Berkeley EMF Analysis and RIP Shrub

PG&E installed 112 ‘smart’ meters on the wall at this Redwood Gardens apt. complex in January. The photo on the left was taken on March 19th. The photo on the right was taken April 7th. The photo below with the new metal doors was taken on May 18th.

The other day, we were thinking about the woman from the Berkeley apartment building who sent us the photos of the dying shrub right outside the bank of ‘smart’ meters.  We e-mailed the woman to ask how she was doing- and how the shrub was doing.  This was her reply:

“Funny you email today…the shrub died completely and was recently removed.  Today the wood doors to the wall of smart meters are being replaced with metal doors which I’m wondering may reflect even more emf into our apartments.  Here is a photo taken today.  Thank you for all your important work.

In the meantime I avoid my living room which is nearest the meters and kind of a drag to confine myself to one room now.”

We believe this is more than just “a drag”.  It is an unconstitutional taking by the utilities.  And it is ruining people’s lives (not to mention the plants).  So last Friday we went to Berkeley with our EMF analyzer to find out what was going on and to take measurements.  As it turns out, there are 112 (not 180) electrical meters on this wall- the other 68 are located at a different location within the complex.  Here is the video we recorded in Berkeley last Friday:

From a healthy green shrub to a stump in two months- courtesy of PG&E SmartMeters?

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9 Responses to Berkeley EMF Analysis and RIP Shrub

  1. Maggie Zhou says:

    Thanks for this info. It will be more effective if the video zooms in on the meter readings, instead of asking the viewers to trust what you say the values are, if you intend it to be convincing to not just the believers.

    Also, the lady clearly stated that the reading before closing the metal door is anywhere from 50-150 microwatts/sq meter, but a few other times when she did not spell out the unit, she was saying 150,000. I suspect she meant 150,000 microwatts/sq meter, not 150 microwatts/sq meter. Anyway, highlighting those numbers with caption on screen would have been much clearer.

    And, at the beginning of the video, it is impossible to hear any signal at all amid all the talking.

    • Thanks for your comment- we will try and zoom in on the readings in future. The analyzer measured 150,000 to 200,000 microwatts per square meter—and
      sometimes much more (over the analyzer’s capacity).

      I think the fact that we clocked 65 pulses (each up to those aforementioned levels) in 60 seconds is more important as it shows nearly continuous radiation from a bank of meters, proving that when PG&E says it’s only 45 seconds a day they are simply lying.

  2. pamela wilson says:

    A few months ago, I noticed something very, very strange going on with my houseplants. I’ve always had a touch with them, and I’ve had many of the same houseplants for years. But they began to wilt, almost as though they had some sort of fungus or disease. Only the plants in a direct line between the new bank of smart meters directly outside my kitchen and my wall heater–every plant in that line has browned, and begins to drop leaves, and then the entire plant dies. One succulent I’d had for over 10 years–it suffered the same fate as a healthy new orchid. I sleep on my floor in the living room–about three feet from where this is happening to my plants. And I’ve been having problems with dizziness and weakness–it wasn’t until I heard a piece on KPFA that I realized what had changed before the plants and my illness–it was/is the smart meters. What can I do?

    • Soula says:

      Join others who are protesting. Write letters, go to demonstrations.

      You can try shielding your home. Cover the walls and esp the windows with shielding material. Several layers of heavy duty Reynolds Wrap, shiny side toward the meters OR go to and try to figure out their incomprehensible product listings. They at least have some transparent and semi-transparent shielding for windows. Join the activist email lists for personal advice.

      It should be a crime, what is being done to people and other living things with “smart”meters and other wireless RF. Today I noticed a smeter installed in the small entrance of a home, say 4” from people’s heads as they go in the front door, blasting the pulses directly at people’s heads. This is completely in violation of even the pathetic FCC standards.

  3. Gema says:

    This greatly concerns me – I have 9 smart meters about 10 feet away from the head of my bed (a laundry room separates me from the meters). Over the last year I have had tinnitus, memory loss, and insomnia on a persistent basis. Sometimes I wake up due to what I call ‘brain surges” – a static build up that peaks then crashes much like a wave – inside my head. I plan to move my bed into my dining area – about 38 feet away from that bedroom wall. Do you suggest I also shield the wall? I don’t want to spend a lot of my money to do that – I looked at the lessemf site and it’s confusing…perhaps is more logical to consider a move to a safer home? Your advice is appreciated!

    • admin says:

      @Gema and all. There is now shielding info in our FAQ: click “Frequently Asked Questions” at the top of the page, and choose “Shielding and Measurement”

  4. Linda Em says:

    Question: If you live on a cul de sac, are you also affected by the smart meters on the homes on either side of you.

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  6. Brenda Gress says:

    Someone help.. I am in HUD and since they have put in smart meters my health had deteriorated, I had gorgeous hair and now it’s almost gone… Please help me..There are 8 meters outside my building right near me.

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