PG&E Shuts Off Power to Sickened Families 2 Weeks Before Christmas

[News links follow.] Frightened by the prospect of a large scale public backlash against their stupid meter program, the cowards at Pacific Grinch and Ebeneezer have cut off power to at least 3 people in California who had been sickened by ‘smart’ meter radiation and had acted reasonably to have a safe analog meter replaced on their homes.  [UPDATE: As of 2pm, Dec. 14, three more persons have been cut off by PG&E.]

Although PG&E has a policy of not disconnecting anyone during the holidays, they made a special exception for these families.   Apparently PG&E feels it is more appropriate to force people to shiver in the cold and stumble around in the dark than simply replace an analog meter on their home (which of course they have millions of).

Seventy-five year old Peggy Lindsay, who spoke about the ‘smart’ meter’s toll on her health and returned her meter last Wednesday to PG&E- is one of those who has been disconnected.  We’re worried about her safety, living alone, having been left in the cold and dark in the middle of December.  So far, none of our ‘elected leaders’ have intervened on her behalf.

Monise and Peter Sheehan made every effort to get PG&E to work with them to eliminate the terrible ringing that had plagued their house ever since the meter went in.   PG&E refused to fix the problem, and the Sheehans took reasonable action to replace their meter with an accurate analog model.   They got home last night and their home was dark and cold.   They were interviewed by local station KION news last night.

We need to be clear about this situation.   The utilities are acting like a criminal syndicate, switching off power to those suffering from their unsafe and poorly executed smart meter ‘deployment.’  They are getting increasingly nervous- and they should be.

What do we do?  The utilities are expecting that people will back down if they switch the power off.  They are expecting that people care more about their electricity and their gadgets than their ability  to sleep at night or live without headaches and tinnitus.   Having spoken to thousands of people who are suffering from these meters, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say- THEY ARE WRONG.  It is no time to back down and allow the noose of pulsed EMF to slip silently back over our heads.

If you are lucky enough to have had the foresight to lock up your analog meter before they came around, you might be reading these developments and thinking to your self, “well these people removed the meter- that’s why PG&E cut them off.  Surely I’m safe with my locks and chains or my sign- I even called the opt out line.”

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but they want to switch off your electricity as well if you refuse to allow them to install a ‘smart’ meter- regardless of what you are reading about a possible opt out.  PG&E admits so themselves in a recent filing:

“For customers who continue to refuse to allow access to the meter, PG&E will have no choice but to temporarily discontinue service in accordance with existing Rules.”

If you still have your analog meter, make sure it is locked up and begin to make plans to live off the grid, or generate power locally with your neighbors. It’s not as hard as you think if you are willing to make a few lifestyle adjustments.

Convince your local authority- or perhaps general assembly- to take back the power and establish a municipal utility.  For now (if you are able- at least for part of the day), turn off your power at the breaker in solidarity with those being plunged into darkness.  Have a romantic candlelit dinner.   You may even feel a whole lot better in your home.

And no matter what your electrical situation is, now is the time to unite together and take care of each other- take care of your community- making sure that your elderly neighbor has enough wood and candles- perhaps a propane fridge- to make it through safely.  Our government/ utility is failing pretty miserably in this regard.

This threat is not isolated to California.  In the last few days, we’ve heard reports that more than 200 families in Minnesota who refused wireless water meters have been cut off.   Other scattered reports of disconnections from around the US have also been coming in to StopSmartMeters.Org

Let’s be clear about what’s going on here. This is an attack by PG&E and other utilities- who are owned by the 1% on Wall Street like Goldman Sachs, against the 99% whose exorbitant utility bills lead to investment returns of more than 11% in some cases.  This is when you can’t even get 1% from a savings account and many homes are being foreclosed on.

The rich are getting richer and the rest of us are left choosing between a headache and a blackout.  Welcome to 2011.


Monise Sheehan (left) came home to a dark home on Monday- retaliation for speaking out publicly about the damage PG&E has done to their health, and taking action to remove the hazard on their property. The others have been threatened with disconnection.

