Glendale Water and Power (GWP) Breaking and Entering

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  1. Jim says:

    Is Glendale not under the CPUC ?

    I am thinking it’s time to have a one page flier, maybe a PDF file here, that we can print out and copy in the 1000’s and start informing everyone in our area by putting them on or in mailboxes.

    The flier should state all the reasons “smart” meters are bad and let them know they can refuse the meters and/or get them removed with a phone call.

    I doubt the power companies will be informing people anytime soon.

    Anyone else think that would be a good idea at this point?

  2. fourmajor says:

    Hi Jim,

    Good idea, but be aware that it’s not lawful for anyone but the residents and the USPS to access a mailbox. Something through a railing handle or strung to a door handle would work well. Or knocking on doors for a more personal touch.

    – Stu

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  4. I do not understand how to do this please I need help.

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