“Smart” Meters: More Radiation Than a Cell Tower

PG&E and other utilities claim that wireless ‘smart’ meters emit a fraction of radiation compared to other common wireless devices.  This is a blatant lie, as anyone with an analyzer can determine for themselves.  Thanks to San Francisco resident Amy O’Hair for going out and doing this critical work.   Where is the Department of Public Health?  Where is the FCC? Or the CPUC?  It seems that if people want to know the truth, we can no longer rely on government agencies.   We just have to organize and do it ourselves.

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29 Responses to “Smart” Meters: More Radiation Than a Cell Tower

  1. Stephen Sen'Gerni says:

    please advise me on radiation detectors that can be used on my smart meter.

    I will be writing to Choptank Electric to have it removed or I will go off grid with solar or generator.

    I am on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Do let me know if there is an organized group in the Easton or Centerville area. Thank you

    • Terry says:

      If you have neighbours with smart meters, then going off grid is not going to help you. Shielding your home and blocking the signal is the only option.

  2. Amy O'Hair says:

    @Stephen , you can shop for analyzers for measuring RF at http://www.lessemf.com (though you don’t have to buy from them). A Gigahertz Solutions HF analyzer is very sensitive as it is sold, and I use either one or two attenuators with it to lessen sensitivity (also sold there) otherwise I cannot see the peak power density of the ‘smart’ meter pulses.

    Remember, the crap-science methods of the utilities mean that they *time-average* the RF—meaning something like if you have a 3-millisecond pulse of 100 microwatts/CM2, followed by 5,997 milliseconds of no RF, they call that 6 seconds of 0.05 microwatts/CM2 of RF energy. When they say the meter only emits “45 seconds per day” they don’t tell you that means 15,000 pulses. Only when you yourself measure can you discover the truth behind these shady and danger deceptions.

    Both tactics for hiding the truth are utterly specious. Compare pulses to strobe-light flashes, which are acknowledged neurological triggers for seizures, for example—no one rational would “time-average” a strobe flash once in a minute, to be equivalent to a minute of continuous low-wattage lightbulb. They are distinctly and qualitatively different. And by saying it emits only 45 seconds, it hides the nearly continuous emission pattern of ‘smart’ meters. 45 seconds sounds trivial, rather than constant.

    Thanks for being interested in measuring and educating.

    • Terry says:

      Surely if one of these meters is placed on your property, encasing it in metal fly screen material will block the RF signals.

      As long as you do not touch or interfer with the metering, I can’t see how the utility companies can prevent you from doing this.

      You might want to educate your neighbours of the dangers of high power density RF and show them how to protect themselves and you.

  3. mo says:

    I would like to know how to measure the RF. If I get them to come out, as I have before, how do I know they are setting their meters to the right thing? Or could I buy one of my own for under $1000? Is there a way to show that it is not what they say? Tey came out and did a demo with me with a dummy meter and tested all my appliances and the meter from various places. I was hoping it would be okay but now I have had to change all my cfls to regular lights because I can’t be near them.

    • Hi Mo,

      If you are newly sensitive to your compact fluoresent lightbulbs (since the new meter went in), it probably means that you have been made electrosensitive from the radiation from your smart meter. Are you also suffering from cordless phone base stations and cell phones? You can buy a high frequency analyzer for under $500 at lessemf.com or other places- this is a good instrument to measure sm radiation. Or find someone near you to come out and do measurements. It’s a sure bet that if the utility comes out to measure, they will LIE to you.

    • Amy O'Hair says:

      Mo— you can also buy a Cornet RF meter for under $200 that covers a wide range of frequencies. http://www.lessemf.com/rf.html (Page down to Cornet, either model.) Video about this type of meter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fvcB0KqPuc

      There is also a Cornet combo meter that will measure the lower frequencies too, which are a problem for some folks. http://www.lessemf.com/combi.html (Page down to RF/GAUSS FIELD METER.) Here is a tutorial for that combination meter: http://www.youtube.com/user/NoRadBlog#p/u/1/AAi01Mj3ZYA Both meters have a graph that will show each pulse.

