Defend Your Analog Meter

Analog electric meter being guarded by locks, chains and attack bunnies- have you seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Look out installers.

These photos were sent to us from someone in the Santa Cruz Mountains who has avoided wireless smart meter installation.   If you live in a home that was built originally with no electricity (perish the thought), often the meter and the panel will be separated from the house, allowing a chain to be installed, preventing removal of your existing electric meter.  The heavy gauge chain is crossed behind the pipe at the top, and locked tightly in two places- in front of and behind the pipe.

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The gas meter below is wrapped like a present for PG&E- with chain link as a ribbon- preventing installation of the small grey battery powered wireless smart meter that they try to fit on top of your existing gas meter.  Why would utilities ask people to switch off cell phones when there’s a gas leak to stop sparks and then attach what amounts to a small cell phone on our gas meters?  We have a prize for you if you figure that one out…

Why would anyone in their right mind actually want a ‘smart’ meter when they’ve been shown to violate FCC limits on human exposure to microwave radiation?  Keep those pics coming of your own defenses against microwave trespass…..

I'd rather not have an ignition device on my gas meter thanks very much.


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45 Responses to Defend Your Analog Meter


    Excellent!! Lucky people, who have managed to keep CRIMINALS from TAMPERING with their meters, that are safe and work perfectly fine. Lucky people that not to be blasted with radiation 24 hours a day from CRIMINAL SMART METERS!!

    The chains and locks need to also be wrapped on the CRIMINALS at PG&E, the CPUC, and Wellington Energy for DEPLOYING RADIATION EMITTING DEVICES on OUR HOMES AGAINST OUR WILL, WITHOUT our CONSENT, slowly KILLING our BABIES, CHILDREN, PETS, AND FAMILY!!!! WE DEMAND AN OPT_OUT NOW!!!

    THESE CRUEL PEOPLE need to be locked behind bars, until they learn that it is a WAR CRIME to expose innocent people to non-stop , close range, MICROWAVE RADIATION on our homes!!!
    ANYONE THAT PUT A SINGLE SMART METER on a home, should step up, and begin removing them.

  2. Anne Cotta says:

    Wish I had known this, before the idiots came on my property and changed the meter without my permission.

    • Andrew says:

      They don’t need your permission. They own the gas and electric meters and are supposed to be able to access them at any time, for your and everybody else’s safety. If you don’t like that you don’t have to have gas or electricity. Nobody’s forcing you.

      • Josh Hart says:

        Sir, you are behaving in an arrogant and uninformed manner. Utilities have an obligation to provide service safely, and more than enough evidence has been collected to show that smart meters do not fit this requirement.

  3. Shucks the Explorer says:

    Are they still installing in the Santa Cruz mountains? I thought there was a ban on them by the board of sups.

  4. says:

    An apartment manager has caged all his apartment’s 32 banks of meters, protecting the 70 families that live there. I called him to tell him I thought he was a hero. During our conversation, he said the fire chief said the cages were completely OK.

    • daniela says:

      They are not allowing access to this from this website and also at the Monterey Herald. Are they blocking it or is the link wrong?????

  5. Greg Franck says:

    I have heard locking rings are available for $67, but have not been able to locate a source. I am very interested in purchasing a customer owned locking ring to place around my current meter before anyone attempts to replace it with a dumb meter.

  6. Soula says:

    A simple solution is to use a Stainless Steel Locked Meter Collar. Call (707) 579-3183

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  10. dave says:

    can anyone tell me what to do they put one on my house while i was not there i live in holly michigan i want this thing off I cant sleep PLEASE HELP ME SOMEBODY

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  12. Sheila Adams says:

    I have the large old style meter as shown on this page with the caption “I’d rather not have…” Will wrapping a chain around it like this prevent a smart meter installation?
    rsvp, asap, thx.

  13. Cat says:

    Is there anything I can do to get rid of my smart meter? I learned about their nastyness after mine had been replaced. There was a notice on the street that the whole block would be loosing power for a day. Said nothing about why and I asumed at the time that it was just to fix some problem or another.

