Wireless Public Health Warning Cards Now in Stock!

Our 2014 Global Wireless Warning Card is now available for purchase in bulk in our online store.  This is a simple card that addresses wireless risks to health and solutions:Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 11.13.10 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 11.12.44 AMWhen in town, we see mothers talking on their phones right next to their babies, giving them iPads to play with.  People putting cordless phone base stations- which radiate constantly even when not in use- next to their beds.  Holding their cell phones up to their ear, in spite of the quiet warnings in the manual not to do so. People are getting cancer and many other diseases from these exposures, simply because they don’t know.

We wanted a short, concise card to hand out to people giving them the basic facts to protect their families.  Many people have no idea that this radiation is dangerous, much less what to do to protect themselves.  The cards are 4×6″, double sided and printed on 100% recycled card stock with soy ink by Inkworks Press, a high quality union print shop in Berkeley, CA.

This card contains a basic warning that state and federal governments should have been requiring on wireless products for years.

Get a stack of these cards and hand them out in your neighborhood.  Put them at the library, grocery store, your church or school.  Hand them out in front of a utility or cell phone retail store.  The virtual blackout in US mainstream media over the health impacts of wireless technology just means you and I have to do the work of getting the word out.

These cards are one way to do that- and (dare we say) very eye catching.  The day we printed them we had a stack on our table in the restaurant and people were literally coming up and asking for them.

We hope they help in your local organizing efforts and help raise awareness in your community about the problems with wireless technology- and the solutions.

Buy copies today- at cost- in our online store

If your financial situation rules out the purchase of these cards, yet you still want to distribute them please e-mail us & describe your situation.  We have a few set aside for those with low income.  If you can help translate or fund a Spanish version of this card, or thousands of these cards to be distributed- please contact us.  Thank you.

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8 Responses to Wireless Public Health Warning Cards Now in Stock!

  1. Terri Keller says:

    Very nice! These look like the perfect thing to pass out at an upcoming safe energy event in April. 🙂

    One question: What is the reasoning, in the section on “Keep Your Distance, Turn it Off,” behind the suggestion to use the battery on a laptop whenever possible? I know to have it hardwired, and to turn off the wireless function, but have never heard the battery business.

    At any rate, thanks for putting that together. So much important info in such a convenient, well-designed little space!

    • Thanks Terri! If you have a laptop it is way better to use it off the battery than plugged into the wall. It reduced EMF’s significantly and this can be confirmed with an AM radio or gauss meter. It also prevents dirty electricity transients from flowing into the computer and exposing you! There has been a huge response to our card and we hope to re-print soon!

  2. Stopping Smart Meters - Education Not Radiation says:

    here some more helpful cards to add to the SSM creative education and wake up campaign :)!

    “Radiation Not Education”


    dirty electricity-free for life

  3. Stopping Smart Meters - Education Not Radiation says:

    for all ssm supporters and activists
    more creative avenues and paths of action:
    thanks SSM team for the awesome work!!!

    Letter For Your School
    Here’s some tools you can use to start teaching the
    teachers and Principal, and parents at your school about why we need to stop using WiFi and cell phones.

    Letter From You To Your School

    You can start by printing out this letter we wrote especially for schools, signing it, and then getting AS MANY OF YOUR FRIENDS to do the same and then give the letters to your school Principal and teacher. You can also get your Mom to mail a copy to your School Board.

    No WiFi Computers For You!

    Also really important is to print out this Non-Consent Form – this is for your parents to sign and give to your school to make it super clear that you do not want to work on a wireless computer – or be in the room when the other kids are blasting themselves with radiation.

    Make The School Say They Might Be Hurting You

    Next, you get your parents to sign this Statement of Accountability AND get your school Principal to sign it. This is really cool because it will really make your Principal think about the dangers of wireless and that they have to take some responsibility for anything bad that happens to the kids.

    Find Out If Any Kids Are Already Sick From WiFi

    Then if you really want to KICK IT UP to the next level, hand out (or just email) a copy of this Student Health Survey to every kid in your class, or even the whole school!

    If you can get it to every kid in your school, even better! Once you have a bunch of them filled out and handed back, you can turn them into a report. You can then send the report to your School Board and government officials (get your Mom or Dad to help you figure out who to mail it to) to get the BEST RESULTS.

    OR, you can download this scientific letter from Dr. Magda Havas for your school and give it to your teacher, Principal and School Board.

    You can also wear your RadiationEducation t-shirt to school every day! And get your friends to wear them too!

    *p.s. Thanks to http://www.citizensforsafetechnology.org for the two forms to sign and thanks to http://www.safeschools.ca for the health survey!





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  5. Maureen says:

    Placing my order today! Thanks for the great resources!

  6. Susie says:

    This might be a stupid question, but what difference does it make if I pay the extra $20 per month to get SRP to remove my smart meter when everyone else around me has one?

    • Bingo- that is why “opt out” is a non-solution to the hazards of the smart grid, in terms of health effects from radiation. No one should pay these fees they are extortion. Benefits of having an analog on your home are: reduced fire risk, reduced overcharging, eliminated privacy violation potential, and marginally reduced exposure to RF. Talk to your neighbors and enforce a “smart meter free zone” in your hood.

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