s harder to argue with actual numbers that you, yourself are measuring.

        The Council of Europe’s “medium term” indoor exposure limit is 0.200 V/m. That’s about 106 microwatts per m^2. Even if a wireless device (let’s say a smart meter) only has a 1% duty cycle, if the pulses measure more than 100 microwatts per meter squared, you aren’t doing yourself any favors with that exposure.

        What it comes down to is that any federal assurance of safety and the established safety limits regarding RF should be ignored completely.

        The lower, the better.

  5. Redi Kilowatt says:

    There are also combination field strength meters/RF frequency counter meters available.
    They are much more expensive, but combine both functions into one device.
    Still, these meters only display the power and frequency, and don’t display what type of communications platform one is testing. It won’t tell you if it is microwave, that has to be something that is already known (or imagined). It will not tell one whether the 2400 MHz UHF is ZigBee or Wi-Fi. Both ZigBee and Wi-Fi operate at near identical frequencies, but they are completely different communications platforms and cannot communicate with each other. That is why the manufacturers of new “smart thermostats” originally only had ZigBee radio receivers built in, but recently have announced that there is an additional Wi-Fi module that can be fitted into the smart thermostats.
    This is probably due to the facts that the SmartMeters in PG&E territory do not utilize the low powered ZigBee transmitters for the smart thermostat program, but now there are other players that want to incorporate the smart thermostats into automation systems that use Wi-Fi. Comcast is one such new player. Comcast is marketing their own automation systems to compete with other existing ones that have been in use for decades. Comcast is selling their internet service for these new systems, but also is selling the remote control modules and installation too. Those modules to control lighting, security systems and cameras are very expensive to have an electrician install. Traditionally it has been only wealthy people who live in large high end houses who could afford home automation systems, and Concast wants a piece of the action.

  6. Redi Kilowatt says:

    I did notice one mistake in this original article in the answer to the question:
    What frequency do SmartMeters operate on and what type of radiation to they transmit.
    The answer given was that the SmartMeters operate on 9o2 to 928 MHz that is correct.
    But, they also said that 300 MHz to 3 GHz is in the microwave frequency band, that is not correct, and probably has misled thousands of people.
    The 300 MHz to 3 GHz band is called the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band, so, not all radio frequencies in that range are automatically called microwave. In fact, only traditional high powered microwave devices operate on very few frequencies in the UHF band.
    The next band up in the radio spectrum is the Super High Frequency SHF band which is 3GHz to 30 GHz. More traditional microwave systems operate in the SHF band, but yet again, not all radio transmissions in the SHF band are microwave either.
    The only low powered new “scattered microwave” system used by the public for network communications is in the 5GHz range, and other high powered microwave systems used in satellite uplinks , research and the aerospace industry operate in the SHF band.
    SmartMeters and mobile phones don’t use microwave, and now I think I know where people got this misconception from, from this one sentence in this article. But, it could have been copied from somewhere else.

    • Even if a microwave is 1Ghz+ the 915 ISM band is SO close that it’s okay to call it a MW. Even if you don’t consider 300-1000 Mhz “microwaves,” these frequencies may be the most bio-affective of all, and deserve their own grouping.

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        Who told you that microwave is 1 GHz ?
        Own grouping ? I chihuahua !

        • Microwaves are radio waves with wavelengths ranging from as long as one meter to as short as one millimetre, or equivalently, with frequencies between 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz. This broad definition includes both UHF and EHF (millimeter waves), and various sources use different boundaries. In all cases, microwave includes the entire SHF band (3 to 30 GHz, or 10 to 1 cm) at minimum, with RF engineering often putting the lower boundary at 1 GHz (30 cm), and the upper around 100 GHz (3 mm).


          • Redi Kilowatt says:

            So, there is no microwave band, just like I said, so the statement that the microwave range of frequencies is 300 MHz to 3 GHz is incorrect, and that is all I have to say about it.
            And you must realize, that not all radio frequency communications in the UHF band is microwave, in fact very little of it is microwave. Case closed, nuff said !

        • I think the name for it is “beachfront spectrum” at least that’s what wireless providers call the 700 Mhz band.

          This range is very good at propagating through semi-solid objects, like trees, building materials, people and precipitation.

          “Medical micropower networks (MMN) use a set of implanted electrodes and a wearable wireless controller to stimulate the muscles of a paralyzed user. the FCC announced that these devices have been approved for use within the 413 to 457MHz range, as requested in a petition from the Alfred Mann Foundation, which has already constructed several prototype MMN systems. “The frequency that has been approved for use is the most efficient for penetrating tissue with radio waves and without which the new generation of our implantable neurostimulator technology would be impossible to advance.”


  7. Richard says:

    “…they also said that 300 MHz to 3 GHz is in the microwave frequency band, that is not correct, and probably has misled thousands of people.”

    Okay, RK, we’ve been down this road before, so I’ll just refer anyone interested in your argument to the following string of comments – http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?p=7553#comments

    Just imagine the generations and untold numbers of students, scientists, engineers, and PhD’s that have been misled by our educational system. What a tragedy…

    ** The real tragedy, however, is that some people believe they “are being microwaved” by SmartMeters, cell phones, and WiFi routers. THAT misrepresentation is what needs correction. While true (yes, true) that these devices transmit microwave radiation (at microwave frequencies, e.g., 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2450 MHz, etc.), the power levels won’t cook anything. Sure, they may cause heating with increased exposure levels, but the low-power signals being chirped periodically from the SmartMeters aren’t cooking anything.

  8. Redi Kilowatt says:

    There is no microwave frequency band. Microwave operates in the UHF, SHF and EHF (Extremely High Frequency) bands of the radio spectrum. Not all radio frequency is microwave, in fact most is not, and yes the scientists and engineers all know this. I never said otherwise, you just made it up with your pretzel logic.

    • Richard says:

      “There is no microwave frequency band…Not all radio frequency is microwave, in fact most is not, and yes the scientists and engineers all know this. I never said otherwise,…”

      And I never said or implied THAT; but you did state the following:

      “…smart meters and mobile phones are NOT microwave communications. And anyone who keeps spouting that out is spewing false information…”

      Call it VHF, UHF, SHF, or EHF…It’s all in the portion of the radio frequency spectrum that is referred to as “microwave”. If those frequencies are used for communication/transmission of data (e.g., SmartMeters), then I think it’s safe to call it microwave. ref – http://www.ntia.doc.gov/files/ntia/publications/2003-allochrt.pdf (see orange highlight at bottom)

  9. Jerry Ballard USNRet Tulare, CA says:

    I opted out of the Smart Meter Program and just received a letter from Edison telling me that they will be charging me a $75.00 fee to opt out of the Smart meter and then they will be charging me another $10.00 a month on my bill because I am opting out.

    However…… If I take the smart Meter then i don’t have to pay the $75.00 Fee

    This sounds like BLACK-MAIL TO ME! Well Obama said before he became President that the electric Rates would skyrocket and those who get the SmartMeter will see that happen and because Many of us don’t want to play Obama’s game! Edison will turn around and Screw us with a extra fee.

    NOW I’M PISSED! $10.00 extra might not be that big of a deal to many but for me, I am a Disabled Veteran Not working and waiting to get Social security Disability and money left over at the end of the month is not much at all specially with climbing Gas prices.