      You can be sure they don’t know or won’t say how often or how high the meters pulse—I have yet to see utility documentation that comes close to what I have read—not how high, not how often.

  4. Hector says:

    Smart meters can be nucked using hacked microwave ovens parts ….
    as told they remove the microwave oven safety features plus the door and then place the open box over the meter and turn on microwave oven box at a distance with an extension cord …. resulting in fried meter …..

    putting out fire with fire ? may result dangerous and inlegal …. but this means death to the smart meter fad , and back to the analog microwave oven proof ones …
    as the not so smart meters out there start to fail “electricaly”.

  5. Tom Fletcher says:

    You people have quite the imagination. For example, you can read what I have been paid to write here:

    Dumb leaders attack smart meters by Tom Fletcher of Blackpress


    How do you like them apples? Huh huh!

    • Corey Patrom says:

      What exactly are you touting from article?
      The so called logic I derived from it was, so since we have all other forms of RF ‘noise’ in our surroundings whats the big deal with the smartmeters? Thats like saying there’ll never be the straw that’ll break the camels back.
      My people perish for a lack of knowledge.

    • Jim says:

      So you do no research and just spew whatever you want? Nice job you have there.

      “imagined smart meter sins from privacy invasion to human rights violation.” It’s a fact they are hackable and a danger to the community. It’s a fact that it can violate your privacy and give burglars data they can use to know if you are home or not. It’s a fact they transmit 1 watt. And there’s more if you actually go look.

      PROVE ME WRONG! But you are going to have to consult with an well educated engineer and also a few programmers before you do that, sorry.

    • Chris Smith says:

      You are right “Tom”. People, go back to sleep. For the only time in history, your government and owners love you. They are forcing Smart metres on you for your benefit – they gain nothing from it. Please, slaves, remain calm and form an orderly queue t]for your destruction.

  6. Tom Fletcher says:

    Please leave your comments concerning Smart Meters on my web blog http://blogs.bclocalnews.com/victoria_view/

    or follow me on

    or you can simply email me at

    Also, please add me to any and all email list concerning Sart Meters.

    • cheena graham says:

      Um, Tom, I think you meant ‘owned by’, not paid by!! We all know about Black Press and all the other msm’s in both Canada and the U.S. And we all know what gets written in the newspapers & other msm is exactly what the big corps/govt. want told/said.
      Just because you are a hack for a newspaper doesn’t make you an expert! You want us to believe that you know more/better than the WHO?? harumph! That about puts you in the same class as herr harpo! LOL – he doesn’t believe in science either!

  7. Sharon Noble says:

    Ignore Tom Fletcher. He is a hack from Victoria, BC who works for the govt. as a “legislative reporter.” A little humour there. He is trolling for comments on his blog to make it looks as if he as a wide following. He is a dullard, dumb as a doorknob and arrogant as only someone so stupid can be.

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  10. hog says:

    the specious overradiating of america is a major health concern..even .01 microwatt of constant emf exposure can cause cancer and we live in a 65 microwatt environment and some are forced to live next to cell phone towers further exposing them to dangerous levels of radiations…smaert meter to lead to smart chips in smart appliances ,,are fing kidding ,,..first we get gamma emitting airport scanners and tsa thugs and an unrelenting and vague feeling of something aint right around here anymore…
    heard it will take 20 years for pg/e to recoup the cost of these meters from the ratepayer if they live that long
    someone mentioned why not use the type of chip that electronic bridge passes use as they dont emit but can be scanned by someone driving down the street
    what is scary is the fires these meters are causing and the communist manner in which the fascist pg/e is treating people …

  11. Cris says:

    The smart meters need to have a mu-metal box surrounding them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu-metal

    If you want to stop your smart meter radiating, build a mu-metal box for it.

