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But please do bear in mind, some installers have no scruples about cutting locks.


75 Responses to Defend Your Analog Meter (main index)

  1. Randall Long says:

    Recently we had a vote on a proposition, but the wording was missleading, well now
    at $300,000. they are going to install electronic smart water meters. We are only 220
    Customers with no choice. But there is still time to stop the installation scheduled for 2013. Do you have a shorter version of flyers against the smart meters ? And a shorter
    letter of complaint to the District ? We (220) are now paying $90.00 and soon $100.00
    a month just for water & sewer service for single family resident. We have several drilled wells, two springs and a river. More than adiquite water supply.

    Thank you, Randall Long Fernwood, Idaho.

  2. gail says:

    I put on a ring- the one pictured on page 5. – on my analog meter. SCE sent me a 3 -day disconnect-notice stating that they must have “24 hr.access to repair,replace… etc ..their equipment” ,thus I was in violation . They gave me virtually 3 days to remove the ring, or they would shut off my power. My bill is current and I am on the “delayed installation list”. I was harassed and lied to for 6 months before the actual threat.SCE said I had also”damaged the panel” and had to have City Building Inspection,when ,in fact,SCE had already pressured the City,which refused to lie because I was in compliance,…SCE sent me the disconnect notice stating I was in violation knowing full well that I was not- SCE just wanted the ring off in order to have access to my analog- I checked with the main office and found my meter was installed in 1977 and has had NOT NEEDED ONE service call.hmmm.

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  5. Ian Hill says:

    I live in Victoria -Victoria Australia! and I find no debate at all here about the smart meter’ invasion’ so I am asking for your help and advice.
    Our electricity provider has insisted on us accepting a a smart meter and normally, I can see how we could refuse that, but because we have installed solar panels on our roof, the smart meter (apparently) is the only technology that is possible in this interface (-between our outgoing- to- the -grid- energy and thepower co. Who we are still connected to because our system feeds back into the’ grid’). The power co. are closing in, saying we are illegall because were putting electriciy back into the grid without a smart meter-.The old meter wont measure outgoing electricity.
    Can you tell me something that will get us through this? without us having to accept a smart meter!
    Regards, Ian

    • Peter says:

      As far as I know the old analog meters DO run backwards, at least in N. America. If you have a gridtie setup, shut off as many appliances, water heater, etc that you can and see if the meter stops, then runs backwards on a sunny day. If it does tell them to take their meter and stuff it up their ***.

      Smart meters only run backwards IF the utility company allows it! So you generally go from a functioning net-metering analog meter to one that doesn’t. Guess what… all of a sudden they want you to meet all kinds of expensive electrical code for devices that already have island protection (to prevent electrocution of line workers). The whole thing is BS.

    • Cat says:

      Wow got your self a problem there. Power co hate solar and people who don’t want a smart meter.

      I’d try threatening to go off the grid. There are other meters that mesure out going power. They may stop trying to force a smart meter on you if they think that will loose your money.

      For an off grid system you may need batteries, a few more panels and maybe a new kind of inverter.

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  7. Redi Kilowatt says:

    Peter, the analog meters really do run backwards. And a person can remove their meter and install it upside down to make it run backwards too ! I don’t really know if this is true, but I have seen an electrician actually install a meter upside down once by mistake.
    He caught his mistake and corrected it . But when he left the job, he forgot to turn on the main breaker before leaving. So I got a call from the tenant at 7:00 pm asking when the power will be back on. So, I had to drive all the way down to the apartment building and flip the breaker on.
    Also, the smart meters do not record electricity being backfed to the power grid. If you look at one , there are no arrows showing direction of current flow like a digital TOU meter has. And a TOU meter is not a smart meter and does not transmit on the smart grid, it must be read manually by a person once a month.
    Some people are confused when they see a TOU meter or a demand response meter, they both have digital displays and look like a smart meter but they are not.

  8. Bandannaman1776 says:

    verb \ˈtam-pər\
    Definition “c” would apply to meters. Locking up your meter to keep it from being replaced is not “tampering”, therefore no violation exists.

    Definition of TAMPER
    intransitive verb
    : to carry on underhand or improper negotiations (as by bribery)
    a : to interfere so as to weaken or change for the worse —used with with b : to try foolish or dangerous experiments —used with with c : to render something harmful or dangerous by altering its structure or composition

  9. debbie florida says:

    Does anyone have any advice on removing a smart meter in Florida.? Iwas told from Public Service Agency that “they” themselves approved FPL’s rollout of smart meters. How can I protect my family from harmful radiation?

    • Bob G. says:

      THEY approved them NOT YOU. This is often the problem, THEY don’t have these meters installed and often THEY get paid by the power companies to rule in their favor. If they could they’d do this all behind our backs without us being involved. If everyone would take a hammer to the meter at the same time the power company would be in for a surprise. I understand its THERE meter but its OUR MONEY and we pay for a service. I don’t have a problem with people that don’t care about this. That’s their right, however I have a right to not want it.