    Is there way to fight this? Let me know jerryballardusnret@hotmail.com I plan on talking to an Attorney to see if it is legal for them to do this

  10. Letta Mego says:

    The following is a statement that CONFLICTS with the information on “stop smart meters” about the rate of emissions:

    “”The SMART meter is always on in “listening” mode but only transmits sporadically. The utility currently has them set to transmit once every 15 minutes. The meter also sends out data sporadically to pass along data received from other meters. “”

    How is this wrong??? It makes the smart meters sound almost safe.

    • Jeremy says:


      The quote you posted is very misleading – and must be from a smart meter corporate website. With a simple RF measurement device, one can see that the meters are transmitting every few seconds (sometimes there can be up to a minute in between pulses). As PG&E admitted, their meters pulse on average 10,000 times per day, with some meters pulsing 190,000 times per day (do the math). If you want to see what the pulses look like, watch this video:


    • Amy O'Hair says:

      @Letta: Jeremy is right. That’s the utility song-and-dance but it’s false: the meters transmit via RF radiation 10,000 to 190,000 times a day (see http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?p=6030 to read how PGE admitted it)—and each peak pulse of RF can easily be 100x to 1000x times what your cell phone puts out while you are on a call. It is continuous or nearly continuous on all smart meters.

      Some meters are more often, some are higher in RF. But none of it is okay for humans. This is a public-health disaster, which is already disabling many, many people: http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?page_id=2292

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  13. RotorJeff says:

    Thanks for the good information. My wife and I just had our Smart Meter removed. The Smart Meter was installed one month after we moved into our home in Napa, CA two years ago without our knowledge. It was outside the wall to our bedroom. We both developed health issues such as fitful sleep, coughing, fatigue. Our home is in the country and is generally very peaceful.

    When we discovered the Smart Meter and associated issues, we had it removed. This has lead to much improved health with better sleep.

    We were fortunate to be able to opt out. The cost was $75.00 and $10.00 a month.
    This is still less than it would cost us to get off of the grid. We look at it like buying organic food. You generally pay more, but it is worth it. Paying for maintaining our health is number 1 with us.

    Don’t be fooled by any government propaganda related to health safety information for anything. Their goal is to promote business agendas and not the public interest.
    Flouride in the water.
    Smart Meters
    What about GMO labeling?

    Recognizing the wolf at the door is half of the battle.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      You are right RotorJeff,
      Don’t be fooled by any corporate/government propaganda regarding health and safety issues.
      There are a few more things that I would like to add to your list of concerns:
      The heavy promotion and use of toxic pharmaceutical drugs, especially the psychotropic drugs pushed for as anti-depressants. This is a multi billion dollar industry, and the side affects of these drugs is horrible. I have read that about one third of our population has been hooked on these drugs, many for the short rest of their life.
      The promotion of expensive cancer screening scans for breast and colon cancer. The cancer industry is another multi billion dollar per year industry.
      The machines that supposedly scan for the cancers are powerful radioactive devices that actually cause cancer, and three FDA scientist got fired for blowing the whistle on that..
      The propaganda that everyone must have private medical insurance, so that healthy people pay into a giant corporate piggy bank so when all these dumbed down people get sick from all the corporate drugs, RF, air pollution, GMO food and all the other chemicals that some of us are exposed to, that even if they (the private insurance profiteers) have to actually kick out some money for urgently needed medical care, they will still make bank because even healthy people still contribute to their corporate welfare fund for an average of $500 per month. But that is nothing compared to the prescription drug bills of $3000 per month for psychotropic drugs that cause the need for this urgent medical care.
      These medical (now called healthcare) insurance corporations, the cancer industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the hospital corporations are profiting more than ever now.
      The government is controlled by the powerful corporations to approve toxic vaccines, SmartMeters, mobile phones and devices, food gene splicing engineering, fossil fuel burning, pushing toxic drugs and polluting the water and the air for the greater corporate good. That is to perpetuate the cancer industry. The corporations hope that this will go on forever, because no matter how bad the economy gets, they are going to do just fine.
      And Amy, you are right, the radio (residential) SmartMeters are transmitting constantly 24/7 by design. They only report the cumulative usage once every four hours to the utility.
      A modern mobile phone or device puts out 250 milliwatts, so a SmartMeter puts out about four times what a mobile device puts out. The only difference is, most people do not get up close and personal with a SmartMeter and hold it to their head. The only way to get a real time reading about your meters consumption is to go out and put your face in a SmartMeter to watch the total use tallies minute by minute, hour by hour, which not many people are interested in doing. That is not to say that the cumulative bombardment of RF is good for us, because I believe it is harmful.
      I recommend that people opt out of the SmartMeter program for many reasons.

  14. dianna economides says:

    My husband and I are seniors living in a condo/apt complex. We have a shed which houses 7 smart meters within 5 feet of our bedroom wall. We do not have a smart meter as yet but we believe PG&E will eventually force us to put one in by threatening fees, etc. I sometimes feel as if I can hear a humming sound through the wall. Is having these meters so close to our bedroom hazardous to our health? We read so many conflicting stories…..thanks for your reply.

    • shane says:

      the old style meters use electromagnets to drive the mechanical gearing of the meter, the round plate you see turning is turning because the ac line that feeds your home has to make a temporary detour, they wind the wiring around a metal core that becomes magnetic, since the magnets are Alternating current they can use it to spin mechanical gearing. if you have 7 of these things running and are attached to your building directly then it makes sense that some people would be able to hear 60hz hum. i had a high school teacher that as a kid lived up in the mountains and had never been near power lines, when he was brought here he noticed he could feel the electricity on his skin, he described it as like feeling ants on his skin, so what your exposed to now as far as older meters is electromagnetism at 60 hz. what you can do is download a frequency generator online and enter 60hz and then you will hear the same thing i bet ya. try it some time. anyone can do this, if they feel as if they are feeling or hearing some type of radio frequency they can download a free generator and compare.

  15. Hello Dianna,

    Each Meter transmits a Radio Signal about once every 7 seconds so with 5 meters you are getting a transmission headed your way about once every 1.4seconds. This will make it difficult for your cells to rest while you sleep. Please go to http://www.bioinitiative.org/ for the latest on the effects of this bombardment you are being subjected to.


