Stop Smart Meters! Does Sacramento

Stop Smart Meters! organized a group train expedition to Sacramento on Monday May 9th in an attempt to wake up the California state legislature.  “Hey, uh excuse me– legislature, pssst… the smart grid is hurting us.”  Senate Bill 932- a mild cell phone advisory bill was up for a vote (it passed and now heads to the floor), the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee (including Jared Huffman author of AB 37- the opt out bill that has now been put on hold) hearing our testimony on the health damage caused by smart meters, trading blows with the telecommunications industry in the halls, and a brewing revolution ignited by Code Pink, the Teachers Union, and students from all over CA. (65 people ended up getting arrested that night).

Though we were unable to record the full committee hearings due to ban on members of the public videotaping in the capitol, full video is available via the links below:

Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee- (our testimony on bad telecom bill begins at about 35:00, Smart Meter health damage testimony starts at about 43:00)

Cell Phone Warning Bill SB 932 in Senate Environmental Quality Committee:

Part 1 (starting at about 1:05) Part 2

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  1. Val Ward says:

    So Cal Edison is also installing smart meters in Los Angeles County. The Gas Company (Sempra Energy) is doing the same with their gas meters. I didn’t know about this controversy or the health issues so am now being bombarded from 2 sides of my house. I wish I could rewind a year and keep my gate locked to prevent their experimentation on my family.

  2. Belva says:

    I am so sick & dying from the smart meters.I am stuck here & have been since June 18th 2011. I was sick before I moved here & became way worse.Several hospital trips * 2 hospital stays.One in oncology & 1 in trauma dept.I have mercury poisoning from having alot of silver MERCURY dental fillings (nightmare story) & have had more than my share of radiation for a life time starting 30 years ago when I had hodgkins disease & then all the years after from EMF exposure.So I could not wait to get out of last building where I fought sac city council to stop 6 cell tower panels being put on roof bu lost that battle & became very sick. It was then I learned about the connedction between the Fungal (Mold,Mycotoxins) in which we all have fungus in us (Candida Albicans) We breath it & feed it with what we put in our mouths.Radiation we all get exposed to everyday and Mercry we all have in us from air,soil,water or silver MERCURY dental fillings in which each silver filling is 50% MERCURY the second most deadly toxin on the planet after uranium,plutonium (RADIATION) being the #1 Toxin on the planet.I was told to get out of here in November when a girl came to film my story about my mercury dental fillings.She was sent by Congresswoman Watso who had passed a bill in CA telling dentist by law to tell their patients about the dangers of mercury but then the ADA(american dental assoc.) stepped in & told dentist if they told patients they would take their liscence.The girl is Kelly who is a 5 time hodgkins survivor herself.She was the 1st person to tell me to get rid of my metal bedframe & then when I learned there were 8 smart meters on my bedroom wall & 20 across the sidewalk plus right out my door is the spa & pool we knew why I was throwing up blood,heard surging & ringing noises& literally felt & feel like I am being electrocutedThis is the most horrifying nightmare journey I could ever imaginged.I fight for my life literall everyday.I am on section 8 for the 1st time & only get SSI which is being cut again.I was told from apt. complex & SHRA that I need a doctors note to be able to move & to get out of here but cannot find a doctor who is educated on this & your regular doctors think your crazy.My lease is up & out of retailiation they want me to pay $150 more to live in this place that is killing me.i got nothing in writing or no heads up from apts only a letter from SHRA telling me they approved the rent increase after they did.Letter dated May 19th Got in mail May 25th I am very sick,sad 7 very ticked off.If someone can tell me who could write me or give me something saying the PGE meters made me really sick & are killing me Where do people go to get diagnosed & I have no car & no where to run or hide but I wish someone was doing my story of my journey for years now but especially now in case I die I wanted peole to be educated on what I have had to learn the hard way full circle 1st hand so they do not have to get sick & die & not know the truth of their illnesses & or death and just handed a pill or poison or cut on unnecessarily.I have had to get away & am getting off the computer now to take some kelp & help stop the pain from all this scar tissue I have & am getting.I have no EMF protection yet since I am so poor.

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