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  1. Paul Pantone says:

    Congress, in about 1913, approved that Utility Companies DO NOT HAVE ANY Regulatios on their meters. The issue was that the Department of Weights and Measures was to have each meter sold or used to be calibrated for accuracy every year, like everything else in America. The utilities are exempt from this law. They know their meters are not accurate and have been sticking it to every customer for almost 100 years, could this smell like a class action event?

  2. Susan B says:

    Since being without power in the winter, suddenly, is a life and death matter, here or in Minnesota, this is an illegal attempt to cause direct harm to or kill these people, who have paid their bills. Susan, of Lompoc, in order to avoid this threat that is now occurring in reality, went off the grid using solar panels and inverters purchased at Harbor Freight, emergency batteries (large ones that can be charged via the solar panels) bought online (Ebay), use of LED battery-powered lights, and several propane-powered appliances that she placed on a patio. She continues to report that she is loving being off grid, no power bills for electricity. Still has gas and no smart meter, if that is placed on home, then more arrangements will have to be made for cooking etc. Everyone concerned should get ready to do battle by being able to be off-grid, as it is obvious that we are dealing with pure EVIL.

    • Susan B says:

      I suggest development of several emergency off-the-grid kits, a list of the items needed, directions for use, and costs, or the actual items, offered so people can obtain these in short order. This may well be the way to dump the smart meters most effectively, as if millions did this, it would have a significant impact.

  3. Redi Kilowatt says:

    This is getting ugly. Supposedly the CPUC will make an official decision in mid January, 2012 about opting out.
    I do wonder what method PG&E did to disconnect power to these customers ?
    Obviously, PG&E did a little looking at the electrical use history of each house that they disconnected first. They probably went back only about 10 years, but that would give a good idea of electrical use. Then, they look at the house, the size and condition of the property. If this house in in a well to do area, is large and the house uses a fair amount of power, PG&E probably would not disconnect it. But if it is a modest dwelling, with maybe only one elderly resident who historically never bought much power , then PG&E will attack the “refusenicks”.
    I doubt that PG&E dispatched a lineman with a bucket truck to go up to the pole and disconnect power at the transformer or underground cable vault. They most likely went to the meter, pulled it out and installed non conducting blocks in the jaws of the socket, and put the meter back in.
    Here is a trick that a PG&E lineman taught me about jumping a meter for a 200 amp service when I did a new main service installation for a customer. I relocated the meter/main service enclosure to out on the edge of the property. I had to run conduit , pull new 3/0 copper conductors to the original meter main enclosure on the house. I did not want to remove that old panel, as it would have added thousands of dollars to an already expensive job.
    So the PG&E tech grabbed 2 short pieces of #2 SOLID copper wire (stripped of insulation), took a hammer and flattened the wire , and pressed into the jaws of the old meter sockets. That is what is known as a “jumper”. He said that #2 copper is adequate to jump a short distance of 200 amps. I was surprised, because I can only run 125 amps through #2 copper for any distance. That is how PG&E jumps a meter, make sure that you put a non-conductive cover over the meter socket after you are done jumping the meter, you would not want to leave those conductors exposed to the weather or have someone come into contact with the live parts.
    I recommend that you only have a licensed electrician perform this emergency , temporary repair work of “jumping”.