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  11. guest says:

    Plan and simple the power company owns the meter and you are denying access. Also unless you are Peking on standing with your ear to the meter for 50 years the radiation from 18 minutes of cell phone use is worse. Being scared of a new digital Meyer that can help determine usage patterns and problems to help you control your usage, alert immediately of outages or voltage issues, and divert power during outages so less people experience loss of power. I think there are a lot more important pressures you can put your energy towards. Its a meter on the outside of your house not cameras watching what you do. You people sound crazy.

    • Mia Nony says:

      Very sorry but this info is wrong on all counts. The meters, and more to the point the router/collectors, are meant to “go the distance”. The science of frequency weaponry is not new. RF, and in particular microwave frequencies, do not come to a screeching at walls nor stop and proceed no farther than your electrical panel or your brain. Why would microwaves NOT cook flesh? That is what microwaves do. Why would any such frequency stop at uninsulated skin? Quite the opposite. The frequencies couple with all structural circuitry as well as all bio-electrical circuitry. That turns you and everything biological into the equivalent of a copper wire, involuntarily coupled into the smart grid circuit. Ionizing or non ionizing, the entire smart grid is no different than any radiation blast zone, which is what a mesh network’s purpose is, to blanket everything everywhere.
      The law of inverse ratio is null and void, since it is not just the devices that emit, and there is no “safe” distance from a grid. It is all the many omni directional frequencies intersecting, refracting, especially when routers are not left oout of the frequency equation, If ANY component is left out there is no frequency equation. The FCC left out the routers. This is why and how the whole thing is outright illegal. We have been led to remain focused on just one single locus, the meter. Imagine how powerful the router/collectors have to be in order to connect together and connect with that many thousands of bi-directional meters, to link with each one bi-directionally. Indeed routers are overpowered in order to feed anywhere from 2000 to 4000 meters which also all connect to each other. Now add together the tower, the signal relay aggregators, and the routers , never mind the satellites.
      There is no way to rehearse or simulate the cumulative coefficient attenuation of that level of superheterodyning of all smart grid components in this kind of blast zone. Each one of us and all living creatures are being coupled into the smart experiment in a way that makes what Mengele did look like nothing. And of course they already know what harm this does, they just don’t care. That is why ultra low frequencies have long been used as weapons of mass destruction by the military. And that is why PTSD and other neurological harm has gone up exponentially for soldiers exposed to the routine daily use of frequency weapons. It was almost inevitable that sooner or later such weapons used on the “enemy” would be turned against domestic populations at large.

      • Elena says:

        I think you’re right but at maybe by least bringing these meters to front and center stage people may pay attention to the rest of play right up to the final curtain. Does anyone remember the push for MTBE as an additive to replace the lead in gasoline? I understand it went over big in certain states. Like CA where after a while they found out that while it was good for reducing the smog problem, it was polluting the wells so bad that many had to be shut down. It wasn’t helping the aquifers either. Here in Montana, especially Missoula, a group of us were so persistent and publicly vocal, we managed to get the local authorities to mandate the other lessor of two evils, ethanol. And we did. In time to save our aquifer and wells from any contamination. However, not in time to save hundreds of small mom and pop service stations from going out of business. They just couldn’t afford the expensive mandated replacement of the existing old tanks which were too susceptible to the highly caustic nature of MTBE. To them it just wasn’t worth the time and money.

    • Concerned says:

      Numerous studies prove that these things emit HARMFUL-TO-YOUR-HEALTH frequencies in addition to collecting INTRUSIVE INFORMATION which may not be properly secured. You sir are either a paid electric industry supplier mole or a stupid sheeple brainwashed by lamestream media. You babble on quoting exactly the lies fed to us by industry and corrupt public officials. Go right ahead and ASK for your smart meter asap. I shall retain and fight for my right to refuse them!

    • says:

      I had no problem at first with smart meters, but in trying to lower my usage couldnt understand. Then i tried to replace my well pump and ended up dropping it 250ft. That was june 14-26. I had no water, no water heater, no washer so no dryer, not even enough water in pool to turn on pump and did not use AC. My bill never dropped. the 26 when it well was complete every thing was on did alot of laundry and there was NO spike in usage. online you can see daily 2hr usage and i have spikes at 2 in morning and i work nights. thought it was fridge but i reven shut it down for a day. Called today to opt out told it was 129 down 39 month starting today but wouldnt get meter till end of year WTF?

      • RockerDave says:

        ya know, you can get an analog meter from for around $20. and swop it out yourself. Then you should buy a “Meter Lock” from to keep them from swopping your analog back to their crappy smarty. Only thing is the Meter Lock costs $30 Canadian. Still, it’s way cheaper than what the power co is charging.

    • RockerDave says:

      The only access allegedly denied is to view the number readout from the meter. Smart Meter Blockers don’t do that – the number readout is still visible. To insist that it needs to send out some sort of signal that contains info on how much electricity I use is an infringement on my right to privacy. Your claim that cell phones have no EMF radiation and thus smart meters have none also is patently false. If cell phones have no radiation, then why did the World Health Organization urge limits on mobile phone use last year (2011), calling them a Class B carcinogen? If cell phones are that dangerous, then by simple logic, smart meters are that dangerous as well.

      Your claim that smart meters “can help determine usage patterns and problems to help you control your usage, alert immediately of outages or voltage issues, and divert power during outages so less people experience loss of power” is just not true in the real world.

