How to Reduce Your Kids’ EMF Exposure During Lockdown? It’s Not Difficult, With CHD’s Guide

Concerned about your exposure to RF radiation? Pick the low hanging fruit and start with your own house! There is no need to use wireless at all within the home. Many people do not understand that access to the internet does not require WiFi. You can easily set up a wired connection to your computers and devices using a modem and ethernet cable(s) with zero microwave radiation exposure (at least within the home) while you quarantine. Use a corded landline phone and you will have full telecommunications capabilities- with zero toxic microwaves. Check out this page from Children’s Health Defense for a step by step guide to achieving this.

Don’t stop with your own personal safety. Realize that radiation doesn’t stop at your front door—it is a community problem and must be dealt with as such. An EMF meter (that measures microwave intensity) is a prerequisite for reducing EMF pollution in your home as well as your community. You can get affordable and high quality EMF meters in our online store.

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