  4. Standing My Ground says:

    Great idea; it is perhaps better to return your smart meter to your elected officials who continue to ignore us. When citizens accross the nation really figure out what is being done to us on many levels; our nation may be beyond repair. We are losing our rights daily. God help us.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      I think that these people who stood up against PG&E and had their meters removed were brave and strong, but some have been punished for returning the SmartMeters.
      This should be a lesson learned. A much better idea would be to simply pay an electrician to remove the SmartMeter, record the read and put it in a box that will block the signals from the battery inside the meter that supposedly report outages. Have an analog meter installed and wait and see what happens, DO NOT CONTACT PG&E, wait for them to contact you.
      PG&E is so screwed up, they don’t really know who has analog meters or SmartMeters. Any meter reader will see an analog meter and record the reading, they will not say a thing to their autocratic superiors (PG&E). If for some reason that your meter is not being read and you do not receive a bill at the usual time, call PG&E customer service, tell them that you have not yet received your bill. Before you do that, go out and write down the reading, then simply relay that number to the rep on the phone. They will put you on hold for a few minutes while they calculate the amount of money owed. Since you have not yet received a statement, you will have to wait a few days for it to arrive. Then you can pay it any way that you want to, by mail, at the PG&E office or in cash at a bill paying establishment like check cashing companies. There should be no fee for paying a PG&E bill in cash as far as I know, but on other utilities sometimes they charge a dollar for a processing fee.
      This is the new age of a cardless, bankless ALL CASH society. Pay as many bills as you can in cash, don’t use computers, smart phones or banks if you value your privacy. And you can always buy a money order for other things. But some things are best paid by check, like mortgage/rent payments if you do not own your house outright yet.
      Dump your account with B of A, and join a credit union. Big banks are instructed to spy on citizens, but from my experience, credit unions do not do these nasty things created by the patriot act.
      If you value your annonimity and privacy, there are many things that you can do to ” Drop Out” of the surveillance systems and monetary tracking programs.

      • I didn’t think there were any batteries in electric Smart Meters. The “last gasp” feature uses a capacitor. The second you remove the Smart Meter, it sends a signal to the utility, so you’d have to be pretty clever to circumvent that feature.

        • admin says:

          @Smarter Yes, there are NO batteries inside the electric ‘smart’ meter. I suppose there might be some way to shield the space you’re in and the meter, at the time of removal, and cut the chances of that tamper notification getting to them.

      • admin says:

        @ Redi Unfortunately at least one meter reader is a rat (no offense to rats meant, who actually have been documented to help their friends)—Caitlin in Santa Cruz’s change to analog was ‘outed’ by her reader. Though why her reader was coming to her house, I don’t know, in that she was supposed to have ‘smart’ meters. Yes, I know the system isn’t up in many places. Just a note: some meter readers are snitches (no offense to Snitches meant).

  5. Shucks the Explorer says:

    This is surreal. WTF country are we living in when a corporation can treat people like this and everyone yawns?

    • Soapbox Jill says:

      Shucks, the utilities have the added bonus of being protected from the arm of the consumer by the government and regulatory agencies. The government is not helping us on this. They also get some benefits of profits from their industry buddies, and the ability to monitor the public, and possibly even use the microwave meters in the future as some strange sort of weapon against citizens. Sounds paranoid, but the government has proven it will not protect or respond to people who say they are being sickened by this technology. Why trust the government? Give me one good reason. And when a monopoly is protected by the government it can deploy whatever is pleases. It is a true tyranny on the people.

  6. Shucks the Explorer says:

    You know, it’s time to start working on local solutions. We need to start doing things like making community solar grids and such, and get PG&E out of our lives.

  7. LS says:

    I have ordered an analog meter from the freedomtaker website, and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I am in SCE territory. Has anyone had any success removing their SCE smart meter and replacing it with an analog meter? How quick was SCE’s response? Does anyone know if someone is tracking (no pun intended) those who have replaced their own meters? I am ready to start with those community solar grids. If only my suburban neighbors didn’t think I was already crazy…

    • Mia Nony says:

      Please see my post on this page on the legally correct way to give notice prior to removal and return of a smart meter and replacement with an analog meter.

  8. There are very inexpensive ways to “go off the grid.”

    1. Go to your local auto supply shop and buy a deep cycle (marine) battery. The more Amp Hours (AH) the longer you can use it before needing to recharge. You can get a decent lead-acid battery for $100. Do yourself a favor and get an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery (around $200). A yellow or blue top Optima battery is perfect and will last 5 years.