      Ever since they installed a smart meter at my home, my electric bill went UP by $100 per month. My usage hasn’t changed before or since the swop. My bill is ESTIMATED, actual electricity usage is not calculated towards the bill. When there is a power outage, the electric company still relies upon their customers to call THEM to report about the outage. In other words, that damn meter don’t do nuthin but increase my bill. And “diverting power during outages” is called a “Brown Out” around here. Most folks hate that too. In conclusion, that “smart” meter ain’t so smart after all.

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  13. Bob G. says:

    If you’re in Southern California call Southern CA Edison has a DELAY list you can call to stop the install. 1 800 810 2369 you can ask for a name and ID number for a reference.

    The installer came today, a younger Latino man, actually very nice. I was polite and friendly and explained I did not want the meter, he was OK with that. In fact told me about calling the delay list to stop the computers from putting my address on his install list.

    The install is done by one person, with very few tools. He did not appear to be the type to hop fences and do this on the sly. In fact he thanked me for being kind to him. He said most people were angry, wanted to fight and even came out with guns. What people need to understand is while this may seem to save money or help control our usage, its killing more jobs, jobs we can’t afford to lose.

    I put a sign on my meter that I did not want the new meter.
    Then calling the company and asking not to have the install worked for me.

  14. Juan says:

    Well folks, two days ago the electric company tried to install a (Smart Meter). Luckily my Son was home and called me. I spoke to the gentleman that was supposed to install it and informed him that: I DO NOT WANT A SMART METER! He went on to tell me that this meter can actually SAVE me money. At which point I asked him; How is this meter going to save me money when all it is supposed to do is measure and record the kilowatt hour usage? He then told me that it he would NOT install it.

    • SMR says:

      You should have ask him if it was safe then when he says yes ask how many watts does it transmit? He will not know LOL

  15. we need to unite to stop smart meters all over the us! naperville is doing a grea t job as well as other states! please visit for allot of info on smart meters! pauline holeton shelby twp mich

  16. STOP SMART METERS AND FIND ALLOT OF INFO!!!! warriors for american revolution! they ones that have been sussceful on getting over 20 resolutions! please go to and find out all about the resolutions and moratoriums we have gotten! we have 2 counties alsoand going for more! please join us to help us stop this invasion! pauline holeton shelby twp mich!

  17. Juanita G says:

    I just received a letter from SCE stating if I choose to opt out of their smart meters it will cost me $75 up front, then $10 a month. Is this legal?

    • says:

      I was told today 7/9/12 it would be 129 down and 39mnth starting today but wouldnt get meter till end of year i live in sac, ca

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  19. Jerry says:

    Mia Noni, you my friend are awsome!
    You understand whats really going on.

  20. Jerry says:

    Sorry, I spelled it wrong. Nony 🙂

    • Mia Nony says:

      Thanks for that, Jerry.
      I am hopeful that more people everywhere will finally examine the Enronization of all energy in North America and beyond.
      We also need to resist the way in which we inadvertently collude with all of this or are either conflict phobic or reluctant to take responsibility for our own and our families safety and well being. Just below the surface as electricity junkies we fear the withdrawal of that on which we utterly depend. That is the whole point of all this, the utilities are no different than crack dealers as long as we are electricity junkies.
      Make no mistake, energy will be rationed in stages and then withdrawn anyway. You need only observe which corporate hand is poised to flip the switch or which insider could use rolling blackouts or hacking to bring us to our knees. That tells the whole tale.
      Were we any different than magpies drawn to shiny gadgets, perhaps those corporations would not have been so successful in using the art of persuasion to prey on our own greed, personal weaknesses, our need for endless distractions from what really matters and our self destructive limitations. Maybe only then would corporations never have been able to successfully rebrand weaponized frequency enabled devices as “toys” and as “modernization” utility devices. Almost everyone “bought in” too the lure of radiation enabling devices at some level..
      How many would see a connection between decades of immersion in wireless and the death of Steve Jobs? How is he not the poster boy for everything that is lethal about wireless radiation?
      Which of us is readily able to identify a lethal collector meter on the side of their own house? Why are we so willing to “believe” that such a device is a “meter” at all? The answer is that it isn’t a meter. It violates the Weights and Measures Act as well.
      A smart device installed on your house wiring is a computer which uses software to “estimate” “usage”. If you remove all your devices and plug them into a solar back up system the s/meter will continue to behave as if they are still being used. It is program to estimate, not to measure. Plus, it is not designed to function in a microwave field anymore than people or animals are. And we are expected to pay for each successive smart upgrade, billions in a deepening recession? Why?
      No elecrtro-mechanicla analog meter would ever be able to do this, to estimate usage, since it is only able to measure the voltage that passes through it. A s/”meter” computer rounds up for each and every kilowatt. It is a recipe for fraud, since remotely it can overwrite its own programs to hide its own theft.
      Too many people either do not know their own legal rights, or, worse yet, do not want to know them. Defeatism is a hell of a poor excuse for failure to defend your family and stand your ground.
      Too many have indiscriminately absorbed corporate propaganda and become inadvertent tools of the industry unthinkingly reiterating the same mantra we are told by corporations.
      Such as
      1) a smart meter is a meter
      2) this microwave enabling device is only there to measure usage of electricity, water, gas.
      Not true on either count.
      Or as I prefer to put it, this device is only there to exert absolute control over our unaddressed dependency on corporations which have no intention of meeting our indispensable need for clean air, man made light, food, water, heat, coolness, and even love – since we cannot care for loved ones if we lack the basic necessities of life.

