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Letter Opposing Our Local Library’s Planned Verizon Hotspot Loan Program

We recently found out that our County is planning to loan out “Verizon Hotspots” through the library to residents including students affected by the school shutdowns. This is a really bad idea- and we outline the reasons why below. Find … Continue reading

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Pacific Power “Believes the Science it Wants to Believe”

The following article was submitted by Betty Kreeger in Siskiyou County, California, describing a recent public meeting that raised more questions than providing answers (a familiar situation for many of you!). On December 6th Pacific Power sent Regional Business Manager … Continue reading

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Democracy Now! Coverage of Wireless Industry Health Coverup

Don’t miss this coverage of how the wireless industry- like big tobacco- has “war-gamed” the science and manipulated the public to believe (falsely) that wireless technology is safe.

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Plumas County’s Telecommunications Ordinance Process: Opportunities and Threats

This opinion piece appeared today in Plumas County Newspapers: We probably all agree we want quality internet and phone connections that are fast, secure, affordable, safe and reliable. The Planning Commission is currently drafting a new telecommunications ordinance for Plumas … Continue reading

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The Invisible Rainbow- Arthur Firstenberg

Released on Earth Day this year, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life is the culmination of EMF activist Arthur Firstenberg’s long career fighting wireless infrastructure. The Invisible Rainbow is “easy to read, hard to put down, sublimely … Continue reading

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