San Francisco PG&E Protest Pics

Here are some pics of last Friday’s protest at PG&E HQ in San Francisco:

Number to call for PG&E- demand to keep your analog meter or have it replaced- DON'T take no for an answer- ask them for written confirmation and they will refuse- why?

Our Director Josh Hart- Health and Safety apparently mean very little to PG&E

Wireless smart meters expose you to 24/7 wireless radiation- doesn't sound too smart to us!!

My grandma used to say, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'

Lady Liberty as a smart meter. Actually, the statue of liberty would make an excellent cell tower- I wonder if Verizon has considered it....

Or how about just "zero safety"

The dose makes the poison- and 'smart' meters are an overdose we just don't need

Sudi talking about PG&E's cop out program

PG&E Execs look on worriedly as protesters demand a stop to stupid meters

Some people who have been injured by their 'smart' meters (and sensitized to wireless) had travelled far to attend the protest and were suffering just being in downtown SF with all its electrosmog- but what choice do they have? None at the moment....

Scientists say children have thinner skulls and are more vulnerable to wireless radiation. What will become of our future?


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