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        The corporate propaganda at the end that you listed
        1) a smart meter is a meter, is true
        2) this microwave enabling device is false, the utilities could never get away with saying something like that. Lets face it, you made that one up.
        And your belief that all SmartMeters do is estimate usage, that is completely wrong. I don’t understand how you could ever have come up with that.
        The truth is, SmartMeters are for measuring total cumulative usage of a meter, reported once every four hours for electric meters.
        The gas and water radio meters only need to report cumulative usage to the utility once a month. There are no TVP pricing schemes for gas or water, both are billed at a flat rate for the month.
        Don’t get me wrong, I hate SmartMeters, the worst thing about them is the TVP pricing for electric meters that now is voluntary, but could possibly be tested (forced) upon us in the near future.

  21. Mia Nony says:

    There is no future in providing electricity to consumers. Not unless upkeep and maintenance of the system is gotten rid of. They are already dynamiting the cheapest sources of electricity ever devised, the hydro dams. Pay attention. From a corporate perspective the “future” is in data mining, the use of date to monitor and restrict all lives through restriction and outright denial of all energy.

    • guest says:

      “There is no future in providing electricity to consumers…” Upkeep and maintenance to the system are outweighed by the profit these utilities turn, please explain how this will stop? In fact, with the use of smart meters, the profit made from the consumer by the utility will increase.

      To your post above as well:

      1. a smart meter is in fact a meter (kind of the same way an abacus and calculator are the same thing?) it measures your usage. Research has shown that the RF it emits is far less than the use of a cell phone. Do you own a cell phone? How about wi-fi at your home? What about a tv remote? The grid is inevitable, and it is already surrounding us. The network created by these smart meters (the smart grid) is building off something already created, and many of these devices even communicate through already established cellular networks

      2. you’re right, that is not entirely true. The smart meter has the potential to communicate with devices around it, helping to monitor your utility usage for your own financial gain, and impact to the footprint you are leaving.

      One of the most important things these smart meters have done is take the manual process out of meter reading. No longer do the utilities have the need to dispatch workers to read meters on a weekly/monthly basis. Imagine all of the emissions saved across the country! We are an ever-evolving society and there will most certainly always be challenges – but we must pick the lesser of two evils sometimes.

      • SuperLuminal says:

        The “lesser” of two evils is still EVIL. Would you care to share this documented “research” you’ve allegedly seen that claims that Smart Meters emit less radiation than a cellphone? BTW: there are a number of countries whose governments have clear documentation cellphone use is carcinogenic, banning their use in schools where there are children and in certain public places. A single Smart Meter emits far MORE toxic EMR that a cluster of cellphones. In addition: to date, not one Smart Meter unit has been UL-tested and approved as safe, best of my knowledge.

        People are being USED as Guinea pigs to test an untried technology without their knowledge or consent by private utility companies that have shown hostile intent towards their “customers”. There is no “lesser” here; only evil.

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        I am curious about what you write that because the SmartMeters communicate with nearby devices (meaning other SmartMeters) out of necessity because they are on a radio mesh network that is called a SmartGrid. How is that supposed to save any customers any money or reduce energy use ?
        Personally I think that the radio SmartGrid is set up to waste energy, constantly having to communicate with other meters constantly 24/7 to keep in sync , and only reporting total cumulative usage of each meter to the utility once every four hours.
        I’d like to hear your explanation about that.

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  23. SuperLuminal says:

    If armed men come upon your private property to force-install so-called Smart Meters or to destroy your barricades preventing them from doing so, after you’ve given explicit, lawful Notice that you refuse their new meters to replace the analog units .. they are operating with malice aforethought; functioning with malevolent intent with the option to use lethal force (why else would they be armed??) — it seems to me that one would be within one’s right to respond in KIND. Self defense against criminal trespass with intent to do bodily harm…

    • Jason reynolds says:

      the meter is the property of the utility company and they have a right to access it. as for armed resistance it seems an over reaction …. perhaps consider having sex more often

      • Snowy says:

        The meter base is the property of the property owner.
        Like its mate, an analogue meter, the analogue meter base or socket is safety approved for a reason. Neither can operate without the other half,
        No one has the right to tamper with an owner’s own safety approved meter socket or the wires leading into it, nor to install any meter under live load, nor to install an incompatible network management and communications transmitter device on an analogue meter socket.
        Labourers etc. are literally not allowed to touch the owner’s meter base.
        It is an analogue meter socket not designed for this fake “upgrade ” to a combustible computer transmitter. Your meter socket is not meant for a microwave enabling and generating computerized device. It is especially not designed to withstand a sparky meter with a Remote Disconnect/Reconnect RD switch which is easily able to overheat this low flashpoint device to the point of combustion.
        Your local government is succumbing to a utility redirect tactic.
        They will be held legally liable for so doing.
        Human exposure is not the local government’s primary area of responsibility, even though it is very relevant to the larger issue.
        The government issue is that these are (weaponized) frequencies which violate building specs, structural integrity, able to corrode metal, arc, and spark. These are dangerous and in violation of all the OTHER codes for safety, the ones which govern safe electricity and safe structures and building tolerances.
        These sparky devices void occupancy permits.
        Any municipal or regional government is liable for allowing any utility to use SAR human exposure guidelines as a distraction from the real provable legal issue. Certainly the SAR dummy is not in situ and is in itself a scam.
        In this application it is used asa redirect in order for utilities to make an end run around flagrant violations of structural laws concerning building specifications and limits.
        Electronic geeks dream up devices, with zero understanding of electrical code, building code and engineering code.
        Elected officials and administrative staff are answerable as decision making bodies. They are legally culpable for any choice to ignore utility violations of electrical code, engineering code and building code.