    If I can’t have it removed I was thinking of not using it by going solar. I know solar works. I grew up in rainy washington state in a house that was conpletely off the grid. Farther more, there are 4 girls in my family and all of us had computers that we would run all at the same time with the house lights on at NIGHT. So that’s 6 computers(mom and dad), the house lights, the frig and the washer that was powered by solar. We had a wood burning stove.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      Utility companies do have to warn customers in advance of planned outages.
      It could be that they were replacing transformers, replacing a power pole, or upgrading cutout fuses and/or splice connectors.
      Your planned outage probably did not have anything to do with the SmartMeters or their radio “smart grid”.
      Instead, your planned outage was most likely to make improvements or upgrades to the electrical power grid.

  14. Chelsea Duarte says:

    I agree. These people are incredibly smart for doing this. I just found out the other day that they had already installed this meter onto my house and I am very upset. I am going to fight them all I can on this but I was wondering if anyone could tell me if you can have them removed after they’ve been installed or if there is anything else you can do to protect yourself from this radiation I would really appreciate. I have a husband and a baby on the way and I would like to protect my family. I also think that it’s extremely criminal and against our human rights code to be installing these without consent and I think everyone should be fighting this injustice.

    • Jeanni says:

      Go to
      There you will find in their site a wealth of info
      Be tenacious and you will find what you are looking for. Its there!
      God bless.

  15. A Bit Confused says:

    Just wondering how many of you here have mobile phones or wireless routers, ‘cos, you know, it’s the exact same technology!!

    • I- for one- have stopped using a cell phone and wifi since I did the research about health issues. That’s my choice. No one is charging you a monthly fee if you don’t use a cell phone. The opt out fees must be defeated!

    • Paul H says:

      I have a mobile phone and that is the only wireless device I own. It normally is left in the car turned off or in an alluminum case. This way the tower can’t ping it all night long. To say that the smart meter is the same as any other wireless device is stretching it a little. You have no control over your smart meter as it sends pulses throughout your home 24/7. The smart meter uses the energized wiring as a highway for it’s slow kill microwave pulse. Barrie Trower, microwave weapons expert, warns the world of the danger we face.

    • Stop Minnesota Meters says:

      I don’t have a cell phone. I don’t have WiFi. I don’t have wireless children’s games, or baby monitors, or cordless phones.

  16. Josh says:

    I love my smart meter. Thanks to the technology I now have free electricity at night from TXU.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      Could please explain what “the” technology is that you have that gives you free electricity at night ?
      This is a new benefit that you are getting that nobody else has, and there are millions of people who would love to know you secret, so please, “Do Tell”.

      • Paul H says:

        If they gave me free power and $10k a month, with a prerequisite to reside at home, I still wouldn’t take a smart meter.
        By the way our cactus’ are leaning and dying around the city. The Saguaro in the desert away from civilization are doing just fine. Microwaves are absorbed by water and the cactus are at least 90% water. Thank you pulsed radiation providers!

      • Josh says:

        Since the Smart Meter reports the meter reading every 15 minutes the utility is now able to seperate day usage from night usage. Before Smart Meters the meter only got read manually once a month and this was not possible.

        • Redi Kilowatt says:

          All SmartMeters across the country only report total electrical usage once every 4 hours, that is the advertised industry standard. Where did you hear this every 15 minutes propaganda ?
          Oh, probably on this site, it figures.

          • Josh says:

            That is incorrect information, at least relative to my provider (AEP Texas is the provider, TXU is does the billing, you can pick your own billing provider here in Texas I am able to view my usage on and it shows the previous day in 15 minute intervals. It even has downloadable CSV files to view in Excel:

          • Redi Kilowatt says:

            Thanks for that link Josh.
            I still think it is a scam, but it might enable some people to run their HID lights for eight hours a night for free for a year or two. But the utility will still know that you are using the power, they just won’t charge you for it.
            Look for a huge increase in sales of HID lights in TXU territory.