    Eric Windheim

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  17. Ivy says:

    I live in British Columbia Canada. I am suffering from earache and headache as smart meter was installed on the bedroom wall of house. I cannot sleep as I am suffering and desperately need help. Who can I approach for help? Would relocating smart meter an option? Or sell the house? I am a retired and a widow,

    • Mia Nony says:

      BC Hydro “energized” (translation”: they have created a microwave blanket blast zone over most of BC) using the transmission lines in BC, most of it going live starting on April 2nd. 2013
      If possible, print and keep this advice:

      Go to

      There you will find links to very carefully and professionally worded common law documents which are consistently the ONLY documents and posters which in every instance are actually working as self defence to protect every single person who has used them. At this point that means many people, between 15,000 and 30,000 have used these, with total success, firstly to prevent installation.
      Even though you have now had this device installed, use these refusal docs anyway, in order to create a record to assert your right to not have a smart meter.
      Follow the instructions exactly and keep copies, for your records.
      Do not allow the harm to continue.
      Every single smart meter also is able to do double duty as a cell relay device – meaning it is also a collectro hub – and it is fully capable of enabling frequencies at cell tower strength, right on your wall. They covertly rotate which unsuspecting house has the device used this way at any given moment for any given area, all done by stealth, roving around, operating quite literally “below the radar”, changing who is “it” for exposure, from month to month. This is criminal behaviour and no one is in charge of any way to protect you or me or anyone from these illegal frequencies and actions.It is up to YOU, up to each of us, to defend ourselves.
      The common law docs have done this elsewhere and will lay the groundwork for you for future removal of this device. They are the ONLY docs that are working. this is now established.
      These docs assert your right to not have a meter, And the next docs, which will be provided in the near future, are to be used for the lawful claim of right for the removal of a smart meter.
      Meanwhile, act immediately, don’t wait,
      These next instructions are for how to NOT become chronically disabled for life. Act now, before DNA shreds irreparably, before the blood brain barrier leaks and admits toxins and causes cognitive impairment, memory loss and MUCH worse. Save yourself BEFORE nerves and muscles rapidly depolarize like flipping a strobe light on and off, billions of times a second, extremely dangerous.
      Be aware that this microwave exposure process induces slow motion bioelectrical failure and neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinsons, MS, fibromyalgia, and far more.
      All of this is now taught for medical continuing education medical credits, but sadly most doctors don’t retrain in this vital knowledge.
      Be sure to get a handyman or family member if possible to create and then attach over the meter globe and make certain to keep in place a faraday shield box, placed around the meter, done by using aluminium (NOT PLASTIC SCREENING) mosquito screening which is carefully wrapped all around five sides of a frame of a box made of 1” X 1″ framing, made larger than the size of the meter. Use this screened box shield which can be fitted over the meter. It works very well and saves all biology, all nature, as well as yours. If possible hold the Faraday cage to make it stick to the plate behind the meter by attaching small magnets to the rim placed against the meter plate, or whatever the handyman feels will work best to keep the box in place.
      Be sure to make many of these boxes – because this device “spies” and reports everything done to it, all tampering, even while it illicitly “estimates” (rather than “reads”) your usage, as explained right on the Hydro site’s FAQ page.
      Be prepared. The Hydro workers will know immediately that you have put a Faraday or some other blocking device over their radiation emitting frequency enabling device, and so …. they will come out, often the same day, to insist on you or they removing it.
      If you are there, demand that the shield be given to you, for it is in fact yours.
      Be prepared for lies, do NOT argue with them at all, as they will bluff and they will tell you you cannot do this, that you cannot defend yourself from them. It is not illegal to defend yourself from radiation surveillance from a bi-directional transmitter, which is not a “meter” as we understand “meters”, as such. In fact, what THEY are doing is illegal, since every smart “meter” is capable of being used as a cell relay device using cell tower strength frequencies to link our meter and data to 5000 other meters and to perform as a cell relay collector hub device.
      If they take away the Faraday cage, simply replace each one after they come and remove one and leave.
      Do this boxing part only AFTER you first either are able to do this easily yourself or else get a friend, neighbour or handyman to use full width rolls of Reflectix double thick foil wall insulation (Slegg lumber has it, likely a few others too) .
      Have the person who does this staple it on the full inside area of the wall, meaning the “warm” interior side of the meter wall.
      Staple the Reflectix to cover seamlessly the entire interior of the meter wall from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.
      Cut an opening for the circuit panel box which stays shut unless you need access to the panel box.
      A third option to add to this mix is to flexible use carbon sheets to neutralize the radiation. It can be found at LESSEMF.COM.
      Not sure how expensive.
      Buy bentonite clay from the health food store (literally, in bulk, dirt cheap) and start taking it in gradually increased doses, in water, to remove the cumulative radiation from the body. backing it off a bit if it makes you have a loose tummy. Take the daily amount which the health food store advises of this and of chlorella capsules to reverse radiation damage. this worked for Hiroshima. Eat NO Sugar.
      Google how doctors helped Hiroshima survivors at a clinicn less than one mile from ground zero, and educated them about how to not get any cancers or other illnesses, doing exactly this. Careful small doses of spirulina also help, but never take more than half a teaspoon a day. It loosens the bowels fast if over done. Ask the health food store for the correct advise, hopefully they will know.
      Make absolutely certain you have NO wireless devices whatsoever of any kind nor any portable phones or other wireless devices inside your home, including making certain you have no wifi nor a wireless modem.
      Be aware that many wireless modems turn themselves back on even when the wireless feature is shut off.
      Better yet?
      Get a Speedtouch hard wire only manual shut off modem from the store or from your internet provider, (if your internet provider is Telus, then they have them and should be able to provide them free to you).

    • Samuel Adams says:

      You could put alluminum foil on the wall behind the smart meter. Worst case scenario when a contractors work truck drives by the opposite side of the house then it would appear the smart meter is malfunctioning or the signal isn’t strong enough. A contractor would have to remotely turn up the power and carry out microwave weapons attack on civilians. That’s the awesome thing about smart meters and working as contractors.

    • Sam goodman says:

      Gave a few old people heart attacks too

    • Sam Ferguson says:

      Government sponsored hit too.

  18. Mia Nony says:

    At a meeting here in BC with a utility, a journeyman electrician thought to ask a representative of a private utility the following seemingly innocent questions:
    “Is the current generation of smart meter able to handle frequencies other than those it enables right now?
    Can the present meter handle greater numbers of frequencies and different types of frequencies than the ones it now enables?”
    Bluntly put, trying to pin down what a a smart meter actually is capable of doing and how it actually operates can be next to impossible, since the
    answer provided was “YES”, on all counts.
    And that has implications well beyond assuming that what is on a home is a “meter”.
    What you see is NOT what you get.
    The term “meter” is not accurate anymore than a submarine is simply a submersible boat.

    From a utility insider:

    Cell relay meters looked different than regular smart meters.
    However, all smart “meters” are also cell relay hubs.
    Every single one of even Generation I “meters” is fully capable of doubling as a fully functioning cell relay collector hub device while locked on your home.
    Smart “meters” are already used as collector hubs, remotely achieved by rotation.
    A smart “meter” is a multiple use device.
    We already know that arbitrary and fully inadequate thermal based safety limits mean absolutely nothing. Worse still, , it is almost impossible to fine which “meter” has been activated to enable illegal exposure levels akin to cell tower intensity since those in charge of this are able to hide what they are doing and are also self policing.
    Anyone’s “meter” at any given moment can be remotely activated as a hub.
    Utilities seem to think they can ‘fly below the radar’, legally.
    All the while there is what appears to be a global pathologically indifference to the fact that this is a daily exercise in premeditated murder.
    Utilities everywhere are prepared to knowingly expose people to what even by current standards are fully illegal radiation levels, harming infants, children, the sick and the elderly, and indeed all people left with no protection at all, all of which violates all customer contracts, implied or otherwise
    Your private home has been co-opted for corporate data mining and surveillance and for use by an illegal radiation data mining device.
    Your unshielded wiring was never intended to carry microwaves sharing data with up to 5000 other homes and smart “meters”, each one doubling as a fully functioning cell relay collector hub.
    At any moment, any poor unwitting family can be and is being exposed to cell tower strength frequencies.
    The true purpose of the grid system is to rotate monthly by stealth whichever smart meter becomes the next collector hub for any given area.