  24. RockerDave says:

    I don’t know what all your problems are, but my electric bill went up by $100 each month ever since they swopped out/changed to the “smart” meter. That right there tells me they’re over-charging me and using the smart meter as their excuse. If cell phones don’t cause brain tumors, then why did the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) urge limits on mobile phone use last year, calling them a Class B carcinogen? If smart meters put out approx the same EMF as cell phones, then using simple logic, those smart meters should also be called a Class B carcinogen, too.

  25. vodknockers says:

    December 2012.
    PG&E sent me another notice that they were going to come out and swap out my (locked-up) analog meter, just like 2 years ago when this first started…
    Those of us who still have the old meters better be aware that they’re going to try to send out those lawless bums to trespass and possibly damage our private properties, again. If YOU still have your old meter, it is probably because you locked it up or something, which means the next round they come out, they may bring extra tools (like bolt cutters). Keep an eye on your stuff, tell a neighbor if you’re not home during the day, or do whatever you can to protect your property.
    Remember, PG&E (NOT their agents) does have the right to come onto your property to inspect their equipment, but they do NOT have any right breaking or damaging anything you own. And if those “Wellington goons” show up at my house, they will be confronted, detained, and arrested for trespassing.

  26. Mia Nony says:

    If you are unfortunate enough to have not used private common law rights to hang on to your analog meter, then at very least take a few days to film your smart meter “measuring” your “usage”.
    Then take your smart meter off grid, either by shutting off the master switch on your circuit panel or by switching over to an off grid system.
    Then continue to film watch this little virtual estimator as its remotely rewritable software goes right on doing virtual measurement based on your original “profile” of usage.
    Now ask yourself not only exactly WHAT this device is measuring, but HOW it manages to continue to measure the same amount or higher than it did when your electrical system and it were still linked.
    After that, try to find an electromechanical meter capable of doing this particular double books double dipping conjuring trick.
    Then tell me this is “just a meter”.
    This device does not even comply with the basic requirements of the Weights and Measures Act for measurement methodology.
    You disagree?
    Fine, then try to remember when any one of you signed a contract agreeing to allow your private property to be usurped and turned into a data mining, data sharing locus for a corporate utility which makes you, the private property owner, and your private frequency graphed data theirs to use for trillions in private profit sold to other private parties, all the while converting you into an involuntary conductor bio-electrically coupled into the smart grid while your home becomes nothing more than a forced, involuntary location, functionally making you and it a third party extension of a corporate controlled grid system, used to conduct business by amalgamating your unshielded electrical circuitry into its own system, using a device not approved by UL and essentially uninsurable.
    Wear and tear and fire hazard?
    All yours.
    Trillions in profit for mined and sold data, for covert multi tiered price increases+eventual TOU, and for hijacked energy prices?
    Ever sign any such agreement?
    As for the deception of snake oil talk about the safety of the wattage used to run the device?
    Wattage has nothing whatsoever to do with the frequency emissions nor the frequency equation of every component of the grid, in which everyone become enveloped in overlapping concentric frequency circles, each meter able to blanket many square miles, each collector meter able to cover from 125 to 300 square miles, all of it flat out illegal.
    Then there is that little matter they omit to mention of the attenuation co-efficient, the net result of what is known in the industry as “super-heterodyning”, which occurs for the entire smart grid, cellular network, super wifi, etc.
    Add it up.
    Every time any frequency intersects with any other frequency it creates a new third frequency.
    The smart grid is a super-heterodyning frequency drift net of incalculable proportions. That is the meaning of “blanket”.
    It is drift netting to capture everything on land and even in the water.
    The frequencies reach one meter into the ground.
    Multiply that tenfold or more for all bodies of water, fish spawning or otherwise, since water is a natural conductor.
    Then throw into the mix that fact that all biology is made largely of water.
    The smart meter is only one item, one which captures dissipated frequencies and measures them as “usage” – even when there is nothing there to measure, no house, nothing. Hence higher bills are assured even on empty land.
    The paradigm shift few grasp is to move away from energy provision, and toward P3, the systematic socialization of all costs and losses, the privatization of all profits.
    Enron was simply the rehearsal, rolling black outs just a taste of what is to come if this is not stopped.
    The utility no longer is in the business of “use less, pay less” or “use more, pay more”.
    This is about a global control of all forms of energy and water and food, the transfer of wealth, yet again,”use far less, pay far more” while funding all corporate costs and losses associated with all generated energy, not with the energy used but the energy generated at source, and while measuring that which you never use, milliamps of rush current for motor start ups, the static field around all of your neighbours’ “meters”, whatever ambient static energy can be measured and remeasured, used and reused, recycled and mined, all of it can become measurable as “usage”.
    One Generation One smart meter has three to four different antennae, as well as differing frequencies, one in the 900 range, one in the 2.45 range, the ability to go to 1800 gigahertz, plus the SMPS which spikes to 70,000 gigahertz to protect the device from voltage surges. Who protects the occupants, the birds, bees, butterflies, bats, all flora and fauna? No one.

