PSREC Tries to Gag us From Speaking About Illegal Disconnect

24 Days without electricity despite paying for every kilowatt hour used

PSREC has been wrongly telling people who call them on the phone  (800 555-2207)  that they “have offered the Harts to turn their power back on and provide an analog at no charge and they have turned it down.”

This is not true.

The “agreement” they offered us amounted to accepting illegal and extortionate fees and surrendering our basic 1st amendment rights to cover this dispute in public and on this website.

Needless to say, we are not going to sign any such agreement.

PSREC thought they could silence our growing publicity campaign using our home’s electricity service as a pawn to coerce us into an agreement to cover up their illegal and immoral behavior.

In fact, their actions are achieving just the opposite.

Our basic constitutional rights trump fraudulent utility company and CPUC policies.  We all have the right to say what goes in and on our homes and be free of coercion and extortion.

Every day this goes on, PSREC is losing money from not having us as customers, charging the cost of their irrational disconnection to our neighbors.  The loss of income from losing us as customers is far greater than any unjustified “opt out” fee they would hope to recover from us.  That is not the behavior of a rational business entity.

While we wait for PSREC to come to their senses, it’s time to go heat up some water on the wood stove and get the candles and lanterns ready for nightfall.

“Finally, nothing in this agreement constitutes an admission by the PSREC that any meters used within its territory are SmartMeters…” ???

They can call them whatever they want.  We call it toxic technology.  And it’s not going on our home.  Period.  And we are not agreeing to pay to avoid it, however long they keep our electricity off.

That is extortion.


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6 Responses to PSREC Tries to Gag us From Speaking About Illegal Disconnect

  1. Terri Keller says:

    Thank you for keeping us apprised of your situation, Josh. “Toxic Technology” is quite appropos. And why? Why put up a device on homes that emits something we’ve known since the 1960s is harmful to humans? The United States government knows that radiofrequency radiation (RF) can harm human health, yet they sit by and do nothing to protect you and your family from “smart” meter installation.

    On the contrary, they give OUR TAX MONEY – BY THE BILLIONS – to apparently shameless, heartless electric companies, that blithely place these “murder meters” right outside the rooms of our children, our elderly, our infirm, all of our precious family members, KNOWING that RF shoots straight through the wall and into and through its occupants.

    People need to start asking themselves: Why is this not only being allowed to happen, but is frantically being forced down our throats, as quickly as possible?

  2. Sun Sue says:

    so first they send dirty Larry to your house to spy on you, intimidate you and photograph you, then Biff has a temper tantrum because you are filming a meeting and threatens to call the sheriff , yet he denies sending a thug to your house and going full “Rahm E- manual” on you on the phone, threatening to leave you in the dark. I must admit, I would like to have that power, no pun intended, once in a while
    but now you’re supposed to sign a “contract”?
    quote from above-“Finally, nothing in this agreement constitutes an admission by the PSREC that any meters used within its territory are Smart Meters.”
    That’s a good one- these meters are really “dumb”
    At least they have a sense of humor.
    It’s like .gov saying we’re not spraying you with “chemtrails” (how tin foil)- we’re geo-engineering you.
    Oh, well I feel better then.
    Also, you could call the letter “accommodating” your request, or it could be called “damage control”. quote “…neither the Member nor the PSREC shall initiate any legal proceedings against the other….”

  3. STOPbobmarshall says:

    It’s time to organize the membership to DUMP BOB MARSHALL.

    Has anyone asked where the $50million dollars went? How much do you want to bet some of it ended up in Bob Marshall’s pocket? Wouldn’t that explain why the guy gets so uppity when he’s recorded or being called out?

    Maybe instead of calling the Sheriff, it’s time to call the FBI about a nice fat corruption probe or some small-ton thugs. Easy pickings.

  4. STOPbobmarshall says:

    Has anyone checked into Bob Marshall’s connections to Plumas Bancorp? Does that relationship have something to do with the utility being $50million in debt?

    Marshall acts like someone who doesn’t like it when anyone gets to close to his corrupt operation.

  5. Ron says:

    It’s a measure of the success of this movement that industry is distancing themselves so desperately from the name “Smart Meters”. Next they’ll run personnel ads for experts in improved euphemistic nomenclature, paid for by opt-out fees.

    They couldn’t have picked a worse target–indefatigably vocal–for a gag order. If it weren’t so draconian, it would be laughable. They need to hire tacticians “smart” enough to stop poring gasoline on the fire. Gag orders usually arise out of the terms of litigation settlement, not proposed in advance as a provocation to litigation. With no more penalties to threaten, they’re running out of cards to play.

    It is entirely gratuitous of them to offer a “dispute” escrow by proposing that the fees be paid to a “non-billed sub-account”, pending CPUC’s way-overdue Final Decision. It’s a silly ploy to hang Josh out to dry, since indefinite postponement of the Final Decision has effectively become CPUC’s Final Solution.

    They throw out the bone: “If the CPUC rules that the subject fees are invalid, PSREC will waive all of the above listed fees, and allow the Member to continue to self-read his analog meter at no charge.” At the same time, they know with certainty that’s never gonna happen, because, as Senator Ted Gaines learned recently from the CPUC, “Although the CPUC has a process for customers to pay into an escrow account to prevent service shut-offs while disputing a bill that may be inaccurate or incorrect, the CPUC said that does not apply to opt-out fees because the fees were established by a Commission decision.”

    But not to despair–the customers will be “allowed” to self-read their (Trojan?) meter. The authors of this proposal fancy themselves to be masters in the art of compromise! With good faith such as theirs, who needs treachery?

    • “Smart” meters have rightfully received a bad reputation, which is why utilities are going with “advanced” meters now.

      New Hampshire Electric Coop uses the exact same brand of smart meters (Elster) as Green Mountain Power, yet the New Hampshire Legislature has bought the lie that a meter is only “smart” when it contains a ZigBee/Home Area Network chip. It can communicate all day long within an RF mesh network, but it’s still not “smart,” at least not in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, Green Mountain Power, which certainly has admitted to deploying “smart meters” does not use the term (or even the word “meter”) on their webpage:

      Even NSTAR, a utility that has publicly come out against the “smart grid”—calling it “irrational”—continues to use Automated Meter Reading (AMR) “bubble up” meters which pulse RF every 30 seconds, for a truck that’s there once every month or two.

      There is “wake up” RF meter technology, which operates in a relatively sane way, only transmitting when a meter reader is there to activate the transmitter.

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