    • shane says:

      what you are saying is so wrong. a smart meter’s tiny little radio transceiver can not operate at levels that towers do, that is absurd, first off the antenna systems on wifi and smart meters are closed circuit antennas, they would not deal with even a few watts because they would see a short circuit at that frequency.
      also look at the transmission towers, you think the coax cables and antennas are as large as they are for no reason, and that they are powered transceivers for nothing, makes no sense, people who have no understanding or knowledge of the inner workings of the actual components should not be talking about this stuff because all they do is cause folks to become confused and afraid, of course if some one just got a new smart meter and then reads this right after googling it they see this, then suddenly everything they are feeling as a result of reading this type of stuff will confuse the two and think well they must be right because now i am a paranoid conspiracy theorist, and now i can’t tell why i feel the way i feel, and then will blame the very things i don’t understand.

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  22. Ernst J. says:

    Not sure but I’m also hearing some cap about the smart meters have gps as well. Can anyone clarify?

    • Richard says:

      Why would anything that doesn’t move need GPS? Seriously?! The utility company already knows your physical address. Oh wait, maybe the SmartMeter has a motion sensor built in, and whenever you walk by, it tells the government whether you were walking away from or toward your front door… OMG! Come on, folks… You’re gonna worry yourself sick.

      • TWamm says:

        GPS can provide an accurate clock signal for synchronizing communications, though I would think the radio system could do that too. GPS is a good feature on vehicle dashcams, for enabling accurate timestamps of events.

    • Paul H says:

      There are temperature and tamper sensors along with a flashing infrared light located on the top.

  23. August says:

    Inside my house directly behind the smart meter mounted outside I put a 24×24 inch 22gauge steel sheet with 8 layers of aluminum wire screen against the wall with the steel sheet over the screen layers. I then put a second 12x12inch 22gauge plate centered over the place where the smartmeter was broadcasting “into” my house. I then tested the area with an em rf frequency meter when the meter outside was at peak pulse and voila. No signal inside the house. That at least protects us from the strongest signals during sleep. I showed my neighbors and they did the same. I’d like to take a sledge hammer to the bloody thing…but…

    • Paul H says:

      You may want to measure the outlets in the home. The digital meter produces micro surges in the 50 KHz range riding on energized wiring. Also, the wattage is spiked in the middle of the night when there is a “data dump”. I’ve witnessed this in the 3 and 4 am hour. The smart meter is like an octopus, with it’s tentacles attached to the home’s wiring pulsing high frequency into the living area. The only safe meter is electro mechanical.

      Here is an interview with Dr Magda Havas and Dave Stetzer (Stetzer Electric) explaining dirty electricity.


      • Mia Nony says:

        Remember Marshall McLuhan and his motto: ” The medium is the message”? Enter the smart grid. The medium is microwaves. The medium is not only the message it is the method and the means of profit.
        What is so diabolical about the smart grid is that the microwave method of delivery IS the money maker, as is the stolen data and electricity futures derivatives, next.
        Total harmonic distortion is a result of the introduction of microwaves to an existing electrical system.
        In fact each utility is using the method of delivery, the microwave spikes and pulses, to augment “measurement” and give the “appearance” of usage while at the same time removing the means for the customer to understand their own usage.

        That said, many homes are also incorrectly grounded, or not grounded at all, or grounded to the water pipes, or else the wires are not correctly twisted to cancel fields, or all of the above, and even regular pre smart grid electrical transients usually comprise 80% of electrical fields in homes, even without the microwaves which STILL enter the home via the path of least resistance, the transmission lines, with or without a smart meter on that home.

        In fact there is not such thing as opting out since your neighbour’s s/meter can read your microchipped fridge or stove, etc.

        Question: Can a suppressor stop the wireless signals from s/meters nearby. Not likely. But at least that form of wireless attenuates.

        The time for diagnosis is done, IMO.

        To continue to analyze the smart grid problem without addressing solutions risks a descent into morbid fascination with a train wreck.
        We know the disease.
        Now it is cure time.
        And there is a cure or two out there.
        Time to de-incentivize the utility, isn’t it?

        Time to neutralize the motive for the grid? And once done, there goes the reason for its existence.

        The motive is a very simple model – greed.
        Time to cut off the corporate ponzi grab for your wallet, as well as to protect your data, and to save your health? Sure, why not?

        Survival is yours for the taking.
        You just have to get over the fact that yes, it’s up to you to bear the cost to defeat their system, one household at a time.

        Convince your neighbours to do the same and the exponential effect grows. Convince enough people to do so and the utility loses the greed driven reward for the introduction of the microwave grid, which is government, police and even military control of your home and property, and pure profit, all if it funded by you.

        Who (besides the utility) knew that people would irrationally vote against their own best interests by choosing yet again a president who openly promised them that electricity costs would necessarily skyrocket under his scheme of cap and trade?

        Who (other than those who developed it) anticipated that this desecration, euphemistically called a “green” energy “upgrade”, would prove to be such a severe assault on all biological quality of life, would actually be a downgrade, slow bioelectrical failure delivered right into your unarmed home?

        Who (other than the government who wrote all those laws to grant full legal immunity to all of the corporations carrying this out) ever imagined ahead of time that each so called customer not only would be expected to pay for perpetual obsolescence via a new replacement transmitting data thieving spy device every few years henceforth, but realized that additionally the task to subvert the harm and stop this theft would fall to each energy/water customer? …..
        Meaning that it’s up to you now to protect yourself from the utility.

        Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do so.

        The utility sees fit to protect not you but only the remotely operated computerized network management equipment from their own microwave method of data mining. That is the purpose of the aggressive and uniquely harmful SMPS.
        Many have asked why did they not build in a suppressor?
        Well… there is no profit in stopping the pulses.
        Besides that is your job now.

        They are statutorily exempt from all liability.
        Meanwhile they are taking over your private property and using it and your non BX (metal clad) home wiring to run and sustain and operate and enable their profits using continuous “chat” on their system, run at your expense, aerial trespass, electronic trespass, physical assault, call it what you will, they have prearranged to be free to ignore your rights unless you assert them yourself.

        In this scheme every single biological being, human or otherwise, serves as the ground wire for this wireless system.

        That means that each one of us, our loved ones, our unborn babies, our pets and all wildlife, our gardens, all forests, flora, fauna, fish, bees birds, butterflies, bats, …..all things biological …..are in effect being slowly electrocuted, since that is precisely what electromagnetically precipitated electrical induction is, a case of electrocution. Corporate electrocution.

        So …You have been deemed to serve as the ground wire for their system.
        Your nerves and muscles are the switches forced to rapidly artificially depolarize as they are involuntarily coupled into the grid.

        Which begs the only question worth asking:

        Every corporate utility’s profit margin depends on the perpetuation of this unconscionable method of delivery.

        the scheme is about the utility profiting from their own agenda to use unshielded surges, pulses and spikes to make trillions of dollars – which they call “usage”, and to make even more by calling stolen private data “personal” while ignoring the illegal wiretap aspect of all of this.

