Difficult Questions about San Bruno and Smart Meters? That’s What Fire Alarms Are For!

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  1. Thank you Josh, and all of the Brave and Intelligent people who spoke out against the terrorism that PG&E is waging against innocent babies, children, their families, and pets, by forced MICROWAVE RADIATION bolted to their gas and electric meters, inches from their bodies 24/7. We are Sick from Radiation Poisoning in our own homes, while the CPUC and PGE act like WAR CRIMINALS.

    There have been over 8000 health complaints, since last month. Wait until people realize that San Bruno may have been sparked by SMART meters.


    Utility group alleges SmartMeter sparked San Bruno explosion
    By: Staff Report 09/15/10 11:00 PM
    Clean-energy advocates filed a federal complaint alleging that newly installed SmartMeter technology sparked last Thursday’s transmission pipeline explosion in San Bruno.

    Federal investigators told The Examiner that they are not investigating SmartMeters as a potential cause of the deadly blast.

    SmartMeters can be used to remotely control PG&E customers’ natural gas and electricity use. They also record energy use.

    PG&E operators communicate with the electronic devices through radio waves.

    SmartMeters were deployed in San Bruno from November 2009 until April, according to the company’s website.

    “I allege EMF (electromagnetic field) from PG&E’s SmartMeters created the ignition source,” Californians for Renewable Energy founder Michael Boyd wrote in a complaint filed Wednesday, according to documents provided to The Examiner by the nonprofit.

    PG&E officials did not respond over two days to questions about the safety of SmartMeters related to gas pipelines.

    The company has previously issued assurances that the products are safe.

    The complaint was filed against PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission with the Federal Communications Commission.

    The complaint alleges that the SmartMeters do not meet FCC regulations related to radiation.

    The National Transportation Safety Board, however, is not investigating whether SmartMeters contributed to the disaster.

    “This accident involves a transmission pipeline and it does not involve residential metering systems,” NTSB spokesman Peter Knudson to The Examiner Wednesday in an e-mail. “That is not an issue that we will be looking at, since it has no bearing on this accident.”


    Read more at the San Francisco Examiner: http://www.sfexaminer.com/local/utility-group-alleges-smartmeter-sparked-san-bruno-explosion#ixzz1FPqcNmK6

  2. Thanks for your fantastic and important work.

    Actually, I must make a correction, I apologize:

    PG&E has reported over 43,000 Smart Meter problems of one kind or another. But these are numbers since last year, so are actually much, much higher. This is just California.

    No one knows the true numbers as the CPUC has been under-reporting the number of complaints, perhaps to avoid the TRUTH, that Radiation emitting Smart meters are DANGEROUS to the Health, and Safety of innocent children, and their families, and MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY.


    PG&E has reported over 43,000 Smart Meter problems of one kind or another.
    PG&E acknowledges SmartMeter problems
    Monday, April 26, 2010


    Michael Finney
    More: Bio, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, News Team

    SACRAMENTO, CA (KGO) — There is a startling admission from PG&E about the controversial SmartMeters.

    The utility has insisted its new meters are accurate, but on Monday they admitted to some problems at a state Senate committee hearing.

    PG&E confirmed on Monday that more than 43,000 of its SmartMeters have suffered from various problems…
    CPUC under-reported SmartMeter complaints
    Monday, August 30, 2010


    On Your Side has learned that the California Public Utilities Commission has been severely under-reporting the consumer complaints filed about PG&E’s SmartMeters.
    The number of complaints being reported by state regulators has now doubled in a matter of days…

  3. Joe Proone says:

    Actually Smart meters are fully listed and tested to the requirements of NEC 2014 Section 110 as well as the NFPA

    source 20 years as a private electrical contractor.

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