    2. While you’re there, get a battery charger/maintainer, so you can easily charge it as long as you or your neighbor has power.

    3. Go to your local big box home supply store and pick up a few 12 volt “landscape” lights and 50 feet of landscape lighting wire. Halogens are cheaper, but LEDs use less power. You can also get 12 volt lights at the auto store, but landscape lights easily clip on to the wire at anywhere, so you can light a few rooms in no time.

    4. While you’re there, get a bunch of cheap LED flashlights and brand name batteries.

    5. After you have your battery and lights, start thinking about solar panels. For less than $200 you can get a decent 50watt panel on amazon. Newer panels will actually work *inside* a south facing window just fine, so you don’t have to worry about it walking off. Just prop it so the angle is good for the time of year. Get a charge controller at the same time ($30-50). I’ve had good luck with HQRP products.

    6. At this point it’s time to start thinking about what else besides light you’re going to want to power. You can get a DC laptop (car) charger for less than $50. Your broadband modem likely runs on 12 volts natively, so you’ll just need an adapter (radio shack). There are 12 volt fans, tvs, and fridges designed for RVs.

    7. Only after you’re exhausted what you can run on DC (12 Volt direct current), then start thinking about an inverter. You can go cheap (<$50), but it will be a modified sine wave inverter. This is a bad idea if you are electrosensitive, since it makes REALLY dirty electricity. You'll need to spend $100+ on a pure sine wave model.

    8. The list could keep going, and I'd love to hear what others would add. The idea is to make it scalable, and use DC whenever possible to reduce your electromagnetic fields.

    9. I'll make one last plug for anyone who uses a laptop to purchase a USB keyboard and mouse. Laptop keyboards have very high magnetic fields because they are located over the hard drive and processor. These inexpensive items may be the single best way to reduce your EMR exposure, assuming you've already stopped turned off your WiFi, cordless phones, and use a cell phone sparingly.

    10. Read my post: Occupy Your Home

    • November Alexis says:

      I have actually thought about all of this in detail and my MAIN concerns, especially with it being December, is heat and hot water.

      The easy fixes are lighting, refridgerating food and cooking. It’s actually cold enough now that you could put a lot of items you ‘d normally refridgerate, outside or in a garage or storage area and it be fine…no ice cream or frozen food, obviously,but if you weren’t planning to keep frozen items for more than a day or two, you could get a cooler with ice and use that. Propane fridges are quite pricey and not that common. Lighting is the easiest issue to remedy…like you said, flashlights, battery operated camping lanterns, candles, etc…easy. A camping stove, new, used or borrowed would work fine. But, being warm and being able to take hot showers and baths is the hard part….laundry too. I am a renter and I am on a fixed income. Propane water heaters start at about $600-$800 and that is uninstalled….propane heaters average about $65-$80 and to keep it running with propane is costly, I’ve had one. You would likely need more than one, too, depending on the size and layout of your home. Weighing the cost of having your own washer and dryer against doing laundry at a laundrymat….which I’ve also done, it is much less expensive to run your own appliances, like quite noticeably less. So, some things could be easily and fairly inexpensively remedied, but again, it’s winter and it’s getting colder by the week….keeping your space warm and being able to bathe in heated water and afford to wash your clothes and linens, is a must…so unless you fork out a nice chunk of money for propane water heater and space heaters, money which you have to actually HAVE first…lol..not sure how else you’d deal with that, and I think that takes precedence over light and power for your computer and such.

      A lot of us are facing these issues as a reality and being innovative and flexible is absolutely necessary. BUT…there are issues that are not possible to deal with unless you have money to spend. That’s the difficult part. We need short-term, realistic, accessible solutions. They have to exist! =) Anybody have any (realistic) ideas about how else to deal with hot water and heat?

