Asking the CPUC for Your Analog Meter Back? It’s More Likely You’ll Get the Booby Prize Instead.

Today during public comments at the CPUC meeting, several individuals came before the commissioners to ask for relief from sickness brought on by installation of a ‘smart’ meter–to ask for the return of an analog meter. Only one (Lisa Miller) was referred to a CPUC executive who could actually make such a change happen. Video can be found here in a few days.

The rest of the people who begged and pleaded for relief got the booby prize, a useless chat in the lobby with Sidney Bob Dietz of PG&E, who admitted nothing, gave nothing, and only showed the least shadow of reaction when he was personally offended by the pointed question from someone injured by a “smart” meter: “Do you think all these people are expendable?” (video below) That question was just “too harsh” for his sensitive soul. He claimed to be human, as well.

Empathy was utterly lacking–this was classic sociopathic behavior, from a lock-step functionary inside a sociopathic institution. He ended this futile session with the distressed and the injured by repeating the Company line: “We believe your symptoms are real, but the ‘smart’ meter is not to blame.” 

The CPUC and PG&E have brought this fiasco on themselves, refusing at so many points in this process to address the mounting complaints and concerns. Stop Smart Meters! calls on individuals who have not received the consideration they are due from the CPUC and PG&E–the consideration that Lisa Miller did receive today–to reclaim your right to control your home environment: make this change yourself–have your ‘smart’ meter replaced with a safe analog meter, and protect your right to your health, safety, and privacy.

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3 Responses to Asking the CPUC for Your Analog Meter Back? It’s More Likely You’ll Get the Booby Prize Instead.

  1. Jim says:

    There are a lot of issues with these meters that any PUC should be concerned with, so there really shouldn’t be a problem for them to demand that utility companies return the mechanical meters when asked. Something else is going on here. Follow the money trail. It’s time to audit the PUC and electric company CEOs.

    The FTC could get involved in the privacy issues and fine the utility companies: “Facebook Inc.’s expected settlement with the Federal Trade Commission is sending a strong message to Internet companies that regulators are getting serious about protecting the privacy of consumers.”

    And Congress has introduced more than a dozen privacy bills so far this year.

    The utilities should be worried, very worried.

    Everyone needs to keep holding their feet to the fire. Send the sample letters out to both the PUC and the utility, make sure they are on notice for all the issues and can’t just say “we didn’t know”. That’s what happened in the first place.

    Write the FTC about the privacy issues you are concerned with.

    It’s also unfair trade. The old meters were fair because it’s harder for the utility to come out and adjust them to read more KWh, but now they can modify the settings from remote with the push of a button, for MILLIONS of meters at a time. This would be worth $$ millions of dollars. They could do it without anyone knowing.

    Sample text for you to use is at this page, scroll down for more:

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      I think the privacy issues are really a non-issue, and nobody can change your new meters to read more Kilowatt hours, but the false advertising has got you fooled, and many others too.
      The meter project is a total fraud, none of the features advertised exist.
      I noticed that PG&E stopped running the TV ads a few weeks ago. Perhaps someone called them on their false claims. The truth is out now.
      Time for you to come up with a new more truthful letter against the meter project. The one you have is bogus, and hurts our movement by making false claims.

      • Jim says:

        The “advertising” I use for my information is the actual technical specifications for the meters.

        As a so called “professional”, I suggest you read them like I did.

        It’s a technical fact that the meters can be COMPLETELY re-programmed from remote.

        The privacy issues are real. I have explained it in many posts but you either seem to not be able to read plain english or selectively read into things what you want.

        On these highly technical computer and electronics issues, you are not qualified. As an installer of store bought boxes, that’s usually the case.

        So please stop spreading your misinformation and confusing this issue.

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