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New Wave of Wild Forest Destruction in Name of Thinning and False Climate Solution Biomass Coming to Your Area

Stop Smart Meters! was founded in 2010 by a group of us to resist what was then being presented as a climate solution. Interestingly, you hardly ever hear this argument any longer as it has become clear that smart utility … Continue reading

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PG&E’s “Smart Grid” + Climate Crisis = Existential Risks

It’s looking like Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is now responsible not only for igniting the Kincade Fire which has burned 66,000 acres in Sonoma County, California and now threatens more than 80,000 structures, but also two more fires in … Continue reading

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Fake Back Your Power? The Emperor Wears no Clothes…

The film “Take Back Your Power” by Canadian immigrant Josh del Sol- released in 2013- did an excellent job of dramatically describing the problems caused by smart meters. Unfortunately the solutions that Mr. del Sol proposes to deal with the … Continue reading

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A “War on Energy” — What Does that Really Mean?

      Recently, Josh del Sol, Director of the smart meter documentary Take Back Your Power, declared in a blog post that there is a “war on energy.”  This is a dangerous oversimplification. I think it would be more … Continue reading

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Stop Smart Meters! Marks 5 Years Standing Up to Utility Bullies

It’s been five years since was founded. Our early efforts together to get 57 California municipalities to stand against smart meters was a spark that ignited an international rebellion against the red-herring technology. This anniversary is about all of … Continue reading

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