          • Redi Kilowatt says:

            All SmartMeters report total electrical use once every four hours to the utility. In PG&E territory, these four hour blocks of data are broken down to hourly use later in the central servers and can be viewed by the customer online 48 hours later. It is not real time data being transmitted.
            If your utility breaks it down to 15 minute increments to later calculate your bill, I have not heard of that, but I don’t see any advantage to doing it since all utilities bill in kilowatt hours, not kilowatt quarter hours.
            I did not read your links about this 15 minute thing, but remember that some things the utilities put out are very misleading at best.

  17. Brenda R. Hawk says:

    I live in Northwestern Ohio on a small farm outside of Lima, Ohio. AEP aka. American Electric Power is threatening to force me to put a so call Radio Frequency meter on my home and arrest me Feb. 8th with the aid of our local law enforcement Gestopo. They installed one on my home in October of last year, while I was home , very early in the morning even for a farm person.. But I made the fellow put my analogue meter back on. I had found your site back then. He took apart my ant-theft device too. I was surprised at how many people across America are standing up and saying NO, but are still Losing the fight in some cases.
    Here is an idea you might try and it is perfectly legal. I did this back in 2002 after getting tired of being arrested and Bullied by AEP contractor, Ashplundh who kept butchering my beautiful trees. I fought them on the false arrest etc. on my own and took my case all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court , only to be told we have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! WOW! EYE OPENER. Of course I lost, but I had no attorney fees so I got a free education, on them. I always refused to pay their court costs.

    I went to a neighboring town with a University that has a very nice law library. I wasn’t sure what to look for, but was directed by the librarian to check the OHIO JURISPURDENCE books I think each state has them. I looked up Easements and utility companies. BINGO! I found the weapon I needed in Ohio anyway. Under easement, I found that an easement is nothing more than a contract between two parties. If one party such as your utility company voids it’s own easement , as in my case, the easement stated they had to pay fair market value for any trees ect. they cut down or destroy. Which of course the refused to pay. So the one issue one alone made their easement NULL and VOID. In other words if you find they are not honoring thier own easement statements then they voided or cancelled out the easement. We just don’t know that.
    You will have to go to your County courthouse and look up your deed and utility easements that are recorded on your deed. Get a copy made and take it home to study. See if they violated any of the conditions. If not Just write in your document for erasueal, that they did such and such to void the document and you do not wish to be a party to their restrictions etc.
    So with this knowledge I wrote up my own document, stating all the non- compliances by AEP and had it notorized. I then went to my County Court House, The Recorders, office and asked to record my easement cancellation. The Recorder did not know what to do as no one has EVER Cancelled a Utility Easement before. At first he did not think it would be legal or could be done. Remember these words I’m about to say. They are your smoking gun! I asked him “Okay , tell you what, SHOW ME THE LAW, STATUTE OR CODE THAT STATES I CAN NOT CANCELL MY EASEMENT. He surprised me by stating allow me to show your document to our lawyers and see what they say. I left my document with him and returned home.
    The Recorder called me back the next day and asked how I knew this could be done? He said the name for what I had done was legally called an EASEMENT ERASUREAL. I just told him I did my civic duty and studied the Ohio laws. He accepted my document charged a small fee of $17.00 in 2002 and legally and dully recorded my document.
    To make sure the utility company knew I no longer had an easement. I sent them a copy of the Erasureal and the $1.00 that the original land owners paid in 1936 for power. So far, as long as I pay my electric bill I have recieved power to date.
    By doing this I have found that I now have the power to say NO! and Mean It! I am in control. For now anyway. They can still disconnect me.

    The tree trimmers and AEP have threatened me off and on since 2002 to cut down my trees that are left. They usally would do this every three years. I always politely reminded them, they have no easement and must have my permission to come on my land. That is how I made the fellow who switched out my meter, put it back on.
    I’ll see what happens now as even Law enforcement cannot force their way onto my farm without my permission. They can only access my property if they intend to force AEP to stop and decist. We will see!

