Defend Your Analog Meter Part V

News of this neat little item now for sale was sent to us by a follower. You can buy this locking ring for your analog meter by contacting:

Economy Lock and Key (707) 579-3183

We can’t guarantee your results, but it looks sturdy. More ideas for defending your analog:

Page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4

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23 Responses to Defend Your Analog Meter Part V

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  2. Tim says:

    Hi the lock above looks great. I called Economy Lock and Key today. They are about of the item and will have it again in about three weeks. The cost is $57.95, plus tax and S&H.

  3. JT says:

    Another option is informing PG&E you have a “pit bull” on the property that is aggressive. Tell them to put this in your file to keep the reader safe. They won’t come into your yard without permission.

    • admin says:

      Hey JT, we can see that you are in fact a PG&E employee .

      Anyone thinking that this is sound or reliable advice, please consider that it is coming from someone inside PG&E.

  4. vodknockers says:

    I saw that video where an agent actually cut a chain to gain access to someone’s yard.
    The above locked meter is mine, and living in the San Lorenzo Valley, these guys should know that we are all armed. If ANYONE is on my property and cuts that lock off, they will be confronted, detained, and arrested, at the very least.

  5. Sherri says:

    I wasn’t aware of possible health risks until I found this site (thank you by the way!), however these things horrify me. First, the power company in maine (where I live) is now owned by a company from Spain. The money to install these machines was taken from U.S. stimulus money. As a result, about 120 workers in Maine are losing their jobs. So, U.S. money, went to Spain, to save a Spanish company money and put U.S. workers out of work. How is that right? Second, I got an email from a friend about the capabilities of these things to collect data. Don’t know if its already up one this site, but just in case everyone should watch it!

  6. Bruce says:

    Called Economy Lock & Key this morning. A very nice man on the phone told me that they haven’t been able to get the locking rings for 6 weeks. He doesn’t know when they will be available again.

    This is the only solution that will work in our situation. Any other ideas?

  7. Tom Fletcher says:

    I know of this guy, um, Tony Wanless, who is a total scumwad, just like me, on this issue. Check out what he got paid to write recently. It makes big fun of you folks.

  8. F. John LaBarba says:

    FEB. 15, 2012.

  9. Chad says:

    Interesting idea. But you should know that all power companies have access to there equipment. The meter is owned by the utility. Your actually breaking federal laws by tampering with the Meter.

    You’ll most likely never be taken to court for this, most utilities will cut your lock and be on there way.

    Your best bet is to keep sending letters in protest. Also visiting your utility. Writing to your government officials is a good route also. I’m not sure about your area, but some areas government is handing down regulations that utilities go to smart metering.

    I work for a electric utility in Nebraska so I have a different opinion than most. But I won’t tell you not to stand up for what your own cause.

    Best of luck to your cause.

    • admin says:

      @Chad Thanks for your support, especially coming as it does from someone employed by a utility. Many people have done all you suggest, but the meter has made them sick, and they have a basic human right to protect themselves.

      The utilities first and foremost have the responsibility to provide safe and secure power to ratepayers, power that does not harm them. Such a basic service, necessary for life, cannot be seen as an optional customer purchase. Governments allow IOUs to provide this service, but they regulate them for a reason: the utilities provide a life-sustaining service, and the “customer” base is essentially captive to their monopoly, and vulnerable to exploitation. Nothing has illustrated this better than the smart meter debacle. When the regulators also fall down in their responsibilities, then the ratepayer is left to himself or herself.

      “Tampering” would be a hard charge to make stick, if any of the people who have removed their meter were ever to be so charged. We encourage people to act to protect themselves, even to the point of risking such a charge. So far, no one has actually been so charged.

    • Michael says:

      Trespassing is also a crime. Make sure you post signs on property that state ” NO TRESPASSING, VIOLATORS WILL BE SHOT” that ought to take care of that.

    • vodknockers says:

      Liar. I read my deed, I know the deal. You’re a shrill. Don’t believe this guy.

      • Wayward Republik says:

        Your deed may say the utilities have a right of way…. so, you build a fence and gate. You’re not preventing access, only requiring scheduled visits.

    • Concerned Christian says:

      I don’t know about Nebraska but in MY state, the HOMEOWNER/property owner OWNS their meter and the meters were purchased BY the original owner/builder. If the house is sold to a new person, that person BUYS the meter with the house and therefore OWNS THE METER.

  10. pat says:

    I have only put 2 hardened padlocks on the tabs of the electric box covers as I assume they do have to have access inside there. Perhaps this is so or not???

    When I had my NO SMART METER sign covering my analog meter so it could not be read (DUH! Silly me) the gal from SCE called me from her inside-her-truck-cell-phone and asked me to move my sign over to the side, off the glass, so she could read my meter from her truck as my gate is always closed, and dogs inside. When I told her I am protesting this dastardly thing her comment was “I don’t blame you!” Great coming from a SCE employee. In addition to human, pet and environmental health hazards – I also want to save her job.

  11. Sara says:

    I was looking @ my meter just now & it looks like I already have a protective device but I need a padlock for it (there is a notch where a padlock would fit). Do u think this is possible??? Otherwise I don’t see how this device would fit on my meter??? I’m sending this message from Texas where I had an Oncor employee try to scale my fence. I told him if he proceeded I would be forced to get my gun. He called me an idiot & promptly climbed down LOL

  12. vodknockers says:

    December 2012.
    PG&E sent me another notice that they were going to come out and swap out my (locked-up) analog meter, just like 2 years ago when this first started…
    Those of us who still have the old meters better be aware that they’re going to try to send out those lawless bums to trespass and possibly damage our private properties, again. If YOU still have your old meter, it is probably because you locked it up or something, which means the next round they come out, they may bring extra tools (like bolt cutters). Keep an eye on your stuff, tell a neighbor if you’re not home during the day, or do whatever you can to protect your property.
    Remember, PG&E (NOT their agents) does have the right to come onto your property to inspect their equipment, but they do NOT have any right breaking or damaging anything you own. And if those “Wellington goons” show up at my house, they will be confronted, detained, and arrested for trespassing.

  13. drew says:

    I have had guys coming out here reading my meter for 10 years now they wanted to change it my meters behind a locked gate I forgot to unlock the gate a couple times once a month they can read the meter from the street with binoculars why can’t I take a digital shot have it GPS label the date and time and email it to them once a month ..there I’m done they have their information I have my privacy that’s

  14. Spirit says:

    Called them today 4/23/15. no longer carry this. Sales girl said someone sol the a case of them so they put them up for sale and quickly ran out. Anyone have another source?


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