Mission, BC ‘Smart’ Meter Burns Family Home to the Ground

This video was tweeted to us last night by the sister of the woman whose house burned down 2 years ago.  The fire started the day after the meter was installed, exactly like the case of Larry Nikkel of Vacaville who perished in a smart meter blaze in July 2010.   Hundreds- perhaps thousands of fires have been started by smart meters and our friends at EMF Safety Network have been tracking them here.

In this case, BC Hydro refused to compensate the family, saying that it was the home’s wiring that caused the fire.  Yeah, right.   This lying and evasion has prompted the sister to rename the utility “BS Hydro.”

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  1. Mia Nony says:

    Why is this Smart Meter Blinking – undetectably?

    NOTE: This is a video about an Itron C1SR digital meter in Jacksonville, Florida.
    The meter in question is not an Itron Openway smart meter.
    Instead what is notable is that this meter appears to be a classic early model digital meter, the so called pre smart digital meter – which however is known in the industry as a Generation One Smart Meter…..
    But more to the point, look what the C1SR “digital meter” does…low electrical draw causes slow blinking, high usage causes very fast blinking – Remember this is ONLY DETECTABLE using military grade night vision Generation Three or higher military night goggles.

    So why is this a stealth system and why are military grade NV goggles required?

    The fellow whose video this is was experimenting with military grade night vision goggles and has discovered that some but not all smart meters are emitting an IR light.
    Interesting part about this is that ordinary night vision goggles do not reveal this blinking, which can only be detected by 3rd Gen Military goggles which enable you to see this.
    Why would this feature be needed on a smart meter?

    Since most grow ops if not all of them bypass a meter altogether, what could be the reason for this?

    The video owner suggests that any given house could be isolated and spotted from the air by turning off all the other blinking meters to zone in on a given house.

    Further he observes that this feature is not activated on all the meters in this area.


    (video 13:49) [Florida, USA] Why is my Smart Meter

    Blinking? by Brass Fetcher – YouTube – August 24, 2013:


    (I was giving a demonstration with night vision goggles when I noticed that the electric meter on the side of the house was blinking with an invisible infrared light …
    This video details what I saw and the brief investigation that I made into the topic. By no means the final word on this subject .. I made this video to help start the discussion on the purpose of the blinking infrared LED(?? IR??) light on Smart Meters.
    – see Comments)

  2. Jason says:

    Relating to the previous post (claims the house-wiring caused the fire):-
    Around her the SMs are installed only AFTER the house-circuits have been tested, so the company’s copout is invalid.

  3. Dear Readers,
    How many more fires are going to happen from the wicked and often unwanted and effectively coercing people to accept these incendiary now proving to be in many cases dopey Electric Microwave and far from smart meter installations, before all these dopey meters are replaced with the older and safer Analog Electric Meters people used to have in Victoria Australia ?

  4. Everybody please,
    Keep your safe and passive Analog Electric Meter locked in your Electric meter box, that is all of you across and in every country of the world.


    Richard Leschen

  5. Everybody,
    Still fighting to keep your Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters, keep sending very strong but polite letters to the Electric Power Company for your area.


    Richard Leschen.

  6. My message is simply this,
    Please stop the Roll-Out of the Smart Meters immediately for goodness sake Mr Nicholas Kotsiras. This continued Roll-Out of these Electric Type 2B Carcinogen Causing and far from smart meters is causing more and more sicknesses to Victorian Citizens here in Australia as every day passes.

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