    If the RF is over 100kHz you dont need mu-metal and can block it with a faraday cage.

    At the end of the day it’s just dangerous and reckless to allow unshielded equipment like this in public areas. The shielding was probably dropped from the design for profits to be paid as big fat bonuses to corporate executives and kickbacks to government officials! And everyone suffers cancer as a result! Outrageous!!

  12. Sam says:

    I found this site via a google search. We have http://www.stopsmartmetersau.com which looks like an Australian sister site. You should link to it. Our friend is practically forced out of their own home since having a smart meter installed next door. They have Dr certificates stating that the meters are causing severe headaches etc. They had the power company come around and they offered to turn the meters down 90% to see if it would help!!!!!!!

  13. Arian says:

    Best idea I’ve found on smart meter blogs and forums is to mass sue PG&E, or whoever your electric company is, in small claims court. This relatively new tactic in fighting big greedy companies avoids large legal costs and battles but has the power of a class action lawsuit. The key is to use the power of social media and other means of virtual connection to mobilize a MASS action, not just 1 or 2 people doing it. Big greedy companies like PG&E can fight class action suits with their high priced lawyers, focusing their energy on just one or a handful of lawsuits. In some states, attorneys can’t even be used in small claims court, so you are on equal ground with the company in court – 1 individual against 1 non-attorney company rep. Even in states where companies are allowed to be represented by an attorney in small claims court, the company’s legal staff will get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the lawsuits and it won’t pay for them to send high priced lawyers into each separate court action. These can also happen much more quickly than major civil cases like class actions so it’s possible to have a rapid impact on PG&E. The key is to mobilize in mass and to share lessons learned about what works best and what doesn’t. A few of these are beginning to happen now. So it’s time to connect with them! It’s not about winning the lawsuits like in a class action. It’s about making it such a pain in the a__ that the power company concludes it’s not worth installing the meters because of the drain on time, attention, resources, morale, and public opinion.

  14. flopper says:

    I’d say its a financial tactic. Economy dying so tons of expected deadbeats so now they don’t even have to pay someone to turn your power off. The hour it would have took saves them X hours,X tons of coal times the ants in their hill they expect to go bad.

    Gov approved as now they can turn off grandpas breathing machine before they send in the squad because you tried to bring in pert plus when scalp and shoulders was only allowed on that flight. Sounds silly but the fucks love control and the other fucks love money just as much.

    Pulses,radiation,public health? Who cares. You will likely have a kid or two who will work if needed and pay taxes in your place once you get sick and die off and we can teach them to be less of a pain to deal with. They will be safer from the boogeymen this all protects us from. You know that guy. He’s a real dick.

  15. ben says:

    wow do people actually believe this stuff. Those smart meters are not harmful at all. Its a load of bs i sleep next to a wireless router and it does nothing because its not harmful radiation you paranoid people

  16. Penny says:

    Time will tell….just like when cigarettes were considered as no threat to health! 😉
    Paranoid…no….concerned…yes….there is a difference especially when scientific tests prove the existence of harmful radiation.

  17. ME says:

    The smart meters do give off RF.. that’s how they communicate.. Of course.. ours only transmit short bursts, very small packets, they can transmit often, quite often, but, if you add all the time up they spend transmitting from even the busiest meter in the mesh network, it would equal about 1-2% of the day.

    We all have WiFi right? Maybe some of you are on it now… The amount of data it took your WAP to transmit this single web page to your laptop just exposed you to well over a months worth of standing over top of an AMI device on a ZigBee mesh network.

    You can easily call your electric company and have the NIC removed from the meter. You will probably be charged an extra $40 – $100 a month by doing so though.

    A Faraday cage is an interesting idea.. and the microwave? wow.. I would have never thought of that one. Kudos

  18. Len Miskulin says:

    If you think about effects on fertility you should very easily come to right idea.
    just 5 generations and “useless eaters” will no longer multiply. Bingo, Georgia guidestones honoured!

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