        The pulses themselves are what is measured here, – not real time personal usage, … at least not “usage” as any customer ever understood it, up until now. This computer has software able to be overwritten, also able to “disappear” its own tracks, clamped on every home on earth as it rounds up the KWh every quarter hour.

        This is an estimation system. It estimates pulsing energy.
        It is not about real time “usage”.
        It bears no resemblance to how any previous electromechanical meter ever measured voltage directly. It measure ambient energy, not mere voltage. This is why bills skyrocket.

        Electromechanical meters are safe and user friendly. Smart meters are intentionally just the opposite.
        And that makes you the collateral damage for corporate profiteering
        OR DOES IT?

        Here is an idea:
        Why not legally foil them at their own game? (pardon the pun).

        Granted, a whole house suppressor won’t on its own save the ecosystem outside your home, but it will assure you relief from microwave hell and return your privacy while lowering your bills.

        Afterwards you can always work out a safe way to ground the so called “meter” in order to neutralize and deposit into the ground all of its return signals, as a way to stop the utility from using your home as a two way mini cell tower busy collecting data.

        Never before has your home been directly linked to 5000 other meters as one continuous circuit while chatting with and sending private data around the continuous network circuit of up to 5000 other “private” meters en route back to Gouge Central.

        A good whole house suppressor will at very least assure a safer bunker until this war is finally declared criminal.

        Consider the purchase and installation of a whole house suppressor of reasonably high quality (certainly don’t go for the cheapest one at Home Depot).
        The military and most of industry already use these suppressor devices. It saves them a ton of money and stops wear and tear on components of their operations.

        Seriously consider hiring an electrician for under one hour to affect the installation of a whole house surge suppressor, which attenuates the total harmonic distortion introduced to your home by the microwave driven smart grid.

        A suppressor lowers bills, stops LED burn out, and can also attenuate existing transients which are already part and parcel of almost any electricity delivery system, even without the addition of microwaves.

        A good suppressor will smooth out the sine wave surges, pulses, and prevent their continuous circulation around all home circuits.

        This can be well worth the investment of a couple of hundred dollars or so.
        There are many brands and many prices out there from military grade for everything from lightening down to 1 MHz or for typical household use, for anywhere in between. check out Sinetamer or EATN, there are many reputable brands.
        Just read the fine print.
        Be sure to get one with a comprehensive warranty of at least 15 years or more, and with protection for, say, $75,000 to insure non chipped appliances and vulnerable electronics.

        A whole house suppressor can significantly lower your “smart” energy bills, legally, and may also short circuit (another pun!) the TOU or time of use charge game, by blocking the pulses which otherwise are meant to be part of how the utility identifies the frequency signature for each component in the home.

        It seems likely that a suppressor would attenuate the worst source of harm, the SMPS, or switch mode power supply which apparently supposedly converts energy from AC to DC and protects the circuit boards of the computer device they call a meter (not).

        The SMPS is capable of spiking up to 70,000 gigs and back, and is in there not to protect you but solely to protect this network management and communications device from line voltage transients.
        So think about it.
        What the utility calls “usage” these days is really their device’s measurement of the microwave spikes and fields, a “distortion-for-profit” system comprised of harmonics which they themselves generate.

        The medium is the message takes on a whole new meaning here, since the medium is the method for gouging the customer. Hence the drastic increase in bills.
        Truly a license to print money.
        Why not send the harm packing?

        • Simon Fox says:

          Fantastic reply. Excellent suggestion. There may be a range of solutions from a no-compromise UPS with AC->DC->resynthesized AC to at least a bit of attenuation using surge suppressors. Doesn’t deal with the radiation from the meter of course, but sorts out the wiring issue.
          BTW I’d recommend switching to 12V DC led lighting and putting a nice clean 12DC supply where the lighting circuits are fed from the box. I worked out 150W would be fine per circuit in our setup, without overloading the wiring. The lighting wiring is MUCH worse than the rest of the house wiring in terms of radiating out. And so that would radically reduce the emissions overall.

  24. Dee says:

    I don’t know about smart meters, but I really think you’re going to see a much higher instance of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in people with higher IQ’s and larger oval heads since 4G was released and using the 700MHz band by Verizon and AT&T. It’s doing something…. They need to get off the range and there needs to be more studies of the affect on the human brain.

  25. shane says:

    Name Wavelength Frequency (Hz) Photon energy (eV)
    Gamma ray less than 0.02 nm more than 15 EHz more than 62.1 keV
    X-ray 0.01 nm – 10 nm 30 EHz – 30 PHz 124 keV – 124 eV
    Ultraviolet 10 nm – 400 nm 30 PHz – 750 THz 124 eV – 3 eV
    Visible 390 nm – 750 nm 770 THz – 400 THz 3.2 eV – 1.7 eV
    Infrared 750 nm – 1 mm 400 THz – 300 GHz 1.7 eV – 1.24 meV
    Microwave 1 mm – 1 meter 300 GHz – 300 MHz 1.24 meV – 1.24 µeV
    Radio 1 m – 100,000 km 300 MHz – 3 Hz 1.24 µeV – 12.4 feV…
    if smart meters are as powerful as fear mongers claim then we should see people cooking who are any where near a microwave dish. we don’t see that, and cell phones dont have their emitters on the earpiece, the antenna is in the butt of the phone, so all these pictures showing R.F entering at the ear are full of crap, and if any thing it’s going to be your hand that is exposed to more radiation than any place else, try this experiment, make a phone call and watch your reception indicator, cup the bottom half of your phone in your hand close your hand around the phone and watch your reception change dramatically. if some one tells you your smart meter is putting out more R.F than a smart meter they are nuts.

    • Paul H says:


      Why are you comparing X-ray and gamma rays to smart meter RF? Why ramble on about where the cell phone antenna is located?

      I don’t get your post…
      “if some one tells you your smart meter is putting out more R.F than a smart meter they are nuts.” ……..It looks as if you may be lacking sleep and can’t get your thoughts together. Whatever you do, don’t blame it on wireless. You may want to console with a psychiatrist as this is a common problem associated with people you call “nuts”. They have special medication waiting for people that suffer from your problem.

  26. shane says:

    this is nuts, people are all worried about smart meters and then they go hop on their cellphone’s and talk their friends ears off, if anything is going to burn people out is all the listening to others cry about smart meters, people are lead to believe smart meters blast out high levels of rf, this is not true compared to a cell phone, cell phones have a lot more power than a smart meter and the R.F emitting from a meter is not even 50% duty cycle, the information is pulsed out, the unit is not constantly transmitting, when your on a cell phone the transmission is on all the time your on it, and goes to a low power mode in idle and goes into a pulsed mode, you can hear this if you place your cell phone back to back with an transistor am radio, you can time the broadcasts, they also have a lot more power so they can maintain a connection to the network reliably enough to use as a phone. smart meter technicians must walk within 10 feet of the meter to get it’s signal, and most smart meters use infra red diodes to transceive data. that is the two small holes you see on the right side of the meter, it has 2 holes, one hole has a infra red diode that transmits, that is the clearish looking one, the other one is dark and is the receiver, the radio frequency comes in later, after the meter man takes all his data his hand held device uses R.F to send all that data into the host system, usually you will see these small antennas on small boxes on telephone poles, and a lot of them have solar panels above them, when the meter man comes into range of one of these data receiving units it uploads all it’s data at once. not all smart meters emit signal,. a lot of them use the same technology your television remote uses.

