Standing Up To Toxic RF Irradiation / Staying “Safe and Sound” During the Crisis

Now, more than ever, the smart grid poses a grave risk to your health. If you still have a “smart” meter on your home, now is the time to be assertive and get it removed. The utilities do not have any legal basis to force a smart meter on your home—period. The only legal rights they do have on private property are contained within your “utility easement”—usually limited to reading and maintaining your (analog) meter. They have zero legal right to install an irradiating surveillance device (AKA “smart” meter) against your will. They simply pretend they do, and most of the time they get away with it, because very few people know the law. If a utility tries to bully you and force a smart meter on your home, they are breaking the law. Take them to court or choose to go off grid and deprive them of your blood money. People were “off grid” for most of human history without even small scale photovoltaic electricity and they did just fine. (Of course, there are some people with medical conditions and equipment whose lives depend on electricity as an essential service.) Most people have now become hooked on the “convenience” and now the dealer is abusing its customers.

Staying Safe and Sound During this Emergency If you don’t already have an EMF detector to measure levels of man-made “electrosmog” in your home and community, now is a good time to get one. These are critical tools to identify and locate EMF so you can then minimize your exposure and allow your immune system to recover from the unprecedented artificial radiation assault we are being subject to.

We want you to stay “Safe and Sound” during this crisis. Visit our online store to browse the latest EMF meters and detectors available at reasonable prices. Lowering EMF exposure is one of the most affordable forms of health insurance available to us. We recently received these nifty new RF meters from Safe Living Technologies, now available in our store for a 5% discount if you use the code “RFDEFENSE” during checkout. Wider frequency meters like the “Safe and Sound” Classic and Pro 2 meters are more likely to detect 5G and other higher frequency radiation sources than traditional RF meters. Check out the Scientists for Wired Technology review of the Safe and Sound Pro 2. We offer fast and free shipping to the United States. Those living outside the U.S. can purchase through our ebay store. Every purchase supports our grassroots organization and helps build resistance to RF pollution (your Amazon purchases do the opposite). Please spread the word.

Lower-priced EMF meters available to the vulnerable: If you have Electro Magnetic Sensitivity (EMS), have tested positive for COVID-19, or would like to purchase EMF detectors for public use, i.e. at a library/ community center, you are eligible for a 10% discount on all materials in our store including EMF meters. Write to us with verification of any requests.

Our resources, advice, toll-free hotline and grassroots organizing interventions are in more demand than ever. It seems that the public is finally waking up to the electrosmog crisis. Please consider a store purchase or a donation to help us expand our offerings during this evolving crisis and “meet the moment.”

We wish all of you and everyone you love good health, privacy and safety during these difficult times.

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