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Q: Is it true that insurance companies won’t insure against the risks of “smart” meters?

We heartily recommend that you write to your own insurance company to ask explicit questions about whether they insure against the risks of “smart” meters. The more people who write to ask this question, the more attention insurance companies may pay this unaddressed question.

So far it has been a hot-potato matter: utilities say they have a mandate from public utilities commissions, and public utilities commissions defer to utility demands. Who in all this is responsible for damage that results from “smart” meter installations? Only rarely does a utility own up to the damage done by a “smart” meter, such as when PG&E acknowledged that 1,600 meters were defective. Many believe the number to be much higher, but it is not likely they will ever admit this. Nor is it likely utilities will publicly acknowledge the fires have been attributed to “smart” meters.

And most importantly, people have been made sick, and this fact has been completely ignored and denied by utilities deploying “smart” meters—who are morally culpable for irresponsibly installing harmful devices in people’s homes.


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