  27. emr and elf sensitive says:

    I thought i would write to your blog right now since i am sitting in front of my mac book pro connected with cable to a modem and have an awful migraine and my ears feel as if they have been pressurized. I have pain in my ear and above the earlobes and and in the temples. We have smart meters all around us, a block of flats and someone on wifi I can see using the Netcomm Wireless Device and a Netcomm Wireless Device 1 Extension which means that there wireless single is emitting into my direction.
    I sleep with classical music every night I can to mitigate the awful low hum vibrations that I know is linked to all things man made such as wireless, smart meters, satellites, and all forms of phone carrier towers and power lines.
    I have have had enough. Sometimes I sit in front of my macbook pro and I get this weird gust of energy and it feels also very much like a sound wave of some sort.
    The truth is we are being abused by these technologies daily and I am sick of it and I am tired all the time and it is so unfair that we as communities are being forced to live like this whilst BIG COMPANIES CONTINUE TO GROW AND GROW IN WEALTH whilst they make us incredibly WEAK in health.

  28. Bruce Cain says:

    Soon they will be putting a smart meter on my home. And while I decided to “opt out” they are still putting in a meter and “promising” not to turn on the router portion to communicate the data wirelessly to the network of meters in my neighborhood. And for this “privilege” I will have to pay an intitial $70 and then about $10 each month.

    My question is not so much about radiation but the collection of meta data. I don’t believe they have a right to have anything more than my monthly Kw usage (e.g., no second by second granularity of readings). So why am I being forced (e.g., nudged) to have a smart meter at all? Will they still be using bluetooth, a usb port etc. to get those second by second reading so they can eventually charge me higher rates for peak usage periods etc. Or will they just get one monthly Kw reading?

    Oh and how much are those devices so I can actually measure whether they are lying about keeping the wireless router functionality off.

    As this technology gets more entrenched I can see this used to gather meta data on our daily activities: when I’m home, what devices I’m using etc. As a long time author on drug policy I also have grave suspicions that the “minute by minute” reading will be used to shut down “home grows,” by data mining for 12 hour periods of increased energy use. Why would they want to do that? So the state governments can insure that only the state and their cronies have the right to “grow their own.”

    Finally let me just say that we are a democratic republic in name only. The fact is we are increasingly left with no choice in so many matters: whether to get vaccinated, whether to smoke cigarettes, whether to lose weight, whether to have a smart meter. And so far we have remained silent. There is no reason that the utility, in this case DTE of Detroit, could not simply set up an active server page that consumers can self report their monthly readings. I am a systems analyst and this would cost little money and even far less labor. The fact that this is not on the table speaks volumes. Sorry but I think there is a much more evil agenda afoot with these smart meters. For example when the Chinese are allowed to buy us completely out they can get the keys to our homes just days after they used the “smart grid” to turn off peoples electricity, block by block, leaving us with no refrigeration, electricity, computers etc.

    Sorry in advance for my cynicism.

    • Jerry Emerson says:

      Hi, Bruce; You seem NOT to be walking around trance-like in the false reality embraced by too many of our compatriots. I agree with everything you’ve stated and this encroachment is riddling what is left of the USA. I slightly disagree only with your concern the Chinese will shut us down – they will be way too late in arriving. Besides, the same shareholders of our Federal Reserve are shareholders (not all the same shareholders but, many) in the Central Banks of China, Russia and a lot of other countries supposedly our “enemies”. Smart meters definitely serve the purposes of these shareholders who are unquestionably represented on the boards of every major transnational corporation on the planet. They are about to add the TPP to accelerate the job drain in this country. Impoverishment and Diaspora being the tool used (unless massacre, such as in Libya, Iraq, etc.,) is required to fragment and destroy sovereignty in any natiion averse to kneeling at their Play Money altar.

      It is my hope you have received hundreds of responses that are favorable to your views. Detroit is supposed to be in the toilet financially. It would be interesting to discover what their Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (the real state of affairs behind the bogus Budget Report) might reveal concerning Detroit’s investment portfolio. My guess would be they could rebuild the city with less than half of those holdings. Just a bee in a bonnet if you haven’t heard that buzzing before.

      Since you were a narcotics person I’m thinking you are aware of how the Rothschild family used David Sassoon in India and China to create the huge Chinese addiction to opium making themselves the numbers 1 and 2 richest men in the world (not forgetting Rothschild’s East India Company sacking Bengal and other defenseless places). The grip on international drug traffic (I believe) was never relinquished by that early drug cartel. Rothschild owns the companies that make the chemicals needed to process opium into morphine and then into heroin. The families in this country who used their Yankee Clippers to speed up the flow of opium from India to China for Sassoon are still represented by folks like GHWBush who availed himself of the Rothschild created CIA (with its Nazi complement to give it sparkle) and there seems little doubt our military has been employed to cement CIA control of drug movement in this hemisphere and elsewhere.

      You might be the guy to tell me if this is real or simply wild guesswork on my part.

      Take Care,


  29. Meter Man says:

    I sell the drive-by water and gas meters for a living. Your calculations on how often they transmit are off in many areas…however I cannot speak for a “mesh” system due to the fact that the meter I sell does not mesh. I will say that most “drive-by” or even fixed network (read from towers) systems broadcast at 20-30 miliwatts every 10-15 seconds, depending on the meter manufacturer. Some, including the meter I sell, can broadcast a 100 miliwatt burst once an hour or so to reach the tower when foliage or other interference stops it from sending a read.

    As for what info is asked for…leaks, high usage, low usage, reverse flow and tamper alarms. With the Feds holding municipalities by the throat over accountability on water and gas loss, they NEED this info to account for usage. Keep in mind, it costs a utility to make or buy water, and to buy gas. If they buy 20 million gallons of water but can only account for 10 mil…that’s 50% of their purchase unaccounted and unpaid. The need is justified on the water no gas. As for electric, the Feds once again want time of usage billing. This is a revenue generator more than an attack on privacy. They want to bill you more for using during peak demand.

    I have yet to see any meter that knows what color your undergarments are, or what meds you take or even how much money you have under your mattress. I have also failed to see these meters cause health issues. I have customers who have had these meters for 10-12 years. There has not been a rise in cancer rates, paranoia or school shootings. My hairline has receded over those 10+ years, but I’m getting older, and heredity gets the blame.

    Chill out folks. This is not your utility seeking info to give to the CIA. It’s the Government regulating the hell out of everything, and making itself a bigger entity. These utilities are only trying to keep up.

    Meter Man

    • Paul H says:

      Meter Man, You are correct with telling us that Obama is attacking the utilities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlTxGHn4sH4
      Gore came up with a problem and invested heavily into the solution. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esoFaupuMMg
      People think they can change the weather..another lie.

      You are however grossly incorrect about the health issue. I have been on this for the last three and a half years. I’ve seen the health problems first hand and have had the pleasure of helping so many get their health back. If I had one person that didn’t recover after eliminating blasts of wireless created by smart meters, wifi, cordless base stations, and other gadgets of misery I would have quit. Knowing what I know now it’s a “no brainer”.

