Largest Mass. Electric Utility: Smart Meters “Irrational”

According to Halt MA Smart Meters, Massachusetts largest electric utility NSTAR has submitted scathing comments to the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) regarding its proposed mandate (to the utility, not the customer- there is no legal mandate for individual utility customers to accept “smart” meters on private property anywhere in the US or abroad that we are aware of- that is a myth and a lie perpetuated by utilities).

NSTAR states in its official submission to the DPU:

  • “there is no cost justification that can support the implementation of ‘smart’ meters”
  • “Smart Meters do not reduce the number of outages” 
  • “Smart metering systems are not necessary to integrate distributed resources” (wind & solar)”
  • “Smart meters introduce a brand new portal into (our) information systems, significantly increasing the cyber-security risk.”
  • “mandated implementation of (smart meters) is not a prerogative within the [DPU]’s discretion”
  • “Many customers have a deep aversion to technology that links them to the ‘grid’ in a way that they perceive as an invasion of their privacy and/ or detrimental to their health”

It is worth noting how far the “smart grid” has fallen in terms of public acceptance that now a major US utility has courageously come out and rejected “smart” meters,  complaining loudly about a state mandate even as state utilities commissions- driven by a corrupt association with the smart grid industry- continue to blindly push “smart” meter programs that have shown themselves to be a waste of public funds, a waste of energy, and a threat to our health, safety and privacy.

In California, the Public Utilities Commission was responsible for pushing the smart grid on initially reluctant investor owned utilities.  While companies like GE, Landis & Gyr, and Silver Spring Networks continue to profit handsomely from the smart meter gravy train, it’s clear that this train is stalling on an uphill grade without brakes, and we know how that story ends…..

For more information, see Halt MA Smart Meters Newsletter

NStar’s DPU  comment: HMSM highlighted version

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3 Responses to Largest Mass. Electric Utility: Smart Meters “Irrational”

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  2. Terri Keller says:

    We had an article in the local large newspaper where a reporter implied that those against “smart” meters are “irrational.” I wrote a letter to the editor to set the record straight: “Terry Dickson was having some fun with the word “irrational” in his article “Your Fears Named, If Not Also Measured” (Times-Union, 1/26/14). I can help with a perfect two-word description of “irrational”: “smart” meters.

    “These electric meters have been linked to hundreds of fires. They spew radiofrequency radiation (RFR) through your home/family up to 190,000 times a day. RFR, a class 2B carcinogen according to the World Health Organization, is correlated with childhood leukemia.

    “RFR from some Jacksonville “smart” meters has been extremely high. Utilities insist emissions meet FCC standards. These standards don’t take into account non-thermal, aka non-heating, damage done by RFR, including damage to DNA and the blood/brain barrier. They just consider how hot something gets that’s near the meter, and ignore the mechanism doing the actual harm (see!

    “Cell phone RFR is causing eye, ear, brain, and even breast cancer (from cell phones in bras). Dickson wrote about Daniel Hirsch, who reveals that “smart” meters can emit many times more radiation than a cell phone. And they’re on 24/7.

    “’Spy and Fry’ meters can also cause excessive EMF (“dirty electricity”) along your home’s wiring. Insomnia, ringing in the ears and heart palpitations are just some of the symptoms caused by EMF. Dirty electricity can also raise your chances of cancer by many times over average.

    “’It’s a really, really stupid grid,’ said James Woolsey, ex-CIA director, about the “smart” meter network. A criminal with a laptop and some knowhow can ascertain whether someone is home or not, and shut off your power with a cell phone!

    “The utilities brag that “smart” meters save energy/money. In reality, AMI meters don’t save any more electricity than you would by just turning off lights and unplugging items not in use.

    “Americans aren’t legally required to have these “time-based” meters. You’ve the right to opt out, says Florida’s U. S. state representative, Bill Posey. According to the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the only federal law pertaining to “smart” meters, the program is “opt in” only! More information about how to avoid or get rid of an “irrational” meter is at StopSmartMeters.Org.

    “Some have avoided getting a “smart” meter by placing a sign below their safe analog meter that says “DO NOT REPLACE METER. We refuse the ‘smart’ meter due to health, security, and privacy issues.” That may hold off installation until Florida gets the opt out Georgia just won.”

    Terri Keller, M. A.

  3. Boomer Lady says:

    I live in a condo complex building of 43 units. All the smart meters, and the old style before them, are bundled together, so while opting out is allowed, if only a few do this it won’t make any difference. It would take 100% participation to make a difference. And San Diego charges a one time fee of $75 and a $10 a month charge for a human to come each month to read the meter. So only those single family home owners who believe they’re dangerous have opted out. We have a lot of condo owners who can’t.

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