    Even when you use blind “reasoning” to visualize the impact and coverage of the smart grid, simple logic makes it clear that blanket coverage violates all safety standards.

    The end device is NOT the grid.

    The Scheme:

    Everyone is encouraged to use blinders to not “see” what is happening.
    Many fall into the same illogical trap wherein they compartmentalize one single smart device, a smart or a Medusa cell relay “meter” of cell tower strength, and everyone is supposed to act as if that device’s invisible square mile coverage field of frequencies is not there.

    The reality: Your “meter” radiates me. My “meter” radiates you. Our “meters” radiate everyone else for many many miles. Their collector hubs are able to radiate everyone, many times over, “meter” or not.
    It is a wireless radiation blast zone, invisible but its ability to depolarize nerves and muscles and induce gradual slow motion bioelectrical failure is painfully real.

    Again, the wattage ANY smart grid device, meter or otherwise, uses to operate itself has NOTHING to do with either the power it draws to run itself nor the compounded exponential frequency fields which each and every smart grid device emits.
    Everyone pretends that each smart meter’s frequencies do not overlap with all other smart meter frequencies. Just the opposite is the case.
    People are told to focus only on their own meter. This is sort of like staring only at your own navel.

    It is easier to con people if each meter is only seen in isolation, as an individual “choice”, instead of how each meter is actually used.
    The reality is drastically overlapping billions of compounding frequency circles, exponentially multiplying one another’s radiation ever higher, while at the same time creating entirely new frequencies everywhere, any time any frequency intersects with another frequency, which is all the time.
    To debate about one sole end device with a microwave coverage of many miles, instead of using a comprehensive overview of all grid devices at once interacting with all frequencies travelling between all devices simultaneously, is to argue blindly.

    Even one “meter” has microwaves at 2.45 gigahertz, the same as a microwave oven, but with no shielding, and when you mix all the devices together it is a microwave blanket capable of suffocating and smothering biological life.

    How in the heck would any wireless industry even WANT or TRY to arrive at the cumulative total for the coverage of microwaves for all meter antennae, ESPECIALLY for all cell relay Medusa meter antennae?

    They already avoid accountability for all components of the smart grid which MUST exceed the distance they are designed to cover, if only in order to avoid signal drop.

    Once one considers 2.4G+900M+928M+1800 Zigbee, plus pulsing up to 70,000 Gig spikes from the SMPS ….. isn’t it obvious that even without trying to calculate the incalculable – an attenuation coefficient of the entire grid and any given area within it – that even just the two kinds or more of devices on the home would measure off the charts – even BEFORE they are linked to all the other devices?
    And what in the hell is the final immeasurable measurement of the smart grid? Is one even possible for all the ignored heterodyning, every time every single frequency from anything which intersects with another and creates a third frequency – in the billions?
    It’s the wild west, a bait and switch shell and pea game conducted on the frontier of seemingly omnipotent corporations indifferent to the ramifications of cumulative a mesh network of microwave blanket hell. It’s the untrammelled Enronization of all forms of the basic necessities of life, not only energy rationing, but water, food, warmth, and the power of life …and death, in the thousands, a direct result from a 43% smart fuel poverty level, worse each winter.
    Go to stopsmartmeters in the UK and read about the cruel ice flow policies causing unheated homes for the elderly, the frail,the sick, the young, the simple inability to afford to stay warm in ever colder winters.
    Wrap your mind around the real concept, what Petraeus meant when he bragged about how customers are making it dead easy to spy on every occupant in every home by using the so called “internet of things” is about control over all forms of basic survival. Your new lightbulb is about to have an IP address.
    It is madness out there, ammunition everywhere, none of it accounted for
    How can any safety level be discussed at all with a straight face when there is literally no way to know, then throw cell towers into the mic, super wifi, it is like trying to measure the blast zone for an atom bomb.

    • Whether intentional or accidental, the singularity is upon us. All I can gather is that the folks who enjoy being shot by pulses of RF far outweigh those of us who don’t, so our fight will forever be a difficult one.

  27. inspiritt says:

    I live in an area that you can ‘NOW” opt out of smart meter, although, they put one on my home in 2007… I signed up for the opt out $109, they said they had to check their inventory and would let me know when they would ‘activate’ the opt out.
    My concern is I still have the same meter on my home, with tape on it saying ‘AMR Module Off’ (Automated Meter Reading Module Off), I do not have an analog meter, it is still the same digital meter I had. I read my own meters calling them in twice quarterly, utility company reads once ($20 each). I am concerned maybe I still have the ‘Smartmeter’, does anyone know or have experience about this?