      People like you assume that this is having no affect but you’re wrong. You don’t care about anyone but yourself. I’ve seen this attitude with naysayers. It’s all about them. Me ex doesn’t get it it either and I couldn’t be happier with her decision.

      I spoke with a solar salesman the other day. I told him that his customers are getting sick from his product. His response was that none of his customers were getting sick and he had thousands. I thought to myself…this person is a liar. Why would he ask old customers if they were having health problems? Especially since he had such a strong belief that solar wasn’t a problem.

      People that don’t listen are a waste of time. They truly deserve to suffer. Keep going to the doctor and don’t be amazed if he/she doesn’t know what the source of your problem is. Just keep taking more of those pills and trust in your government elected by corporate dollars to look out for you.

  30. Will says:

    I’m still confused. I received a very nice personal email from my company. They say what I have is not what they call a smart meter and transmits data over the power line and it’s called power line carrier communications. As he has explained it there is no radiation to worry about. Can anyone here confirm this??? If my power company isn’t lying, why don’t all companies just use this technology and not expose people to unnecessary radiation?

  31. Marshall Cypress says:

    These meters put out 1 watt max per pulse, they do not put out near the power of a TV or radio station. In my neighbor hood I can monitor them and they barely make a blip on my Software defined radio. I had to turn the gain up to see them.

    If there was anything I would worry about it is the 5000 watt AM radio transmitter about 1 mile away from me. These are not some thing I care about.

    Heck my phone puts out more than these and the same with my home WIFI.

    Laptop power supplies put out more RF than these do and they do it constantly.

    Microwaves put out measurable noise in the 2.3 to 2.4 ghz range.

  32. Marshall Cypress says:

    One more thing, you guys should really research what radiation is.

    Radiation is emitted from all sorts of things.
    These things are all radiation
    this is not the same as radiation from the decay of isotopes.

    Heat, light, and sound can all cause harm if their “radiation” levels get to high.
    Heat and light can cause burns.
    Sound can kill you if it is loud enough.

    Even if you went to the most remote place on the planet far from civilization you are being bombarded by electromagnetic radiation from places on the other side of the planet as well as the farthest reaches of the universe.

    Ever second of every day thousands and even millions of cosmic/gamma rays go through your body and no amount of lead shielding can stop some of it.

  33. Strike-the-root says:

    The game of monopoly was originally called The Landlord Game. It was designed to teach kids about the evils of monopolies. I’m sure many of us have circled that board feeding the fat landlords and paying fines and having little say in the outcome. As this question of utilities that are supposed to provide electricity but instead aspire to becomes the radiology department of what is coming to look like an open air asylum.

    At the root of this crime against humanity is the monopoly that deprives us of a sane alternative. We are literally being baked, boiled, and burned for the power from generators we paid for and cheap electricity because we were stupid enough to leave all that in the hands of same genocidal maniacs that are creating barren landscapes scarred by commercially-driven water depletion, fuel recovery fracking, and radiological Frankensteins of every variety, Vioxx etc.

    We are supposed to kiss their ***** for sparing us the ignited gasoline showers they visit on others on our so-called behalf.

    These are world-class liars and cheats and murderers. To be a tribal affiliate you must first have a bloodline relationship and accept to join them in considering vast portions of humanity as nothing more than cattle to be disposed of at their whim. A small handful hiding behind the Alps holding billions in bondage and constant fear. Remarkable.

  34. Jerry Emerson says:

    I wanted to opt out. I was told by the city employee icharge of the program that to do so I would be charged $50 each time a city employee came by to check my meter. He said it would be done four times a year at present but that the “utility” saide they were planning on increasing it to a monthly reading. That would mean I’d pay $699 a year to have my meter read. I was also told only two or three other people wanted to opt out. The system in use now requires only a “drive-by” reading. This means a city employee, once a month woiuld drive by three or four houses and the city would collect $1,800-2,400. When asked why the conversion to a different system I was told the new system was the “low bidder”. Conwsidering the city already had thousands of units in place which they would jettison and replace at great cost with new equipment I am unable to see how a “low bid” wouild recover that expense in the foreseeable future. Both the opt out issue and the the issue of the change itself merits an inquiry. I’m 84 and legally blind so I’m hardly the person to mount such an endeavor. I haven’t read all the foregoing responses so perhaps I am simply repeating a concern about this issue. I am well aware the science as presented by both the city employee nad the utility is a far cry from being science in the sense we understand the word.

    • Thanks for your resistance and courage. There are likely others in your community as outraged as you are. Let’s come together and resist. We stand ready to support you! -J

      • Jerry Emerson says:

        I had proofed my message before sending it. (1600 magnification so I could read it) When I read it now it is full of typos. I shall proof this one a letter at a time before sending it. Since I have already submitted to the bullying tactics of a combined corporate/municipal gang and had the new unit installed (by a city employee and not a representative of Ferguson’s) I’m wondering how this can be redressed? What would be an effective and efficient way of revealing the true nature of this “readout” change? Often, once something is a “done deal” and the “done dealers” tell the public there is nothing they can do to change it, folks tend to put their tails between their legs and go back and lay beside their dish. I wonder if this will be a situation of that kind or truly an uprising of spirit that succeeds against something that hurts the homeowner and helps only the utility. I don’t dwell on the health impact of the meters since there can be little doubt of their deleterious affects on a great number of people.

  35. Danny says:

    My family experiences symptoms of EHS after living in a high rise w/ a cell tower on top for 5 years.

  36. Toxi Com says:

    toxi.com/esmog has lots of sources, info, studies

  37. Luke says:

    It could be useful to add that you can lookup your smart meter’s FCC ID ( https://fccid.io ) to see the frequency it operates at, the maximum output power, and the distance you should keep from it [check the SAR documents specific to your meter]

  38. Premi says:

    I have been living in an apartment with a PG&E silversprings smart meter on the outerwall of my bedroom. I have developed thyroid problems and heart issues. Chronic fatigue and don’t sleep well. And now I am not working because of it. My daughter has dizziness spells and sinus problems. Are these symptoms others have due to smart meters? How far away from it do I need to be to be safe? What can I do? If I move, someone else will just move in and be sick. I feel like I should do something about it, but first get myself and daughter safe.

    • Josh Hart says:

      Hi Premi,

      Thanks for writing- I’m so sorry you have been going through this- but you have come to the right place! you need to get that meter removed ASAP and replaced with a safer analog and in the meantime you can shield with foil or a space blanket spread behind the meter on the wall and/ or keep your distance. Also, disconnect any other wireless RF emitting devices in your home- the effective is cumulative. See:


      Call PG&E and demand they remove the smart meter and replace with a true analog meter. Call 866 743 0263 and do not agree to pay any fees just demand they remove the smart meter.

      The symptoms you report are common response to smart meter pulsed RF exposure- see: https://stopsmartmeters.org/2015/02/04/first-peer-reviewed-study-of-health-symptoms-associated-with-smart-meters-published-in-us-medical-journal/

      You should get as far away as possible from the smart meter, and RF exposure should be as low as possible- most of the worst symptoms occur within 20-30 feet of a smart meter, or above .03 mw/m2. you can purchase a low cost EMF meter in our online store: https://stopsmartmeters.org/store

      PG&E will provide an analog if people insist on it- leave literature, and spread around the neighborhood to raise awareness- you can pick up brochures and cards here to warn people and elected officials about the hazards: https://stopsmartmeters.org/store

      Your first priority is getting safe- I would give PG&E 72 hours to come and respond and tell them you will hire someone to come and do it if they cannot.

