Friday is the Day to Act- Send Medical Records to Officials

IMG_2612Here’s a reminder from our friends in Michigan:  Friday Oct. 25th is the day to send  in your documented health complaint to your state legislature, and urge them to recall hazardous ‘smart’ meters.

It is not acceptable that even in states like CA with supposed ‘opt out’ policies in place, people are still living under forced exposure to dangerous, high-intensity radiation pulses (in condo and apartment complexes, businesses, and in public.)  In other states, they’re not even pretending to give people a choice.

If your health has been affected and you need more time to get your paperwork together, that’s okay.  The important thing is that we get smart meter radiation injuries documented by medical professionals, let elected officials and the public know there is a serious problem and hold them accountable for bringing about an end to the damage.

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  1. kelly miller says:

    I had a spinal implant removed Feb.2013 that left me partially paralyzed at one time and I continue to have frequent periods of total memory loss. The implant was to block pain, and installed in 2008. The implant would turn on at will,(being remotely controlled by design), but designed to be controlled by me only! I knew something else was controlling it, but was too disheveled to defend myself(and remain so). I just found I’ve had a Smart Meter since 2005, and complained immediately about health issues and totally ignored. The injury was from working the WTC 9/11 Search and rescue pile in NYC as an IronWorker. Do you know of any NY Atty’s willing to persue this? I’ve had the door slammed in my face over 30 times, being denied legal help of ANY kind.

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