The System’s Getting Nervous…

The vicious beating of peaceful protesters yesterday at UC Berkeley- against thousands of students peacefully assembling and speaking out- is an indication that the system is feeling increasingly threatened by the growing Occupy movement.

This is the same system that is forcing damaging radiation on our homes and communities, spying on our private lives, and extorting billions of dollars of our money through the ill-conceived ‘smart’ grid program.  An undemocratic system set up for the 1%– wildly out of sync with public opinion, hell bent on boosting corporate profits at any cost.

Not happy with it?  Stop giving your own power and consent to a utility and regulatory system that doesn’t care about you.  Join an Occupy protest near you and begin to take control  of your lives and communities.  Get to know your neighbors and together, decide to have these devices removed- or even better- go off the grid and stop giving your money to criminal, predatory monopoly utilities altogether.  We retain unalienable rights to health. safety, and privacy!

And whatever you do, if you have questions about your specific rights dealing with your utility, the LAST place you should call is- your utility.    Try our FAQ first.  If you live in Northern CA, try TURN.  Get a lawyer.  Fight.  Stand together and refuse to be beaten down.

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  1. SOS FL says:

    I could not believe my eyes! These kids were doing nothing! We are losing our rights little by little every day.

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