Agency Staff Struggle to Make Sense of a Senseless Project

Some agency staff are trying to do their best to protect people in the midst of psychopathic policies mandating microwave exposure (we never thought we would love our old analog meters so much!)

The other day I was chatting on the phone with someone who works at a fairly senior level at the California Public Utilities Commission.   After reading the FCC Authorization Form (pdf) that requires that all persons be kept at least 20cm from the wireless ‘smart’ meter at all times (yes the utilities are in flagrant violation), he suggested that Stop Smart Meters! warn people to stop their children from sitting on the meters, in case some grievous harm is done to their reproductive organs.  I paused, not knowing exactly how to respond.  “Isn’t this your job as a regulatory agency to warn people?” I said.  “Oh well you know we have to work within the confines of the commission’s directives….”  But clearly this guy was worried by what he’d read and what we had told him, as any sane person would be.  He was probably also worried that history would judge him for not doing more to respond to a public health emergency (as he should be).

Then the other day, we were forwarded this e-mail from a staffer at the FDA who responded to a woman’s complaint:

Dear Ms. ——-,

Your message was forwarded to the ——- (at the) Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Can you please send me your phone number, so, I can discuss this issue with you.

Also when you contact me also provide the phone number of who installed the Safe Meter (sic). I would like to discuss with the installer, the Radio frequency (RF) being emitted by the Smart Meter.

In the mean time have you considered putting a material that absorbs microwaves, around the meter to attenuate the RF being emitted? For example, water absorbs microwaves; consider, taping water filled plastic bags, to the meter or surrounding the meter with containers of water, to completely absorb the microwaves, until this issue can be resolved. In addition, as an alternate, safety measure, request to have the smart meter removed until this issue is resolved.

If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely yours,


This man is clearly trying to help- in the face of ridiculous policies that are allowing these meters to be installed in the first place- but perhaps he’s a bit naive. Of course the woman had asked that the “smart” meters be removed, as thousands of others have also done, only to be threatened, ridiculed, demeaned, and made to feel powerless by utility companies that have gotten out of control.

The lesson here is that many people working in public agencies are essentially good people who are horrified by what the psychopathic, corrupted lawmakers and regulators are doing.  Yet they are afraid of losing their jobs in this economy, afraid for how their families will eat- where they will live.

At the end of the day, if it is being left to a low budget, grassroots activist website to warn people to protect their children’s internal reproductive organs, something is desperately, tragically wrong with our system.

It’s time we all stand together and refuse to go along and obey.

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  1. Just a bit naive.

    How long is that plastic going to hold water being cooked in the sun and exposed to bursts of microwave radiation?


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