Fairfax Emergency “Smart” Meter Forum Video

From EON: This public forum on the compulsory installation by northern California utility, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) of environmentally toxic, privacy-violating, unsafe and hackable wireless so-called ‘smart’ meters was held in Fairfax, California Sept. 9, 2011.

The tiny town of Fairfax is on the frontline of local democratic opposition to the misconceived and dangerous corporate ‘smart’ grid plan which former CIA Director James Woolsey terms ‘really stupid.’

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  1. Jim says:

    First and Foremost: Are Wireless Meters Mandatory?

    The Federal government, including DOE, does not have any role in regulating the installation of smart meters, nor does it have a policy about the mandatory adoption of smart meters.

    On July 16, 2009, FERC issued a Policy Statement on Smart Grid Policy that acknowledged that EISA does not make any such standards mandatory and gave FERC no new authority to enforce such standards. Smart Grid Policy Statement, 128 F.E.R.C. ¶61,337, at 61,060–359 (Jul. 16, 2009).


  2. Redi Kilowatt says:

    That was a good video, except when that PhD guy (I forgot his name) started parroting all the virtues of the meters to help balance the loads, and how the meters will “talk” to customers appliances. The people at the meeting tried to stop him , but decided to let him continue with the rhetoric. That was before the Sept. 14 PUC workshop where the executives from PG&E and Silver Springs Networks spilled the beans and admitted that it’s all a lie. The meters they said, are not connected to the power grid except to get power from it, and the 2 other functions , which are billing and remote disconnect are sent over completely separate radio systems. The billing data is sent to the billing department which is analyzed weeks or months later, and then PG&E makes their load calculations and price adjustments and anticipation of increased loads in certain months in certain hot areas where residential customers use air conditioners, but not commercial customers like office buildings, retail stores, manufacturing plants, power plants, public buildings ,transportation centers or any other place where people work.
    There are labor laws that mandate the use of air conditioning, heat pumps and cooling towers, and PG&E or any other power authority will never be able to control all air conditioners in a given area, period.
    Fairfax is smart, they passed ordinances concerning mobile phone towers within their Town limits in 1998. When they found out that PG&E installed data collector repeaters without asking for a permit or having public hearings, that was their ammunition to squelch the radio meter program.
    Like Joshua Hart said at that meeting, Fairfax leads the country on this, and what happens in Fairfax will affect the whole country.
    It’s great to see the PG&E and Silver Springs executives expose themselves and admit that the meter project was falsely advertised and is a fraud.
    I sure hope the Phd guy found out the truth.

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