    • inspiritt says:

      P.S. The utility company never said they were putting a smart meter on my home. NOT A WORD.

    • Mia Nony says:

      There are several different devices in a smart meter. They may or may not have shut off one of them for you. If they had shut off all broadcast then a meter reader would have to read your meter at the meter, not wirelessly from a vehicle. The 2.45 gigahertz Zigbee chip is still able to “read” the RFID radiating microchips which are now standard issue in dozens of different appliances for every household. In fact since every smart meter is able to read Zigbee chips as well as to share data with all other smart meters, up to 5000 of your neighbouring smart meters can easily use their own Zigbee chips to read your appliances even if you had no smart meter. Further, the SMPS (switching mode power supply) which prevents fluctuations in transmission line voltages from frying the meter cannot be shut off. And this is no ordinary SMPS, either.
      New Critical Problem with ‘Smart’ Meters: The Switching-Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
      So this is a trick.
      They have misled you as to what possible benefits there could be from what may or may not be even a partial shut off. One would wager that you are paying them to still have private property invaded and data mined, loss of privacy, dirty electricity from the SMPS and that is just about your property. This entire issue is about electronic trespass even for those who do not have a smart meter. Their transmission lines and their house wiring are also coupled to wirelessly and they too are at risk. A few “opt out” holes in a seamless system is extortion fees to accomplish nothing, more like taking a few drops of water out of this artificial wireless frequency ocean. The frequencies even go at least three feet into the ground, and virtually everything living and most if not all root systems are at far less depth than that. The smart grid covers everywhere. Even if you opt out, you are in.

  28. Carol Meek says:

    Appreciate the information. What are the technical sources that you are referencing?

  29. Greg says:

    I’ve read about the consumer resistance to smart meters for some time. Not sure how valid the concerns are mainly because I’ve never seen good analysis of RF radiation from smart meters. Does anyone have a link to a good scientific paper?

    I eventually need a net metering meter for a future solar install and if I wind up with a smart meter and I can determine the RF radiation is harmful I was just going to install a shield around the meter so the RF wouldn’t enter my house. Radio waves are fairly easy to absorb. I think it would be easier to control the radio waves than to fight their installation.

    • Hi Greg- check out the studies linked from: Microwaves are difficult to control (like light bouncing around you have to seal things perfectly with foil and even then…) and that doesn’t even take into account dirty electricity. To avoid risks, it is best to unite with neighbors and fight back- refuse! Should we really have to shield ourselves from radiation that a utility forces on our homes? How f’ed up is that anyway?

  30. Maya Cain says:

    One Question & Good Padlock Discovery

    ? – What do I say to my two dear neighbors who are willing to opt-out, for My health, when they ask me about the legality of locking down the new analogs they will soon have? None of us want to do anything illegal.

    ~ Most bolt cutters are not designed to cut Round Locks, which are also
    referred to by hardware store lock experts as ‘bolt-cutter-proof’ locks.
    These round padlocks are available at Ace Hardware stores.

    – Maya in SF

  31. Rayf says:

    Florida Power & Light is calling the research on this and other web sites as myths. They are charging a non -standard ssurcharge to me because I refuse to allow a smart meter changeover. I’ve received my electric bill with this charge. I’m paying with two checks-one for the normal amount of power used and the other that’s tied to a note for the surcharge; the note stating that the company’s imposing this charge is EXTORTION under state statue. Endorsing that second check means agreement, as the note is linked to the check, to rescind the surcharge.
    Also, I have under serious consideration pressing criminal charges against key employees of FP&L for committing extortion as accomplices.

    • Katherine says:

      That is an awesome idea. I just posted as well about the surcharge of $13.

    • Former Alex Jone$tein Fan says:

      Yo Rayf,

      You want to write either:

      1. “Paid Under Protest” or
      2. “Paid Under Duress”

      (whichever you prefer)

      Every time you pay the fees- write that above your signature on your 2nd check (the separate check that has your unjust fees in the dollar amount spot).

      After a year or so sue the bastards yourself (no lawyer needed) in “small claims court.” The court will refer to that as Pro Se which is Latin garbage that Kabbalisticly means that you are “representing yourself as your own attorney.” Absurd, because you are yourself! Hence I said “Kabbala.” Don’t get caught up in their little head games.

      You will need to find out the “Agent for Service of Process” person’s name and address for the corporation that you are suing. Call your State’s Secretary of State office to obtain that info if the corporation will not provide it to you- the SoS keeps that info on file for the general public- for such very purposes. Sue the corporation’s name, and list that as their legal address.

      Heck, fill out your “complaint” on a white paper plate or something. LOL Be careful though about the damages amount, as small claims court usually has a limit of $10,000 on regular damages (punitive is though unlimited).

      If you want more damages, you will have to go to a higher court- which will be somewhat “scary” for you- Latin stuff, as it’s a Judeo-Masonic “club” up there. So just stick to the little small claims court until you learn the ropes a little down there- it’s kind of like “training wheels court.”

