Orwell, the 2011 Version: PG&E Claims They Are Only Concerned for Customer Safety When Turning Off The Power

PG&E representative Wendy Sarsfield got grilled this week by the Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors. (Video below.) She claims PG&E only has their customers’ safety in mind when turning off power to people who, desperate to recover their health, have hired a qualified electrician to change their ‘smart’ meter back to an analog.

But the Supes are doing their job, and don’t let her get away with the bullying bluster: “There’s no public safety reason why you can’t replace the meter with a PG&E-approved analog meter. You’re holding customers hostage to make a point…. We’re having a Dickens moment, here!” 

Citizen journalists covering the board meeting asked questions of PG&E yet there were no answers forthcoming- PG&E left the building to avoid discussing endangering the health and safety of residents- first by microwave radiation- then by withholding electricity to senior citizens in the middle of December.

More coverage on EMFSafetyNetwork.org

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7 Responses to Orwell, the 2011 Version: PG&E Claims They Are Only Concerned for Customer Safety When Turning Off The Power

  1. Redi Kilowatt says:

    PG&E is a two faced sack-of-dung. They claim that they are worried about a licensed electrician changing out their meters, when they let Wellington Energy come in with temporary unskilled non-electricians and change out millions of meters POST HASTE.
    The evidence is very clear, PG&E will make up any kind of lame excuse to satisfy their own inflated ego. But that one about a licensed electrician changing out a meter is more dangerous than an unskilled temporary laborer (a Wellington employee) changing out a meter takes the cake. Can anyone say “foot in mouth”. It’s history in the making for stupidity on the part of PG&E. They (PG&E) have gone “hog wild” this time, they need to be punished big time.

  2. lauren says:

    Yup. Sack of dung dung. I am getting used to my heart palpitation massage. I hope they keep the same beat. I would hate to rock the boat and get into the stroke area. I wonder if they will defend the PG&E headquarters with a line of smart meters so nobody can come near. My Oh my. What a mess. If they had simply let the peer reviewed journals and the information about non thermal effects into the mainstream they wouldn’t be in this situation now. KARMA. And when it is electric KARMA, watch out. It get amplified.

  3. Electra says:

    Great point about the non-thermal effects. And the line that the power companies give over and over about FCC regulations covering smart meters is a complete and utter lie. Witness the truth from the EPA:

    “Federal health and safety agencies have not yet developed policies concerning possible risk from long-term, non-thermal exposures.”

    Use this document for your “Smart Meter Survival Kit.” When you can show that the power companies are lying outright, it will help many more people to move to protect their families by refusing these dangerous devices, or demanding their removal.


    Now that PG & E has turned these precious families’ power back on, the tide has turned. There is no way to defend putting these untested meters on the side of anyone’s home. There will come a day when all of them will have to be removed. It will come sooner rather than later as we continue to fight the good fight!

    Happy Holidays. (-:

  4. Terry says:

    How can we all sit here and allow these self-serving sinister pigs to do this to us? We all have a right to a healthy environment. NOONE has a right to endanger our well-being for profit, power or any other reason. We need to fight these misfits of society, and the only way to do that is to join forces. If enough of us make enough noise, eventually the scum at PG&E and SCE will realize that they can’t get away with this.

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