    We need to sue our government as Obahma gave our money in the form of a stimulus fund to all utilities to control us at our own expense.
    Brenda R. Hawk

    • Jeanni says:

      Brenda Hawk, you are amazing and an inspiration to us all!! ;-))
      Please keep us posted.
      Brenda, just realized you are the woman on The Blaze write up!
      Go for it girl….you are in our prayers!

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  19. James says:

    Today I received an email from Florida Power and Light advise me that the Floirda Public Service Commission has approved Florida Power and Light Company’s proposal to offer a Non-Standard Meter option to eligible customers who prefer not to have a smart meter. “If you choose the Non-Standard Meter Option (non-smart meter), you willpay an enrollment fee of $95 and a monthly surcharge of $13 to help cover FPL’s costs of providing this non-standard service. for more information go to Make your choice by March 30th 2014.”

  20. Sana says:

    The electric company is outside as I type putting flags and marking the electricity spot with paint. He said that gas water will also b coming. I had previously called the. Electric company (feb. 2015) let them kno I don’t want my meter changed they said that won’t take place until 2017. They also let me kno that I will b paying at least 20$ per reading. Before they finish marking the spots can someone please tell me is there anything I can do to stop them from digging and changing the wiring in preparation for the smart meter. Pls tell me what I can do to prevent them digging. The person who came out said I cannot say no they will dig anyway. Pls respond asap pleeeaaase

  21. Andrew says:

    People, it’s basically a standard battery inside your “smart meter” nothing dangerous or radioactive…just a standard battery. If I could add a picture I would. It’s about the size of a C battery, has a positive and negative just like any other battery in almost everything we use everyday.

  22. Andrew says:

    I’m curious what my prize will be, because I have the very simple answer to your question of why and how it can be ok to attach a electronic reading device to the meter set. First of all the reader is attached to the outside of the meter, not on the insidewith the gas. Second, the battery is put in a gelatin type substance which makes it intrinsically safe. Lastly, the tiny arc inside of your cell phone is extremely unlikely to ignite a gas leak. However it is theoretically possible,therefore the gas company advises against using anything that can arc or cause a spark. This is for your safety and to protect the company,they would obviously err on the side of caution.

    • Josh Hart says:

      A battery contact can create a spark so why are utilities putting them on gas meters?

      • Andrew says:

        Do you know what intrinsically safe means? Or what temperature a spark must be to ignite natural gas? Or what the gas in air percentages must be for natural gas to even be combustible? I believe that you sir “have a loose and shaky grasp of the facts”. I’ll admit that I’m no radio frequency expert, but I can say that there is no chance of the ERT (electronic read transmitter) igniting the gas under any circumstance. I am curious though, how one comes to the conclusion that being near something that emits a radio frequency is somehow bad for you, while being near something that receives radio frequency is totally fine? That doesn’t make any sense. How does any work at a radio station? If this is true please explain to me what happens to the radio frequency in transit that makes it turn from dangerous to safe? Because I’ve never heard of this, and you seem so educated on the topic. Please enlighten me.

        • Josh Hart says:

          Andrew- An AM/ FM radio receiver simply *receives* radio frequency already in the air from transmitters and converts them into sound. A smart meter, cell phone, wi-fi router, baby monitor, tablet, etc. *emits* microwave radiation at levels that have been found to have caused biological harm. The difference is significant.

          We are not claiming that RF at typical communications levels can ignite gas. With regard to smart meter ignition risk from electrical or connection faults, the facts speak for themselves. Just do a search for “fire” or “explosion” in the search field above. Thousands of “smart” meters have burnt out, caught fire or exploded — a serious public safety issue. Simply introducing a battery contact and electric current adjacent to natural gas infrastructure is a risk communities should not be willing to take.

  23. Andrew says:

    Oh and as far as the “scary, deadly, radioactive, slow kill microwaves” or whatever people think is going on, I’ll let you know that they just use radio frequencies…like the radio…in your car…Pretty scary.

    • Josh Hart says:

      Again, you are mistaken. A car radio only receives, not emits wireless. You are either working for the utility industry or your grasp of the facts is loose and shaky. Read the evidence- wireless kills. Period.

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