      Don’t get sucked in to the “fear factor” as it’s all WWE garbage- they are all a bunch of idiot fakers (trust me)…

      Don’t be nervous, small claims court is easy and simple- it’s Judge Judy-like and easy going- don’t dress nice or anything, to hell with them. The judges are usually incompetent, unelected blowhards- so don’t say “your honor” because they’re not honorable. Just say Mr. or Mrs. Smith, or Judge Smith- whichever you prefer.

      Buy the book “How to Argue and Win Every Time” by Gerry Spence

      Spence has never lost a case. Watch the movie “Silkwood,” that was one of Spence’s many wins… thought of that one cause you’re sort of going through the same thing. Long story. LOL Also, just watch a movie called “Trial and Error”- it’s got Jeff Daniels in it. That will help you to not be too intimidated.

      Make a zerox of all of your returned checks (ask your bank to mail you monthly “copies of your returned checks” before you start this whole 2nd check payment process) and take those copies in to court. If in California, ask for “Punitive Damages” in addition to regular/normal “damages.” Heck, no matter what state- just ask for them anyway. LOL.

      You will win the damages, court costs, etc guaranteed.

      Punitive damages could be zero or go nuclear- the jury could award you millions. No Joke.

      Good Luck.

  32. Katherine says:

    We live in Florida and we refused to all FPL to install the smart meter and they charged us a $95 fee and we will be charged a $13 a month non-standard meter surcharge. Do any of you know whether this is legal for them to force us to pay extra because we don’t want the smart meter? They say the $13 is for the meter reader to come out to our home and read it monthly.

  33. Laura says:

    Hey guest – It makes me ill so just keep your mania to yourself Whaddya work for an electric company or thye government … or maybe the AMA – trying to make us AQLL sick.. No I don’t use a cell, wireless microwave cause it makes me ill.

  34. Patricia Colley says:

    I have for 4 months now stopped install odds smart meter. .now I get a letter stating we understand you want to disconnect from service.
    I need help fast I have 9 days now

    • Helper says:

      Write back and tell them you do not wish to cancel your service, just the Smart Meter installation. Send the letter by registered mail and keep a copy and your mailing receipts for proof.

  35. Rick Mahmoud says:

    It would be great to hear from you with some advice. I have an analog meter. Well, I had an analog meter, in my absence LADWP (Los Angeles, CA) came and installed a smart meter and made such a big deal for about two months that they had to come and replace it with a fully analog meter similaer to the one I had originally (Yes, no worries I have thoroughly inspected the new analog meter to make sure if truly analog and not a dummy analog exterior with RF inside, as we have seen around).

    The problem now is that – after my solar panel system has been installed – LADWP came to do a last inspection and to turn the system on, but when they came the unbox a smart meter to to replace my analog, which I didn’t allow and sent them back home. They claimed that there is no such a thing as a PV system installed and net metering energy with an analog meter. They claim these analog meters do not go backwards.

    I need to get my PV system turned on and going and I am hearing that analog bi-directional meter DO exist.

    Please, if you have any, send any and all info, even model numbers, where I can furnish myself of argument to fight this new battle or I am not only not going to get my solar system on, but I am going to be charged for it or penalized contractually for obstruction its turn on date. The solar company will be RIGHT to do so.



  36. Jethro says:

    In Nashville they’re “allowing” us to “defer” smart meter installation. However, they’re also proposing to charge $141 to “switch out” the meter (for what?) and then $32 for a “monthly meter reading fee”. Sounds like a whole lot of horse s___. We already have a working meter, and we already pay for meter reading (included in the bill).

    Anyone have any experience stopping this ridiculous extortion charges?

  37. P says:

    Any1 know how and which company i can get a analog meter installed on a new dwelling instaed of a un-smart meter

  38. P says:

    …. this is for new zealand

  39. Candace L. Gosselin says:

    We already have one of the miserable things – it was installed with no warning. It keeps one of my dogs up all night – we go away and he sleeps all night in the motor home but NOT at home, here he pants and paces half the night keeping us awake too.

    • DJ says:

      Turn the power off in the bedrooms at the breaker, and use a battery lantern. Keep cell phones out of the bedrooms when sleeping, and try to limit use. Get rid of your wi-fi and hard-wire everything including your iPad if you use one. Videos on utube. Get a land-line phone. Those cordless phones are convenient but have high RF. The smart meter installed on our house made us sick within a couple of days. We are young and healthy, so we knew it was the meter. Also, if you want to save money on your electric bill, unplug everything after using, or get a switch that goes in the outlet that cuts the power off. We turn the oven, washer and dryer off at the breaker when we’re done using them.

  40. Spence Kingsbery says:

    Ameren Missori Electric utility called to inform us that their “contract” with the analog meter systems has expired and we consumers in Ballwin Missouri must choose between a smart meter or the look-alike electronic device, no analogs. I think we’re being lied to but can’t prove it. We don’t trust them not to install a smart meter, and we don’t understand why we can’t install a refurbished analog unit. They insist they don’t have the means to read analogs anymore. We’re not buyin’ that line but we have to face possible power cut off for non-compliance. What can we do?

    • Afton says:

      See emf help center .com for the download(s) specifically “Notice of Liability For Trespass” (and more). Signage docs, too. This doc. addresses this issue. Very helpful info, free of charge, from Jerry. I wouldn’t have had tools to confront the gas company without them.

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