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Q: Are there any lawsuits against utilities because of “smart” meters?

There have been lawsuits, most notably from a group of Bakersfield CA residents last year who were severely overbilled. We don’t know how that was resolved. The power and money that utilities have at their disposal has made it hard to take them successfully to court. Often money is exchanged and people are asked to sign away their right to speak about the case. But discontent and public outrage has been growing steadily, and a large number of personal injury and class action lawsuits are in the making.  It’s hard to foresee the utility and telecom industry escaping paying out damages for long if our justice system operates fairly.

Federal Energy Act of 2005 states clearly that “smart” meters are to be OFFERED to residential customers, not mandated or forced. Read this letter from a US representative clarifying the matter.

Q: Where can I find a class action lawyer? How can I connect with others who have been affected in order to file a suit?

Calling law firms that address consumer issues is a start. You may have to make a lot of phone calls or emails, but you may be able to find someone who’s already at work in your area compiling complaints against utilities for “smart” meter issues. Network in your area through local media for others in your situation, and work together. Post on local internet bulletin boards, and you may find others who have been affected.  If you are suffering any health-related impacts from your ‘smart’ meter, document all your symptoms with the dates, date of installation, and include any medical reports.

Q: What about Home Owner Associations? Can our HOA legally opt out as a building?

Yes. This is a reasonable matter for a HOA to decide collectively on—after all, if a member of the HOA were harmed by the “smart” meters (especially the person who is directly next to the bank for the building), it could fall to the HOA to compensate this injured person. Your HOA or  your landlord may be legally liable for damages from ‘smart’ meters that they allowed on the premises. Individual “opt outs” obviously make little sense in the context of a condo or apartment block with multiple meters on a wall.

A CPUC judge has yet to rule on opt-out options (for California) (as of early Oct 2011). Communities of all sizes have voted to exclude these toxic devices from their midst, and there has yet to be a legal ruling on the question of jurisdiction between local and state governments.


9 Responses to FAQ: Legal Issues

  1. mike says:

    I need to find a lawyer asap to defend me in a case concerning smart meters placed on my home against my objection involves some trummped up criminal charges by wellington power in n.ca.let me know if you know any lawyers who might take them on thanks

  2. Daniel says:

    Has the “Notice of No Concent” Worked to stop the Edison Contractors from installing?
    I sent mine Notorized and return receipt. with additional comments like: I expect them to stay with our original contract. I will not accept the OPT OUT Fees on my bill. For I am not OPTING OUT. And of course I placed sings of no install and no trespassing. I hear that in southern California Edison Contractors have even cut away the bars and locks off the meters? How about is folks has this happened to you? Or is it just bad rumors.

  3. i have three smart meters outside my bedroom window . my head herts i cant fuction . i need help

    • Paul H says:

      Stack cases of water between on the wall between you and the meters. Shut the power off at the breaker box to your bedroom. This will not solve the problem but will help. Don’t sleep in that bedroom. You really need to move. I’m sorry to hear of your pain but at least you know where it’s coming from. Just think of all the people that don’t know.

    • Ken says:

      Well, if RF from smart meters is causing it, then you’re screwed because RF is everywhere and has been for quite a long time. FM radio, for example. Any visible light also gives off RF, same with heat and microwaves. RF is everywhere and has been for many years. It’s psychological.

  4. Adriana says:

    I am so glad to have found this site. I live in a H.O.A. condominium and my son has had problems sleeping. His wall happens to be above 6 smart meters. Gas & electricity. My room is also next to him. I have similar issues. But am glad to find answers because our Doctor didn’t. In my case I will need help from my neighbors to place a cover to redirect the rf signal because this is overkill.What I don’t understand is why haven’t these control cowards been forced to supply covers to avoid health issues? Again thank you all for fighting the good fight. Continue to let your voice be heard. There is Power in the masses!

  5. julian says:

    They installed a smart meter on my house only because they lied to me and said it wasn’t one. Since then i’ve had difficulty concentrating, i feel nauseatic and enraged for no reason and i feel depressed and weak. All these symptoms vanish when i leave my house. These power companies are ruthless, they will do anything to get their way. The government knows full well the effects that these and other wireless contraptions like cell masts can have on the health but they only care about the money. i can’t believe it will carry on like this forever, something will have to break and the people responsible will be forced to act accordingly. And ken, you are wrong, it is not psychological, you are another deluded smart meter apologist.

  6. I can not take it any longer, the RF in my apartment is sickening, buzzing ,humm/ high voltage sound. And feel nausea, weak. My bed is like an electromagnetic field, you can actually feel this thing. I have contacted lawyers. I received a zapp to my face right through the cheekbone while in bed.

  7. Natasha White says:

    I am having brain issues can feel body tingling bed shakes having head to toe shake’s sever pains shooting in thigh hips down to legs

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