EMF Meter Sale: 10% Off All EMF Meters!

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If you hadn’t heard, StopSmartMeters.org has the lowest prices on the most popular Electromagnetic Field Meters from Cornet, Gigahertz Solutions, and Alphalab. This Autumn, we’re lowering prices even further, in order to make these essential safety tools accessible to as many people as possible. When you buy an EMF meter from Stop Smart Meters! you also get access to expert guidance on how to use these meters to assess, interpret, and then reduce unwanted EMF pollution in your home and in your community. Plus, proceeds benefit our grassroots campaign to organize the public to put a stop to the smart meter madness.

These days, with wireless radiation proliferating, detection is critical to protect yourself and your family. Pick up an EMF Meter for yourself today- or do your holiday shopping early and give the gift of awareness and health to the ones you love.

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