Fake Back Your Power? The Emperor Wears no Clothes…

The film “Take Back Your Power” by Canadian immigrant Josh del Sol- released in 2013- did an excellent job of dramatically describing the problems caused by smart meters. Unfortunately the solutions that Mr. del Sol proposes to deal with the smart meter problem have always seemed to come up short. Del Sol’s latest effort, called the “In Power” Movement, apparently based on the use of a series of “liability documents,” is no exception.

From 2012- 2014, Stop Smart Meters! partnered with the TBYP filmmakers, distributed thousands of DVD’s, and helped organize numerous screenings around the country. That was before Mr. del Sol questioned the disability rights of those with EHS, took credit for our work, recklessly made statements denying that fossil fuels damage our climate, and promoted false, dead-end “solutions” to the smart meter crisis. These actions- we are sad to say- led to us parting ways with Mr. Del Sol.

Ornately worded documents and one-sided contracts, based on the discredited “sovereign citizen” movement, are nothing but a fool’s errand, and unless backed by true political grassroots power, these promises provide false hope and misdirected energies. In a recent post entitled The Emperor’s Clothes and Smart Meter Resistance, Michigan Stop Smart Meters spokesperson David Sheldon says that the “InPower Movement” is “inherently flawed” and diverting well intentioned funding and support from truly grassroots anti-smart meter groups. We agree.

Just because someone correctly identifies a problem does not necessarily qualify them to pinpoint the best solution. Mr. Del Sol has brought his own agenda, but not an open mind to this debate, according to many people in this movement.  He is apparently now teaming up with Jason Bawden-Smith, who promotes false solutions such as “Blueshield” devices that claim to “defend against EMF’s” but actually emit more EMF into already saturated environments. These false solutions distract from the real ones, and erode the credibility of the problems we are working to raise awareness about.

Real solutions to the problem of utilities forcing smart meters include communities organizing, raising awareness, taking direct action, passing legislation and winning court cases. Shifting social norms. Talking to one another.  No one document will magically cure all our woes, without this basic “shoe leather organizing.” We need to commit to solidarity with our communities, and never back down from what we know to be the truth.

There is nothing wrong with holding criminals accountable in writing. The question is – who is going to ensure accountability if political and judicial systems continue to be corrupted by the industries they are meant to hold in check? Unless the answer is “us” then such dogma only serves to empower the state, and the utility executives committing their heinous crimes.

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  1. Dear Josh,

    I nor any of my companies have any involvement, shares nor receive any commissions or fees from Blushield or the manufactures of The Quantlet. But I like the approach taken by the inventors and use the products myself when all other options have been exhausted. My approach to minimising nnEMF exposure using the well-established hierarchy of control methodology is articulated in my book In The Dark. Nowhere do I state that one should just plug in or wear a device and think their protected. PPE is the very last control measure anyone should use and only after exhausting every other available option when controlling hazards. Even then we have no empirical evidence this particular PPE approach works, only unpublished promising case studies and trials on plants and animals. Conducting human trials (typically $1M+) is beyond the budget of these inventors. I have my own level of scientific rigour and governance I use to evaluate products for me and those I love. I appreciate my opinion holds weight with some people given my 30 years’ experience as a successful environmental health consultant and as a Director of one of Australia’s most successful environmental consulting companies. However, I prefer not to advise anyone to buy a particular product or services instead I advise people who enquire on my approach. If you haven’t read my published book here is a basic summary https://www.emfwarriors.com/latest-news/a-day-in-the-life-of-an-emf-warrior/

    It’s always disappointing to see infighting amongst a community and if there was ever a time for all of us to put our differences to the side and join together, it is now!

    I trust this clarifies my position and you will immediately retract and stop any further erroneous correspondence.

    • Josh Hart says:

      Jason, thanks for writing in. Nowhere have we seen any empirical or sound scientific evidence to suggest that bringing more electric devices that emit more EMF’s into our already saturated environments will do anything more than make certain individuals rich, make people sicker, and divert resources from efforts that do result in lower exposures. It’s great that you are talking about the problem- let’s just focus on proven and real solutions.

  2. Smart Meter Education Network says:

    For those who think Josh del Sol’s tactics work, consider this: Andrea McNinch in Michigan followed his tactics. Her power was shut off. She went to court. She lost. Not because of a corrupt court, which is the usual way for people with flawed cases to wriggle out of things, but because she had no supporting evidence. People in Michigan have sent in Josh del Sol’s documents and had their power shut off or a smart meter installed.

    Here’s how Josh del Sol’s stuff works: I send you a contract. It says you will pay me $1000 dollars if X happens. The “contract” states that you owe me whether you sign (agree to) the contract or not. Really? Ask yourself, if your neighbor sent you such a contract, would it be legit? Of course not. So why, then, is Josh del Sol’s? S-C-A-M is the word.

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