Defend Your Analog Meter, Part VI

Here’s a couple more ideas for preventing trespass and tampering with your analog meter. Prevent regret, do it today.

This one (right) was sent in by a Stop Smart Meters! fan, built from $65 worth of big-box items. He says: ‘Steel shelf cage, steel hinge and lock, and padlock. All anchored through wall to added “fireblock boards” held on with “L” brackets to anchor the whole assembly.’

This one (left) looks like a very fine professional bit of work, but the maker didn’t include details.

More ideas for defending your analog:
Page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4 ; Page 5

Don’t have an analog? Buy yours here.


But please do bear in mind, some installers have no scruples about cutting locks.


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3 Responses to Defend Your Analog Meter, Part VI

  1. Miana Donahue says:

    I just wanted to let you know there is a Corex man installing smartmeters in the area of Duggan and Mallard, Nanaimo, BC. My son saw the man and his newer, white pick up truck with ‘Corex’ printed on it exchange the analogue meters on a house for the transmitters. This occurred at approximately 11:30 a.m on this day.
    We are guarding our analogue even closer than ever now as this installer is only a block away from our home!

  2. Miana Donahue says:

    I just thought I better let someone there know, Corex installers are a block away from our home installing those terrible transmitters! They are in the area of Mallard & Duggan Road, Nanaimo, BC. We are guarding our precious analogue even more closely now! Scared!

  3. dave karney says:

    I will take a picture but there are actually smart meters on public grounds(in NJ) that are incased better than any of the ones I have seen in these pictures.

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