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        I have a wood stove for heat. It is my exclusive source of heat, and I can also cook on it if need be.
        There has never been gas at this house, so I don’t use it.
        I burn about 3 and a half cords of wood (oak) per year. It costs me about $1500 per year for wood, plus I have to do other work on the hearth and maintaining the flue pipe and spark arrestor. It is much cheaper than heating with propane, and is far superior heat. And most importantly, since my wood stove is my sole source of heat, I am exempt from any BAAQMD restrictions, and I can heat my house anytime I want to.
        About heating water, that can be done on a wood stove or camp stove , but you will have to get used to using less hot water for bathing and shaving. It is a minor inconvienence.
        If you live in any area of Marin that has PG&E gas (LNG) available, then PG&E has lobbied to make using propane illegal.
        None of the propane delivery companies that set up tanks and deliver to west Marin are allowed to do so where there is PG&E piped gas available. That is how powerful PG&E is, they are the monopoly on electric and gas distribution in half of Marin.

      • These are really good things to be thinking about, whether you’re preparing for a utility shutoff, a storm, peak oil, or just trying to keep a small footprint. The same strategies to get ready for a possible power/fuel disruption or price hike are going to save you money every single day. So, yes, the trick is how to do it without a lot of outlay.

        Regarding heat, if at all possible, look for ways to incorporate passive solar design into your home. Maximize South-facing windows and totally cover the ones on the North side of your house in the winter. Reflectix (foil faced bubble wrap) is a great product for window coverings, since it blocks radiant heat and RF. I’ve often wondered if it could be quilted for bed use (a classier “space blanket”). A 4’x25′ roll of this runs about $40, is very easy to cut, and the pieces can be reused year after year. On cold nights, cover as many windows as possible, especially upstairs. This material has the added benefit of reflecting light back into a room.

        EccoTemp makes portable on-demand propane hot water heaters that ignite using 2 D batteries. The L5 is $100 and the L10 is $250. I haven’t used either. They’re intended for outdoor use, but maybe you could extend the hose inside? They also make indoor models for about $400 that require AC for the powered vent, so you’d need a battery and inverter.

        Wood heat cannot be beat, if it’s an option. In general, heating mass (masonry or water) is better than heating air.

      • Mia Nony says:

        Extended power outages of up to several weeks at a time are normal where we live.
        We do wood heat, hospital baths with water heated on a 2 burner propane under shelter outdoors or heated on the woodstove.

  9. lex says:

    All wireless technologies were invented by the military decades ago —as deadly weapons. CERN, HAARP, cell towers, stealth wifi antennas, all wireless gadgets splinter everything from DNA to WORMHOLES (the roads home) .
    Cash in while mind controlling the herd and if possible God.

