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5G Global Protest Day January 25th 2020


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Reading 5G Frequencies Using the EMFields Acoustimeter

RF Meters take microwave radiation (invisible and inaudible to most people) and make it both visible and audible. A quality RF meter is literally your ears and eyes when it comes to detection of microwaves. Because RF ‘electrosmog’ has increased … Continue reading

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Protect Yourself! New Guides from Ron Powell PhD for Determining Frequency & Power of RF Pollution Using the Cornet ED88T Plus Electrosmog Meter

One of the more common misunderstandings about Radio Frequency (RF or Microwave) radiation from ‘smart’ meters, cell phones, cell towers, etc. is the difference between the frequency and power density of this radiation.  Frequency refers to the number of oscillations per second (eg. … Continue reading

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Olle Johansson – Free Talk in Santa Cruz, CA September 9th — Videos of Olle Santa Cruz Talk Now Posted

Stop Smart Meters! was founded nearly 10 years ago in Santa Cruz County and it was with great pleasure that we returned to our hometown on September 9th, 2019 to co-host EMF’s & Health – Where Do We Stand?, featuring … Continue reading

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New Wireless Public Health Warning Cards Now Available from Stop Smart Meters! Online Store

The new Stop Smart Meters! 4th Edition 2019 Public Health Warning 4×6” recycled, union-printed cards are now available for purchase in 50-packs in our online store for widespread distribution.  The new cards have been updated with language and imagery on the 5G … Continue reading

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