      Let me know if you have any questions.



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  40. Hobby Radio Operator says:

    I caught an installer from WE-Energies; here in Wisconsin, installing a smart meter over the summer. I’m very cautious about RF emissions with my own equipment, and have a big problem with electrical noise, and white noise on my receiver since this meter was installed. The noise level changed in the past with weather changes like rain and temerature, but was never this bad. I made a complaint about the RF noise, and with the American Radio Relay League on my side; we’ll see what happens next when the send a technician out to test for the interference.

  41. Hobby Radio Operator says:

    Another thought to consider is shielding yourself from these transmissions. A simple piece of aluminum foil, or sheet of copper is enough to block or reflect a radio signal at higher frequencies. My water meter is on the outside of my home, on the other side of the wall from the head-board of my bed. I don’t want to be exposed to signals that close while I sleep, so I plan on putting a shield in place to protect my wife and I from this increased risk.

    Best Regards!

    • Josh Hart says:

      Shielding is a partial solution, since RF can come in on the wiring/ plumbing/ etc. we encourage you as the homeowner to refuse altogether and only use shielding as a partial, last ditch short term solution.

  42. LookingForAnswers says:

    In the FAQ, there are multiple talks about spikes in RF and the intensity of the electromagnetic waves being transmitted. What I would like to know is the intensity value of such waves? I find it odd that all of this data is being presented, and there is talk of fancy RF measuring equipment, yet I still don’t see a solid number that shows the findings of the intensity of these waves.

    If somebody could provide me with that number, it would be greatly appreciated.

  43. Margaretha Tierney says:

    When the smart meter was put on my bedroom wall in 2012, I was sick in two weeks and remained sick for three years, all the time trying to find something affordable to stop radiation coming into the house. Finally I had $5000 to move it 45 feet to the fence. Now I am sensitive to wifi, my phone, treadmill, and many other things. I am breaking out in skin cancers over my body. The electricity company lied to me and said the websites warnings are all false. One day they will receive their just reward.

  44. James says:

    Smart Meter Deniers! Isn’t that what the main stream will be calling all of us concerned about health. Thanks for putting this info out there. I wish I had a more scientific brain to understand the effects, how emf works, etc. I now have one in my life, and there was no opt out available. Like others I was told it was less harmful than a cell phone. Cell phones have been known to cause cancer, so this could be true. Fortunately, I am not in a neighborhood where the neighbors are close. I am in the country, and they are far. I am however perplexed. I have lower back compression, and I noticed in the fall when we were camped in our rv on a steeper hill I had nerves popping everywhere. I also noticed an increase in anxiety, pinched nerves, etc. I was at that time injured from a job, and much of it had to do with that. I also felt that the steep hill was hard on my lower back. Well, a month there and I noticed a smart meter for the campground was about 50 to 60 feet away from us. We got off the hill to a lower, flatter area, and within a week the popping nerves stopped and so did the anxiousness.
    Now we bought a home, and are working on the house, and have yet to move in. I did not notice any affects when I was working about 50 or so feet on the other side of the house where the backside of the meter is facing in. I started working outside digging a french drain around the backyard, which is hard on my back, and I have to work with limited movement. First two days no nerve popping, but as I got closer it began again. I could say it’s from the digging, or I could say it is from the meter. I don’t know. I know I don’t trust what I am told by the company, and I really doubt they know.
    Now what I would like to ask is about shielding. Many say that a grounded aluminum shield will protect inside and out without putting anything behind the meter. I did a makeshift one today, and am in pain from the digging but did have a headache coming on. I did notice that with the shield in front and around the meter a bar was added to the bar underneath the reading number, and when I took it away, there was one bar. I am wondering are there any cases of the signal being disrupted from a shield of aluminum mesh?
    I also looked into a product by safespace. They are apprehensive to say much how it works, and the effectiveness cannot be found from a detective device, but the effects of the body. You plug it in, it uses the copper wiring and plumbing to harmonize the dirty electricity. There is a reputable chiropractor who uses their products, but the company will not answer questions. They say it is answered on their site. This makes me skeptical. I would like to hear from someone more about shielding. What if you wrap aluminum screen on the sides and leave a small portion in the front, or the whole front exposed. Is this at least causing some kind of reduction in the house, if so, I can live with that? I also would like to know how the radiation levels compare indoors as to outdoors? We are in a time that there simply will be no choice, unless you go off grid, and one day that option will be more difficult. I really would like to have some answers on how to protect ourselves, because choice is a thing of the past in many ways. If anyone also wants to talk about this somehow, I would be happy to. Thanks guys!

  45. Charles Howard says:

    Another issue that was not addressed is interference with AM radio. As a vintage radio collector I find that it interferes with AM reception.

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  47. June says:

    With the community fires in MA this week and the ongoing community fires in CA and those areas implementing “sustainable development” and installing “smart meters” any chance the smart meters are causing the fires? I would think that RF radiation pulses from the “smart meters” would be a source of ignition for homes that use gas.

  48. Jan says:

    To whom it may concern:
    Follow up request to my previous E-Mail:
    If one is unable to help me then please, please post my dilemma on ones site and maybe I might find someone who is knowledgeable before December 5 2018? Again my Telephone number is (8140 495-4451

  49. Kevin says:

    Could someone tell me wether smart meters emit their waves upwards and whether I should have a concern in this case: We are considering renting a 4th floor apartment, immediately above a bank of 84 smart meters, just below on the outside of the bedroom walls, down about 40 feet below the room floors. Can the meters’ waves emit upwards, through the outside wall, and through 4 apartment floors 40 feet up?

  50. Kevin says:

    I’m looking for an apartment to move into soon, and have just bought a TriField meter. When I do readings at apartments, what measurements should I be reading? And, what are the safe levels for each, so I know what the deal-breaker levels are? Where abouts should I be taking the measurements? Thanks,

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  52. Mona Archuleta says:

    I live in western kansas and they just installed smart meters last week in our small town of 250 or so people. Midwest energy does not give us an opt out option, yet eastern kansas uses Westar Energy does give it as an option. How do we go about getting Midwest to give us this option?

  53. Some apartments and condos have over 30 smart meters and you could feel it like it was FREY EFFECT on drugs. The building manager is required to say it’s safe if you live within 5 feet of 30+ smart meters. Some building were built 50 years ago and was never er meant to have smart meters right next to suites.

    • Tyrone says:

      When the smart meter technician with the laptop adjusted all the frequency bands for 30+ smart meters the smart meters gave off a high pitch noise that you could only hear in your head. You would notice it after spending several months beside smart meters. The Smart meters in Canada are controlled by African descent contractors.

    • Tyrone says:

      I was told it was part of the US Pentagon FREY EFFECT program and that someone’s name was pulled out of a magic hat. If you listen closely the smart meters is supposed to say BOOM or BURN KILL DESTROY


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