  10. Dave says:

    May the CEO of PG&E get haunted by the Spirit of Christmas Future…

  11. Susan Smith says:

    It is vital to see the big picture. explains U.N. Agenda 21/Sustainable Development very well. The Smart Grid is part of this larger plan.
    In a nutshell, At the Rio De Janeiro ‘Earth Summit” in 1992, PG&E had a huge presence -this would include any large utility. They are doing their part in a plan of information control and economic rationing.
    Smart Growth Communities are planned, where the humans will be inside these zones or designated areas and Wildlands will be outside–the Wildlands Project.
    The smartmeter will need to be signaled to by a Home Area Network device, sort of a central computer in your home. It will receive microwaved signals from all your appliances when used. I called Whirlpool, and they said they are starting to make appliances with chips in them now.
    So if you think you can put up with a smartmeter on your home–that is not the end of the story. The utilities are not unfolding the whole plan now so people don’t react strongly in oppostion–just a little at a time and they will have us in an electronic prison.
    We have got to elect people of principle. We are shooting ourselves in the foot every election.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      I agree, UN Agenda 21 is part of the new world order plan that was formulated over a hundred years ago. Part of the plan is to have the majority of people being slaves, forced to live in cramped high density housing units down in cramped cities. There will be surveillance everywhere, wages and living conditions will be under strict control. People will be forced into paying giant corporations for medical insurance, so much that they will be slaves to these corporations.
      It will be only the elite that will be able to live in semi-rural and rural areas.
      It started with the formation of the European Union, now they want to create an Asian Union and an American Union. It will be these three entities that will be controlled by one central body. One World Order. One Currency, One Bank controlling the globe. Perhaps the EU is as far as it will get, now with people waking up all over the world and protesting like the Occupy Movement recently. It’s not too late to put the kibosh on these grandiose plans of New World Order.
      If you are worried about the Home Area Networks taking over, don’t be.
      These Home Area Networks have nothing at all to do with the utility or power grids. They are entirely purchased and used by the private customers, and will never communicate with the utility companies any usage information to them.
      Yes, Whirlpool received $50 million of taxpayer ARRA stimulus money to start installing chips in large appliances. But people must want to purchase those appliances, and sales of said appliances have been dismal, not much interest in them since they came on the market. It got so bad, that just last month, Whirlpool laid off 5000 workers due to poor sales.
      And, the rest of the HAN systems that consist of the customer purchasing display monitors, computers, interfaces, software and high speed internet connections are just a pipedream, but if people are stupid enough to buy them, then maybe these corporations can make some money from the sales.
      Most people are not interested in these HAN systems and cannot afford them, so if you are worried about the HANs, simply don’t buy them. The corporations are not going to give them away for free, you can be sure of that !

  12. Meg Jensen says:

    They need to go to court and ask a judge for an emergency order forcing PG&E to turn the lights back on. Lives can be at stake leaving people without power in the cold.

  13. Mr. Widemouth says:

    Smart Meters – something to be afraid of?

  14. Maureen says:

    It’s time to lawyer up!

  15. Inside Nine says:

    Disgusting. The utility scrooges know that overall reduced energy consumption will be achieved by “decreasing the surplus population”. Energy savings will occur over time as people leave their homes fleeing from 24/7 smart meter radiation related diseases and die an early death providing real energy savings.

    “The public has good reason not to trust PG&E,” CEO Tony Earley said at a news conference at the company’s San Francisco headquarters. “I understand that.”

  16. Carrie says:

    Sorry to report my sister-in-law, Bianca Carn has had her power turned
    off by PG&E…………

  17. Mia Nony says:

    As freedomtaker clarified in the video, there is an exact & legally correct as well as an incorrect way to go about removal and return of a smart meter & re-installation of an analog meter.
    It is not as simple as removing & returning the smart meter impromptu.
    This process must be addressed in a precise legal fashion while making certain to exercise your rights AND your legal obligations to the utility before returning the smart meter to them.
    Here is how correct procedure was explained to me:
    If you remove the smart meter without notice to the power company they will see & treat that as a rogue act.
    It is consistent with correct legal process to first serve notice of “just cause” to them by telling the power company that they are committing violations:
    i.e. the meter emits unhealthful radiation into the house & causes an invasion of your privacy by monitoring activities in the home. Also the meter is not mandated federally. The program is actually an “opt in” program, not an “opt out” program. Utility corporations are ignoring this fact.
    The power company does not have easement (right of access) for the things that Smart Meters do.
    The legal notice is given to the utility prior to removal of the smart meter which sets a specific time line which in turn allows the power company a period of time to correct their violations by removing the meter & installing an analog meter (no rf emitting non hard wired digital meter is “safe”, since they all cause “dirty electricity” radiant pollution & they can all be upgraded with “personality modules” to become “smart” & then emit higher radiation & monitor private activity ).
    In the legal notice you state that you will remove the meter rightfully and return it to them.
    This way they cannot accuse you of stealing or capriciously tampering with the meter.
    If they fail within the time line accorded them to comply with your removal demand which is based on “just cause”, then you are covered since this way you have announced & served your “just cause” to change your meter & return the Smart Meter to the power company.

    (Canadians would have to check this against Canadian laws & rights. All you will need is a law or two that prohibits the functions of the meter.
    Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    PART I OF THE CONSTITUTION ACT, 1982 Section 7 (below) & 8 (constitutional protection from search & seizure) .
    ‘Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.’

    Americans can cite Federal wiretapping laws and the Constitution 4th amendment right to be “…secure in our houses and property…” and free of unwarranted “search”.

    The easement of the Smart Meter (radiation & surveillance) are key issues of “just cause”.
    The utility’s violation of easement is, in this case, intentional & therefore qualifies as criminal misconduct, a law which is not being enforced.
    The homeowner & occupants are under assault & are entitled to what little recourse they have, as it is a health & security issue, not a lifestyle preference.
    No one is forcing the power companies to install Smart Meters on your homes. It is their choice.
    The power companies can stop radiating & spying anytime they want. They have no legal standing whatsoever. In fact, in knowing violation, they are fully liable for all consequences if they DON’T pull the meters upon request & for any failure of disclosure & warning of hazards.
    Ultimately, no one can be held to the terms of a contract to which they were not privy and about which they were not informed prior to smart meter installation.

  18. Jim says:

    Is there a “chip-in” or other thing set up where we could help support the fuel cost for them to run a temporary generator?

    As long as I know that it will go directly to the person.

    And that gives them time to find a good lawyer and sue the crap out of these greedy guys.

    It’s pretty bad when the power company doesn’t care about bad press anymore.

  19. Standing My Ground says:

    The “Returning Your Meter Program” may become a national trend. We are now getting calls for help in proper removal and return procedures in Florida! Thanks for the excellent advice Mia Nony.

  20. Electra says:

    We’re moving on to the next step! I have a sneaking suspicion this won’t turn out well for the power companies. God, bless these brave families, help those who are just trying to live a healthy, happy life, and soften the hearts and mend the minds of power company officials and others who can’t see the forest (the best outcome in the long run) for the trees (money and power now – no pun intended).

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  23. Mia Nony says:

    How publicly owned corporations behave once they think they are the government and have the upper hand:

    Santa Cruz Board Questions PG&E

    And check out the electromagnetic flux induced thermal
    heat effect made visible:

    Limits of Human Exposure to Magnetic or Electromagnetic Lines of Flux(EMS)//time-lapsed infrared video

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  30. Baby its Cold iNside says:

    Its less than 2 weeks from Christmas. My children and I were planning to decorate tree last night. We did not have one last year, divorce. And they cut the power. I gave them a large chunk (600) last month but forgot the payment due a few days ago for installment. So now I have to come up with 800 bucks to get out of the dark. We have no heat and the car was frozen this morning. No christmas lights and the younger kids are 13,10.and 7. (my bill has gotten high from letting people stay in a large room above garage, with space heaters, 3 times but 2 of them the county was supposed to give me vouchers for pge while I helped these people get on their feet, But I ended up with huge bills.)

    I dont want a free ride from pge but I gave them 650 last month, how about another chance to give them 300? I can do that, I mean barely, but we have to get lights and heat on. I am not asking for anyone to pay it for me.

    This is scary. I just realized that PGandE is almost more important to us than our government, which we “vote” on. And WHO are they that can come and unplug your fridge, and cause your food to rot. Unplug your home, which for heat and light brings SO MANY MORE HAZARDS when people use candles, propane and heaters and such indoors. Especially right here at the longest darkness, the coldest they can just disrupt a families life over amounts that arent keeping them from paying out their christmas bonuses. This should be regulated better. They should HAVE to accept an amount, a percentage of total due, perhaps on a sliding scale.

    I think I want to go off grid, solar power, hand power, Ill build a waterfall
    in my yard and go water powered. Anything not to give these GRINCHES any more of my money!!
    I am seriously looking into it. I felt that new windows (50 years old) were essential to save energy at 4500, and they are. When I look at it that way its less of a “luxury” but more of a Essential. A solar panel system is how much??? hmmmm. .With all of the recycling urban rubble and materials etc. we probably COULD all go off grid, at least in some way, within our means.

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